Niño: Songs of Innocence and Experience

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Kitten's Cradle (mp3 download)

Complete List of browser-playable mp3 Tracks - Lyrics and Tabulature below.


  1. Revelation Lyrics 2015
  2. Black Rose Lyrics
  3. The Gaia Anointing Lyrics
  4. Hymn to the Epoch Lyrics
  5. Marriage in Paradise? Lyrics
  6. Sleepers Awaken Lyrics 2015
  7. Verdant Unveiling Lyrics 2009
  8. Last Temptation Lyrics 2009
  9. Resurrection of Magdalen
  10. Dialogue of the Savior Lyrics
  11. Song of the Biosphere Lyrics
  12. 'Elohim Lyrics
  13. Woman at the Well Lyrics
  14. To Shakti
  15. Set Love Free Lyrics
  16. To Shekhinah
  17. Opening the Mercy Gates
  18. Song of Songs Wailing Wall
  19. By the Waters of Love Lyrics

Fire & Flood


The excellent Six-string dulcimer made by Stefan Sobell in 1976 sporting both self-wound dual electric pickups and an acoustic mic, forms the nucleus of all Nino productions. Stefan began his career on a dulcimer but has since moved to fine lutes citterns and guitars. Here is a vdieo interview and here you can see his wife holding an original dulcimer that set him on his career, which had only just begun when I travelled to Newcastle in 1976 and bought mine from him in a pub after commissioning it from the antipodes.

Chords usually in Mixolydian as above with several variants.

Relative to C: 0.0.2 = 2.3.4 = 4.5.8 = C, 0.1.2 = 1.3.5 = 5.5.8 = Am, 1.2.4 = 4.4.7 = G,
4.4.6 = Gm, 1.1.3 = 3.4.5 = Dm, 5.7.9 = D, 2.2.4 = Em, 0.1.3 = 3.3.5 = F, 7.7.9 = Bm, etc.

Reverse ordering:
Am - 8.5.5 - 0.1.0 - 5.3.2 Dm - 3.1.1 - 5.4.3 - 11.9.9 F - 5.3.3 - 3.1.0 - 13.11.11
C - 2.0.0 - 4.3.2 - 8.5.4 - 10.8.8 Em - 4.2.2 - 7.5.4 - 12.10.10 G - 7.4.4 - 4.2.1
D - 9.7.4 Gm - 6.4.4 - 9.8.6 Bb - 9.6.6 - 6.4.3

Vietnamese orchestra: The koto-like Vietnamese 16-string zither Dan Tranh (centre)
and the haunting Dan Bau, or monostring chordphone (bottom) are used in several tracks.

CD 1: Parousia

Revelation (mp3 download)
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, percussion.
Singing the apocalypse into being to cherish and replenish the Earth throughout the generations of the diversity of life, after a close brush with death.

"But I, I am lord of two ways.
I am master of up and down.
I am as a man who is a new man,
with new limbs and life,
and the light of the Morning Star in his eyes.
Lo! I am I! The lord of both ways.
Thou wert lord of the one way.
Now it leads thee to the sleep. Farewell!

So Jesus went on towards the sleep.
And Mary the Mother of Sorrows lay down
on the bed of the white moon,
weary beyond any more tears.
"And I, I am on the threshold.
I am stepping across the border.
I am Quetzalcoatl lord of both ways,
star between day and the dark."
(DH Lawrence -The Plumed Serpent)

Jesus said: "If those who lead you say to you,
'See, the kingdom is in the sky,'
then the birds of the sky will precede you.
If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,'
then the fish will precede you.
Rather, the kingdom is inside of you,
and it is outside of you." (Gospel of Thomas 3)

Czech lyrics

I am resurrected! I have ascended!
I am transfigured, I am redeemed sufficient unto the day thereof,
to bring some consolation to a very troubled world.
Jesus, you are tired - please just come down from that cross.
It's time for an end to all the blood, to the death, the guilt and remorse.
I am a phoenix from the ashes. A new man of the Morning Star,
A feathery serpent of two ways now, the Lord of both dark and light.

I am resurrected! I have ascended!
Life has given me another day, living here on a borrowed fate,
to do the things that were left undone, before it's all just too late,
Freed from the past, hurtling into an uncertain future,
on a mission of salvation, to give back what we owe.
For all the glory of this life, for all its pain and agony,
let's make this world a better place, where we can all find sanctuary.

I am resurrected! I have ascended!
I was clutched into the jaws of death, but the old grim reaper spat me out,
so I have the chance to run another round, and discover what its all about.
I am here to love the world all over, and help turn crisis into survival,
for all the living creatures who scuttle upon this Earth,
for all the finny fishes, for the forests and their dappled trees,
for the birds that fly up in the sky, and human beings like you and me.

I am resurrected! I have ascended!
We are here to make the world anew in an all-too fleeting existence,
suspended between birth and annihilation, suffering and strife.
Not just in the halls of the rich and famous, and the corridors of power,
but those clinging on to life in the ghettos, and the refugees of war.
The only way we can find redemption, is to give our very heart and soul,
to the flowering of the living planet, our golden shining love-bird goal.

This is the hour of Resurrection! It is the time of Ascension!
It is our Transfiguration! It is our very own true Redemption! It is our Salvation!
This is our consummating Unveiling! It is our Revelation!

8.5.5 5.3.3 6.4.4 10.8.8
10.8.8 3.1.1 6.4.4 8.5.5

8.5.5 6.4.4 5.3.3 3.1.1
5.3.3 6.4.4 3.1.1 8.5.5
8.5.5 6.4.4 3.1.1 5.3.3
3.1.1 5.3.3 6.4.4 8.5.5
3.1.1 5.3.3 8.5.5 6.4.4
5.3.3 8.5.5 6.4.4 3.1.1

10.8.8 6.4.4 3.1.1 5.3.3
5.3.3 8.5.5 6.4.4 3.1.1
3.1.1 5.3.3 6.4.4 8.5.5

Black Rose (mp3 download) YouTube: Black Rose Nuclear Apocalypse
Chris Jan 2006 (lyrics, dulcimer, keyboard, percussion, vocals),
Christine (vocals), Doreen Bell-Zotan (lyric sources)
The Full Story of the Lyrics

I am the rose of Sharon,
and the lily of the valleys.
As the lily among thorns,
so is my love among the daughters.

As the apple tree among the trees of the wood,
so is my beloved among the sons.
I sat down under his shadow with delight,
and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

He brought me to the banqueting house,
and his banner over me was love.
Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples:
for I am sick of love.

Just as we know that there are briars
surrounding the most magnificent gardens,
moats around castles, walls around mansions,
security systems and all

so the Torah has it defences
to keep unwanted trespassers out.
No Gentile has ever been admitted
and no one ever will.

Imagine a 'theif' has broken into your house
and stolen your very most valuable jewel.
he has no idea how much it is worth,
or where to claim the best price.

If you have the least humility or decency
you will realize this gem can never be yours,
and you will not attempt to hock it off
from a street stall at a cut price.

You are doing untold damage to yourself and all creation
posing as a spiritual thief,
nothing but a shameless pillager
plundering a pearl beyond price.

So here I am the thief in the night
the lonely candle and the light
A bridegroom whose wedding is celebrated
when I have not taken a wife.

And know full well, if the goodman of the house
had known the hour that the thief would come,
he would have watched, and never suffered
his house to be broken through

So be ye therefore ready,
and trim your lamps and gather your oil
for the son of humanity cometh
at an hour when ye think not.

I do not know why the White man
has been created with a spiritual dearth.
Logical and intelligent, but of all human beings
most lacking in spiritual worth.

I have great compassion. It must be so terrible.
Living as a spiritual parasite,
stealing the sacred traditions of others,
the holies of the elect.

The abysmal emptiness in the White man
has driven him to conquer and to destroy
to engage in all sorts of perversions,
thinking they're a spiritual ploy.

I don't need some delusional Gentile
to immortalize a daughter of Zion
my immortality is sealed and delivered
no matter if I sin or err ...

I will always be brought back into the fold.
This is the promise the ancient one made
to the children of Avraham and Sarah
a reward for them alone.

No wannabeing gentiles can ever change it.
I am closer to God even in my sin,
than you can be in your heights of purity.
so you can take it up with Him.

Devorah, you are a living wonder,
but don't condemn yourself so effortlessly.
Unsought immortality can come to leave us
naked and ashamed.

For here I stand a thief in the night
In my darkest hour you are my light
A bride whose wedding is unconsummated
who I have loved all of my life.

Open unto me, my sister,
my love, my dove, my undefiled:
for my head is filled with dew,
and my locks with the drops of the night.

I rose up to open to my beloved;
And my spikenard flowed out to him,
and my fingers dropped with sweet smelling myrrh,
upon the handles of the lock.

Look not upon me, because I am black,
because the sun hath looked upon me
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth:
for thy love is better than wine.

Can you imagine anything more disturbing
than 'opening' to five astute young witches
who enter the marital feast at midnight
to celebrate their sensual delight?

And when the cup runs to overflowing,
five more virgins also toil,
begging for one's loving touch,
to replenish their midnight oil?

Could anything be more inspiring
to make one feel the flame grow higher?
To rise again right from the dead?
No more to be lamented!

Some songs can never be unsung.
We just can't get them out of our head!
No matter how hard we try to be free,
there's no end to the blasphemy.

You can hear it echoing from the cliff tops,
whispering through the tumbling waters
in our tears of sorrow and joy,
that these things have come to pass.

Black Rose

11.9.9 6.4.4 10.8.8 5.3.3
9.6.6 6.4.4 8.5.4 5.4.3

13.11.11 9.6.6 12.11.10 8.6.5
11.9.9 6.4.4 6.4.3 8.5.4

14.12.12 10.8.8 13.11.11 9.6.6
12.9.9 11.9.9 11.8.8 10.8.8

The Gaia Anointing Scopus, Mount of Olives, Millennium Eve. YouTubeVideo Audio(mp3)
Chris King, Jane King (reading), Rohan King (piano Gaia suite 1st movement)

Gaia Anointing

The spirit of God is upon us
the spirit of Gaia is within us
because they hath anointed us
to sing good tidings unto the meek
they hath sent us to bind up the brokenhearted
to proclaim liberty to the captives
and the opening of prison to them that are bound

to proclaim the acceptable year
to comfort all that mourn
to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion
in Palestine, in in Sidon, Syria, Arabia and the world
to give unto them beauty for ashes
the oil of joy for mourning

the garments of love for the spirit of heaviness
that they might be called trees of compassion
the planting of the divine
that all might be glorified
in the abundance of wisdom

and we shall renew the old wastes
and we shall restore the former desolations
and we shall repair the waste cities
the desolations of many generations

they hath clothed us with the garments of salvation
and I as a bridegroom decketh myself with ornaments
and I as a bride adorneth myself with jewels
for as the Earth bringeth forth her bud
and as the garden causeth the things that are sewn in it to spring forth
so shall harmony and fulfillment spring forth
among all the nations

this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

Hymn to the Epoch YouTubeVideo Audio(mp3)
Chris King Dulcimer, keyboard, blues harp, vocals (Aotearoa).
Sarah Tov, Jane King vocals, Tania Susskind violin (Jerusalem)

This is a song pronouncing the Requital of the patriarchal epoch sung on the Mount of Olives on Millennium Eve. It was inspired by a Greenpeace campaign against nuclear weapons and the twelve 'apostles' the pillars of the Kohititanga Marama 'first appearance of the moon' movement, representing the twelve tribes, which have become 'world asherim', having lain weathering on a beach for a century awaiting the prophet who would come when people would play the harps in the new moon'.

