Cancer, and Anti-Cancer Therapies and Treatments

Updated Nov 2019


This page contains a collection of news articles in pdf format on advances in cancer treatment and the anti-cancer properties of specific fruit, vegatables and other foodstuffs. Many individual foodstuffs have differential anti-cancer properties and some are cancer causing. Choosing a good combination of dietary factors can make a significant collective difference to human survival rates and cancer avoidance.

Cancer is in some ways a disease of the embryogenic pathway ( 1, 2, 3), so involves faulty cancer stem cells (1, 2, 3, 4) which may play a role in the spread of more malignant forms and also incite tissue transfer through secreted growth factors.

Cancer Immunology: It also invloves a breakdown of the immune system in which malignant cells are not recognized soon enough, resulting in the cancer adapting and producing adaptive mutations which shield immune signatures. Both of these mechanisms are targets of novel treatment.

The links are in no way comprehensive, but simply form a record of articles noticed and listed for future reference and a starting point for further research. Many of the foodstuffs are located under specific cancer types but could be active across a spectrum of cancers.

There is a more comprehensive discussion on foostuffs in the Chemical Complexity of Food.

A: Novel Cancer Tests, Treatments and Anti-cancer Agents

  1. Behind the Scenes of a Radical New Cancer Cure CAR-T 2019
  2. Doctors hail world first as woman's advanced breast cancer is eradicated 2018 source article pwd=
  3. Multiple myeloma Nature 2020 Until around 10 years ago, the prognosis for people with multiple myeloma was poor. It's still the second most common blood cancer after leukaemia – but thanks to better treatments, the situation is improving.
  4. Cancer-killing viruses show promise - and draw billion-dollar investment 2018
  5. Blood test offers hope of finding cancers before symptoms develop 2018
  6. Tumor Organoids Predict How Well Patients Respond to Cancer Drugs 2018
  7. Souped-up T cells home in on cancer 2018
  8. Stem Cell Vaccine Protects Mice From Cancer 2017
  9. Next-generation cancer drugs boost immunotherapy responses 2017
  10. Checkpoint Inhibitors Powerful new cancer drugs are saving lives, but can also ignite diabetes or other autoimmune conditions 2017
  11. Getting on cancer's nerves: A surprising way to thwart tumours 2017
  12. Engineered cell therapy for cancer gets thumbs up from FDA advisers 2017
  13. Treating Cancer with CRISPR? 2016 Gene editing has saved the lives of two children with leukaemia 2017
  14. Certain high blood pressure drugs block cancer invasion 2016 GcMAF 2016
  15. Gentler attack on cancer may mean we can live with it for longer 2016
  16. Ketogenic diet’s reputed anticancer credentials put to test 2016
  17. Cancer’s genetic tipping point reveals who’d benefit from chemo 2015
  18. If the drugs don't work on the cancer, transform it 2015
  19. Cancer cells programmed back to normal by US scientists 2015
  20. Clone your tumour to fight your cancer 2015
  21. Resisting Cancer 2015 pwd="model"
  22. Sushi parasite inspires worm test for cancer 2015
  23. Proton Beam Therapy - Ashya King case: What is proton beam therapy? 2015
  24. Tumour mutations harnessed to build cancer vaccine 2015
  25. Heart drug reduces risk of cancer spreading 2015
  26. Cancer-killing stem cells engineered in lab 2014
  27. Injectable lab finds your best cancer drug by trying many at once 2015
  28. Physicists' model proposes evolutionary role for cancer 2014
  29. Fishing rod reels brain tumour cells to their death 2014
  30. 'Sticky balls' may stop cancer spreading 2014
  31. Sniffing out cancer with electronic noses 2014
  32. Killing cancer with fever 2014 Research article password='model'
  33. High frequency ultrasound may cure prostate cancer 2014 Research article password='model'
  34. Gut bacteria may help combat cancer 2013
  35. Cancer meets its nemesis in reprogrammed blood cells 2013 Research article password='model'
  36. Naked mole-rat gives cancer clues 2013
  37. Blood pressure drug 'fights cancer' 2013
  38. Man's positive pregnancy test reveals cancer 2012
  39. Cell death offers hope on fertility and cancer treatment 2012
  40. Radioactive bacteria attack cancer 2013
  41. Fighting Cancer with Poxviruses 2013
  42. DNA test reveals 80 markers for inherited cancer risk 2013
  43. Everyday drugs could stop cancers before they hit 2011
  44. Small-molecule drug drives cancer cells to suicide 2013
  45. 'Drug holidays' beat cancer drug resistance in mice 2013
  46. Cancer's recruitment drive of healthy cells targeted 2012
  47. New 'Personalized' Drugs Dabrafenib and Trametinib Show Promise Against Melanoma, Lung Cancer 2012
  48. Drug-smuggling nanoparticles target tumours 2012 Nanocell's double hit on cancer 2005
  49. Pregnant women with cancer can safely have chemo 2012
  50. New cancer drug sabotages tumour's escape route 2012
  51. Cancer cells poisoned with sugar 2011
  52. Light 'promising' in cancer fight 2011
  53. Clostridium soil bacteria target solid tumors 2011
  54. Beta-blockers 'cut cancer spread' 2010
  55. Blocking a gene stops cancer cells spreading 2011
  56. 'Cancer hope' from diabetes drug Metformin 2009
  57. DCA: Cheap, 'safe' drug DCA kills most cancers 2011 DCA Experimental cancer drug resurfaces 2010
    Many cancers depend on glycolysis, probably partly because they begin with a poor blood supply. DCA inhibits the embryonic glycolysis pathway, which is not used in adults so has relatively few side effects, and encourages mitochondrial apoptosis.
  58. Mitochondria: The Organelle of Death 2010 A summary about the properties of mitochondria as agents of programmed cellular death, or apostosis, resisting cancer.
  59. Troubleshooters that block cancer 2009
  60. New cancer drug Olaparib 'shows promise' 2009
  61. Virus accomplice helps drugs fight cancer 2009
  62. Drug salinomycin shows cancer stem cells not invulnerable 2009
  63. Universal cancer marker shows new treatment options 2010
  64. Cancer vaccine implant 'can attack and kill tumours' 2009
  65. Asprin: Daily aspirin 'cuts bowel and stomach cancer deaths' 2014 Aspirin a 'no brainer' against cancer after screening 2012 Small daily aspirin dose 'cuts cancer risk' 2010 Aspirin 'helps protect against bowel cancer' 2010 Aspirin Cuts Breast Cancer Survivors' Risk 2010 Aspirin 'cuts bowel cancer risk' 2005 Aspirin cuts stomach cancer risk 2009 Daily aspirin 'blocks bowel cancer' 2011 Daily aspirin 'prevents and possibly treats cancer' 2012 Aspirin 'may prevent skin cancer' 2012 Taking aspirin could lower skin cancer risk 2013

