Mahdi Countdown and Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

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The Mahdi Refrain (mp3 download) - a dire warning on the apocalyptic nuclear confrontation between Iran and Israel.

Chris King (composition, lyrics, vocals, dulcimer, percussion, keyboard, crotales, chimes). Iranian voices, including Iran's current president, Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Rafsanjani, an ex-president, and Amir Taheri, a former executive editor of Kayhan, Iran's largest daily newspaper. Israel's response is from Israel's current formal president, Shimon Peres, who won the Nobel Peace Prize with Yitzhak Rabin. The final response is from Chris King.

Apocalypse Iran Israel

The words of Ahmadinejad, Rafsanjani, Peres and Chris King's response on the Mahdi and Islam's utopian nuclear agenda set to a devastating musical production.

Apocalypse Iran Israel

News Announcements in Sequence

Dec 2001

"Former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani explained that 'the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything.' On the other hand, if Israel responded with its own nuclear weapons, it 'will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.'

Sept 2005

Ahmadinejad made reference to the Mahdi in his first speech to the U.N. He called on the "mighty Lord" to hasten the emergence of "the promised one," the one who "will fill this world with justice and peace." "Oh mighty lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace," Ahmadinejad prayed. After, he told Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli in Tehran, in a videotaped discussion, about a strange, paranormal experience he had while speaking. The Iranian president recalled being told about it by one of his delegation: "When you began with the words 'in the name of Allah,' I saw a light coming, surrounding you and protecting you to the end."

Ahmadinejad agreed that he sensed the same thing: "On the last day when I was speaking, one of our group told me that when I started to say 'Bismillah Muhammad,' he saw a green light come from around me, and I was placed inside this aura," he says. "I felt it myself. I felt that the atmosphere suddenly changed, and for those 27 or 28 minutes, all the leaders of the world did not blink. When I say they didn't move an eyelid, I'm not exaggerating. They were looking as if a hand was holding them there, and had just opened their eyes ­ Alhamdulillah!"

Oct 2005

President Ahmadinejad, elected in June, was addressing a conference in Teheran entitled "The World Without Zionism", attended by about 3,000 conservative students, who chanted: "Death to Israel!" and "Death to America!"

"The establishment of Zionist regime was a move by the world oppressor against the Islamic world," "The skirmishes in the occupied land are part of the war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years of war will be defined in Palestinian land." "There is no doubt that the new wave [of attacks] in Palestine will wipe off this stigma [Israel] from the face of the Islamic world." Recalling the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of Iran's Islamic revolution, he said: "As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map." "Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury," he said. Any Islamic leader "who recognizes the Zionist regime means he is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world.

Israel's foreign minister, Silvan Shalom, said the comments demonstrated that the Iranian leadership represented a genuine threat to its existence. "We believe that Iran is trying to buy time so it can develop a nuclear bomb," said Mr Shalom. "Iran is a clear and present danger." He added: "This kind of regime is very extreme. It would be a nightmare for all the international community if they had a nuclear bomb." Israeli Vice-Prime Minister Shimon Peres said the remark contravened the UN's charter and was "tantamount to a crime against humanity".

EU leaders meeting in London issued a joint condemnation "in the strongest terms" following statements of concern from individual members of the 25-state body. "Calls for violence, and for the destruction of any state, are manifestly inconsistent with any claim to be a mature and responsible member of the international community," the statement said. "Those who insist on transferring the Iranian nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council have received an additional argument for doing so" Sergei Lavrov Russian foreign minister

"I think it reconfirms what we have been saying about the regime. It underscores the concerns we have about Iran's nuclear intentions," Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, said. Mark Regev, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, "We see today that there is a growing understanding in the international community that the extremist regime in Tehran is not just Israel's problem, but rather an issue that the entire international community must grapple with." Jean-Baptiste Mattei, a French foreign ministry spokesman, said: "We have noted press articles reporting the comments of President Ahmadinejad. If these comments were indeed made, we condemn them with the utmost firmness." A German foreign ministry spokesman, Walter Lindner, said: "Should these comments have actually been made, they are completely unacceptable and to be condemned in the sharpest terms."

Israel views Iran as its main security threat in the Middle East. The defence minister, Shaul Mofaz, has said Tehran could be capable of developing a nuclear weapon within months and that there is a need for urgent action to prevent that. Israel has issued thinly veiled threats against Iran's nuclear programme if diplomatic efforts fail and is buying 500 "bunker-buster" bombs from the US that could be used to destroy the facilities.

