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Codex of the Tree of Life

Complete pdf file of the Book "Codex of the Tree of Life" (15 megs)


The Life of the Tree


Sacrifice of Eve: Extinction of Biological and Genetic Diversity
The Conflagration of Genetic Diversity, Wasting the Sheaf of Demeter: The Dwindling Diversity of Food, Good-bye to Oceanic Diversity, Preserving Diversity in the Wild, Patenting, Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate Greed, Essential Biodiversity: A Guardianship Statement, Endemic Diversity: Hot Spots and Fragile Niches

Holocaust of the Green Cathedral: Tropical Deforestation
Emerald Deserts and the Five Levels of Wonderland, The Demise of the Great Forests, Rio's Burning Legacy, Indonesia: The Neighbour from Hell, Logging, Multinationals and the Asian Invasion of the Amazon, Rain Forest Fragmentation and Genetic Genocide, Finding a Sustainable Way of Forest Management

The Eye of Hathor: Climatic Destabilization
The Ozone Hole, Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect, Effects and consequences, Sinking islands and deltas, Disruption of Productive Cropland and Natural Species, El Niño North Atlantic Oscillation and the Chaotic Weather, Energy Fixation and Depletion of Non-renewable Resources

Population Exploding
Healing Population, Contraception and Population, The Pivotal role of Women, Feeding a Peaking Population in an Over-exploited World, The Green Revolution, Falling harvests and Desertification

The Pollution of Gaea, Nuclear fallout and radioactive contamination, Chemical pollution, Genetic Pollution

Through a Glass Darkly: The Genetic Future of Eden
Politics and Ethics of Genetic Technology, Major global takeover by Genetic Engineering Companies, Genetic Technology and Biblical Myth, Eugenics and Genetic Testing, Cloning, Reproductive Engineering, Gene Therapy, Stem Cells and Foetal Cell Transplants, Genetic Engineering: Food, Medicines and Biodiversity, Antibiotic Resistance, Genetic Technology, Biodiversity and Evolution, Terminator Genes and Engineered Sterility, Genetically-engineered Food, High-tech Engineered Products, Genetic patenting, Outlook, Bioarmageddon

Twelve Constellations of the Girdle of Gaia
The Ancient Use of Sacred Plants, 1: Papaver somniferum: The Poppy of the Holy Mother, 2: Cannabis: Ganga, the Sacred River of the Sadhu,The True Hallucinogens, 3: Teonanactl: Flesh of the Gods, 4: The Vine of the Soul and the Hallucinogenic Snuffs, 5: Little Deer and the keys to the Golden Gate, The Christian Prophecies, 6: The Black Seed of the Aztecs and the Fires of St. Anthony, 7: Tabernanthe Iboga: The Spirit of the Ancestors, Why natural? Can a power plant give true illumination?, 8: Erythroxylum coca: White Nemesis of the Conquistadore, 9: The Path of the Fly Agaric Shamans, 10: The Devil's Witching Weeds, 11: Alcohol: Inebriant of the Patriarchy, 12: Tobacco: The Butt End of the Visionary Quest, 13: The Goddess' Share: Herb of the Shepherdess or Virgin

The Transmission of the Eucharist: A Homage to Maria Sabina
Wassons' first Discovery, Pre-Colombian Culture and the Flesh of the Gods, Aztec Christianity Revealed: Moctezuma and Quetzalcoatl’s Revenge, Wasson and the Logos of Pentecost, Maria Sabina: Prophetess, Shamaness and Benefactress of the Eucharist

The Reality of Dreaming
REM and the Dreaming Brain, Dreaming as Anticipation of Experience, Lucidity in Dreaming, The Dreamer and the Dreamed, Close to the Edge, Shamanism - The Psychic Descent, The Vision Quest and the Totality of Experience

Coyote: The Trickster as Culture Hero
The Waterfall, The Little Smoke, The Party of the Nahualli, The Tonal, the Nagual and the Luminous Bubble of Perception, The Agape of the Eucharist and the Sacramental Tradition