B: Mechanisms of Cancer and Cancer Immunity

  1. New cancer-driving mutation in 'dark matter' of the cancer genome 2019
  2. Missing microbes 'cause' childhood cancer - acute lymphoblastic leukaemia 2018
  3. Subtype switch foils pancreatic tumours 2018 pwd=
  4. Cancer cells cast a sweet spell on the immune system 2017
  5. Immune system offers clues to cancer treatment 2014
  6. Mutation order reveals what cancer will do next 2015
  7. Leukaemia changes 'almost inevitable', researchers say 2015
  8. Common gum-disease bug may also give cancer a boost 2015
  9. Protector gene's evil twin linked to spread of cancer 2014
  10. Giant leaps of evolution make cancer cells deadly 2014 password='model'
  11. Pancreatic cancer's killer trick offers treatment hope 2014
  12. Child leukaemia 'not linked to power lines' 2014
  13. Thriving cancer's 'chaos' explained 2013
  14. Enzyme behind cancer spread found 2009
  15. Protein predicts which cancers will spread 2011
  16. Scientists crack 'entire genetic code' of cancer 2009
  17. Cancer 'danger receptor' found 2009
  18. Cell Therapy fights Leukemia 2011
  19. Tumours ramp up recycling efforts 2011

C: Cancer and Cancer-fighting Viruses

  1. Trojan-horse therapy 'completely eliminates' cancer in mice Dec 12
  2. Liver cancer survival time tripled by virus 2013
  3. Virus therapy sparks hope for cancer patients 2011
    Scientists say they have found a genetically engineered virus that can kill tumor cells without harming the patient.
  4. 'One in six cancers worldwide are caused by infection' 2012
  5. 'Anti-cancer virus' shows promise 2011
  6. Herpes virus used to treat cancer 2010
  7. Many under-16s carry cancer virus 2007
  8. Virus helps show prostate cancer spread 2008

D: Immunotherapies, Monoclonal antibodies and Angiogenesis inhibitors. Cancers need to catalyse a blood suplly to grow so preventing this is one route to preventing cancer. Epicatechin-gallate in tea and cannabis compounds are natural angiogenesis inhibitors. There are also very high tech monoclonal antibody inhibitors.

