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Plaskow, Judith; Christ, Carol 1989 Weaving the Visions,
Harper, San Francisco ISBN 0-06-061383-1
Also: Christ, Carol; Plaskow, Judith 1979 Womanspirit Rising,
Harper & Row, New York ISBN 0-06-061385-8

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Renewing the Sacred Hoop
From: Plaskow, Judith and Christ, Carol 1989 Weaving the Visions, Harper, San Francisco


Dhyani Ywahoo is a member of the Etowah Band of the Eastern Tsalagi (Cher- okee) Nation. Trained by her grandparents, she is the twenty-seventh generation to carry the ancestral wisdom of the Ywahoo Lineage. She is Spiritual Director of the Sunray Meditation Society, an international spiritual society dedicated to planetary peace.

The quality of our laughter and joy, the knowledge of our voices, thoughts, and actions are weaving beauty around the land. There is a harmony; there is a song. All things move in a circle. It is from the womb of emptiness that all is made manifest. Our thoughts make sound waves upon the planet, wind currents upon the stream. As our thoughts become clarified in the wind of our personal experience so, too, they become clarified around the planet through bioresonance. We can sense at many levels an awakening, a song arising clearly in the hearts of many people, the community of human beings sharing an environment. The song is of planetary peace; individually it means each of us recognizing the beauty of ourselves and one another. What we see around us is people calling out for peace, for remembrance, and really wishing to recall the "how." How to set aside thought forms that battle in the angry mind? How to recognize the beauty of human beings in process?

In this moment the caretaker mind of woman needs to hold forth the idea of abundance, to be joyous, to recognize the qualities of life-and to know that we can shape the world around us with our thoughts and feelings. Accepting the healing power of affirmation and action, speaking of the best, seeing ourselves in process and acknowledging the wisdom, the beauty, and the blessing of life in this time. Then to sense the interplay, the resonance of our being with all the world around us. That is the dream of this land, the dream of the child's heart; that is to renew the Sacred Hoop. In finding peace and recognizing the light in yourself, we say there's a hearth in your heart where the Creator has given you something very sacred, a special gift, a special duty, an understanding. And now is the time for us to clean out those hearths, to let that inner light glow. Listen to the breath and know it is also the mountain's breath. Mother Mountain has many meridians of energyjust as the human body does. You can feel the mountains in your cheeks, just by breathing. Your consciousness is not just in your body. lt is in everything. Everything is related. The mountain, too, is your body, so all the better to treat it with respect.

As long as you are walking upon the Earth you are like a child in the womb, being fed by this Earth. And respect for the Earth and for one another is being called for right now. We each have a duty to the Earth and to each other. Each race, each nation, has its different purpose in maintaining the whole. The wisdom of all our ancestors, wherever they came from, basically points to one truth: everything is in relation to you. Native Americans say, "all my relations," acknowledging that connection to everything that is alive. All being is an aspect of yourself. So to listen to the elements of nature is to listen to the voice of yourself: to look at the fire and see what it has to show you; to listen to the wind and understand that it, too, is your mind. These are your relatives: the fire, the water, the wind, the Earth, all of the creatures that you meet upon this planet and within it. We see some places that are not as sparkling as they can be and that is because people are being untrue to themselves, to one another, to the planet. People are not keeping tradition in their hearts; they are digging too far and using without consideration of returning. In this time it is either yes or no. You are either in harmony with the planet, with that part of truth in yourself, or you are not. The first step is to understand your own consciousness. Can we maintain spiritual dignity in an environment that denies more and more the grace of our inner beauty? We must. It is coming to that. Earth is asking. Our very inner nature is saying that to us now. Let us all speak the best of one another and perceive the best in everything.

