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Why Renewal is the Path of True Love for Mankind

Le Penseur- Michael Sowa (Incognito cards)
'Father's day' gift - 1998 Lorien

Here is the 'apocalypse to mankind' unveiling why liberating women into complete freedom in the Renewal is our saving grace, our fulfilment, and our becoming - why it is no threat and why it is the natural and divine condition, in which we shall cherish the Earth and replenish it - otherwise known as Paradise. It is the greatest quest of all men to be the immortal hero, the Lancelot, who through his fearless abandon and devastating acuity, saves the day and wins the undying passionate love of the Queen. The Renewal is the realization of this quest for all men who participate in replenishing the Earth.

This is both a scientific socio-biological resolution of our existential dilemma and a change in perspective in religious and spiritual terms. It consummates prophetic tradition, at the same time as liberating it from an oppression which has given the patriarchal religions a dark satanic shadow of violence - their own nemesis and undoing. It requires sacrificing some patriarchal religious tennets, but in so doing the founding traditions can all be fulfilled and their prophecies realized. This is thus both a spiritual and a scientific revolution for society. It also means a pardigm shift from the purely mental realm of the male father God or the 'transcendent void', to the harmonious living relationship between body and psyche, accepting the sacredness of nature as the feminine 'emodiment'.

Although some macho male anthropologists spin a tale of man the hunter and woman-trader, the evolution of humanity has come about through a paradoxical balance of ingenuity between woman and man in which women have, until recent urban civilizations, played a leading role as progenitors of culture and society.

Because males can fertilize many females, but not vice versa, male sex life has always been more competitive across the vast majority of animal societies. Humanity is no exception. However, despite this, there is abundant evidence for female reproductive choice, rather than domination of females by powerful males, as a key factor in human evolution, just as it is with many species of animal. The human female has evolved sexually in ways which attest to this. She has evolved sexually to conceal her oestrus and maintain an almost-continuous state of sexual attraction with pronounced secondary sexual characteristics over other higher apes. She is also more neotonous (child-like), a root trend in human evolution. Men likewise have evolved sperm competition to compensate for female reproductive choice. The physiology of both sexes thus attests to such reproductive choice operating over evolutionary time.

What is particularly neat about human evolution is that it appears the maturation of the human brain, our crowning glory, came from this very sexual paradox, rather than a state of gender dominion. The story is a complex version of marital bliss. The women brought in about 80% of the diet through gathering hundreds of plant species. This was the first human science and led to agriculture and to the emergence of social conversation, as women moved about together talking. The men were thus providing only occasional meat as an act of chivalry and to gain sexual favours - the heroic act. This hunting was often performed in silent vigil. There will have always been some men trying to work in bands to sequester females, but the overall balance of the diet and the physiology indicates a society in which neither gender had a monopoly on power.

Now the nice idea is that this paradox of initiative set up a dynamic where the men were subject to strong sexual selection to become resourceful, innovative protectors and creative family builders. All the nice things that make a good family man. Female reproductive choice has this powerful selective factor. Women, by contrast, can all get pregnant, so selection doesn't operate in the same way. The intriguing idea is that human tool use and language was driven by the paradoxical nature of the gender relationship, which requires a careful mix of openness and deceit, because human relationships are ostensibly monogamous but riddled with romantic affairs. The !Kung who, despite having male elders, share a relatively egalitarian relationship between man and woman, in which sexual liaisons are frequent, still spend virtually the whole night intensely talking through their relationships. This situation of repdoductive insecurity is always more difficult for men, because, unlike women, they have never been fully certain that any offspring is really their own.

When civilized urban societies developed, men began to use military power to control one another and women as well. Men realized that they could gain reproductive security by banding together to sequester women, or to commit them to strict marriages under pain of stoning or violent punishments. A phase of relative male dominion over women and nature set in, accompanied by the rise of militaristic states with large urban centres and mass migrations of male armies.

