Ella and Kali

Apocalypse and the Numinous (from the millennial world vigil)

Above the 'clitoris' of Miriam and below the 'uterus' shaded by an ancient oak.

While we were in Jerusalem, Jane attended a celebration of the Goddess 'Ella" attended by 1000 women, here chanting Ima-ima-ima "water".

Before leaving Jerusalem, we made a vigil to Miriam's well, with the artist Hannah Omer who showed us the 'sexual parts' of the Goddess of the waters of life, from the 'clitoris', an outcrop of water-bearing rocks at the source high up in the valley, through the 'uterus', an ancient cave set beside wild oaks - elyion of the kind Abraham sat under at Mamre and Shechem, entwined about with the pistachios, terebinth, still called ella - goddess to this day. The valley was interspersed with wild medicinal hawthorn, asparagus, and cyclamen. Even a rare mongoose.

We descended to the outlet of the spring - the vagina and proceeded to enter the vaginal canal in blessing the waters of life, just as I had done earlier in the name of Asherah in traversing Hezekiah's tunnel in the Vale of Kidron, where Asherah was burned by Josiah in Hezekiah's shadow.

Return into the vagina of the Goddess at Miriam's Well to bless the waters of life in the land.

Chris: The end of Maui was that he crawled up the vagina of the goddess trying to conquer mortality and he died. The fantail called out and she woke up and he was crushed between her thighs. Jane and I are restoring the feminine and the danger to the male is alleviated by both of us crawling into the vaginal orifice and that is the beginning of new life.

Jane: I saw this in a vision [during an iboga voyage].

Krishna, Shiva and Kali-ma

The world vigil culminated in a transit of Nepal, India and Thailand documenting human impact on Asian diversity.

I'm here in Varanasi I've made a pilgrimage half way across the planet at least to come here after going to Jerusalem, and I'm turning the tables. The Shulamte, the black queen, the Queen of Sheba, Jesus said the Queen [of the South] would return and curse the men of this generation, and that's true too. But I've made the pilgrimage here for Kali, who is the black madonna of history, far more ancient than the Queen of Sheba. Kali may be bloodthirsty, but time itself is bloodthirsty and Kali's name stands beside time so the eternal nature of the male god is counter-balanced by the temporal nature of all things, and my hair is going grey because of time.

We need to pay our respects to Kali and to respect the Vedantic tradition that runs way back to Mohjendaro and Harrappa, the Indus Valley civilizations long before the Vedas, long before the Aryans came into India, and I stand here wearing a Tibetan jacket, also having taken Buddhist vows and Buddhism is really just one part of the ancient Indian tradition, just as Christianity is just one part of the anceint Jewish tradition, so in seeking the sacred marriage of the paths, the reunion of Christianity and Judaism, I also seek the reunion of Buddhism and the Vedantic path and pay respects to the Vedantic path as the source, as the ganga, the river of the meditative tradition, and in making this pilgrimage, I want to stress that the Judeo-Christian paths are not the only or the valid path and that I feel a great sense of affinity as ... all sadhus are in a sense Shiva incarnate and you have also the persona of Krishna, there's a sense of Krishna and being Christ, they have a similar root, just as the women of Galilee gave unto Jesus of their very substance, so Krishna courted the cowgirls, and so in the Indian story, Jesus is both Shiva and Krishna together, and so I stand as an incarnation of Shiva and Krshna, paying my respects to Kali here at Varanasi.

Spontaneous Kali tongues emerge for the 'mirror' of the video camera Kali and immortality: In the liberation of women worldwide lies the future sustainability of planet Earth from generation to generation in abundance without over population. To Rani Jethmalani, Kali is an energizer and saviour of oppressed women through social and political empowerment. It is possible through the revival of an energized feminine principle symbolized by Kali, ethically dynamic and control free, autonomous and active, who challenges the civilized order and status quo.

Following the world vigil, I produced "Apocalypsia" documenting in video the world vigil and its meaning in terms of diversity the life tree and the feminine consummation. With the outbreak of the millennial intifada, and following this the events in New York and Afghanistan, Apocalypsia became extended into a series of musical and video productions. These continue to evolve as a revelatory requital in redemption in the video productions, in the internet encyclopedia "Genesis of Eden" (http://www.dhushara.com) and in the completion of this Codex of the Tree of Life.

The real unveiling comes however when we embark together on the seed path of redemption of the living diversity of our verdant but fragile planet. It is the active reflowering together which is the fulfillment. The Tree of Life is also a living tree of humanity acting together in embracing and restoring the living diversity of paradise in redeeming the precious jewel of life for the generations to come. In this redemption comes a joy of completion and knowing a profound relief that the anxiety of competitive struggle amid the transience of life has come home to its meaning in togetherness.

In writing this codex, I am seeding the unveiling to each of us as co-participants so that we can act autonomously together to redeem the planet in perpetual abundance.

"That which we possess within us will save us if we bring it forth from ourselves" (Thomas).

Left: Kali in Buddhist form in Katmandu. Right: Deforestation of the Himalayan foothills is damaging both the biodiversity of the mountains and their resistance to flooding and denudation during the monsoon.