Vice Premier Shimon Peres said Monday that "the president of Iran should remember that Iran can also be wiped off the map."

"Teheran is making a mockery of the international community's efforts to solve the crisis surrounding Iran's nuclear program," Peres told Reuters, adding that "Iran presents a danger to the entire world, not just to us." "We can prevent all of this threat, without weapons, if there will be unity," Peres said, adding that the Security Council had to act on the matter. "If the crucial moment comes and they are incapable of taking [action] or making a policy...then they endanger their existence as an important world body,"

Ahmadinejad said: "If they have a little bit of a brain, they would not commit such a mistake," "Iran is not Iraq. Iraq was a weak country, it did not have a legitimate government. Iran is a powerful country."

Nov 2005

In a speech in Tehran, he said he sees his main mission in life as to "pave the path for the glorious reappearance of Imam Mahdi, may Allah hasten his reappearance."

"People are anxious to know when and how will he rise; what they must do to receive this worldwide salvation," says Ali Lari, a cleric at the Bright Future Institute in Iran's religious center of Qom. "The timing is not clear, but the conditions are more specific," he adds. "There is a saying: 'When the students are ready, the teacher will come.'"

At a November 2005 theology conference he emphasized that "the most important task of our Revolution is to prepare the way for the return of the Twelfth Imam"

Dec 2005

Speaking to thousands of people in the southeastern city of Zahedan, Ahmadinejad said: "Today, they have created a myth in the name of Holocaust and consider it to be above God, religion and the prophets." Previously he expressed doubt about the Nazi destruction of European Jewry during the World War II. But Wednesday was the first time when he said in public that it was a myth. Touring southeast Iran, Ahmadinejad said that if Europeans insist the Holocaust did happen, then it was they who were responsible and they should pay the price.

"If you committed this big crime, then why should the oppressed Palestinian nation pay the price?" Ahmadinejad asked. "This is our proposal: if you committed the crime, then give a part of your own land in Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska to them (Jews), so that the Jews can establish their country," he said. T

"If your civilization consists of aggression, making oppressed people homeless, suffocating the voices of justice and bringing poverty to a majority of the world's people, we say loudly that we hate your hollow civilization," he said.

Germany's foreign minister blasted the comments as "shocking and unacceptable" and warned that they will influence crucial upcoming nuclear talks between Europe and Iran.

In Israel, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said: "The repeated outrageous remarks of the Iranian president show clearly the mind-set of the ruling clique in Tehran and indicate clearly the extremist policy goals of the regime.

"The combination of fanatical ideology, a warped sense of reality and nuclear weapons is a combination that no one in the international community can accept," Regev added, referring to allegations that Iran is developing nuclear bombs.

In Berlin, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said his government had summoned the Iranian charge d'affaires to make "unmistakeably clear" its displeasure.

"I cannot hide the fact that this weighs on bilateral relations and on the chances for the negotiation process, the so-called nuclear dossier," Steinmeier said, referring to European talks with Iran on its nuclear program.

In Brussels, European Commission spokeswoman Emma Udwin said such "completely unacceptable" comments would do nothing to restore confidence in Iran. "We feel very strongly that Iran is damaging its own interests with these kind of remarks," she added.

Mar 2006

"The near future will be in the hands of Islam", Ahmadinejad said after a meeting in Kuala Lumpur with the King of Malaysia. He cited the victory of the Islamist group Hamas in the recent Palestinian elections as a sign of the rise of Islamism in the world. "History has shown that when Muslims become powerful, they do not use their power to the detriment of others, but use it in the service of peace and tranquillity", Ahmadinejad said.

"Ahmadinejad is on record as saying that he sees his main mission as being that of preparing the stage for the return of the Mahdi", said Ali Basrawi, an Iraqi Shiite political analyst living in London. "He belongs to a school of thought that believes the Mahdi would return only when the world is in deep crisis. That political philosophy, particularly if devoutly believed in, could lead to very erratic and unpredictable decisions by the president of a country on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons".

Apr 2006

"The Zionist regime is a dying tree, and soon its branches will be broken down." He was speaking in Tehran to representatives from various Middle Eastern and African governments at a conference "on Jerusalem and support for the rights of the Palestinian people."

"Ahmadinejad represents Satan, not God," said Peres, who shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize with the late Palestinian and Israeli leaders, Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin. "History knew how to denounce madmen and those who wave their sword, and all those who acted this way ended their careers accordingly," Peres added. "Iran is a United Nations member state threatening another U.N. member state, and the international organization will not let this go unheeded," Peres said.