  1. Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer' 2020
  2. New treatment extends life of advanced melanoma patients 2019
  3. A promising new cancer drug has hit a major setback, raising questions about whether the field is moving too fast 2018
  4. CimaVax-EGF is a vaccine used to treat cancer, specifically non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)
  5. Historic 'living drug' CAR-T gets go-ahead 2017
  6. Ipilimumab 2016 Pembrolizumab 2016
  7. Immunotherapy cancer drug nivolumab hailed as 'game changer' 2016
  8. Why a powerful cancer drug only helps some patients 2015
  9. Excitement at new immune leukemia treatment 90% remission rates 2015
  10. Therapeutic cancer vaccine survives biotech bust 2014
  11. Immune-boosting drug shows promise against lung cancer 2014
  12. Pancreatic cancer vaccine on trial 2011
  13. New drug ibrutinib may be best treatment for leukemia yet 2013
  14. Immune system boost 'fights cancer' 2013
  15. Souped-up immune cells force leukaemia into remission 2012
  16. Monoclonal antibody therapy
  17. Angiogenesis Inhibitors Therapy
  18. Understanding Angiogenesis
  19. Bevacizumab Monoclonal Angiogenesis Inhibitor
  20. Herceptin a monoclonal antibody
  21. Anti-Angiogenic Cancer Drugs Include Cannabis, Ginger, Curcumin, Omega-3
  22. Cancer drug Cilengitide 'fuels tumour growth' 2009
  23. Targeted treatment tested as potential cancer cure 2011
  24. Personalized cancer therapy gets closer 2009

E: Cancer and Medicinal Species and Food

  1. Vegetarianism can lead to heart disease and cancer 2016
  2. Antioxidants May Make Cancer Worse 2015
  3. Chemical Complexity of Food Article outlining the nutrient, medicinal and anti-cancer properties of plants and other food species.
  4. Turmeric and black pepper fight cancer stem cells 2015
  5. Nobel-winner Watson: Do antioxidants promote cancer? 2013
  6. Antioxidants speed cancer in mice 2014
  7. US scientists challenge scares about food links to cancer 2012
  8. Pressure mounts for retraction of GM crop-cancer study 2012
  9. Herbal tea could help beat breast cancer 2012 Fagonia
  10. Death carrot' could hold the key to new cancer drugs 2012
  11. Red meat increases death, cancer and heart risk, says study 2012
  12. Oregano, a cancer fighting 'super spice' 2012
  13. Scientists discover how wild mushroom cancer drug works 2009
  14. THC (marijuana) helps cure cancer says Harvard study 2007 Cannabis compound 'halts cancer' 2007
  15. Cannabis and immunity - a reference file Marijuana testicular cancer link 2009
  16. Anti-Cancer boost from whole carrots 2009
  17. Brazil nut a day keeps low selenium, cancer at bay: Otago research 2008 Selenium and Prostate Cancer
  18. Sulforaphane and Sinigrin - Broccoli chemical's cancer check 2006 Brassicas from mustard, through brussel sprouts to broccoli and cabbage contain anti-cancer substances.
  19. Broccoli compound can kill cancer Dec 12
  20. Olive oil 'can cut cancer risk' 2006 Olive oil acid 'cuts cancer risk' 2005
  21. How spicy foods can kill cancers 2007
  22. Lycopene anti-cancer 'Cancer-fighting tomato' on sale 2006
  23. Curry spice 'kills cancer cells' 2009 Curry spice may help cancer fight 2005 Curry's ability to fight cancer put to the test 2012
  24. Vitamin D 'can lower cancer risk' 2005 Lung cancer 'link to lack of sun' 2007
  25. Mint leaf starves cancer to death 2004
  26. Green vegetables may cut cancer risk 2009 Mediterranean diet 'cuts lung disease risk' 2007
  27. Vegetarians 'avoid more cancers' 2009 Five-a-day frut and veg 'will not cut cancer' 2010
  28. Marinating 'may cut cancer risk' 2008 Well-done meat doubles bladder cancer risk 2010
  29. Morphine 'might spread cancer' 2009 Animal fats pancreas cancer link 2009
  30. Health effects and anti-cancer properties of green tea
  31. Milk wrecks the health benefits of tea 2007
  32. Antioxidants in Green Tea increased effectiveness with Lemon/Orange Juice high in Vitamin C 2007
  33. Green tea supplements stop cancer drug bortezomib working 2009 Bortezomib
  34. Fibre and whole grains 'reduce bowel cancer risk' 2011