Hymn to the Epoch

2.2.4 5.5.8 5.7.9 2.2.4
1.2.4 3.4.5 3.3.5 4.4.7 (2 x 2)

5.5.8 3.4.5 1.2.4 0.1.2
4.5.8 6.8.9 6.6.9 8.8 10 (2 x 2)

Why punish Eve for the fear of her Wisdom
when all you can do is lay waste to this place?
Why do you stand with your thumb on the button
ready to press it to end the human race?

Why did you have to unleash Armageddon?
Why did you have to make nuclear war?
Why did you circumcize all your daughters?
Why did you stone them and say they were whores?

Why did you shut them in houses and nunneries,
naked in brothels, imprisoned in veils?
And why did you slaughter the bridegroom of summer,
a light to the gentiles, hanging on nails?

Why the six hundred year long Inquisition
and why did you burn every witch at the stake?
Why did you burn all the groves from the temples
and cut out the tongues of the women who spake?

Do you hope that Trinity will undo the holocaust?
That two hundred warheads are a dove-call for peace?
Why do you punish the daughters of Palestine
when marriage to the land can then never take place?

Do you not realize you are torching the forests?
fishing the oceans, polluting the streams?
Did you not understand when you set up Chernobyl
that long bitter waters would flow through our dreams?

Can you not see we are shredding the garment?
The desert of life is a difficult birth.
The time has now come, the asherim are calling
lying on a shore at the ends of the earth.

This is my hymn to the future of Zion
the crown of your fortune, the seal of your strife
your tenure on earth comes from loving your neighbour
as flesh of your flesh and the love of your life.

This is the love song of Sheba and Solomon,
this is the life hymn of Heaven and Earth,
this is the marriage of Kingdom and Garden
throughout our generations.

Marriage in Paradise? (mp3 download) - You Tube Video
Chris King
, Dulcimer, lyrics, vocals, percussion.

Marriage in Paradise?

When they came and asked
"Is it lawful for a man
M to put away [his] wife?"
He said "Moses suffered
to write a bill of divorcement
F just for the hardness of your hearts."

"But from the very beginning
God and Wisdom made them
M male and female in their likeness.
For this cause shall a man leave
his father and [his] mother,
M and cleave unto his wife;
And the twain shall become one flesh:
What the Elohim hath joined together,
F let not man cast asunder."

"Whosoever shall put away his wife,
and then marry another,
M committeth adultery against her.
And if a woman shall put away her husband,
and be married to another,
M she also committeth adultery.
But I say unto you,
whoever looketh with lust on a woman
F hath committed adultery in his heart."

But when they came and said:
"This woman was taken in adultery,
M caught in the very act.
You know the law commands us,
that such women should be stoned.
F What then sayest thou?"

He then turned and answered
"He that is without sin
M Let him cast the first stone!"
And they which heard it,
convicted by their own conscience,
M went out one by one,
beginning at the eldest,
even unto the last:
F leaving them alone together

And then he said to her,
"Woman, where are thine accusers?
M Hath no man condemned thee?"
She said, "No man, Lord."
And he said unto her,
F "Neither do I condemn thee."

When they asked him which one of seven brothers
who wedded a wife on Earth and died
M would marry the wife in heaven?
He said of those in the resurrection
that they would neither marry
F nor be given in marriage.

But never did he say whether
sensual lust and sexual love,
M sensitive and splendid,
sumptuous and sensuous,
would continue to revel unabated,
F as it has done since the very beginning.

Nor did he say whether or not
Adam, also having wed Lilith
M ere he ever set eyes on Eve.
And having no bill of divorcement,
nor even a fig leaf to his name,
M had carnally erred before God.
Until they ate the forbidden fruit,
neither did Jehovah, even in his loneliness
F breathe a [single] word about it.

Am 8.5.5 2.1.0
8.5.5 10.8.8 8.5.5 2.1.0
M 5.4.3 3.1.1 8.5.5 2.1.0
(9/8).5.5 2.1.0
8.5.5 10.8.8 2.1.0
F 4.2.1 5.3.3 8.5.5 2.1.0

Em 4.5.7 (5/4).2.2
4.5.7 5.7.9 4.5.7 4.2.2
M 5.3.2 2.1.0 4.5.7 4.2.2
4.5.7 (5/4).2.2
4.5.7 5.7.9 4.5.7 4.2.2
F 5.7.9 2.3.4 4.5.7 4.2.2

Sleepwalker's Awakening (mp3 download)
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, percussion.


I've been sitting here thinking that the world is turning,
round and round, spinning threads, shifting sands, drifting in the wind
day after day goes by, nights come rolling round in slumber
dreaming of the inevitable time of awakening,
forgetting in our illusions, the times that are hurtling by.
Caught in the miasma, it's hard to take a breath of air
to find the inspiration to step off the merry go round.

But what is the hidden lesson that the wheel of birth and death can teach us?
What is the meaning and purpose of this all-too-giddy plight,
running helter-skelter from one carousel to another,
pretending that the bright lights are the key to immortal life,
loving like there's no tomorrow, and never an end in sight?
Can we catch our breath and be, even for a moment,
to see if we can see the future forming before our eyes?

We have been treading an endless road together,
travelers on a journey from end to end of time
Is there some kind of secret door we can exit the hall of mirrors
and find our way in the wilderness beyond the trackless wastes of time,
hearing the silences between the sounds, perceiving beyond appearances,
falling into eternity, existing in the very instant,
full complete and abundant, radiating the light of life.


We know we are creatures of flesh and blood, of biological origins
evolving sexual beings, of sensual experience,
living in a living world, with every kind of organism,
species coexisting in the tangled web of generation,
creatures of the grasslands, the forests, the wetlands and seas.
This is a lament, for so many facing extinction,
in a crime against humanity, that is a genocide of life.

Can we find the resolve, to safeguard the living planet
as guardians of the diversity, upon which we all depend?
Can we look beyond our self-absorbing visions
of domination, of conquest, of ascendency and war?
Can we embrace the spirit of love that brings together one and all?
This is a song of hope, in the face of catastrophe
a tricky little lullaby to calm the waters of strife.

We each come from the perennial web, unbroken since the dawn of time,
in which every generation has given life to the next.
Can we find the courage, to reflower reality,
to open up the floodgates, to the epoch of paradise?
In a time of so much promise, of cosmological discovery,
the very last thing our generations need is a planetary mass demise.
So let's just do the one very good thing for the sanctity of life.

8.5.5 7.4.4 5.3.3 3.1.1
8.5.5 10.8.8 7.4.4 5.3.3
10.8.8 7.4.4 3.1.1 5.3.3
5.3.3 8.5.5 3.1.1 5.3.3
5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4 3.1.1
3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
3.1.1 5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5

8.5.5 4.2.2 7.4.4 3.1.1
8.5.5 10.8.8. 3.1.1 5.3.3
3.1.1 5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4
7.4.4 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
7.4.4 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
5.3.3 8.5.5 3.1.1 5.3.3
5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4 3.1.1

2.0.0 8.5.5 3.1.1 5.3.3
2.0.0 8.5.5 3.1.1 7.4.4
3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
7.4.4 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
7.4.4 3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0
3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
7.4.4 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4

8.5.5 5.3.3 10.8.8 7.4.4
11.9.9 9.6.6 10.8.8 6.4.4

11.9.9 10.8.8 9.6.6 6.4.4
11.9.9 13.11.11 10.8.8 9.6.6
13.11.11 10.8.8 6.4.4 9.6.6
9.6.6 11.9.9 6.4.4 9.6.6
9.6.6 11.9.9 10.8.8 6.4.4
6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
6.4.4 9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9

11.9.9 8.5.5 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9 13.11.1 6.4.4 9.6.6
6.4.4 9.6.6 11.9.9 10.8.8
10.8.8 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
10.8.8 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
9.6.6 11.9.9 6.4.4 9.6.6
9.6.6 11.9.9 10.8.8 6.4.4

5.3.3 3.1.1 6.4.4 9.6.6
5.3.3 3.1.1 6.4.4 2.0.0
6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
10.8.8 9.6.6 5.3.3 2.0.0
2.0.0 6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3
6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
10.8.8 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8

Verdant Unveiling (mp3 download)
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, Dan Tranh (Vietnam), Dan Bau (Vietnam), percussion.

You know that we have always been wandering
down to the moisture of the shore line
We seem to have walked forever on thin ice together
as if we're running out of time.

You know that I have always been loving you
since the very first moment I met you.
You know you're the apple blossom of my orchard
the land of milk and honey of my heart.

You know that I will always be hungering
for the enchantment of your longing,
lost in the music of your incandescence,
exiled in the rapture of our love.

We both know that the world has been turning
that wild storms are coming, that forests are burning,
that we might be heading towards a terrible shake out
and no one knows the writing on the wall.

We ran hand in hand through the midst of the garden,
lay under the trees of life.
Ate all the sweet fruit in a state of abandon,
without any trouble or strife.

Made passionate love in the glades in the sunshine,
and swam in the tall waterfalls.
We never once saw any signs of destruction
and no impenetrable walls.

But God came along all jealous and lonely
and cast us all out in the mire.
Drove a great flaming sword right into the gateway
and set half the world on fire.

We know that we have always been dreaming
the great unveiling is to come,
no longer seeing through a glass darkly,
knowing cheek to cheek we are one,

traveling companions in grateful compassion
mutual empathy, personal freedom
the right to say "No I will not believe you!
I'll make my mind up for myself".

We know that the dark word of doom is "apocalypse".
They say we are heading right for the precipice
that we will all have to face Armageddon
to be cleansed of our sins with pure fire,

but I say to you, we don't need conflagration
it was always the journey, not the destination,
the time has now come for the greening of Tierra
reflowering the tree of all life.

