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Dune, Prophecy, Eugenics and Islam

All writing conceived in the human stream of consciousness is capable of being prophetic, particularly when it captures the existential condition. Many books and even films are doing this in the twentieth century e.g. The White Goddess, Last Temptation, 2001, Brave New World etc. Some of this is just cultural awareness, but as the writer becomes poetic visionary, so their creative expression becomes prophetic in merging with the Jungian stream.

Prophecy happens because the universe is connected in such a way that past and future are integrated together in quantum reality. This makes all experiences of the human conscious stream have a potential prophetic impact in the manner of pre-cognitive dreams. The trouble is that it is not a fully-controllable process, and we often don't know which pieces are going to be critical until 'all is revealed'. Far from being 'sleight of hand' it is the foundation and reason for subjective existence. Archetypes are very powerful because they are central recurring motifs in the collective - hence my gnostic ID.

Dune is particularly poignant, although the following books are pot boilers.

Dune evokes the eucharistic dilemma. The vision of spice - folding even space-time itself and the waters of life, an even more terrifying descent into the abyss. Frank Herbert could only have been writing this with some personal experience, but he also had insight about the direction the world is headed.

The Bene Gessaret and Dune are thinly disguised Islamic metaphors. Frank Herbert intentionally used Arabic/Hebrew terms in relation to the desert planet. The Islamic guardians of the black stone of the Ka'aba are still called the Beni Shaybah, or sons of the old woman (Briffault 3/80). (Mark Shayba: 'the Queen of the south shall rise in judgement on this generation').

In Aramaic, the title Son of Man bar enas  is 'one in human likeness'. In Hebrew, this is translated ben adam  son of Adam or son of man (Spong 1994 152). So you can see where 'Muad'Dib comes swinging into my heritage!

This is very prophetic, because, although most Christians don't realize it Christ is the critical epoch-culminating figure of Islam as well - 'Isa is surely a knowledge of the hour'. As long as we pump oil, the US and the developed world is beholden to the desert heritage. World peace can come only through a healing of all three monotheistic paths of the desert - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. To each path I say this. If your 'God' is absolute, how come you are at war? Or to reverse the coin - the Kingdom IS spread before you, but you yourselves cannot see it (Gospel of Thomas).

In Dune, Herbert evokes the image of eugenic selection, another watershed ethical issue we have to face, full of religious and brave new world implications. So many themes are woven into one account. It is also critical for the preservation of the delicate relationship of the genders to note that, despite their eugenic tradition, the Bene Gessaret still had to come to terms with Paul Atreides - the singular man - the 'hero' (consort of Hera) in the mold of Melcarth, Heracles, Adonis, and of course Christ.

This is an important learning point for us all too because, no matter how much we try to perfect the human race at our own hand it is from the quantum-chaotic 'breath of the infinite' that evolutionary change comes. We shall doom ourselves if we discard the wilderness heritage of diversity for the order of a genetically-engineered mechanical world.

However the critical issue in Dune, their blue eys steeped in spice, is the eucharist. Christanity has in its diversity one common factor, which if not completely universal, is regarded as the root tradition of Christian communion - the eucharist - "this wine is my blood".

The difficult thing for humanity to accept and understand is that in the space-age it has taken the lunatic step of systematically repressing the entire natural eucharistic heritage of the biosphere as criminal madness. While trying to come to terms with the mysteries of consciousness through PET scans, our inner life is rigidly confined by law. Instead of natural vision, democratically conceived we turn to religious edict, violent fundamentalism on the one hand and cynical rape of nature on the other.

To those who would say the visionary sacraments, peyote, teonanacatal, ayahuasca, iboga and so on are crutches, false visions, and that the true enlightemment of 'God" needs no such physical props, I simply point with unswerving veracity and Truth to the Christian heritage of the eucharist and to the fact that every tradition which has used these 'God-given' living sacraments has invested them with the same attributes - teonanactl means 'God's flesh'. The destiny of humanity lies in the eucharist as well as in apocalypsia - "the two becoming one".

This is not to suggest that by taking the living sacraments we will experience instant nirvana, because we also need the established traditions of spiritual engagement which the Spaniards systematically destroyed under pain of death, only to resurface five centuries later here and there among remote Amazonian tribes, the Huichols and Mazatecs. These spiritual traditions are the sanctuary of compassion and grace, moksha, which turns the gutters of addiction into the doors of perception.

The true gnosis is not merely transcendent. It IS transcendent, but it is also imminent in intimately healing our relationship with nature so that life can unfold in all its bounteous glory. Just as the lightning of Dionysus is the union between heaven (Zeus) and Earth (Semele) or if you like just as Christ is the only-begotten between heaven (Yehovh) and earth (Mariá) both are the true vine, the blood of the eucharist.

Teonanactl is blue, just as the eyes of the children of Dune.

Perhaps in this Wisdom, even space-folding mentally possible, or at the very least a cosmic consciousnes of the galaxy and its eternal prescient becoming.

You know Jesu broke every taboo. This one is the accursed sacred lot.