F: Cancer Prognosis and Lifestyle

  1. Just 30 minutes of mobile use a day could triple cancer risk 2014
  2. Older and healthier... we're living it up 2014
  3. Gut microbes spur liver cancer in obese mice 2013
  4. Lung cancer 'overtaking breast cancer in European women' 2013
  5. Mystery cancer: Inside the villages of the damned 2013
  6. Inside China's 'cancer villages' 2013
  7. Men's cancer risk 'to climb to one in two' 2012
  8. Fertility problems linked to cancer in offspring 2012
  9. Thank grandmothers for lower incidence of cancer 2012
  10. Over 40% of cancers due to lifestyle, says review Dec 11
  11. Warning over global cancer levels 2011
  12. Loneliness makes cancer 'more likely and deadly' 2009
  13. Marriage 'cancer survival impact' 2009
  14. Depression 'cuts cancer survival' 2009
  15. Exercise 'cuts colon cancer risk' 2009 Fitness 'cuts colon cancer risk' 2006
  16. Healthy lifestyle turns off genes that cause cancer 2008
  17. Sedentary life 'speeds up ageing' 2008
  18. Running 'can slow ageing process', prevent cancer 2009
  19. Prolonged Sitting Linked to Breast and Colon Cancers 2011

G: Lung and throat cancer

  1. Lung cancer ALK+NSCLC genetic mutation screening could save lives 2019
  2. Sexual link to throat cancer 2015
  3. Two questions on Lung Cancer Treatment
  4. Lung cancer's long hibernation may be its weak spot 2014
  5. Lung cancer drug erlotinib or Tarceva 'extends life' 2010
  6. Anti-estrogen Drug (Tamoxifen) reduces lung cancer deaths 2011 Tamoxifen
  7. Broccoli helps clear damaged lungs 2011
  8. Insulin-Like Growth Factor and Lung Cancer 2006 See Resveratrol, which appears to stimulate sirtuins which both prolong life and inhibit the IGF pathway.
  9. Drugs boost lung cancer survival 2005
  10. Deadliest small-cell lung cancer breakthrough 2009
  11. Beans and soya beat lung cancer 2005 'Eat more beans' to stop cancer
  12. Cabbages 'cut lung cancer risks' 2005
  13. Cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice 2007 Marijuana Compound THC May Fight Lung Cancer 2007
  14. Cannabis use and risk of lung cancer 2007 Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic 2005
  15. Green tea 'may block lung cancer' 2010
  16. Targeted treatment tested as potential cancer cure 2011

