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Trans-nationalization, the Fall of Democracy and Ecosystemic Society

The thrust of the discussion is the erosion of democracy, due to the rise of trans-national ciorporations with global agendas and investment treaties which vest unacceptable power in un-elected non-democratic global business and investment instruments. This pattern of exploitive investment competing to take advantage of all remaining natural resources is a direct threat to biodiversity planet-wide. It is likewise contrary to any grass-roots move to establish the future ecosystemic society upon which we will have to depend for a sustainable existence.

This qualitative and quantitative erosion of democracy is both devastating to the future sustainability of the planet and as contrary to the interests of the people in the very developed countries which are the source of the intiative as it is to people in under developed countries who become exploited by the undemocratic investment initiaitves of the developed world.

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The myth of the free-market is that the lean mean world of competition is a more ecosystemicly efficient system than any regulated economy . This has a tragic flaw. Ecosystems are conserved sustainably because all surviving organisms have a genetic imprint of their entire evolutionary history. They are survivors in a surviving biosphere.

Companies are essentially different. They have a non-genetic charter which determines only how they hold meetings, nothing about their evolutionary niche. They are non-democratic. Their directors are generally only financially accountable to the shareholders, not strategically accountable. They are completely non-accountable to the human and natural environments in which they operate. They are unstable dynamical systems striving to exploit resources more quickly than their competitors and capable of liguidating their assets and changing their strategic identity and line of business if they exploit and destroy a given resource.

The first article below illustrates this non-genetic view of the free-market ecosystemic myth.

Global Dynamical Systems

From Avoiding Genetic Holocaust

Political and Economic Dynamics and Sustainable Society: In terns of environmental health, the planet is a dynamical system driven by at least four major factors: (a) the 200 or so national governments some democratically elected some otherwise, (b) multi-national corporations, (c) the globalist influence of the UN and its bodies such as UNEP etc.and NGOs, (d) the 'North-South' dialogue between developed energy-hungry countries and developing energy-lean countries, which also possess a large proportion of the genetic resources of the planet.

A Non-profit Reverse-takeover: Ethicorporates

What is needed is to add further feedbacks t this system which will help to correct its instabilities. One possible item is a new form of ethical non-profit organization which does have the required characteristics and can in a fundamental sense out-compete multi-nationals at their own game.

It is common in Darwinist evolutionary theory to set up simple game theoretic models of a situation to test whether a given stragegy is really Dawwinian - i.e. an evolutionary stable strategy. These games often have cooperators and defectors. For example a gender game might consist of faithful husbands, wild oat sowers, good wives and prostitutes. Such games can lead to equliibrium or take-over.

In theory all compaines are diseased organisms because the profit motive acts like a vampire, sucking capital out in terms of dividends to the investor. This means that a non-profit possessing the same capital would naturally out-grow a profit-making competitor because all funds could be ploughed back into growth. Of course this is unrealistic, because investors want a return on their capital. However an investor is well-advised to spread their portfolio.

Financial investment is to ensure future abundance in real life terms. However investment is made as much in future options as liquidity. Insurance is an example of this. A financial loss is incurred in premiums in return for a changed quality of life in relation to certain contingencies. Likewise a non-profit organization which further ethical principles which help to ensure the future of the contributor act as a good form of insurance.

Some people contribute to environmental and consumer protest organizations on this basis. So the idea is to design a new form of ethicorporate which forms a cooperative transaction between members, management, consumer and workers in which the dynamics is based on participatory democracy, the genetic identity of a covenent of ethical intent about the operations and purpose of the organization.

In principle such ethicorporates could function competitively in the commercial environment providing services, possibly with special considerations for members, depending on their constitutions.

Constitution, Incorporation and Democracy

Both multi-national corporations and political democracies are founded on the concept of the charter of association, which determines how the executive is elected and how democracy of management and members proceeds. Changes in concept of charters of association can thus dramatically change the face of the world by changing the principles of both the corporate and political worlds.




GATT and the Developing World:

Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI):

Feb 17 98 US MAI Snub: The Clinton administration threatens to snub MAI. Charlene Barchefsky, backed by secretary of Commerce William Daley said "This agreement at this stage is simply not good enough. We do not envisage signing it in April." This may simply signal a tough negotiating stance rather than rejection. It may also indicate the treaty cuts across America's own domestic exemptions such as its trade embargo with Cuba. The treaty among the world's 26 most wealthy nations protects foreign investors and for the first time makes national governments suable for compensation by transnationals if they protect national interests. Local businesses are not so protected.

STOP PRESS: MAI is currently on hold - postponed indefinitely.

Davos and Free Trade:




There is only one internet. It is essential that it remain free for the freedom of society and intellectual inquiry. Anything less is totalitarian. The toll on democracy and wisdom is otherwise too great. Isses of pornography and bomb-making notwithstanding.

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