13-12-11-12.9.9 12-11-10-11.8.8 12-11-10.6.6 11-10-9.5.5
10-9-10.4.4 10-9-10.6.6 10-9-10.5.5 9-8-7.4.4
8-7-6-7.3.3 8-7-6-7.5.5 8-7-6-7.4.4 7-5-4-5.3.3
7-5-4.2.2 7-5-4.2.2 5-4-3-4.1.1 4-3-2.0.0

10-9-8-9.5.5 9-8-7.4.4 8-7-5-7.3.3 7-5-4.2.2
11-10-9-10.6.6 10-9-8.5.5 9-8-7-8.4.4 8-7-5.3.3
12-11-10-11.8.8 11-10-9.6.6 10-9-8-9.5.5 9-8-7.4.4

Last Temptation (mp3 download)
Chris Feb 2009 (lyrics, dulcimer, percussion, keyboard, bass)

Last Temptation

2.1.0 5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5
3.1.1-4.2.2-5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5

Judas, before you kiss me,
let me pass this sop to you,
for we're in this thing together
and there can be no falling out.

8.5.5 7.4.4 5.3.3 3.1.1
5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4 3.1.1

The bread and wine on this table
will be a sacrament to our communion.
Our flesh and blood of reunion,
as brothers in the bundle of life.

11.9.9 9.6.6 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9 9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9

We've been sailing towards this moment
ever since we stepped off the shoreline,
You've been my living inspiration,
my rebel without any cause.

11.9.9 5.3.3 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9 9.6.6 10.8.8 5.4.3

Do you think this gig we are playing out
will come off just as anticipated?
Or are there some unknown factors
that could tear us all apart?

6.4.4-8.5.5-9.6.6 5.3.3 2.0.0
6.4.4-8.5.5-9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9

You are my own twin brother,
the gateway to my Kingdom,
the dark side of my innocence,
the very light of my life.

11.9.9-12.10.10-13.11.11 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9-12.10.10-13.11.11 10.8.8 11.9.9

I always want to protect you
and do the very best for you.
Not just thirty pieces of silver,
and drowned in a field of blood.

6.4.4-8.5.5-9.6.6 5.3.3 6.4.4
6.4.4 3.1.1 9.6.6 10.8.8

Mary, my intimate companion,
the soul mate of my ecstasy,
you have covered my head with your spikenard
in playing that good part.

14.12.12 9.6.6 13.11.11 10.8.8
14.12.12 11.9.9 13.11.11 12.11.10

Everywhere my name is mentioned
they will also speak of you.
The woman whose very liberty
gave the race of men their shame.

14.12.12 9.6.6 13.11.11 10.8.8
14.12.12 9.6.6 5.3.3 2.0.0

The splendour of your loving
has been my own salvation.
The mystery of our mingling
will echo again and again

3.1.1-4.2.2-5.3.3 2.0.0 3.1.1
3.1.1-4.2.2-5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5

Do you think we can turn the tables
on all this scene of violence and destruction?
If we turn the other cheek,
will we be cast down from the heights?

5.3.3-4.2.2-3.1.1 2.0.0 3.1.1
5.3.3 8.5.5 10.8.8 11.9.9

If things don't turn out as expected,
and I cry out that I have been forsaken,
the man from Arimathea
has a way through for us all.

8.5.5-9.6.6-10.8.8 7.4.4 3.1.1
8.5.5 4.2.2 10.8.8 3.1.1

Bring the aloes and spices
and I'll be there with you in the Garden,
but please don't forget little Martha,
the dearest one of us all.

2.0.0 8.5.5 7.4.4 3.1.1
8.5.5-9.6.6-10.8.8 13.11.11 15.12.12

My mistress in the kitchen.
The very soul of domesticity.
The fabric of our coexistence.
The foundation of us all.

11.9.9-12.10.10-13.11.11 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9-12.10.10-13.11.11 15.12.12 16.13.13

She who is Wisdom
crieth out from everlasting.
Possessed as the beloved
before His works of old.

The Resurrection of Magdalen (mp3 download)
Jane King, Chris king (reading) Rohan King (Gaia Suite 4th movement)

The Resurrection of Magdalene
Jane King

I have sailed in desire and
flowed in passion
in the ark, the arms
of Love.
So rare,
like the dawn of the day you climb
only once in your life
the highest mountain
is my soul's spouse.

And I have witnessed when
professing to love Him
you have in your fear
of the awakening
transported him body and soul
to a bloodless heaven,
rejecting the throbbing
in your own sacred heart.
Seeking desire
without the responsibility
of perfect fulfilment.

I have come here to remind you.
You are Him, and I am She,
and we
the ark of the world.
We must not transport to the void
but sweetly plant
in Earth,
our love so rare

We cannot escape through worship
our own conscious destiny.
Our meeting and our embracing.
For the Renewal of all life
lies in this sacred realm,
and that rare stranger in the garden,
the immortal Beloved,
is also Yourself.

Dialogue of the Saviour (mp3 download)
Chris & Christine vocals, Chris Composition, dulcimer, lyrics, keyboard, Chinese violin, bells. Eyal Loz (Dumbek, didgeridoo). The lyrics come from the gnostic gospel Thunder-Perfect Mind, as the paradoxical feminine and the Gospel of Thomas and Yeshua's apocalyptic sayings and Dionysian miraculous reputation in the masculine part.

Dialogue of the Saviour
A: Thunder - Perfect Mind
'Look upon me you who reflect upon me 12
and you hearers hear me
You who are waiting for me
take me to yourselves.

For I am the first, and the last. 5
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore, and the holy one.
the virgin and the wife.

I am [the mother] and the daughter.... 10
I am the barren one, and many are her sons
I am she whose wedding is great,
and I have not taken a husband....

B: En/lightning El-Nino

Look upon me you who reflect upon me. 15
For I am alpha and omega,
the divine and the blasphemer,
Ba'al Zebul and the Holy Ghost,

the Father and the Son of Man. 8
I am the father of my mother
and it is my wife who begot me
or ever I was born

I am the Bridegroom 13
whose communion is celebrated
and I have not
taken a wife.

Break 6, 11, 16

A: I am knowledge and ignorance.... 9
I am shameless and ashamed.
I am strength, and I am fear....
I am senseless, and I am wise. ...

I am the silence that is incomprehensible 14
and the idea whose remembrance is frequent.
The voice whose echo is reverberating
the thunder that intoxicates.

I am the one whom you have pursued . 7
I am the one that you have seized.
I am the one that you have scattered
and you have gathered me together.

B: I am the word made flesh 12
and yet the bread of life.
I am the good shepherd
and yet the paschal lamb.

I am the true vine 17
and yet the sprouting rod.
I am the fisher of men
and yet the eye of the storm.

I am the lightning uniting heaven 10
and earth in rains of plenty.
I am the light of the world
and the darkness at noontide.

Break 15, 8, 13

A: The union and the dissolution. 18
I am the judgment and the acquittal.
I am the shameless one
before whom you are ashamed.

Though sinless, I am the root of sin. 11
The solace even of my labour pains.
I am the meaning of the word
and the very sound of the name.

I am the one whom they call Life 16
and you have called death.
In my weakness do not ever forsake me,
nor ever fear my power.

B: Split a piece of wood and you will find me there 9
Lift up a stone and you will find me there
for I am the light above the All
and to me did the All extend.

I am not your master but you've become drunk 14
from the bubbling stream that I have measured out
and whoever discovers this interpretation
will never experience death

I am the one who returns to loosen the bands 7
and open the prison to them that are bound.
I am the din that is unendurable.
The epiphany of miraculous dread.

Break 12, 5, 10

A: I am the intimate companion of the savior. 15
He would come to kiss me on my mouth
He asked them "Why do I not love you,
as I love the one who permeates the All?"

I am lust in [outward] appearance 8
and yet I'm the very soul of discretion,
for many are the forms ...
and fleeting pleasures

which men embrace, till they become sober 13
and go up to their resting place.
And there they will find me
and live and not die again.'

B: I am the one who is called Truth, 6
and I am cast upon the face of the earth.
I am the one who you have despised
and yet you love me all the more.

Why do you curse me and honour me? 11
Why do you consume and sanctify me?
Why do you leave the body hanging there
when the fire is already alight?

I bring you to weave, the garments of salvation 16
and offer you the requital of true love.
In our blood flows the fruit of the Tree of Life
and in our flesh the healing of the nations.

Finale 9, 14, 7

Played to dulcimer slide tuning GG DD A#A#.

G G# A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Gm 12:15:19 - Dm 7:10:14
Fm 10:13:17 - Cm 5:8:12
D#m 8:11:15 - A#m 3:6:10
C#m 6:9:13 - G#m 1:4:8

Cm 5:8:12 - Gm 0:3:7
A#m 15:18:22 - Fm 10:13:17
G#m 13:16:20 - D#m 8:11:15
F#m 11:14:18 - C#m 6:9:13

10:13:17 - 5:8:12
8:11:15 - 3:6:10
6:9:13 - 1:4:8
16:19:23 - 11:14:18

15:18:22 - 10:13:17
13:16:20 - 8:11:15
11:14:18 - 6:9:13
9:12:16 - 4:7:11

8:11:15 - 3:6:10
6:9:13 - 1:4:8
16:19:23 - 11:14:18
14:17:21 - 9:12:16

13:16:20 - 8:11:15
11:14:18 - 6:9:13
9:12:16 - 4:7:11
7:10:14 - 2:5:9

6:9:13 - 1:4:8
16:19:23 - 11:14:18
14:17:21 - 9:12:16
12:15:19 - 7:10:14

11:14:18 - 6:9:13
9:12:16 - 4:7:11
7:10:14 - 2:5:9
5:8:12 - 0:3:7

16:19:23 - 11:14:18
14:17:21 - 9:12:16
12:15:19 - 7:10:14
8:11:15 - 3:6:10

9:12:16 - 4:7:11
7:10:14 - 2:5:9
5:8:12 - 0:3:7
15:18:22 - 10:13:17

14:17:21 - 9:12:16
12:15:19 - 7:10:14
8:11:15 - 3:6:10
6:9:13 - 1:4:8

7:10:14 - 2:5:9
5:8:12 - 0:3:7
15:18:22 - 10:13:17
13:16:20 - 8:11:15


Song of the Biosphere (Originally produced a month before 9-11) YouTubeVideo Audio(mp3)
Chris King
, Dulcimer, keyboard, lyrics, vocals, percussion.
Original link July 2001

Song of the Biosphere

you tell us tales of hollywood
of star wars and the common good
you told us global warming
was a litany of lies
factory chimneys were the prize

you claim all living creatures
are your intellectual property
you fail to ratify every treaty
which doesn't give you more
have I heard this all before?

when it comes to the final struggle
jihad of the biosphere
there's only one true rogue nation
the great American shaitan
big brother, you are Uncle Sam.

if you take them away
how can we find what we came for?
what can you say?
when it's all our future lives that you play for
walking in the twilight
down in the valley of shadows
when will you comprehend
the damage you have wrought
... in your indiscretion?
can we undo
the death trance you have set in motion?

will you discover
the fabric of love that ignites us?
can we embrace
the ocean of life that unites us?
all our lives long
this journey has been our destination
if we get this one wrong
will there be any chance for restoration
if we waste the last shoreline
can there be any way to resurrection?

don't you know that we
have all been dreaming
... that the dark days are coming
when the cowboy appears
and brings home our fears?
can we rend the veil of tears?

can we touch the sky?
can we fly so high
we'll pass right to the other side
and never fall in flames?
will we ever be the same again?

we'll become the living soul
the primal source the shining goal
the beginning and the end of life
the happiness and the pain
can we bear it all again?