H: Breast, Uterine and Ovarian cancer

  1. Breast cancer risk from using HRT is 'twice what was thought' 2019
  2. New breast cancer treatment offers hope of longer life to younger women 2019
  3. New genetic link reveals some ovarian cancer passed down by fathers 2018
  4. Breast cancer: Test means fewer women will need chemotherapy 2018
  5. IUDs may cut risk of cervical cancer by a third, study indicates 2017
  6. All forms of hormonal contraception carry breast cancer risk, study finds 2017
  7. 'Half a glass of wine every day' increases breast cancer risk 2017
  8. Gene test can tell people with breast cancer if they need chemo 2016
  9. Critics say wider breast screening trial 'unethical' 2014
  10. Hormone replacement therapy increases ovarian cancer risk 2015
  11. Breast cancer drug Perjeta could extend patients’ lives by 15 months 2014
  12. Scrapping breast cancer screening is the right move 2014
  13. Cruel cuts: Is all breast cancer surgery necessary? 2012
  14. Breast cancer impersonates neurons 2014
  15. Vitamin C injections ease ovarian-cancer treatments 2014
  16. Walking 'cuts breast cancer risk' 2013
  17. 'Night shift link' to ovarian cancer 2013
  18. Seven classes of breast cancer test 'offers new hope' 2013
  19. Ovarian cancer: US trial boosts hope of early detection 2013
  20. Women at risk of breast cancer should be given daily pill 2013
  21. Thank grandmothers for lower incidence of BCRA1/2 cancer 2012
  22. Male sex hormones 'drive male breast cancer' 2013
  23. Breast cancer: What is the risk? 2013
  24. Tether drugs together to target breast cancer 2011
  25. Benefits of mammograms under fire 2012
  26. Squeeze the cancer out of breasts - research 2012
  27. Way to spot breast cancer years in advance 2012
  28. Routine Mammograms Lead to Overdiagnosis of Breast Cancer 2012
  29. Breast screening advice updated amid controversy over harms 2012
  30. Breast cancer rules rewritten in 'landmark' study 2012
  31. Taller women face greater cancer risk - study 2012
  32. Tamoxifen
  33. Taxol
  34. Herceptin
  35. Herbal tea could help beat breast cancer 2012 Fagonia
  36. 'Fatty apron' fuels ovary cancer 2011
  37. Thiostrepton holds key to blocking breast cancer 2011
  38. Drug hope for aggressive breast cancer 2011
  39. Scientists find why tamoxifen fails some breast cancers 2010
  40. 'Statins' for cancer could prevent many breast cancers 2011
  41. Cholesterol drug cancer warning 2008
  42. Third of breast cancer 'harmless' 2009
  43. Coffee mooted as a breast cancer preventer 2011
  44. Key breast cancer 'driver' gene found 2011
  45. Breast cancer screening does 'more good than harm' 2010
  46. Breast cancer screeing under review 2011
  47. Cannabis Compound Stops Spread of Breast Cancer 2007
  48. Pill 'lowers ovarian cancer risk' but increases breast cancer risk 2011
  49. Breast cancer link to small amount of alcohol 2011
  50. Grapefruit link to breast cancer 2007

I: Bowel cancer

  1. Coffee 'can fight off bowel cancer' 2015
  2. Mouth bacteria may trigger bowel cancer 2013
  3. 'Quiet epidemic' of male esophagus cancer in UK 2013
  4. Stomach cancer 'spotted by breath test' 2013
  5. 'Promising results' for bowel cancer breath-test 2012
  6. Two bowel cancer genes discovered 2012
  7. Gene offers bowel cancer 'shield' 2009
  8. 'Cancer hope' from WWII-era drug methotrexate 2009
  9. Bowel cancer sigmoidoscopy test could save many lives 2010
  10. Ginger 'could halt bowel cancer' 2003
  11. Both broccoli which reduces mutations and brussel sprouts which encourage cell apoptosis sef-destructing pre-cancerous polyps are active against bowel cancer.

J: Melanoma and Skin Cancer

  1. New treatment extends life of advanced melanoma patients 2019
  2. Breakthrough melanoma drug optivo approved 2016
  3. Cancer trial of drug combination yields 'spectacular' results 2015
  4. Revolutionary melanoma drug Keytruda stuns experts 2015
  5. Skin cancer: Genetic mutations 'warn of risk' 2014
  6. Melanoma find raises hope of better drugs 2014
  7. Melanoma: Antibody wakes up T-cells to make cancer vanish 2013
  8. First-in-class cancer drug approved to fight melanoma 2013
  9. Skin cancer 'able to fight off body's immune system' 2013
  10. Skin cancer drug hopes raised by study 2013
  11. Skin cancer treatment: vemurafenib Biggest breakthrough in 30 years 2011
  12. Melanoma drug ipilimumab wins US approval 2011 ipilimumab (Yervoy) trials website
  13. Drug R7204 hope for advanced melanoma 2009 Hope over new skin cancer therapy 2009
  14. Pill RG7204 slows spread of skin cancer in half of cases 2011
  15. Antibody Therapy Lengthens Survival of Metastatic Melanoma Patients in Large Clinical Trial 2010
  16. Combination Antibody Therapy Shows Promise in Metastatic Melanoma 2011

K: Pancreatic cancer

  1. Fasudil: Old drug, new hope for deadliest cancer 2017
  2. Processed meat 'linked to pancreatic cancer' 2012
  3. Pancreas cancer drug failure clue 2009
  4. New lead on deadly pancreatic cancer 2011
  5. Pancreatic cancer therapy 'hope' 2009

