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GUATEMALA CITY Facing anti-US protests over deportations, President Bill Clinton yesterday admitted to Guatemala that US support for 'widespread repression" in their bloody 36-year civil war was a mistake. For the United States, it is important that I state clearly that the support for military forces or intelligence units which engaged in violent and widespread repression ... was wrong," Clinton said as he began a round-table discussion on Guatemala's search for peace. "The United States must not repeat that mistake. We must and we will continue to support the peace and reconciliation process in Guatemala As Clinton spoke, several hundred demonstrators outside Guatemala City's National Palace could be heard accusing the United States of complicity in the war, in which 200,000 people died, mainly Mayan indian peasants. In one of the harshest rebukes of the horrors of the conflict between the Army and leftist insurgents, which ended in 1996, a Guatemalan truth commission last month painted a picture of state sponsored genocide and massacres. It also said US military aid and advisers employed by the the Central Intelligence Agency played a pivotal role in the bloodshed. Clinton, the first post-Cold War era US leader to visit Central America since it moved away from the civil wars of the 1980s and towards democracy, was kept waiting on the tarmac for 30 minutes after arriving because of the protests. White House officials said the Secret Service wanted to make sure things were "under control" before Clinton set off in his convoy of annour-plated limousines for an official welcoming ceremony.