Ayan Hirsi Ali

A Dutch MP and author of Submission the 12 minute movie that caused Theo van Gogh to be shot and stabbed to death, in which a beaten woman has Arabic inscriptions of the Quran drawn on her body permitting women to be beaten in their bed chambers.

"Surely [Submission] must have been a gross insult to devout Muslims to see those pictures"

It depends. If you are a Muslim woman and your read the Quran and you read in there that you should be raped if you say "No" to your husband - that, that is offensive and that is insulting!

"You called Muhammad a perverted tyrant".

"He has said a few things that are not compatible with democracy."

"You have also called the Quran a licence for oppression"

"A part of the Quran a licence for oppression, yes, because that's what it is!".

On honour killing in Holland - "If you look behind those curtains in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, there are women who are abused, there are woman who are taken to Morocco and are killed there, they are murdered and there are no records of those murders".