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Sexual Paradox:
Complementarity, Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence
Christine Fielder & Chris King © Feb 2004-2017
ISBN 1-4116-5532-X


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Introduction: Sex, Paradox and Existence
Sex and Paradox: Founding Aspects of a Complementary Reality, Paradoxes of Fidelity and Deceit in Sexual Evolution, All's Fair in Love and War, Mortal Fear and Violent Oppression, Sexuality in Biology and Complementarity in the Physical Universe, Cultural Visions of Sexual Complementarity and Fusion, Unraveling the Gordian Knot

Section A: Evolutionary Sexual Paradox

The Inescapable Game of Life
The Prisoners' Dilemma, The Red Queen on the Origin of Sex, Sexual Selection, Reproductive Fitness and Sexual Paradox, Parental Investment and Mother-Child Conflicts of Interest, The Naturalistic Fallacy, Human Nature, and Evolutionary Ethics, Evolutionary Foundations of Original Sin, Original Virtue and the Evolution of Love, Mating Minds and Flowering Cultures, The Breakdown of Sexual Paradox and Patriarchal Dominion

Humanity's Evolutionary Heritage
The Contradictory Diversity of Anthropoid Societies, Pan troglodyte: Chimpanzee, Pan paniscus: Bonobo, Australopithecus: Evolutionary Divergence of the Hominid Line, Erectus: The Emergence of Homo, Sapientia: Adolescent Adam and the Unbearable Beauty of Eve

Section B: Cultural Origins and the Fall into Sexual Dominion

Culture Out of Africa
Sexual Paradox in Human Origins, Genetic Emergence of Modern Humans, !Kung San: Egalitarian Gatherer-Hunters, Sandawe: Even More Ancient Roots, Hadzabe: Emerging Sexual Tensions, Mbuti: Father, Mother, Lover, Friend, Biaka: The Forest's Family Care-givers, Ashanti: Sexually-balanced Separation, Dogon: Male Dominion by Primal Violence, Female Power and Male Dominance, Sexual Paradox and Cultural Sustainability

Partible Paternity among Fierce People
Yanomamo: The Fierce People, Jivaro: People of the Shrunken Heads, Tukano: The Mournful Sound of Hidden Trumpets, Mundurucu: Stealing the Women's Trumpets, Ache: Dimensions of Partible Paternity, Canela: Matrilocal Promiscuity, Shipibo: Subincision, Warrior Peoples and the Rise of Male Dominance

Emergence of Civilization and Fall into Patriarchal Dominion
Paleolithic Origins, The Neolithic and the Great Goddess, The Descent of the Queen of Heaven, Indo-Aryan Origins and the Goddess of Old Europe, A Wandering Aramean Benjaminite was My Father, The Transition to Patriarchy in the Fertile Crescent, Diminishing the Moon: Patriarchal Law Codes

Religious Patriarchy and Sexual Domination

Nature, Violence, Consciousness, Sexuality and World Religion
An unveiling expose of the lethal fallacies that underly religious traditions which between them are followed by a majority of people on this planet.

Religion, Politics, Sexual Reproduction and the Future of Human Society
An in depth investigation of the causes and solutions of the serious long-term instabilites facing human society including climate change,resource depletion habitat destriction and over-population in terms of fertility, and the effects of religion and politics on human ability to deal with future change.

A God Whose Name is "Jealous"
Trouble in Paradise, Sacred Marriage and the Strange Woman, Shepherd Tribes in the Land of Milk and Honey, Hebrew Kings and the Rape of the Sanctuaries, Hosea's Plight and Jeremiah's Lament, Separatist Sentiments of the Exile, Israel After the Rains, The Son of the Father and the Women of Galilee, Satan and the Male Combat of Dark and Light, Samael's Jealousy and Thunder's Perfection, Pauline Paganism and Martyr's Blood, The 'Demon Rod' that wouldn't Lie Down, Freedom of Spirit and the Christian Dark Ages, Unraveling the Sacramental Covenant

Islam, Jihad and Sakina
Jahiliyah: Arabia before Islam, Allah's Daughters and the Satanic Verses, Genocide at Medina and Sakina, Cutting out the Tongues, The Prophet's Nine Women, Martyrdom, Jihad and Black-Eyed Virgins, Monotheistic Monolith, Stoning and Burning Female Flowers, Law of Desire, The Veil of the Shadow of Death, The Sunna, Enslaving the Concubine, Defenders of Islam, The Sufi Martyr

Ending Female Genital Mutilation

Daughters, Wives and Widows
Killing the Girl Child, Till Death us do Part, Untouchable Sacred Whores, Widows in Charnel Houses, Suttee: Ultimate Immolation

Section C: Sexual Entwinement in Cosmology, Biology, Brain and Consciousness

Sexual Paradox in Quantum Cosmology
The Quantum Universe, Wave-Particle Complementarity and the Cat Paradox, The Two-timing Nature of Special Relativity, Reality and Virtuality: Quantum fields and Seething Uncertainty, The Spooky Nature of Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Match-making: Transactional Supercausality and Reality, Engendering Nature: Cosmic Symmetry-Breaking and Inflation, Rehabilitating Duality: Quantum Gravity and Space-time Structure, The Sexually-Complex Quantum World

Sexual Paradox and the Tree of Life
Life's Emergence as Symmetry-broken Interaction, The Living Epoch: Bifurcation, Complexity and the Prisoner's Dilemma, Mutation, Selection and the Quantum Limit, Evolutionary Universality

The Entanglements of Biological Sex
Sex, Death, and Ecosystemic Immortality, Symmetry-breaking, Gene Wars and the Ovum, Sex Determination, Chromosomal Paradox and the Genius Nemesis, Hormonal and Pheromonal Paradoxes, Sex Cells: Mystery, migration, tragedy and fulfillment, Sex Organs: Homology in Complementarity, Orgasmic Physiology, Are the Biological Sexes just Cultural Genders?