5.5.9-5.5.8 4.4.8-4.4.7 3.3.7-3.3.5 2.2.5-2.2.4 1.1.4-1.1.3

5.5.9 (c8) 4.4.9 (c8 7-5 4) 1.1.4-3.3.4 3.3.5
9.9.12-9.9.11 8.8.12 (c11 c10-9 c8) 4.4.8-6.6.8 6.6.9
4.4.9 (c8 6) 3.3.8 (c6 5-4 3) 0.1.3-0.0.2 0.0.0
3.4.5 1.1.3 3.3.5 2.3.4 1.1.3-0.0.2 0.0.0-1.0.1 1.1.2
3.3.5 1.1.3 2.3.4 1.1.3 0.1.2-0.0.1 0.0.0-1.0.1 1.1.2

'Elohim (Gypsy Spirits mp3 download)
Chris King:
Song & lyrics, dulcimer, keyboards, ova.
Heath King: Bass, rhythm and lead guitars, djembes.

Living on the Open Road

We are living ... on the open road
and we are carrying ... such a heavy load.
The arms of destiny ... are open in despair,
cause man is killing the creatures ... and poisoning the air.

Can you find us ... when you're hiding?
Can you see us ... when you're flying?
Can your hear us ... when you're lying?
Will you be us ... when you're dying?

We are whispering ... across the heavens
and all the creatures ... they echo in reply.
We are the very blood ... of the tree of life.
We are the void and the shining light.

We are the eternal gypsy spirits of the universe.
We have been here since it all began.
We will outlast its final passing.
We are here to free the heart of man.

We have always ... been living together
We've been lovers ... ever since time began
We have only met ... this very moment
It's so surprising ... to find out who I am

We are the lovers, not the haters,
nor the breakers, but the makers.
Not terminators, but creators,
generators and sustainers.

We are the healer, ... we are the seer,
We are the laughter ... we are the golden.
We are the dreamer ... the deepest sleeper
We are the nagual ... we are the garden.

3.3.5 5.5.8 (a7 5)
0.1.2 1.1.3 (c2 3 2) 0.1.2 (a0 1 1 0 1 0 1) 5.5.8
5.5.8 2.2.4
0.1.2 1.1.3 (c2 3 2) 0.1.2 (a0 1 1 0 1 0 1) 5.5.8

1.1.4 3.3.5 (a4 3) 4.4.7 5.5.8 (a7 5) (x 5)

The Woman at the Well (mp3 download)
Chris King Dulcimer, keyboard, flute, lyrics, vocals

Unsuspected Love
I've lived a life of freewheeling freedom
and had my pick of many pretty women,
but never once in such a long time
have I been so affected.
What can it be, this thing that's happening to me,
so unsuspected?

I was parched, when I saw you sitting by the fountain
in the shade of the fig tree, after noon-time.
Your well was deep and you gave me living water,
my thirst unrequited.
You passed me your cup. I'll forever drink again.

When we lay beneath the branches in the garden,
I discovered you possess a deepest wisdom.
It's the way you move, the way that you smile,
the way you cry out in ecstasy.
Is the snake coiling around us?
Has the sacred fruit found us
naked, wild and free?

They say that you've taken many partners
and now you're here living with no husband
and yet you're the virgin of the bridegroom
caught in adultery.
Let the man without sin cast the first stone.
Shalaam Salome!

1.2.4 5.7.9 3.4.5 2.3.4
1.2.4 2.3.4 1.2.4 5.7.9
5.7.9 2.2.4

2.3.4 1.2.4 4.4.6 3.3.5
0.0.2 0.1.3 0.0.2 1.2.4
1.2.4 2.3.5/1.0.1

To Shakti (mp3 download)
Chris King: dulcimer.

Set Love Free The portal song - for Jane (mp3 download)
Chris King: Dulcimer, keyboard, lyrics, vocals, percussion.
Rohan King: Piano and bridge composition. Heath King: Drums.

Set Love Free

What did you dream?
What could you see?
Was the river flowing?
Was the ocean rolling,

Did you see signs of rain?
Was it after the flood?
Was the land milk and honey?
Was the springtime bursting
out in the bud?

Were the forests green?
Were the oceans blue?
Was there snow in the mountains,
the sky clear and shining?
Is it true?

How could we know?
How can this be?
Is there no relent
from this steep descent
into mystery?

All my life I've been waiting
longing to see the moment arrive
when love runs wild and free forever,
carries us away.

I know I've always loved you
long before we ever knew.
The truth is we have both been flowing
towards this very day.

Can we reach the other side?
Is the portal open wide?
It's the place of no return.
Is this the rite of passage
in the floodtide?

Did you see the lightning strike?
Can you hear the thunder roll?
Know the storm is coming?
Feel the winds arising
and the sea's call?

Can you see the way ahead?
Does the passage look clear?
Is there room in the ark?
Is the rudder secure?
There's a breeze here!

Let the waters flow!
Unfurl the Tree!
Cherish the Fruit.
Replenish the Earth
and set love free.

How could we know?
How can this be?
The night keeps calling,
my life keeps falling
on this destiny.

2.3.4 4.4.6
3.4.5 4.4.6 3.3.5-0.1.3 0.1.3-0.0.2-0.0.0
7.8.9 5.6.8
5.5.8 3.4.5 2.3.4 0.0.2-1.2.4

8.8.10 7.8.9 5.5.8 4.5.7 3.3.5 2.3.4 0.1.3 1.2.4 (x 2)

Piano bridge: ACF G#CF GCD# A#DF (D# D G# G G#-F)
A#DF G#C#F G#CF A#D#F (G# G C# C C#-A#)

CD 2: Tane

The Song of Tane (mp3 download)
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, keyboards, percussion, vocals), Eyal Loz (didgeridoo, tablas)

The Song of Tane

8.4.4, 7.4.4, 5.2.2, 4.2.2
9.5.5, 8.5.5, 4.1.1, 3.1.1
11.8.8, 10.8.8, 88788744.4.4
6.3.3, 5.3.3, 33233200.0.0

You say we should comingle
so intimately, the separation
of sky and earth would be reunited
in our primal fusion.

9.5.5, 8.5.5, 5.2.2, 4.2.2
10.6.6, 9.6.6, 8.4.4, 7.4.4
6.3.3, 5.3.3,
5.2.2, 4.2.2

But you bridle for a freedom
so elusive, so boundless
we would both become
lost, even to ourselves.

8.4.4, 7.4.4, 6.3.3, 5.3.3,
9.5.5, 8.5.5, 4.1.1, 3.1.1
11:10:10:11:10.8.8, 8788744.4.4
6.3.3, 5.3.3, 322-33-2200.0.0

Caught between life and death
we know no final unravelling
but the essential immortal, entangled loom
of nature's hour of splendour in the grass of love.


9.5.5, 8.5.5, 5.2.2, 4.2.2
11:10:11:10.8.8, 87874.4.4
6.3.3, 5.3.3,
5.2.2, 4.2.2

So my dew, my myrrh on the lock,
in the, fullness, of our differences
let's push the sky so gently
just far enough from earth

6.3.3, 5.3.3,

That we can roll, like the thunder...
under the covers of our love,
that in our comingling, ...
our all-too - restless offspring

10.6.6, 9.6.6,
9.5.5, 8.5.5,
8.4.4, 7.4.4
6.3.3, 5.3.3,

who struggle in the night
and wrestle to see the light
who fall in love at first sight
may also come to pass their time
of splendour under the fronds of love.

8.4.4, 7.4.4, 5.2.2, 4.2.2
9.5.5, 8.5.5, 4.1.1, 3.1.1
11.8.8,10,8,8, 88788744.4.4
6.3.3, 5.3.3, 33233200.0.0


You say we shouldn't linger
in the throes of our final rapture.
Don't tell me that the dance is over
long before it has even begun.



Kitten's Cradle (mp3 download)
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, keyboard, percussion, vocals)
Charmian Kaey (violin), Sophia Acheson (viola)

Kitten's Cradle

Have we all been running around in circles?
Thinking time is linear, caught in the kitten's cradle,
when all our pasts, and all of our futures
are woven together in the entanglement.
I thought I saw you dancing, spiraling all around me,
but now I have realized it was just some smoke on the wind.

We shared the same illusion, we were on the same wavelength,
but with uncertain momentum, and the energy to collide.

I will always remember. I will always be thinking of you
in the overlapping waters flowing through the tides of history,
among the tangled threads, in the webs of our communion,
beyond the furthest reaches of the trackless wilderness,
in the halls of the mirrors of our recollections
I will always be seeking the paths to reunite.

Although we've been thrown apart in the recoil of interaction
skittering on a tangential, parabolic arc.

I know that we will come sweeping back together
like comets with shining tails blazing across the sky.
I know that we shall always be entwined with one another
in the cosmic wave function enclosing the universe.
So this is the sacred braid of our enchantment.
Schrodinger's cat paradox of the tanged tale of life.

Even in our seasons of long-forsaken loneliness
love echoes on together from end to end of time.
reverberating in superposition, hidden in uncertainty,
entwined in our entanglement, enveloped in our correlation,
neither dead nor alive, are we bound just to be free?

4.2.2 5.3.2 9.7.5 4.2.2
4.2.2 7.4.4 9.7.5 8.5.5
4.2.2 5.3.2 9.7.5 4.2.2
7.4.4 9.7.5 5.3.2 4.2.2
10.8.8 12.10.10 9.7.5 8.5.5
8.5.5 10.8.8 9.7.5 4.2.2

6.4.4 3.1.1 8.5.5 4.2.2
9.7.7 5.3.3 10.8.8 7.4.4

8.5.5 9.6.5 7.4.4 8.5.5
8.5.5 10.8.8 7.4.4 3.1.1
8.5.5 9.6.5 7.4.4 8.5.5
10.8.8 7.4.4 9.6.5 8.5.5
5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4 11.9.9
11.9.9 13.11.11 12.10.9 8.5.5

10.8.8 7.4.4 11.9.9 8.6.6
12.10.10 9.6.6 13.11.11 10.8.8

11.9.9 9.8.6 10.8.8 11.9.9
11.9.9 13.11.11 10.8.8 8.5.5
11.9.9 9.8.6 10.8.8 11.9.9
13.11.11 10.8.8 9.8.6 11.9.9
9.6.6 11.9.9 10.8.8 6.4.4
6.4.4 9.6.6 8.5.4 3.1.1

3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
7.4.4 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
7.4.4 3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0
3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4
7.4.4 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.4.4

Love (mp3 download)
Chris King:
Dulcimer, Keyboard, Percussion, Chinese Oboe, Blues Harp, Lyrics, Vocals


Don't tell me this is love.
Don't say that this is ecstasy.
The burning fire of this longing
has been smouldering all my days.

