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Genesis of Eden   Sexual Paradox   Parousia   Jihad-Sakina   Tane   Fire & Flood   Apocalypsia

The Genesis of Eden DVD contains all the other works in compact form.

Genesis of Eden AV Windows/Mac DVD - $18 U.S.  inc. air postage

Sexual Paradox    Contents     Introduction

Sexual paradox is the nemesis of our pretensions, yet the genesis of our living destinies, at the core of all descriptions of reality, lurking in the quantum realm and in the relationship between body and mind as much as in our hormone-steeped bodies and rising pulses. It presents the idea of sexual paradox, not just as an inscrutable icon for the vagaries of sexual intrigue, but a cosmic principle spanning the widest realms, from physics, through biology to our social futures.

Sexual Paradox: Complementarity, Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence
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Parousia - Audio CD - Niño $12 U.S.  inc. air postage   

A 77 minute audio CD of songs of the unveiling, sung from Aotearoa to Jerusalem. Dedicated to saving planet Earth from a mass extinction of human, biological and genetic diversity, throwing the Gates of Mercy wide open in reflowering the Tree of Life. © 1997-2001

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Jihad-Sakina - DVD $18 U.S. inc. air postage  YouTubeVideo


Jihad-Sakina is more than a movie, it is a state of mind transgressing all boundaries between the inside and outside of belief in finding the missing peace complementing the jihad of Islam and reflowering the Tree of Life in the sacred union in Jerusalem. A video MTV apocalypse set to the events of the WTC which goes to the souce of violence in Islam. The sequence of musical videos and short documentary clips evolves into an account of the unrest in Israel/Palestine, our millennial reflowering on the Mount of Olives and completes with a multi-source account of the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. DVD Mpeg2 (PAL-compatible).

Tane - Audio CD - Tane $12 U.S.  inc. air postage   

Songs of love, intrigue, reunion and primal fusion set in the antipodean last shoreline of Aotearoa.

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Fire & Flood - Audio CD - $12 U.S.  inc. air postage. 

Songs of tumult spanning the intifada, the falling towers, the Indian Ocean Boxing Day tsunami, the destruction of biodiversity and terminator genetics.

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Apocalypsia   - Movie (5 hours) DVD Quicktime $18 U.S. inc. air postage concept - Chris King 2000  


A double-feature length five-hour stream of consciousness reality adventure of our millennial sabbatical vigil, from the Andes to the Amazon, Rio to Avalon, Rome, Israel and India, to open the epoch of the Tree of Life in reflowering the diversity of life on Earth. Quicktime movie.