It is a strenuous discipline in these times to practice this, courageously to speak what is correct and also to accept the softness of one's self; to realize that everything is Mother and Father. There is no form without the gift of the Mother and the Father. From Father Sky comes your consciousness and Mother Earth is your very bones. To sense the balance of the Mother/Father, Father/Mother within one's own being, one's own nature, is a way to renew the Earth, to renew our hearts, to renew the vision. To see one's purpose is a very important moment in the vision. We can choose, we can weave. We hold the form, we dance it, and the moment comes when it is recalled in each of us. We are human beings; we can live in harmony and dignity. We can make peace. We can empower ourselves to be peaceful, to know that what manifests through our hands, our hearts, and our actions is a reflection of our thinking and our relationship. In this time of illusion many people feel they're not good enough or that somebody else is in control, so they hold back. People disavow their place in the circle of life when they think in that mind. So generosity is something that we first begin to look at in our own thought. When we give we must give with consideration, so that always there is that cycle of reciprocity. To come again to realize the circle of life and the wheel of cause and effect, to plant good seeds, it is important to affirm, "I have something to give, I am receiving, even this gift of the human body and I am thankful." In this way one's highest ideals and clarity of mind can manifest. This accomplishes the goal of realizing the great truth: having good relationship with everything around one, for the benefit of all. In this industrial age, which has been described as paternalistic, we see how by moving away from the circle and working more in components, there is a loss of continuity and a forgetfulness of how what one does affects the Earth. So the big company that takes things out of the Earth and poisons the ground and the water and the atmosphere does so without even considering the effect on themselves. How do we turn the mind to realize that our actions have an effect, that things we do in this moment have an impact upon all of humanity now and unto seven generations down the road? It is in the reawakening of caretaker mind that we recognize our responsibility to right relationship and to nurture that which is good. It is the natural capacity of woman in her wombness to bring forth the good, to generate clear ideas; yet we are all caretakers and can come to see everyone we meet as a relative and ourselves as part of the great family called humanity. Seeing all in relationship, in the circle, is a part of the planetary healing. So it is very important that among ourselves we practice great generosity. This generosity carries over into respect for one another. Native people have what is called the give-away. Very often people are so happy they have a party and give away everything. Then they find themselves renewed, emptied of attachment. This concept of the give-away comes from courageously affirming one's ability to act for what is good for other people and oneself, knowing that each day will be abundant because one is not grasping. The give-away is an outward expression of an understanding that all things are related in the circle of life. How to hold the form that we are planetary beings, universal beings, and able to live in harmony? How to hold the form that we are abundant beings, capable of creating all that is needed for the people? Within our hearts and within our minds, within the imagination's light, we begin to see the way of resolution. This is known as visualization, where you see the accomplished goal of a world of enlightened action and good relationship. We must consider how our present actions will affect the world unto seven generations. This comes through stilling one's own mind and putting aside personal expectations and considering the balance of the Earth. This generates the mind of generosity.

Seeing the factions in one's own mind and community come to clarity is a first step to planetary enlightenment. It is to make peace with ourselves and all those we know; to feel confident that we are on the path of exploration, energetically seeking that full enlightenment. To know that anger, pain, shame, blame are only thought forms. We can end the formation of those thought forms by letting go of attachment to the idea of conflict. Can I make peace with my relatives? It is a great gift. How far will I go? Is there anything to lose? Nothing to lose. It is an awareness of the power of mind, an understanding of the process of unfolding and ultimately a freedom from the suffering of doubt. Doubt gives rise to fear and the idea that there is something to aggressively protect. Forgiveness is the balm, the soothing gel, so that one recognizes wisdom and the capacity to love, the compassion that turns aside fear and anger, the compassion that recognizes beauty and holds the form of planetary enlightenment. The vision is the clear intention. It is a generosity of heart, the mothering heart, the caretaker heart, that holds the vision. In terms of practical envisioning and manifesting the ideals, one considers three principles. The first principle is the clear intention that something may manifest; the understanding of its relationship to your life's purpose and to those around you and its repercussions. The second principle is generosity of heart; the compassion of the heart to affirm it to be so. The third principle is the ability, the mind to make it manifest. So we visualize the goal being accomplished in clear light, in right relationship. We affirm daily in our mind and in our spiritual practice that it will happen. And we work to manifest it. Say you want to see a piece of land in your area put in trust because it is sacred ground. How do you bring it about? The process works on many levels, and there are three basic steps: visualization, affirmation, and manifestation. First envision the land, the ideal situation and se,e your relationship to it. Is this action good for all the people? Understand its relationship to all things, to future generations, and know that it may return to you in the stream. Look and see if there are any thought forms or obscurations in your own nature or in the situation that may impede actualization of the ideal. If there are, then correct them through visualization and affirmation. Second, affirm and call forth the people through the certainty of your heart. Through visualization, affirmation, and chanting set up a magnet so that others of like energy will come and offer their resources. The third component is the manifestation, actively to manifest the goal. Carefully choose the team; attune with one another before you meet and during your meetings so you have unity of mind. Success comes from holding the ideal very clearly in your minds and making certain that the ideal is beneficial for the people unto seven generations.