I remember when I first saw you.
A case of fatal attraction.
The shadow of a star-crossed destiny
beyond all fortune and fate.

We have always been standing together
ever since we stepped on the shoreline,
though oceans have separated us
through our tortuous journeys of life.

You have always been my companion,
my fountain of liberation.
You are my living nemesis,
as your day is to my night.

Your beauty overcomes me
in the throes of your intoxication.
Inscrutable infatuation,
laying it all on the line.

You know I've always been courting you
since the very first moment I met you.
The poetry of your emotion,
the glowing warmth of your grace.

The enigma of your affection
has left me devastated.
I've fallen into your tender trap
and I'm lost without a trace.

If you want to put a good spin on this,
you can call it sheer enchantment,
loving you, endlessly,
beyond all time and space.

If you want to dwell on the darker side,
it's a case of complete annihilation -
a total eclipse after midnight,
in the rapture of our embrace.

The splendour of your wisdom
overflowing all around you
the bewitching curve of your bosom,
the softness of your face,

as you gazed upon me,
looking at me, smiling and laughing,
your arms thrown right around me,
your hair all out of place.

I have been, and will always
be, standing here alongside you.
As long as my heart is beating,
I'm longing just for you!

So please don't think that I have ever
betrayed you in the deceits of love.
What goes around comes around
as the giddy wheel's in spin.

They tell me this is love.
This intimacy, this empathy.
Compassionate coincidence,
as Yin Tao is to Yang.

They told me that love doesn't last,
as the red leaves fall in Autumn.
That all conditions are transient.
That life's just an illusion.

But now I know that some things last
much longer than they told us then -
though tides may come and fortunes go,
love will remain.

We set out on a journey
never knowing the destination,
but now I know the final cause
is the vital seed of love.

8.5.5 10.8.8 7.4.4 3.1.1
8.5.5 5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5
5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4 3.1.1
8.5.5 10.8.8 7.4.4 8.5.5

11.9.9 13.11.11 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9 9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9
9.6.6 11.9.9 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9 9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9

14.12.12 9.6.6 13.11.11 10.8.8
14.12.12 11.9.9 13.11.11 10.8.8
14.12.12 9.6.6 13.11.11 10.8.8
14.12.12 9.6.6 5.3.3 2.0.0

11.9.9 6.4.4 10.8.8 5.3.3
9.6.6 4.2.2 8.5.5 3.1.1
14.12.12 10.8.8 13.11.11 9.6.6
12.10.10 8.5.5 11.9.9 6.4.4
13.11.11 9.6.6 12.10.10 8.5.5
11.9.9 6.4.4 10.8.8 5.3.3

6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3 2.0.0
6.4.4 9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9
11.9.9 10.8.8 9.6.6 6.4.4
9.6.6 11.9.9 10.8.8 11.9.9

3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0 6.4.4
3.1.1 5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5
8.5.5 7.4.4 5.3.3 3.1.1
5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4 3.1.1

Overflowing Love (mp3 download)
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, keyboards, percussion, lyrics), Christine Fielder & Chris King (vocals) Arlene Rees (lyric sources)

Overflowing Love

love with you
love surround you
love abound you
love beside you
love inside you
love startling
love sparkling
love all-consuming
love slowly burning
love abiding
love enduring
love ephemeral
love eternal
love alluring
love delicious
love lubricious
wild breezes blowing
love overflowing

my love to you
your love around me
love confound me ...
love abound me
love astound me
your love inside me
love astride me
love so startling
this love is rattling
love incandescent
love's shadows darkening
love gently smouldering
love never mouldering
love awakening
love reflowering
love residing
love confiding
sensual knowing
love overflowing

love between us
love reuniting
love disquieting
love infernal
love enticing
love rapacious
love salacious
love capricious
love suspicious
love sustaining
love ensuring
love desirable
love surprising
fragrant, flowing
new love glowing
love bestowing
a passion growing
love overflowing

3.3.5 (c5 6-5) 5.5.8 (c10-9-8) 4.4.8 (c7 8-7 7 7-8-7) 4.4.6 (c6 8-6) 3.3.5 (c5 5-6 5)
9.9.11 (c11 11 12-11) 8.8.11 (c11-10 10 10-11-10) 2.2.4 (c5-4 4) 1.1.4 (c4-3 3 3-4-3)
6.6.9 (c11-10-9) 5.5.10 (c10-9-8) 3.3.5 (c8-6-5) 2.2.5 (c5 4)
1.1.3 (c3-5-3) 0.1.3-0.0.2 0.0.2-0.1.3-0.0.2-0.0.0
1.0.1 4.0.4 1.1.1 3.3.3 4.4.4 (harmonic)

Kohiti Rose (mp3 download)
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, keyboards, percussion, vocals)

Kohiti Rose

5.5.8 3.3.5
2.2.4 1.1.3 3.4.5 3.3.5 5.5.8

9.9.11 6.6.9
5.5.8 4.4.6 6.8.9 6.6.9 9.9.11

kohiti rose
you fragrant flower
flying from forever
right across the ocean
such a cool way she glows

kohiti rose
new moon rising
sitting by the pillars
on the beach at iwitea
is this the way love grows?

kohiti rose
wild naked mindfire
ice on the glacier
flames in the water
every way the wind blows

kohiti rose
no dissipation
only half a man
thrown out of kali's kitchen
that's the crazy way it goes

oh she knows
and she shows it too
you'd better watch out
better sing and shout,
one hell of a problem she'll pose

kohiti rose
sent from a power
first and last
shameless and boldness
silent, remembered all of those ...

thunder perfect rose
eve in the garden
lilith flying bareback
shakti unrelenting ...
its just the wild way she flows

kohiti rose
my hyphal ecstacy
tumbling into
your azure eyes
all messed up in the throes ...

kohiti rose ...

Prisoners' Dilemma (mp3 download)
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, keyboards, percussion, vocals) Lyric sources:
Jane King, Arlene Rees.

Prisoner's Dilemma

8.5.0 (AbcabcAc) 4.2.0 (Abcbcbab) 6.4.0 (AbcabcAc) 3.1.0 (AbcbabcA)
5.5.0 2.2.0 4.4.0 1.1.0
5.8.0 (Abcabc) 2.4.0 (AbcabcAc) 4.6.0 (Abcabc) 1.3.0 (AbcabcAc)

Christine's in the kitchen
researching sexual friction
falling into our affection
so ecstatically entwined.

Living in uncertainty,
courting high fidelity.
Are we gatherers and hunters
or just serving double time?

Lying on our bed of roses
how come this thing could be so good?
Is making love like rabbits
making up for stolen crime?

Passion and betrayal,
deceiving trust in jealousy.
Is it the prisoner's dilemma
to play such a lethal game?

A projection for your fantasies
or is She one who stands to challenge -
shake the foundations of everything
on which your existence lies?

This is mutual annihilation!
Breathless with anticipation
longing to worship the holy grail
in your mountains of loving spice.

"i do not know if this is 'right' ...
for my presence to cast a shadow
when by my very existence i stand
to undermine another???"

You know she was beside herself
autistically aflame.
She left here, in sheer desperation
when you took off on that plane!

Tides in the affairs of men,
women seeking covenants.
Sewing wild oats by day
in the witching hours of night.

Chris sends to Arlene,
pictures from the shoreline.
A few more turgid twists
to this tangled tale to come.

Arlene, she says nothing,
Just writes to Jane disclaiming
"I just don't know
what to say to this man".

"no calculated silence!
I've been very busy ...
I hope to get back to you
by tomorrow or sometime ...

your post deserves focus
and full attention ...
and my focus and attention
are otherwise engaged"

Jane has 'little more' to say.
She simply casts it all away
into the spinning story's play.
I can't believe it to this day!

"You really broke my heart you know
You never really loved me, so
you never recognized
the deepest nature of my love."

"Why did you spill the beans to her?
Is nothing between us sacred now?
Rose Marie you set us free,
I heard it down the vine!"

Magdalen and Thunder Rose,
Adam and Eve between the groves.
Is there anybody here who knows?
Or is my head just spinning?

Children in the playground
caught in a passion play's round,
believing we're all standing
here on sacred ground?

You've never been able to commit
to love one single woman's gift,
looking for every woman
is to be only half a man.

Are we talking love incarnate
or expendable detachment?
Were these volcanic primal fires,
just a tamer love that fades?

Are you just casting off old garments
in your serial monogamy?
Is there something on the highway?
The significance evades!

Was this an icy comet closing in?
Deep impact?
Are you sure this act of grace was just
a personal affair?

Cosmic merging? Thunder mind?
naked awareness wonder kind ...
Shakti tell me Is THIS the way
the universe began?

Uncertainty (mp3 download)
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, keyboards, percussion, vocals)


5.5.8 (AbcabcAc) 4.4.7 (AbcabcAc) 4.4.7-2.2.4 2.2.4
5.5.8 (AbcabcAc) 4.4.7 (AbcabcAc) 4.4.7-2.2.4 2.2.4
5.5.8 (-c9 8) 4.4.7 (c7-8 7) 4.4.7-2.2.4
5.5.8 (c10-9 8) 4.4.8 (c7 7 7-8 7) 2.2.5 (c4 4 4-5 4 2)

1.1.3 (c4-3 3) 3.3.5 (c6-5) 2.2.4-0.1.2 0.1.2
2.2.4 (c4-3 3) 4.4.6 (c8-6) 3.3.5-0.1.3 0.1.3

3.3.5 1.1.3 0.1.2 2.2.4 3.3.5 (c7 8) 4.4.7 (c9 8 7 7-8 7 5-4-5-7)
5.5.8 (c10-9 8) 4.4.8 (c10-9 8) 3.3.8 (c5-7-8) 2.2.7 (c7-5-4) 1.1.5 (c5-4-3)
0.1.2 (c2-4) 3.3.5 (c5-7-8) 4.4.7 (c9 8 7 7-8 7 5-4-5-7)

4.4.6 3.3.5 0.1.3 2.3.4
6.6.8 8.8.10 7.8.9
6.8.9 4.5.8 3.3.5 4.4.5
3.4.6 3.3.5 1.1.3 4.4.7
3.4.6 3.3.5 3.3.3 4.4.4 8.8.8 3.3.3 4.4.4

Was it singing such a wild song
that threw us into this
When all our lives long
weve been here together
in good company.
Do we ride the great wave now?
Cast on an ocean current
that has set us free?
What winds do we sail on?
What signs do we follow
on this restless sea?

I have always been searching
far out on the horizon,
when the day was clear.
Restless in the morning
searching beyond the borders
just to find you here.

Is it so surprising
that the pains of love still linger
while the gains are new.
Tangled twists of fate,
so long and complicated ...
Seems there's no way through.
Haven't they always tried so hard
to tell us that
"It all comes down to you?"
We never expected
things to be so simple
love could be so true.