One has to make ironical note that in many cases this resulted in severe sexual inequity among men, because it made many women subject to the 'lords of the manor' while the rank and file men often missed out. The result of this type of selection favours pathological bullies, rather than good family builders. It also favours women who produce dominant males. It is the 'women as property' vision realized. This 'imposed' male mystique continues to be naively fostered in modern sexual stereotypes in the media today to our detriment in social terms and still permeates much of the corporate world. Renewal doesn't simply mean transferring power to women, because as we have just seen individual women may use power to abet the patriarchal scheme as many women queens and politicians in history have done. The answer lies in the restoring rspect for the feminine rather than individual female power, although it does require women having full political autonomy and a right to 'gender consensus'.

Sexual dominion has had a series of other consequences which are subtle and far-reaching. Societies became reproductively expansive and often selectively sought male offspring killing the girl child, despite her fecundity. Populations rose until conflict ensued or disease struck. Resources became exploited as rapidly as possible, sometimes causing permanent environmental degradation. The male's sexual psyche is attuned to taking risks to gain significant advantage against sexual competitors and to assimilating resources disporopotionate to his immediate needs. Many of the aspects of human society and human impact became expressions of the male venture-risk short-term winner-take-all investment strategy, rather than the long-term nurturing investment the female has to make to sustain human offspring through to independence.

Males reinforced this social order of dominion by inventing a complete description of reality, in the form of fundamentalistic patriarchal religions, in which a male was sole and wrathful God who maintained the patriarchal social order. This order provided laws, some aspects of which were helpful by providing a just system, but others of which allowed frank sexual control to keep the women faithful under pain of death or violence while the men continued to sew wild oats.

Ultimately this has led to our modern industrial society of the scientific age, to runaway economic growth, the depletion of the world's non-renewable resources, the population explosion, the fearsome manifestations of violence in world war, holocaust, genocide, and nuclear and ecological Armageddon, almost as the fearful prophecies of the apocalypse indicate.

The Renewal proposes to avoid this fate and restore our long-term investment in life on Earth by liberating the feminine reproductive evolutionary strategy from this imprisonment and with it women world-wide from all binds of control by males. This might at first sight to seem to act against the security of male power and privilege, but this is very far from the case. It also releases a new psychic view of the universe as imminent in life's unfolding abundance, complementing the heavenly dominion that characterizes both the partriarchal religions of God and the Eastern view of the transcendent mind or void which pervades Buddhism and Vedanta.

All people need a survivable world to give their future any meaning at all. Even if we don't ourselves have offspring, our sense of the continuity of life is essential for us to be able to have psychic, emotional or spiritual meaning in existence. Without these roots the transcendent mind is truly illusion. If men succeed in destroying the earth or reducing it to a desertified shadow, it will not further anyone's future, least of all 'mankind's' own. The world still stands cluttered with enough nuclear weapons for 15 times overkill, copious land mines, acts of violent terrorism and arbitrary retaliation and perpetual regional conflicts. The liberation of the feminine is also the freeing of the dove of world peace. This is what Sakina means - tranquillity.

But now comes the most exciting part. By freeing women, all good men regain our real chance for undying love. This love is true, not imposed. Women will respond to this with truest love and a great deal of fidelity, good enough to make family life well worth it for the man, without stoning his beloved partner, even if she makes independent reproductive choices. This way the Lancelots actually get to find their Guineveres. The heroic tale is consummated in freedom and commitment.

This is what the fertility Bridegroom represents - primavera, or springtime, the unfolding of life's diversity, matrimony in the place of sacrifice and death. Not a male 'Lording' it over other males as in the patriarchal epoch, but a resourceful cooperative male fostering the sovereignty of the female because, in the sovereignty of woman lies the immortality of mankind, world peace and the replenishment of the Earth. This is the true gift of the fertility Bridegroom to all men. Setting the example of the good husbandman and sharing it in brotherly love.

The key to immortality in the epoch is relationship. To worship all women as embodiments of the divine is the ideal of courtly love. It is the bow of humility of man to woman in gratitude for her sacred role as life-bearer. This is a true debt all men owe to women for their very existence. It is a just debt and fairly served, even to one's own daughters.