The Hieros Gamos Part 1: Emergence of the Sacrificial Union
Paleolithic and Neolithic Love, The hieros gamos of Inanna and Dumuzi, The Dilemma of the Messiahs, Adonai the Lord, Cuttings for the Dead, Adonai Mashach of Yahweh, The Anathema of the Holy Whore, Haman the Lord of Death of Esther, Ta'uz of Islam, The True Christs of Malabar

The Hieros Gamos Part 2: The Song and the Wisdom
Blood Roses: The Canticle of Canticles, The Song of Songs as Eden and gender relationships restored, The Song of Songs as a Mandala of Love, Nikaulis and Solomon: A Cultural Hieros Gamos, Solomon's diverse Religious Exploits, Solomon's Kingdom: The Archaeological Evidence, Archaeology of the Realm of Nikaulis, The Demonization of the Queen: Nikaulis the Judaic Lilith, Makeda the Founding Heroine of Ethiopia, The Wisdom, Hochmah or Sophia of Solomon, The Gnosis of Sophia

The Hieros Gamos Part 3: Miriam and the Bridegroom
Miriam the Source of the Waters of Life, Jesus and Gylany, The Bridegroom: A Portrait, Mari the Fruitful Mother, Isis and Artemis: The Assumption of the Moon Goddess, The Kadesha and the Christ, The Seven Veils, Magdalen, The Three Marys, Magdalen and the Exaltation: Jesus' Feminine Complement , Jesus, Magdalen and Peter: The Schism of the Sacred Marriage

Yeshua and Mashiach Human Nature
The Human Messianic Tradition in Judaism, Israel in Cultural Ferment at the Crossroads

The Apocalyptic Tradition
The Essene Origins of the Messiah, The Bread and the Wine, Sectarians and Christian Origins , The Baptist and the Messiah, Living Baptists, He must Increase, I must Decrease, Jochanaan and Salome, The Bridegroom and the Idumaean

This Day the Scripture is Fulfilled in Your Ears
The Messianic Hope, Prophecy, Miracle and Midrash, Joseph's Heritage, The Simultudes of Enoch, The Greater Moses, The Davidic Son, The Hard Saying, Unravelling the Prophetic Heritage, The Branch of the Renewal, The Suffering Righteous One, God, God! Why Have You Forsaken Me?, Behold the King Cometh Lowly on an Ass, The Abomination of Desolation, Sorcery, Blasphemy and Insurrection, Mine Own Familiar Friend, The Fatted Pork of Midrash

Dhu Shara: Treading the Winepress
Noah’s Plight and Canaan’s Doom, Duchares the Edomite Dionysus, The Edomite Messiah of the Jews and Arabs, The Edomite Messiah of the Qur'an, The Edomite Dionysus of Revelation, The Lord of Miraculous and Maddening Dread, The Bread of Heaven and the True Vine: Tammuz and Dionysus, Water into Wine and the Epiphany, The Parables of Vine and the Blood, The Body and Blood of the Eucharist, Dining with the Risen Christ, The Acts of Euripedes, The Lord of the Sabbath, Miraculous Dread, The Lord of the Sea, The Shepherd of Belial, Putting Away Childish Things, The Blood of the Redeemer

The Five Trees of Paradise: Oracles of Yeshua the Messiah of Israel
Becoming the Gnostic Twin, Realizing the Kingdom, Merging Human Love, Emotional Suffering and Blessing, The Difficulty of Sharing Wealth, The Seed, the Tree of Life and the Harvest, The Nature Shaman, Illuminati , The Repose of the Elect and the Open Way, On Himself , The True Church

Myth and History in the Gospels
The Dilemma of the "Historical Yeshua", The Son in the Flesh, And I Saw the Heavens Opened 395

Bringing Jesus Down from the Cross
To Power the Descent from the Cross, The Blood of the Redeemer and the Greater Blood of the Jews, The Fall of Israel, Christian Martyrs, Martyrdom becomes Murder: Crusade and Genocide, Crusade against the Cathars and Albigenses, The Inquisition, Torture Confiscation and Death, The Free Spirit Movement and the Inquisition, Marguerite Porete - Gnostic Mirror of Self-realization, Witch Trials, Hammer of the Sorceress, The Number and Mark of The Beast, Doctors, Midwives and Healers, The Pagan Origins of Witches, Fear of Witches, Joan d'Arc: Saint and Witch of God, Aftermath and Implications of the Inquisition and Witch Trials, Vatican Opens the Inquisition Files, The Little Flagellant Flower who tried to Take Jesus Down from the Cross, A Shrine to those who have suffered Death by Exorcism, Christian Holocaust of the Jews and Jericho