We never expected
to meet here by chance
in such a strange affair
Unmasked and exposed
in the lightning's embrace,
touch wood in mortal fear!
Is this the sacred union
are these the fires of fusion
that are flickering near?
Has Shakti found Shiva
has the kundalini serpent
entwined us here.

You know its a pleasure
to have known you all my life
Sister-spouse, sensual partner,
ecstatic charmer, nemesis lover,
goddess-resplendent, nubile, pregnant
mother superior, mystical wife.

Christine, Christine,
has it all been a dream?
Children running through the bushes
standing beside us.
taller and stronger,
slipping into the future,
setting off on a journey
into the sunset.



Have we been trying not
to face this music
all of our lives?
Or is it
just a case of fate
catching up with us?
Were we foolishly swinging
on a tightrope?
Did we slip and
fall in love?
But this is no emergency,
not a bloody tale of strife.
Just our wedding aniversary
on the other side of life.

The Shadows of your Mind (mp3 download)
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, Dan Tranh (Vietnam), Dan Bau (Vietnam), percussion.


The time that I first saw you
you were walking under a storm cloud.
Your eyes the colour of twilight.
Your long hair flowing wild.

You shake me to the marrow.
If you spit out every sinew,
I'd be there at the shoreline
for the scent of your bouquet.

There is an endless longing
in the wind that blows forever
on the rivers that entwine us
in the shadows of your mind.

Pandora: The Song of the River (mp3 download)
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, Dan Tranh, Dan Bau, Percussion.

0.0.2 2.3.4
1.1.2 2.4.5
1.0.0 8.8.9
1.1.0 8.9.9
0.1.(2-3-1-2) 5.(5-8-4-5).8
1.1.1 5.4.5
1.0.5 4.4.5

5.5.8 5.4.5 5.8.9
4.4.5 2.3.5 5.5.5
5.4.5 5.8.8 2.3.5
5.5.5 4.4.5 5.8.8

5.5.(5-4-8-4) 4.4.(5-4-9-4) 1.1.(5-4-0-4) 0.0.(5-4-9-4)


when I saw your shadow, your hands were flowing
beyond the islands, a passion was growing
from that moment, I have been hungering
lost in the wilderness, found in the opening

you wandered through the glade in the morning
light on your hair, set all the birds flying
heavy with wildflowers, the laughter was echoing
down in the valley a rainbow was shining

then came a breeze, the aroma of sandalwood
camphire and cinnamon, jasmine and absinthe,
scent of your ointments, the lure of your spices
music of your laughter, the echo of your silence

the bracing coolness of your ardor,
the intimate conflagration of your ecstasy,
the very persistence of your fleetingness,
the utter tranquility of your fury

the curve of your lips, the swelling of your breasts
the nectar of your furrows, the fire in your soul,the inner mounting flame of your desire
the eloquent intoxication of your sexiness

we are stepping out into the river
we are slipping down into the whirlpool
we are dancing round and round together
entwined as serpents, giddy as dervishes

you know that we have both lingered here before
we know that we have wandered beyond the shore
you know that we have recklessly changed the score
nothing will ever, be the same for evermore

when i saw you coming, long strands were blowing
along the shoreline, wild tides were flowing
from that instant, i have been thirsting
to drink from the deepest pools of your yearning

you passed through the crowd in the evening
the light of your countenance, shone like a beacon
people fell silent, all heads were turning,
your eyes were smoldering, my heart was burning

the sound of a distant thunder was rumbling
flashes of lightning, tall trees were swaying
the wind came gusting, grasses were bending
creatures were moaning, clouds were descending

when i felt the flame of your desire
nothing could keep me from your incandescence
when you were naked in the rapture of your innocence
I became the helpless victim of your presence

warmth of your affection, the longing of your loneliness
the fullness of your womanhood, the emptiness of your void
the inscrutable mystery of your moodiness
the enchanting nature of your sensibility

we are coasting out on the horizon
skating far beyond all known borders
into the teeming chaos of uncertainty
with only the glint of a knife edge to guide us

you know that we have crossed this flood before
we know the ferryman is waiting on the other shore
the box is wide open and we can never close the door
and nothing can never ever, be the same no more

Shakti Unleashed (mp3 download)
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, Percussion.

Shakti Unleashed

5.3.3 10.8.8 9.6.6
13.11.11 10.8.8 8.5.5
11.9.9 10.8.8 6.4.4
11.9.9 10.8.8 5.3.3 (V1) or 9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9 (V2)

6.4.4 9.6.6 8.6.5-5.3.3 8.6.5-9.6.6-8.6.5-5.3.3
3.1.1 5.3.3 4.3.2-2.0.0 4.3.2-5.3.3-4.3.2-2.0.0 (C1&2)

Verse 1
Shakti, Oh Shakti, did you really take us flying?
When you came out in the moonlight, where all the owls were crying?
On that wild and windswept hill top, where tangled trees were swaying
the crickets softly chirping, the grassy breezes playing.

Chorus 1
I'm forever hearing echoes of the sound of your laughter
I shall always be loving you for the silence of your wonder
I drink to the deepest sensation of our knowing
I thirst for the perennial springtime of our growing

Verse 1
You threw off all your garments and stood there in your nakedness.
Your nubile breasts were swaying, your tousled hair wafting fragrances
Resplendent in your rapture, enchanting in your innocence
Radiant in your splendour, inscrutable in your sentience.

Chorus 2
When I look into the water, I see your face there smiling
I shall never stop loving you for the luminance of your being
I long to be consumed by the intimacy of our embracing.
I am yearning for the friendly fire of our comingling

Verse 2
You hugged me and embraced me and cried out in your ecstasy,
confided to me intimately, overflowing with your plenty,
that in this very instant, as the ocean surged beneath us,
the Earth had become anointed, as Shakti had been unleashed!!!

Chorus 1

Verse 1
I looked in your eyes with wonder, forsaken, cast asunder
by your all-consuming luminance, the delirium of your laughter.
The emanations and vibrations, of the living incandescence
of your holy and abundant, captivating presence.

Chorus 2

Verse 2
Lifetimes passed between us in the labyrinths of our being;
the endless tides of oceans, the unending winds of fates.
The storms amid the rainbows, as we passed beyond the shoreline.
Though I've known you forever, the mystery never abates.

Burning Season (mp3 download) Sep 2008
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, Percussion, Dan Bau, Dan Tranh

Burning Season

1.0.0 2.1.1 4.3.3 5.4.4
4.3.3 2.1.1 1.0.0. 2.1.1
4.3.3 5.4.4 8.6.6 9.8.8
8.6.6 5.4.4 4.3.3 5.4.4

1.0.0 2.1.1 4.3.3 5.4.4
8.6.6 5.4.4 4.3.3 5.4.4
4.3.3 5.4.4 8.6.6 9.8.8
8.6.6 5.4.4 4.3.3 5.4.4

8.6.6 5.4.4 12.11.11 13.12.12
10.9.9 8.6.6 9.8.8 5.4.4 (x 4)

We were riding on a hurricane
a tropical cyclone, it's all the same.
Your Venus crossed my horizon
just as my sun went down.

You told me our entanglement would set us free
You said this crazy intimacy was meant to be.
That in the centre of our cyclone
lay the spiral of our delight!

I warned you the very ground was shaking
your hills and valleys were undulating.
That all our streams and rivers
were pouring out our love.

We came together for a season
travelers in a strange land beyond all reason,
bathing in the sacred fountains
amid your flowing mountains of spice.

But then I saw we were moving on
our star-crossed encounter was 'dead and gone'.
I called out to you,
but it was already too late!
The vapor trails in the sunset
had already met their fate.

I long for you! I yearn for you!
I shall always remember our love!
I will always be entwined with you,
even as the sky's above.

Now I wander in the shadow lands
a traveler in the nether world of shifting sands
In the meeting halls of my loneliness,
in the theaters of my desire,
down the corridors of our affection,
up our spiral stairways leading higher
to the alcoves of our ecstasy,
and the conflagration of your fire.

I wish you the very best beloved
wherever you may strike land
our burning season of enchantment
will forever stand.

Andromeda (mp3 download)
Chris King: Dulcimer, keyboard, percussion, blues harp, vocals


Do you think, if we threw all our caution to the winds of fate?
Could we make the connection? Is it just too late?
I've been searching forever just to find a way.
It's all smoke and mirrors, looking for the avenue.
It's hard to see in the dark any point of view.
Is it getting too late in the piece to start anew?

Come and take my hand and let's walk together
down to the boon docks, under the boardwalk.
Let's keep moving, even in the darkness
down to the water line.
You know we've been spiraling ever closer
to this wholly uncertain condition,
treading water, running for cover,
hoping things will work out just fine.

Come let us walk, hand in hand together,
through the Elysian fields in the rain.
With thunder clouds breaking over our heads
we'll never feel the pain again.

Let's celebrate our Indian summer
of balmy days and spicy nights
a golden time of wine and roses
overflowing with no respite.

Running from annihilation,
in refuge from our dissipation,
can we find our way out from
our darkest clouds to sing our song?

You know we have always been waiting
to escape the bondage, to live in freedom
from all the clouds of doubt and delusion,
to unlock the secret, unravel the reason.

You know we have always been seeking
for the opening from the beginning.
The mistakes we've made and the damage done:
Can we come together and become one?

You're the princess of a dragon, standing in chains upon this restless shore,
betrothed to a serpent writhing in the sea's pounding roar.
I have come here on this journey just to find you.
To cut your chains of love free, so the bird of paradise can fly.
You can feel the salt wind rising on the waves.
We need to get out of here before the wild storm breaks.

Come take my hand and let's walk together
out of this prison, into the future.
Let's keep moving, even in the starlight
far beyond the water line.
You know we won't always be escaping
our crossing of paths, has changed the equation.
Walking on water, under the covers,
knowing things are working out fine.

Andromeda, Andromeda,
my utmost ever beautiful queen,
fairer than all the fishy mermaids
than all the pretty women I have seen.

I'll take you to my humble palace
and offer unto you my throne,
to lie in splendour close beside me,
nevermore alone.

Andromeda, the woman
who thinks of a man,
ever mindful, because we can
save each other from misfortune.

Opening the floodgates
to fertile plenty.
Remembering - you are always
in my compassion, in my belonging.

Courting you, escorting you.
Loving you in our stolen moments.
Recollecting, in our reflection
the tides of being, the times of becoming.