Matrimony, not incarnation, is the immortal condition. The sacred marriage is both the expression of ongoing creation in fertility, and the celebration of the paradox of equality between woman and man. It is not a state of submission or dominance, but of creative partnership. In matrimony is the healing and the union between heaven and earth, mind and body, as well as male and female. In matrimony is the ongoing weft of new life.

This view liberates man and woman alike. Gone is the need to view all men as living examples of testosterone poisoning, as inherent psychopaths, or as having intrinsically dualistic ways of thinking. The Bridegroom travels in the greatness of his strength as a Solomon, a free and committed man, just as the Queen is free and committed to relationship. This is no mere subject fawn of the Goddess. Nor is it a brawn-brained muscle-bound bully, but an astute man of impeccable virtue - terrible as an army with banners, but without shedding the blood of violence.

Men may have committed great collective sins in history, we have brought the Earth almost to the place of annihilation, the valley of the shadow of death, through war and the threat of war. We have raped the Earth unmercifully in our greed. We have committed genocide and gendercide. We need to collectively acknowledge our guilt and apologise for the terrible things that have been done in our name throughout history and for the crisis the planet faces today, but this doesn't mean that nature is flawed in men, nor that it is any more so than in women. It is true that men are twenty times more violent than women, across a spectrum of urban societies, but nevertheless a majority of males are surprisingly non-violent. As liberated individuals we are each free and whole, male and female alike in the likeness of the divine 'Elohim.

The Renewal liberates all that is good and wonderful in man so that Adam can stand innocent and strong alongside Eve and revere the fruit of her wisdom, instead of cursing her and wasting the fertile ground on which she stood in his greed and anger.

By celebrating the Renewal, men are committing the direct act of giving back all that has been stolen in the epoch to women in freedom in good will for the future of life on Earth. Those who do this will always be remembered as the heroes of love and of life. Those who, through their altruism, manifested that divine love which can unite all of us, even those that might seek to destroy us, in world peace.

"Love your enemies and bless them that curse you"

Some of you may ask is this the will of God? Isn't this in basic conflict with the scripture? Isn't it God's will or al-Llah's to commit violent punishment on women for infidelity? That women should be seen and not heard in church? That women should be sequestered, veiled from view, chaperoned and controlled by men for their own protection? The answer of course to this is "No!" These were all statements made by jealous men, not the God who created the universe and with it evolving life. All the three patriarchal paths culminate in the end of the epoch. This end came with Trinity and its awesome powers of destruction and with genetic holocaust of biodiversity. The Bridegroom is here to pronounce this rite of passage in forgiveness and redemption.

The new age has always been prophesied to be the apocalypse or 'unveiling', an unveiling in which paradise is restored in the image of the Tree of Life returning, and particlarly in which women finally 'trample the garment of shame' that has haunted them through the entire epoch in a host of forms of violence from stoning through circumcision to witch-burning.

Much of this violence has been an attempt to repress the feminine face of deity, that 'other' - the missing part of the divine - which is often represented in the Earth herself and her burgeoning fertility, something degraded into original sin, sexual evil and bestial nature by Christianity in its drive for dominion over nature. Likewise in Islam, all trace of the feminine divine was brutally suppressed in smashing the idols, in cutting off the hands and cutting out the tongues and in the satanic verses. In Judaism too the whoring ways of the Goddess were accursed and destroyed in the rape of the sanctuaries. Even in Buddhism, despite having kundalini dakinis, the natural 'material' aspect of the feminine face is Maya or illusion, casting the feminine into an Eve-like baseness. Nevertheless this femine face still shows us the healing wisdom of forgiveness and new hope in a host of forms, from Chochmah, through Sophia and Miriam to Shekhinah, the 'indwelling' manifestation of divinity on Earth, in matrimonial concord and even ancient Gaea the reborn environmentalist symbol of the living Earth.