Amir Taheri, a former executive editor of Kayhan, Iran's largest daily newspaper, who now lives in Europe, wrote in Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper April 16 2006: "In Ahmadinejad's analysis, the rising Islamic 'superpower' has decisive advantages over the infidel. Islam has four times as many young men of fighting age as the West, with its aging populations."

Mr. Taheri goes on to explain that, in President Ahmadenijad's thinking, "the Imam's return will coincide with an apocalyptic battle between the forces of evil and righteousness, with evil ultimately routed. If the infidel loses its nuclear advantage, it could be worn down in a long, low-intensity war at the end of which surrender to Islam would appear the least bad of options. And that could be a signal for the Imam to appear."

Moments after Ahmadinejad announced "the atomic miracle", the head of the Iranian nuclear project, Ghulamreza Aghazadeh, unveiled plans for manufacturing 54,000 centrifuges, to enrich enough uranium for hundreds of nuclear warheads.

May 2006

Shimon Peres declared: "They want to wipe out Israel ... Now when it comes to destruction, Iran too can be destroyed [but] I don't suggest to say an eye for an eye," Peres told Reuters. "Israel would defend itself under any condition but we don't look upon it as an Iranian-Israeli conflict exclusively... [Iran] is basically a danger to the world, not just to us."

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz on Tuesday condemned Vice Premier Shimon Peres for the latter's statements on Monday, which implied that Israel could attack Iran.

"Israel shouldn't lead the front against Teheran, because the problem affects everyone in the West," Army Radio reported Halutz as saying.

Earlier Tuesday, a former top military intelligence official said that Peres' threat that that "Iran could also be destroyed" was not accidental. "The statement by Shimon Peres highlights the basis of Israeli deterrence and hints to Tehran that it too has a soft belly," Col. (Ret.) Shimon Boyas, a former head of the Iran department in military intelligence, told Army Radio. "A statement that was repeated three times was not said accidentally."

May 2006

The letter to George Bush is thought to be the first from an Iranian president to a US leader since Iran's 1979 revolution. It came hours before a meeting of UN Security Council members in New York. Foreign ministers of the council members plus Germany were due to meet on Monday night to discuss how to proceed with Iran. Mr Ahmadinejad dispatched the letter via the Swiss embassy in Tehran. In it, he proposed "new solutions for getting out of international problems and the current fragile situation of the world", Iranian officials said on Monday.

Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ (PBUH), the great Messenger of God, Feel obliged to respect human rights, Present liberalism as a civilization model, Announce one's opposition to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and WMDs, Make "War and Terror" his slogan, And finally, Work towards the establishment of a unified international community ­ a community which Christ and the virtuous of the Earth will one day govern, But at the same time, Have countries attacked; The lives, reputations and possessions of people destroyed

Young people, university students and ordinary people have many questions about the phenomenon of Israel. I am sure you are familiar with some of them. Throughout history many countries have been occupied, but I think the establishment of a new country with a new people, is a new phenomenon that is exclusive to our times.

After the war, they claimed that six million Jews had been killed. Six million people that were surely related to at least two million families. Again let us assume that these events are true. Does that logically translate into the establishment of the state of Israel in the Middle East or support for such a state? How can this phenomenon be rationalised or explained?

How much longer can the world tolerate this situation? Where will this trend lead the world to? How long must the people of the world pay for the incorrect decisions of some rulers? How much longer will the specter of insecurity ­ raised from the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction ­ hunt the people of the world?

If prophet Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph or Jesus Christ (PBUH) were with us today, how would they have judged such behaviour? Will we be given a role to play in the promised world, where justice will become universal and Jesus Christ (PBUH) will be present? Will they even accept us?

According to divine verses, we have all been called upon to worship one God and follow the teachings of divine prophets. "To worship a God which is above all powers in the world and can do all He pleases." "The Lord which knows that which is hidden and visible, the past and the future, knows what goes on in the Hearts of His servants and records their deeds."

"The Lord who is the possessor of the heavens and the earth and all universe is His court" "planning for the universe is done by His hands, and gives His servants the glad tidings of mercy and forgiveness of sins". "He is the companion of the oppressed and the enemy of oppressors". "He is the Compassionate, the Merciful". "He is the recourse of the faithful and guides them towards the light from darkness". "He is witness to the actions of His servants", "He calls on servants to be faithful and do good deeds, and asks them to stay on the path of righteousness and remain steadfast". "Calls on servants to heed His prophets and He is a

witness to their deeds." "A bad ending belongs only to those who have chosen the life of this world and disobey Him and oppress His servants". And "A good and eternal paradise belong to those servants who fear His majesty and do not follow their lascivious selves."

