Palestinian protester wears crown of thorns 21 Mar 97. Palestinians and Israelis march together to protest development of Har Homa. 3 Mar 97. Two sisters injured in the shooting on the 'Island of Peace'. King Hussein shakes hands with Margalit, mother of slain Israeli schoolgirl Shiri Badayev.

Har Homa and shooting young girls on the Island of Peace.

Friday Mar 14 1997: Jordan's King Hussein warned yesterday "I think if it happens there is a very strong chance of violence" if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu pushed ahead with plans for a Jewish settlement on hte outskirts of East Jerusalem. "You cannot humilate a people and continue to do it without having any reaction."

And late last night Israel Radio reported that a Jordanian fired into Israel near Naharayim, on the "Island of Peace", killing seven school girls. The injured reported a mean man with large eyes shooting until his ammunition clip was emptied. "All the girls screamed and cried and ran beneath the bushes to hide" several bleeding from their wounds, some dying where they lay.

Tues 16 Mar 1997: King Hussein visited Israel to console families of seven school gorls shot dead by one of his soldiers at the border. Jordainian officials said the gunman acted alone and the King told the parents of one victim "Your loss is my loss, my personal loss".