5.5.8-10-8 4.4.8-7-7-8-7 3.3.7-6, 4.4.7
5.5.8-10-8 4.4.7-8-7 1.1.3
5.5.8-10-8 8.8.10-12-10 4.4.7
3.3.5-8-5 5.5.8-10-8 4.4.7 4.4.7-9-7
3.3.5-8-5 0.0.2-4-2 4.4.7 4.4.7-9-7
1.1.3-5-3 3.3.5-8-5 0.0.2-42

4.4.7-9-7 3.3.5-8-5 0.0.2-4-2 4.4.7-9-7
4.4.7-5-7 1.1.3-2-3 3.3.5-8-5 0.0.2-4-2
1.1.3 3.3.5-8-5 0.0.2 4.7.7
4.4.7-9-7 3.3.5-8-5 0.0.2-4-2 4.4.7-9-7

4.4.7 3.3.5 0.0.2- 4.4.7 x 4

5.5.8 4.4.7 3.3.5 4.4.5 x 2
5.5.7 3.3.4 4.4.5 1.1.2 x 7


9.9.11-13-11 8.8.8-11-10-11-10 6.6.10-9, 8.8.10
9.9.11-13-11 8.8.10-12-10 4.4.6
9.9.11-13-11 11.11.13-16-13 8.8.10
6.6.9-11-9 9.9.11-13-11 8.8.10 8.8.10-12-10
6.6.9 3.3.5 8.8.10 8.8.10-12-10
4.4.6 6.6.9-11-9 3.3.5

8.8.10-12-10 6.6.9-11-9 3.3.5-8-5 8.8.10-12-10
8.8.10-9-10 4.4.6-5-6 6.6.9-11-9 3.3.5-8-5
4.4.6 6.6.9-11-9 3.3.5 8.8.10
8.8.10-12-10 6.6.9-11-9 3.3.5-8-5 8.8.10-12-10

8.8.10 6.6.9 3.3.5 8.8.10 x 4

9.9.11 8.8.9 x 2
10.10.11 6.6.8 8.8.9 4.4.5 x 8

Free Love (mp3 download)
Chris King (dulcimer, keyboard, maraccas), Christine Fielder & Christine Fielder (vocals), Heath King (percussion, bass).

Free Love

3.3.5 5.5.8
5.5.8 4.4.7 3.3.5
2.2.4 3.3.5 5.5.8

2.3.4 4.5.7
4.5.7 5.7.9 2.3.4
7.7.9 8.8.10 10.10.12

Free love, feel so free.
Crazy love. Love below from up above.
This is wild, should we flee this crazy love?

Oh you've got me on your wavelength!
You've scattered me, I'm flying free,
without any shadow on the ground.

Shall we dance together, at high noon?
In the sun, in the rain, in the twilight, in the moonlight,
in the darkest hour .. of midnight?

And the dawn rolls in with thunder,
casting all our dreams asunder,
as driftwood thrown up on some high wave.

I will always have need to love you.
I shall swear to you forever
my fidelity and devotion all my life.

We shall bless the Spring with showers.
May flowers bloom and the forests ring
with ech-oing laughter and marital sighs with no goodbyes.

Free love, feel so free,
Crazy love. Love below from up above.
This is wild, so free, crazy love!
The Long Ride (mp3 download)
Chris King (dulcimer, keyboard, percussion, lyrics, vocals)

The Long Ride

Have we been slumbering in the dreamtime?
As life hurtles on before our eyes.
Shooting through it in a state of sheer distraction.
A mortal condition with which we all can sympathize.
Can we still catch the living moment?
And open the gates of time and tide?

Did we gaze upon eternity
in fleeting moments we seldom recognize?
Did we become entangled in one another
just to discover the truth in how time flies?
You know our hearts have not been broken,
so we have to know we've been in for the long ride.

Do you remember - the first time we met?
We lay all night in your little tent together
making passionate love as if the morning would never come.

Wandering the streets - of old Penang
taking a bus from Medan to Lake Toba
fireflies in the monkey forest, small bats flying over.

Living on our land - of Opuhi.
Crouching together in the smoke of the meeting house.
Walking with the children down to the school bus

Staring across the gulf - at the islands.
Listening in the moonlight to the call of the Morepork,
little breezes shivering, crickets making small talk.

Decades have passed. Our children - have had children.
Biding our times, abiding whole seasons.
The cry and the smile of love beyond reason.

My gratitude to you - is ever flowing.
As long as we journey the good life together
you always will be my perennial lover.

Through many long years I've been loving you
You've always been standing by my side
In times of separation and togetherness.
Through the very flux and change we are entwined.
So this is a song of recognition
to acknowledge the tortuous journey of our lives.

Tuning: CG CC GG

8.5.5 7.4.4 5.3.3 - 7.4.4
8.5.5 10.8.8 7.4.4
5.3.3 8.5.5 7.4.4
8.5.5 7.4.4 3.1.1 - 4.2.2
5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5 - 2.1.0

11.9.9 10.8.8 9.6.6 - 10.8.8
11.9.9 13.11.11 10.8.8
9.6.6 11.9.9 10.8.8
9.6.6 8.5.5 3.1.1
11.9.9 10.8.8 6.4.4 - 8.5.5
9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9 - 6.5.4

8.5.5-8-5 5.3.3-5-3 4.2.2-4-2 3.1.1-3-1
11.9.9-11-9 9.6.6-9-6 8.5.5-8-5 6.4.4-6-4
9.6.6-9-6 6.4.4-6-4 8.5.5-8-5 6.4.4-6-4
10.8.8-10-8 8.5.5-8-5 9.6.6-9-6 5.3.3-5-3

5.3.3 4.2.2 5.3.3 4.2.2
3.1.1 4.2.2 2.0.0
3.1.1 4.2.2 8.5.5

9.6.6 8.5.5 9.6.6 8.5.5
6.4.4 8.5.5 5.3.3
6.4.4 8.5.5 11.9.9

The Descent (mp3 download)
Chris King:
Lyrics, vocals, dulcimer, keyboards, pan pipes, ova;
Heath King: Bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitars, copper-bottomed pots, glass bowls and chopsticks.
Rohan King: Lead guitar (short break).

The Descent

Oh my love
I can hear you calling
things don't look to good
if we don't take the warning
the sky is dark,
the air is choking
and the grass is dry

We'd better move fast
before it's too late.
There's no time left
to get things straight.
The final act is passing
all the lights are on.

If we put one step wrong,
this could be our last song.
If we don't seal the peace now
and get our act together,
we're already into free fall,
we could have no future at all.

Oh my darling
I really love you.
I'll always
be dreaming of you
and even though we're
no longer together,
I'll keep you in my heart.

Darling I'm sorry
if I hurt you
I never meant to forget you
I always wanted
to give you a good life
and not this breaking up.

Right from the very start
It was you who gave me my heart.
You were always the wise one,
tell me how to turn the tide now.
Tell me how to undo the fall,
to bring back life for us all.

5.5.8 (c7-8 9 8-9 10 11-10 9 8)
4.4.8 (c7 8 9 9-8 7 8-7)
3.3.7 (c5-7 8 8-7 5 7 5)
2.2.5 2.2.4

6.6.9 (c8-9 10 12-11 10 9)
5.6.9 (c8-9 10 10-9 8 9-8)
4.5.8 (c6-8 9 9-8 6-8 6)
3.4.6 3.4.5
2.3.4 (c4-5 4-4)
1.2.4 (c4-5 4-4)
0.1.4 0.1.3
3.3.5 2.2.4 1.1.3
0.1.2 (c3-2 0 0-2)

Your Sweet Honey (mp3 download)
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, keyboards, percussion, vocals)

Your Sweet Honey

Oh you know I'm gonna love you baby!
Your sweet honey drives me crazy!
Oh yeah!
Don't you know I'm gonna love you baby?

Spring is bursting on the highway.
A sunshower is falling in the valley.
We go sailing,
we go flying
Sea drops were falling,
when you came laughing
Oh you know I'm gonna love you baby! ...

At sunset you took me to the meadow
to see your dark hair falling all around you.
To feel
your soft breath rising
and then
to chase you through the moonlight.
Oh you know I'm gonna love you baby! ...

Oh you know I was born to love you baby
and I don't ever mean to say maybe.
Though I've searched
the whole world through.
Never found a lover
who can sway me like you.
Oh you know I'm gonna love you baby! ...

Oh you're one in a million lady,
a team of wild, wilds horses couldn't sway me
Only a god, child
can move so fine.
And I'm glad to say the flame's
burning all the time.
Oh you know I'm gonna love you baby! ...

A dust cloud is blowing by the penthouse,
The children are caling from the ghettos
Though empires may be crumbling
And all I know
is endless travelling
Oh you know I'm gonna love you baby! ...

5.5.8 3.3.5 5.5.8 (x 2)

0.1.3 1.2.4 3.3.5 4.4.7
5.5.8 3.3.5 5.5.8

8.8.10 9.10.12 8.9.10 5.6.8
5.5.8 3.3.5 5.5.8

Eurydice (mp3 download)
Chris King:
Dulcimer, Andean flute, African Xylophone, Mucapata*, Percussion, Keyboards, Lyrics, Vocals. (*thumb piano, mbira or sansa)


Have we been slipping closer to the edge?
Skating on thin ice
a minute to midnight.
Fiddling while Hollywood burns.

Cast out in exile, living so free.
In this diaspora,
is there to be
an unveiling now?

They tell tall tales of wonder
about illusion and nirvana
But all I can see among this plunder
is desolate samsara.

Was eating stolen fruit such a mortal sin?
Have we been locked outside the gates of heaven?
Is our all too heady sexual tryst to be forgiven?

Have we been falling, all of our lives?
Tell me is this fickle mirage paradise?
Have we been spun a tangled tale of deceit and lies?

Did you think we could hide in a bed of roses?
Caught in the spotlight
in delicto flagrante
dancing the tango of love?

Reluctant subterraneans
lost on an endless journey
crossing dreamtime

Is there any way back to Ixtlan?
Did we pay off the ferryman?
Have you read the signs?

Can we find our way back from the dead of night?
In this endless labrynth where is the thread of life?
If the nightmare is ending,
how do we know the dream will survive?

Living in the physical world
Caught by Samsara
is there really any answer
but to pay respects to the girl?

Shakti can you tell me now
is this life and death dance to your liking?

Are these waves of ecstasy
Simply overflowing all around us?
Sacred succubus!

Is this an embrace or are we scattered?
Have all the glassy ceilings just been shattered?
Isn't this just the highest noon that ever mattered?

Dulcimer tuned to FF CC DF extra DF fret at 1#

Riff on DF
0 1# 3 4 4 u (bend) 4
6 8 6 4 3 1# 8 9
8u 6 6u 4 33 4
1# 3 4u
1# 3 4u
1 u 3 4/0 4/0

Bridge on FF CC
4.3.0 8.6.0 4.3.0 8.6.0
5.4.0 2.1.0 8.6.0
8.6.0 9.8.0 10.9.0
12.11.0 10.9.0 9.8.0 10.9.0
8.6.0 9.8.0 10.9.0

1#.1#.1# 3.3.3 4.4.4
6.6.6 3.3.3 4.4.4
6.6.6 8.8.8 9.9.9
9#.9#.9# 11.11.11 12.12.12 14.14.14 16.16.16 17.17.17

Hazelwood (mp3 download)
Chris King: Song, Instruments. W. B. Yeats: Lyrics.