We believe a return to the teachings of the divine prophets is the only road leading to salvations. I have been told that Your Excellency follows the teachings of Jesus (PBUH), and believes in the divine promise of the rule of the righteous on Earth.

We also believe that Jesus Christ (PBUH) was one of the great prophets of the Almighty. He has been repeatedly praised in the Koran. Jesus (PBUH) has been quoted in Koran as well; [19,36] And surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord, therefore serves Him; this is the right path, Marium. Service to and obedience of the Almighty is the credo of all divine messengers.

All of the above verses can be seen, one way or the other, in the Good Book as well. Divine prophets have promised: The day will come when all humans will congregate before the court of the Almighty, so that their deeds are examined. The good will be directed towards Haven and evildoers will meet divine retribution. I trust both of us believe in such a day, but it will not be easy to calculate the actions of rulers, because we must be answerable to our nations and all others whose lives have been directly or indirectly effected by our actions

Will you not accept this invitation? That is, a genuine return to the teachings of prophets, to monotheism and justice, to preserve human dignity and obedience to the Almighty and His prophets?

Liberalism and Western style democracy have not been able to help realize the ideals of humanity. Today these two concepts have failed. Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic systems.

Whether we like it or not, the world is gravitating towards faith in the Almighty and justice and the will of God will prevail over all things.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dismissed hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough, telling the Associated Press: "This letter is not it." Ms Rice said: "There's nothing in here that would suggest that we're on any different course than we were before we got the letter."

"It doesn't appear to do anything to address the concerns of the international community," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters. Mr McClellan would also not confirm whether Mr Bush had personally read the letter, saying only: "I would just leave it at what I said: We've received it."

July 2006

"This is a fake regime ... it won't be able to survive. I think the only way [forward] is that those who created it [the West] take it away themselves. They should not let things reach a point where an explosion occurs in the Islamic world. If an explosion occurs, then it won't be limited to geographical boundaries. It will also burn all those who created [Israel] over the past 60 years".

Sept 2006

To the UN: "I emphatically declare that today's world, more than ever before, longs for just and righteous people with love for all humanity; and above all longs for the perfect righteous human being and the real savior who has been promised to all peoples and who will establish justice, peace and brotherhood on the planet," Ahmadinejad said. "Oh, Almighty God, all men and women are your creatures and you have ordained their guidance and salvation. Bestow upon humanity that thirsts for justice, the perfect human being promised to all by you, and make us among his followers and among those who strive for his return and his cause."

Dec 2006

What would Jesus do if he were present in the world today? What would he do before some of the oppressive powers of the world who are in fact residing in Christian countries? Which powers would he revive and which of them would he destroy?" asked the Iranian leader. "If Jesus were present today, who would be facing him and who would be following him?" "All I want to say is that the age of hardship, threat and spite will come to an end someday and, God willing, Jesus would return to the world along with the emergence of the descendant of the Islam's holy prophet, Imam Mahdi, and wipe away every tinge of oppression, pain and agony from the face of the world," Ahmadinejad said.

In the Shiite view: "The Mahdi will take Jesus to Mecca, they will circum-ambulate the Kabah together.  The Mahdi will teach Jesus to pray; at which time Jesus will then replace the Gospel with the Koran, and then all of us Christians, wherever you are on the face of the earth, will convert to Islam because Islam will be deemed the one lasting pure religion."

June 2007

"The arrogant superpowers and the Zionist regime invested all their efforts during the 33-day war, but after 60 years, their pride has been trampled and the countdown to the destruction of this regime has been started by Hizbullah fighters, ... with the help of all the Lebanese and Palestinian fighters, we will witness the destruction of this regime in the near future Anyone who works for God and believes in the power of the people will prevail."

"The hegemony of Israel had collapsed, and the Lebanese nation pushed the button to begin counting the days until the destruction of the Zionist regime"

"God willing, in the near future we will witness the destruction of the corrupt occupier regime," "With God's help, the countdown button for the destruction of the Zionist regime has been pushed by the hands of the children of Lebanon and Palestine, ... By God's will, we will witness the destruction of this regime in the near future".

"The secretary-general points out that the state of Israel is a full and longstanding member of the United Nations with the same rights and obligations as every other member," the UN statement read. "Under the United Nations Charter, all members have undertaken to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state."

August 2007

Ahmadinejad denounces Israel as the "Flag of Satan" saying it may be facing disintegration.