L: Brain cancer

  1. Dental x-rays linked to brain tumours 2012
  2. Cannabis extract shrinks brain tumours 2004
  3. Genomics boosts brain-cancer work 2010

M: Prostate Cancer

  1. Abiraterone: Prostate cancer trial stuns researchers 2017
  2. Prostate cancer laser treatment 'truly transformative' 2016
  3. Man 'cured' of prostate cancer after doctors shock tumour to death with testosterone 2016
  4. Breast cancer drug may help men with prostate cancer 2015
  5. Repurposing to Fight Cancer:The Metformin-Prostate Cancer Connection
  6. Prostate cancer 'may be a sexually transmitted disease' 2014
  7. Prostate cancer tests underestimate aggressiveness of disease, says study 2014
  8. Screening for Prostate Cancer: A Review of the Evidence for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force 2014
  9. 'Prostate cancer test has been misused for money' 2014
  10. Prostate cancer aggression test 'may avoid needless ops' 2013
  11. High frequency ultrasound may cure prostate cancer 2014 Research article password='model'
  12. Masturbating may protect against prostate cancer 2003
  13. Skin patches 'may beat prostate cancer' 2013
  14. Prostate cancer 'damages sex life' 2013
  15. Prostate cancer blood test causes controversy 2012
  16. Prostate screening does more harm than good in US 2011
  17. Prostate cancer: Call to test men in their 40s 2013
  18. New prostate cancer treatment may reduce side-effects 2012
  19. Is oral contraceptive pill fuelling prostate cancer? 2011
  20. Alpha radiation treats prostate cancers 2011
  21. Urine predicts prostate cancer risk 2011
  22. Mustard and Broccoli Beat Prostate Cancer
  23. Index finger length prostate cancer clue 2010
  24. High risk prostate cancer death 'cut with radiation' 2010
  25. Broccoli 'stops' prostate cancer 2007
  26. Cannabis compounds fight prostate cancer 2009
  27. Resveratrol, Powerful Protection Against Prostate Cancer - Daily Red Wine Cuts Prostate Cancer Risk By Half
  28. Grape Compound Prolongs Life, Fish Study Concludes 2006
  29. Drug Abiraterone for deadly prostate cancer 2008
  30. Gene mutation slashes prostate cancer survival time 2007
  31. US researchers claim beer and coffee can slash prostate cancer risk 2009
  32. Vitamin D and Painkiller Naproxen Slow Prostate Cancer 2005 Vitamin D treatment in prostate cancer 2009
  33. Coffee could help cut prostate cancer risk, says study 2009
  34. Coffee 'cuts prostate cancer risk' US study suggests 2011
  35. Prostate drug dutasteride 'may cut cancer risk' 2010
  36. Male tea drinkers 'at greater risk of prostate cancer' 2012 Green tea 'slows prostate cancer' 2009 Drinking Green Tea Daily lowers Prostate Cancer Risk
  37. Green Tea Kills Prostate Cancer Cells 1998
  38. Meat 'ups prostate cancer risk' 2008
  39. Pomegranate Juice 'can slow prostate cancer' 2006 Pomegranates 'slow tumour growth' 2005
  40. Prostate cancer vaccine Provenge wins US approval 2010
  41. Multi-dimensional Prostate Anti-Cancer Diet Supplement
  42. The ongoing debate in NZ on PSA screening 2011
  43. Prostate screening has no benefit 2011 Professor urges limits on prostate-cancer testing 2011
  44. Doubt over prostate cancer test 2006 Prostate screening under scrutiny 2009
  45. Prostate cancer gene screening 'hope' 2008 Killer prostate cancer test Hsp-27 hope 2009
  46. Prostate cancer urine test hope 2009
  47. Statins link to healthy prostate 2009
  48. Virus XMRV linked to prostate tumours 2009
  49. Brisk walks fight prostate cancer 2011
  50. Resveratrol: Red wine may reduce risk of prostate cancer: study 2007
  51. PTEN p53 Clue to stopping prostate cancer 2005
  52. Red clover helps treat prostate cancer 2002

N: Alcohol and cancer

  1. Drinking over recommended limit 'raises cancer risk' 2011
  2. Drink a day increases cancer risk 2009