The idea is in the minds of the people rather than something imposed upon the people. To sit back and think it will happen because you visualize is not enough. You consciously look for the right connections, consciously weed the garden of the mind, consciously gather the funds to acquire the place. Community building, relationship, is very active. The world of enlightened action and good relationship begins through the thoughts, words, and actions of today. People's methods, goals, or ideals may be different, but basically there is one truth in the community of human beings: we are all human beings, we are all relatives. There are many ways in which we can keep clear the stream of mind to bring forth enlightened community. First step, speak words in a building way, a constructive way; rather than pointing to the defects, point to the strengths. When recognizing defects in one's own nature or perception, make them correct through affirmation. As one is looking through the compassionate generosity of the heart, begin to notice the "empty bowl," the mind getting still. Set aside attachment to what "I said," "she said," and "they said" and understand what we are all doing together. Work by making agreement and evaluating what is possible. Set priorities. lt is most important not to let actions become "charged" and held onto. Blaming doesn't accomplish; establishing a strong pattern does.

Many people abdicate self-empowerment by withdrawing their energies, rather than by making a change either in themselves or in the situation. Also consider that people are like musical notes and need to have a harmonious complement. Knowing how to establish the team is important. Understand the basic character of those you're working with and have no expectations beyond. Clarify your own heart and know that when working together you're doing the best for all the people. Affirm that you can do it and acknowledge the positive qualities in yourself and in the work team. Do certain prayer rituals and meditations together to keep your hearts and minds clear. At Sunray when we prepare to meet we attune through the heart center, the center of compassion. There is a simple way to bring about enlightened action: knowing that whatever we're doing, we're doing it for one another, for ourselves, rather than "I do this for 'them'." Attuning to one another, working as a team, knowing that in the circle each person has a unique and necessary function, letting go of wanting one's ego stroked, this is generosity of mind. Refinement, change, is a process of life. It's how we respond to the change that is significant. See change as a process, without grasping the pain of "right or wrong," and see "it seems to be unfolding in this way." How not to grasp the feeling of pain? Look at the feeling. Where did it come from? Where did it begin? It is a matter of knowing that people do go through suffering but we can also transform the suffering into a real understanding about life. What does one do in a moment of despair? Practice, do meditation, make a ritual of clarifying the mind. "Here, I offer my attachment, my suffering, to the elements. Take them away. I inhale peace and harmony and radiate it out." The only way I know to see life as a process unfolding without becoming attached is to have clear practice, and when I say practice I mean regular meditation, reflection time. Too often people think that meditation and contemplation are separate from action.

Meditation has several phases. It has an active moment of sitting down, visualizing, chanting, whatever means the person has; then stillness of mind; then action, going out and doing something. lt may be doing what you saw in the stillness. It may be what you saw upon the screen of your mind before the stillness. The action is as much a meditation as are the sitting and the contemplation. Action is what manifests that which you perceive in the meditation. In this time there needs to be a change in action to protect the Earth. The human mind affects the very elements themselves. The thought and action of the people has become imbalanced; elements out of balance are chaotic and chaos affects planetary mind. Through good relationship and through developing generosity of heart and action individuals clarify their minds, and this resonates throughout the planet. Native peoples see that Earth is a living being, very much affected by people's thinking and actions.

The ancient Native prophecies foretell for this time much change and breaking of earth forms, the thundering of ignorance and the lightning force of inspiration moving forth. They also speak of the possible negative effects of people's attachment to thought forms of conflict and dominion. Prophecies are the possibilities that may manifest based on the actions of a given moment. And in the moment each one has a choice. So the prophecies speak of these times as trying times, of many streams meeting-and the possibility of the Hoop being rebuilt. And ultimately the Hoop will be rebuilt. I see a great turn in the spiral. The mind is very powerful and the voice is very strong. I see a world of beauty and right relationship unfolding. I see that nations will come to recognize the foolishness of nuclear armament and make changes in their actions, and that the means will come to defuse the poisonous weapons that have been made. And most important, the means will come to defuse the angry thinking that leads people to build weapons. The means are positive visualization, affirmation, and community building. Visualize yourself as a great mother feeling all the beings upon this planet, sending forth loving thoughts of peace and harmony and certainty that the crops will be good and all will be fed. Imagine yourself a great lake sending forth endless ripples of compassion and care. Let us all recall the sacred wisdom of all our relations and let that light move brightly in our hearts. Let our words be words of wisdom and creative energy, building stairways to our remembrance of the clan of humanity. In this way Mother Earth and Father Sky meet in our hearts and we know our wholeness. In this way the Sacred Hoop is renewed.