The Origin of Sin and the Queen of Heaven
Introduction , Ancient Roots of the Moon God, Soma and the Indo-Aryan Origins, Nannar and Ningal: The Moon Deities of Ur, The Chaldean Astrologers of Babylon, Yerah - The Moon God of Canaan, Sin and Ishtar: Rumblings of Descent, The God of the Semites, Harran, City of the Moon God, 'Ilumquh of the Sabeans, Al-Lat, al-Uzza and Duchares: Deities of Nabatea

The 'Elohim and Ancient Near Eastern Tradition
The ‘Elohim and the Blessing of Jacob, Alillat Ibrahim, Thoth and Hathor: Logos and Fertility, Musa: High Priest of the Moon God?, The Decalogue, The Golden Calf and the Smashed Logos, Patriarchal Violence at Ba'al Peor , Kadesh and the Waters of Meribah, Diminishing the Moon, Yahweh: God incorporating all deities

Yahweh and the Asherah: On Every High Hill and under Every Green Tree
Matriarchal Origins of the Patriarchs, Paternity certainty and the transition to the Patriarchy, Histocompatibility and Sexual Preference: The Whoring ways of the Goddess, The Paradox of the Genetic Mother in Jewish Polygyny, The Renaissance of the Queen of Heaven 488
The Period of the Judges, The Period of the Kings, The Strange Woman of Proverbs, The Woman at the Window, Hosea's Plight and Jeremiah's Lament, The Revision of Hezekiah, The Rape of the Sanctuaries, The Separatist Sentiments of the Exile, Israel After the Rains, Under Every Green Tree

The Literary Life of Yahweh
The Apologist of “God” and the Tradition of the Female, Christian Compromise: The Triune Loving Father God of Divine Wrath, Modern Transcendent Theology and Gender Paradox, Not to Blasphame the Mysterium Tremendum

The War of Light and Dark and its Healing in True Love
Combat Myth, Armageddon and Holy Matrimony, Chaos and Order in Combat: Tiamat and Marduk, The Descent Cycle as Mortal Combat, Indra and Vritra and the Heritage of the Gita, Zoroastrian Combat of Dark and Light 529
Jewish Apocalypses of Dark and Light, Martyrdom, Repression and Inquisition, Iblis the Shaitan, The Other as the Beast: Infidel as Agent of the Devil, The Evil Empire and Armageddon, Aztec Mythology and the Cosmic Struggle, Healing Dark and Light in Holy Matrimony

Consummating Eden: Archetypal Myth and Human Destiny
The Apocalypse of Eve, The Evocative Power of Archetypal Myth, The Garden of Nannar and the Descent of Inanna, Patriarchal Transition, Elhoistic and Yahwistic Generations, Wisdom and the Tree of Life

Gospel of Eve: The Second Adam and the Pangs of the Messiah
The Peaceable Kingdom of the Branch, The Apocalyptic Heritage, Jesus and Gender: Synoptic and Gnostic Views, Seed, Tree and Harvest: Fertility and Biodiversity Parables, The Pangs of the Messiah and the Delayed Imminent Kingdom

Gnostic Illumination: Sophia and the Demiurge
Original Sin, repression of the Gnostics and the Early Church, Augustine, the Father of Original Sin, Entropy and Original Sin,
The Gnostic Eden

The Gnosis of Homo sapiens
The Gnostic Background in the Perennial Philosophy, The Gnostic Inner Way of Christ-nature, The Heresy of the Free Spirit , Jungian Archetype and Gnosis, Natural Gnosis, The Marcellina Source Papers, Gnostic Bibliography

Soma and Sangre
Rites of Reunion and Renewal , Europa, Yeru-shalom

Jericho on Jihad and Genocide Millennium

The Cristo Rey Communicado
Paradiso and Inferno, Revival in Tierra de Vera Cruz, The Iquitos Naming, The Rio Redemption of the Tree of Life

Closing the Circle in Unfolding the Future of Life