Sexual Paradox in the Conscious Brain
The Enigmatic Three Pound Universe, Can Transactions explain Conscious Intentional Will?, Understanding the Sexual Brain, Love's Addictive Hunger, Empathy, Cooperation and Revenge, Sex, Brain and Steroids, Gay Genes and Cultural Brains, The Gatherer-hunter Cortex

Section D: Planetary Implications

Reproductive Technology: Utopia or Nemesis?
Human Evolution: Accelerated, Inverted or Extinguished?, Editing the Human Germ-line, Surviving by Caesarian and IVF, Benefits and Risks of IVF, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis, Sex Determination and Sexual Imbalance, IVF and Heritable Defects, Feminization of Nature and Ephemeral Males, The Three Parent Child and The Sexual Chimaera, Demise of the Egg and Sperm, Transplanted Generation, Germ-line Engineering a Brave New Universe

Rape of the Planet and Genetic Holocaust
The Spermatogenic Imperative, Patriarchy and Population Boom and Bust, Mass-extinction of Biological and Genetic Diversity, Climatic Chaos and Human Hubris, Resource and Energy Exploitation, Apocalypse and Armageddon, Boom and Bust and World Poverty, Capitalist Erosion of Democracy, The Free-market Myth and Ecosystemic Society, Heavenly Paradise and Earthly Destruction

Conclusion: Partnership Society and Sexual Redemption


Appendix A: Cultural Traditions of Sexual Completion

The Way of the Ultimate Tao
Complementarity: The Tao of Physics, Nature and Gender, The Way of the Valley, Oracle of Sexual Paradox

Tantra and Sacred Sexuality
Tantric Genesis and Reunion, Tantric Origins, Shakti and Kali as Female Power, Tantric Buddhism, Krishna and Kunti, Sacred Sexuality and Fertility

Sacrament, Consciousness and Sexual Paradox
Maria Sabina and the Agape of Pentecost, The Man in the Buckskin Suit, Healing the Nations: The potential role of the so-called 'power plants' in helping humanity arrive at a new paradigm of long-term future goodness in nurturing a sustainable planet of living diversity for the generations of the future. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that non drug-abusing study participants report genuine transformative experiences which have improved and integrated their lives when given the opportunity to partake of natural sacraments in a positive experimental setting.

Confluence and Dissonance: A First-


Appendix B: Commentaries

A Fatwah on Purdah: Unveiling Niqab, Burqa, Chador and Hijab - A Scientific, scriptural and legal unravelling of the Muslim requirement for veiling and sequestering, for violent punishments for adultery, and women being allowed to see only through one eye, for fear that two female eyes will be so attractive they will turn men into beasts.

Sakina Ka'aba: (a) Sakina (b) Arab Religion before Islam (c) The Black Stone (d) Shekhinah

The Gaia Shibboleth
The Gaia shibboleth is the acid test that distinguishes cultural paradigms which lead to destruction and discord from those that result in the survival of the diversity of human and biological life on Earth. The Gaia shibboleth is more fundamental and more ancient than religion and does not divide anyone from anyone else but heals the closing circle of coexistence in the diversity of life. It is thus the key to the solution of all intractible problems of utopian division.

Cosmos ex Natura
What we have learned from the scientific description of reality can become the foundation for a spiritual revolution that forms a tectonic ground-shift, transforming our view of religion, sweeping away many of the false assumptions, and diabolical contrivances, lurking in the hallowed cloisters of traditional religious systems.

The Cosmology of Sexual Paradox and the Fall A lecture given in Jerusalem 17th August 2010 PDF

In Praise of Reproductive Sex 2011

person Account

Appendix C: Mathematical Foundations of Sexual Paradox

Pregnant Zero and Universal Paradox
"I Wonder if they Had Trouble Inventing Zero?", Bootstrapping from Nothing to an Abnormal Universe, Propositions which Can't Make up their Minds, Can the Universe be Told?, The Symmetry-Breaking Logic of Topology, Mathematical Foundations of Complementarity, Relativistic Dysfunctionality?

The Sensitivity of Chaos
The Mythology of Chaos, The Nature of Chaos, Population Catastrophe and the Beauty of Fractals, Mode Locking, Multifractality and the Devil's Staircase, The Edge of Chaos and the Complexity of Nature

Sexual Frequency and Mature Sexual Ageing 2017

Coda: Web of Intrigue - Sexual Paradox in Spiders