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  1. Protect and regenerate the living diversity of the planet.
  2. Guard the genetic future and fertilize its evolutionary potential.
  3. Generate the wisdom of foresight to sustain the living earth.
  4. Espouse collective feminine wisdom for sustainable life.
  5. Free each gender from oppression and ensure their sovereignty in complementation.
  6. Facilitate and inspire permanent world peace through sakina (tranquillity).
  7. Promote universal political, economic and ecological freedom in consensual democracy.
  8. Liberate all people from genocide, poverty, sickness and oppression.
  9. Illuminate the psyche with natural source illumination.
  10. Act together in consensuality of love and trust to achieve these ends.


Membership: A member is affirmed by adopting the precepts as an act of intent, being attested to be trustworthy by three existing members and agreeing to pay on request their share of any costs involved in communicating with members. Membership lapses if these contributions cease.

Management: Directors have management and policy discretion between members' meetings. Directors may be elected by other directors or by a meeting of members. They must be existing members. A meeting of members may if it wishes make management and policy decisions or direct the directors in such matters, but if it does so it will inherit responsibility for any such decisions, as if each member of the meeting were duly appointed directors.

Democracy - agreement and division: A general meeting can be called at any time by five percent of the members or by the board. All members to be notifed. Quorum: 'a majority present' with a notified adjournment, to a meeting at which 'those present' will be sufficient. Members have the right to access the financial records and the proceedings of directors. Meetings can take place either in person or by audio/visual communication which permits free exchange. Decisions at directors' and members' meetings should endeavour to be made if at all possible by consensus. WED is encouraged to endeavour to use fractal ecosystemic democracy as its decision making process wherever possible. A vote should be taken only if necessary, after consensus is exhausted and a motion is passed to go to a vote. A vote should be used as rarely as possible to avoid tyranny of the majority and promote wise decisions which respect human diversity and uphold the sovereignty of each gender.

Tenure: Directors remain in office until they resign, disqualify, vacate office or a meeting of members decides otherwise. The directors will take it in turns to voluntarily offer their resignation in rotation annually so that no more than a third make this offer in any one year. Members will be generally invited to become directors according to their capacity and preparedness to fulfill duties of care so that power is shared as equally as possible among the members. A notified meeting of members may remove or appoint directors or call for a re-election of some or all directors. Directors vacate if they miss three consecutive board meetings without leave and disqualify if they become of unsound mind, bankrupt or incarcerated.


The Wisdom Earth Democracy is a transformative democracy for performing all the formal processes that need to be done to consummate bio-apocalypse. These are many and close-knit:

1. A spiritual and biological consensual democracy devoted to sustainable wisdom and the development of ethics and personal guardianship required to ensure the genetic epoch unfolds abundantly and that its manifold potentialities are not cut short by human greed, mechanistic fragility, or other failures of insight. Its principle is diversity and foresight for potentiality. This may require a covert protective guild.

2. Sanctuary between female and male, ensuring each gender is protected and their rights upheld. It thus protects male rights and much as female. It safeguards against gender dominion of any sort and against dominion of humans over nature and the resulting loss of prospects.

3. A non-profit funding organization which can act as a receptacle for any donation funding that comes to facilitate the transformation we are performing for humanity. This includes funding for major ethical conferences to trouble shoot all the major crises we are going to face in social and practical terms in getting through the transition to sustainability, espeically genetic ethics, biodiversity, and disarmament.

4. A social organism which can facilitate several processes essential to its vision.

(a) Generative conferencing. The aim of the is to gather the creative energy required to ensure the bio-apocalypse comes off constructively and to generate the Wisdom perspective.

(b) A networking and funding distributor to ensure that the biodiversity restoration takes place.

(c) A body to deal with the social and media implications, movies, TV etc. that accompany the whole process.

Liberating Bio-apocalypse: Renewal, Sakina and Gaea Wisdom Democracy

Wisdom Earth Democracy is a society for liberating human freedom in peace, saving bio-diversity, promoting gender-complementary spiritual, genetic and biodiversity ethics and fertilizing a sustainable world through feminine wisdom or Sophia.. It is the orthodox face of the transformation of bio-apocalypse. .

Evolutionary bio-apocalypse is a reality of vastly deeper and more devastating proportions than religious apocalypse. It happens on evolutionary time scales and shall not be repeated on Earth as long as humanity survives. It could literally make us extinct or be our flowering apotheosis in living unfolding. This apocalypse is our genuine coming of age from all perspectives, scientific, genetic, weapons of mass destruction etc. It is a result of human impact, populations explosion and climatic change. It's worst and most long-term feature is biodiversity holocaust, something which could blight our future for up to ten million years to come.

Sakina is the consummating rite of passage of humanity in evolutionary time, consummating the reunion climacteric of the Tree of Life, to save the living future. Although this is taking an initiative by free-will, fate has woven a fabric of synchronicity to make it possible. The previous religious apocalypse of Christianity two millennia ago was just a forethought. Bio-apocalypse is much harder to perform. However, we have already opened the passage by setting this opportunity in place in the real world.

The Genesis of Eden ties together the scientific description of reality with the prophetic and shamanistic and fertility traditions, generating a logos - a 'description of reality' of the human existential condition in space-time and beyond. It is a pivot for the millennium- the crux which fulfills both the prophetic and scientific traditions.

Central to bio-apocalypse is the gender crisis of the patriarchal epoch and the boom-bust venture-risk exploitation of the spermatogenic reproductive strategy. If we are going to perform our paradise miracle we are going to have to liberate our female energies now, so that the free condition becomes part of our condition. This is a society in which women have their sovereignty returned and acknowledged.

All the Names of WED

Here is the list of suggested names of the organization. We invite all of you who have not yet contributed a name of Wisdom to forward a name so that all her names are an expression of our own democracy. We could invite everyone who ever becomes a part of us to do likewise in the burgeoning-forth.

Gaea Wisdom Democracy
Gaia Wisdom
Planet Wisdom
Earth Wisdom
Wisdom Democracy
Spirit Wisdom
Planting Spirit in the Garden of Wisdom
Gaia's Guardians
Gaia Wisdom Democracy
Earth Wisdom Democracy
Earth Wisdom Trust
Sakina 2000
Via Sapientia
The Way of Sophia
Spring Forth
Sophia Requital
Wisdom Spring
The Planting
Garden of Wisdom
Wisdom Garden
Wisdom Earth

The image of a star (stella), the sea (mare), etc, and thereby also include the environmental and biological ideas (anima mundi) we are trying to convey.

Mothers of All Living Trust;
Mothers of the World Wisdom Garden;
Mothers United for All Living;
Divine Mothers' Wisdom Democracy.
The Mother-Wisdom Collective

Genesis of Eden

"Deep-breasted Mother of All Life We Thank You!"
The Gaia Rose Society
My Mother She's The Greatest!
Gaia Lives!
Great Gaia Goddess of Good!
One Planet One People One Peace
GAIA RISING Organization Worldwide (GROW)