Hazelwood (from The Song of Wandering Aengus)

2.2.4 5.5.8 5.7.9 2.2.4
2.2.4 5.5.8 5.7.9 2.2.4
1.2.4 2.2.4 3.3.5 4.4.7
2.2.4 5.5.8 5.7.9 2.2.4

I went out to the Hazel wood
because a fire was in my head
and cut and peeled a hazel wand
and put a berry to a thread
and when white moths were on the wing
and moth like stars were flickering out
I put that berry in a stream
and caught a little silver trout.

And when I'd laid it on the floor
and gone to set the fire aflame
something rustled by the door
and something called me by my name.
It had become a glimmering girl
with apple blossoms in her hair.
She called me by my name and ran
and faded through the brightening air.

Though I am old with wandering
in hollow lands and hilly lands
I'll find out where she has gone
and kiss her lips and take her hands
and walk her through long dappled grass
and pluck till time and times are done
the silver apples of the moon
the golden apples of the sun.

Marriage Song (John Riley - traditional ballad) (mp3 download)
Chris King: Pan pipes, dulcimer, keyboards, ova. Arwen King: Flute. Heath King: Bass, Chris King & Christine Fielder (vocals)

"We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced;
we have mourned to you, and ye have not wept". - Luke

This time round we shall pipe for you in the sacred marriage of fertility. Traditional marriage marches are a processional celebration with pipe and drum. John Riley celebrates the Dionysian sailor of the deep salt sea departing for seven years, and returning to kiss the bride three times.

5.5.8 5.7.9 5.5.8
5.5.8 2.3.4 2.2.4
3.4.5 5.5.8

There once was a maid who lived in a garden.
Strange young man passed her by.
He said "Maid will you marry me?"
This then sir was her reply.

"Oh no kind sir I cannot marry thee.
I have a love who sails on the sea
and though he's been gone these seven years,
still no man shall marry me."

"What if he's in some battle slain,
or he has been drowned in the deep salt sea?
What if he's found another love
and he and his love both married be?"

"Well if he's in some battle slain,
then I will lie when the moon doth wain
and if he's been drowned in the deep salt sea
then I'll be true to his memory."

"And if he's found another love
and he and his love both married be
then I wish them heath and happiness
where they dwell across the sea"

He picked her up all in his arms
and kisses gave her one two three
saying "Weep no more my own true love,
I am your long lost John Riley."

CD3 Fire & Flood

Deja Vu (mp3 download)
Chris King
(dulcimer, keyboard, percussion, dan bau, tui, korimako [bellbird], kiwi, kokako, kaka, ruru [morepork], takahe, lyrics, vocals)

Deja Vu

Is this deja vu a groundhog day?
Will the morning melt our troubles away?
Have we just been dreaming our future,
or caught in an endgame of fear?

Are we going to have a rude awakening?
Is this shadow a menace overtaking us,
or are the dark heavy clouds we are seeing,
just an illusion of night?

I threw off the covers and went out to the kitchen
and turned all the lights on and looked out the window
but all I could see was an endless desert
and a dust cloud blowing up a storm.

I walked right out to the edge of the garden
where the sunset makes the bushes glow golden
but when I looked down, I stood at a precipice
half a mile and ten stories high.

Can we find the way
to waken and break the deadlock of this nightmare
Can we find the key
to unlock the portals of fate?
Can we find the courage
to dispel our darkest dreams of destruction
Can we find the love
to turn our night into day?
Can we climb the ladders
into the heavens and bless this world with rainbows
Can we find the focus
to learn to be here now?

Are we awake, or are we still drowsing?
Caught in the drunkenness of too much carousing?
Can we drag ourselves from our infatuation,
long enough to let in the light?

I thought I was walking down by the ocean
and when I saw you, your dark eyes were shining
I ran and embraced you and looked down deep
into the abyss of your eyes.

I framed the urgent and ultimate question
where is the way we can get back to Ixtlan?
You shook your head, smiling at my foolishness
as I gazed up into the skies.

All at once came a gust of sea breezes
and cool salt spray spattered my body
As I felt myself shooting up faster,
I saw myself floating below.

Can we find the passage
to lead us right back into the dream time
Can we loosen the knot
to unbind the bundle of life?
Have we found the secret
to throw wide open all the doors of perception?
Can we find the intimacy
to turn scorching day to cool night?
Can we descend down deep
into the labyrinth that unfolds the future
Have we (be)come from forever
just to stand here now?

8.5.5 4.2.2
6.4.4 3.1.1
5.3.3 2.0.0
4.2.2 6.4.4

10.8.8 6.4.4
9.6.6 5.3.3
8.5.5 4.2.2
6.4.4 3.1.1

11.9.9 8.5.5
10.8.8 6.4.4
9.6.6 5.3.3
8.5.5 4.2.2

6.4.4 3.1.1
5.3.3 2.0.0
4.2.2 6.4.4
9.6.6 10.8.8

3.1.1 4.2.2-5.3.3 2.0.0 2.1.1
3.1.1 4.2.2-5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5
3.1.1 4.2.2-5.3.3 2.0.0 2.1.1
3.1.1 4.2.2-5.3.3 9.6.6 10.8.8
6.4.4 8.5.5-9.6.6 5.3.3 5.4.4
6.4.4 8.5.5-9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9

Fatwa on Purdah (mp3 download) Video
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, percussion, keyboard, lyrics, vocals)

Fatwa on Purdah

A: This is my fatwa on purdah
This is my unveiling of the way.
You don't have to hide the fact you're beautiful,
so let your love light meet the light of day

B: Oh you don't have to wear the hijab
and you don't have to cover one eye at all.
Please don't be eclipsed by your jet black chador,
it's not written in there at all!

A: And you don't have to wear the burqa,
and you can let your old abaya fall.
You don't have to hide your face in the shadow of your niqab,
al-Llah never ordained it at all!

B: And you don't have to be stoned for adultery,
or whipped a hundred lashes on your side.
You are sovereign, never shameful, you are sacred.
It was a crying sin they committed to make you hide.

A: This is our song of liberation,
to open up the prison, to let us see,
for the time of awakening is the unveiling,
merciful, compassionate and free.

A: 8.5.5 7.4.4 5.3.3 3.1.1
8.5.5 7.4.4 5.3.3 7.4.4
8.5.5 7.4.4 5.3.3 3.1.1
5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5

B: 11.9.9 10.8.8 9.6.6 6.4.4
11.9.9 10.8.8 9.6.6 10.8.8
11.9.9 10.8.8 9.6.6 6.4.4
9.6.6 10.8.8 11.9.9

Samsara (mp3 download)
Chris King: Lyrics, Vocals, Composition, Dulcimer, Keyboard, Dan Tranh (Vietnam), Dan Bau (Vietnam), percussion.


Nirvana 1

Have we landed right in Heaven, is this Paradise?
Could the lazy days of summer feel even half as nice?
Are we slipping into Nirvana as the day goes by?
Is this brightness sheer enlightenment under the deep blue sky?

I have always been wondering what makes it all.
The meaning in existence. The way things fall.
The way our lives are scattered to the winds of fate.
The tumult and the chaos, when it's just too late.

But why are we hungering for eternal life
when peaceful coexistence gives way to endless strife?
The way of immortality is clear to see
Not deathly Armageddon, but living diversity.

Samsara 1

Oh Samsara, you living temptress
your love is going to drive me senseless
Spiraling our way into one another
in our sensual intimacy.

Though our lives may be ephemeral,
though flesh is weak and minds are fallible,
so long as our lives have perennially blossomed
we are replenishing the grail of love.

Neither were we just dust to dust
nor are we simply ashes to ashes
but the fertile seeds of procreation
amid the ova of regeneration.

I pledge again my love to you
even though nothing can ever be the same
for our longing for forever
lies drifting on the oceans of change.

Oh Samsara, essential being
my love for you is not just a feeling
but the fountain of life brimming right over
in our physical ecstasy.

Nirvana 2

Some say Paradise is full of black-eyed virgins
waiting upon our physical urges.
To fulfill our every sexual fantasy.
To climax our utmost sensation.

While others say the Heavens are full of angels
in dressing gowns, with white feathered wings.
That there can be no actual sex in Heaven,
because we have become celestial things.

Did you say the wheel of life is just a vacuum?
Did you say the world is full of hungry ghosts?
Have you forgotten Shankar's debt to Kali
That Vishnu was not just dreaming the universe?

Samsara 2 (as before)

13.10.9 12.9.8 x 2
11.8.6 12.9.8 9.5.4 x 2
10.6.5 8.4.3 x 2
9.5.4 5.2.1 x 2
8.4.3 9.5.4 10.6.5
8.4.3 9.5.4 5.2.1
4.1.0 8.4.3 5.2.1
8.4.3 9.5.4 10.6.5 11.8.6 12.9.8 13.10.9

7-5-7-9-7.4.4 5-4-5-8-5.3.3 2-4-2.0.0 7-9-8-7.4.4
10-9-10-12-10.8.8 6-5-6-9-6.4.4 9-11-9.6.6 5-8-6-5.3.3
7-5-7-9-7.4.4 3-2-3-5-3.1.1 5-8-5.3.3 2-4-3-2.0.0
10-9-10-12-10.8.8 9-8-9-11-9.6.6 5-8-5.3.3 10-12-11-10.8.8
7-5-7-9-7.4.4 5-4-5-8-5.3.3 2-4-2.0.0 7-9-8-7.4.4

Sakina Lament (for the intrinsic violence at the source of Islam) YouTubeVideo Audio(mp3)
Chris King, Dulcimer, keyboard, lyrics, vocals, percussion.

Sakina Lament

Oh al-Llah, did the prophet blaspheme you?
Why have they taken your name in oppression?
Are Ninety-nine names of a god of destruction
the merciful, compassionate All?

New York, New York, why did your sky fall?
Osama bin Laden is this inspiration
to bring a destruction, not on the guilty
but family, children and all?

Did you not understand that for life to abide
the love flower to blossom, the life tree to flourish
we all need healing, to feed all the hungry,
and not flaming genocide?

We know that the capital machine is corruption,
that the winners take all and the losers are trodden on.,
that this is not a true way of compassion,
not wholly civilized.

We know green pastures are crumbling to desert,
the waters of life and the tree are neglected,
that justice is blind in the power of the dollar,
as the towers of investment grow higher.

We know we can all become a great Satan,
embracing violence, instead of compassion,
when we think we are right, have God on our side
and set out to rule the whole world.

Do you imagine that imposing Shariat
would make the world naturally compassionate?
Why can't you see that imposing on anyone
is contrary to divine law?

Why behead the Jews of Medina
when all that they did was to argue and bicker?
How can you claim Jerusalem is Holy
when the daughters of Sarah are defiled?

When the peace of Sakina spoke at Hudaybiyah
she uttered to heal - to make the world holy
she sang as Shekhinah - from the canvas of Sarah
so we could at last become whole.

Muhammad, why did you then murder Sarah
on the first fateful day that you came into Mecca?
Why did you not heed the song of Sakina
the singers tongues cut from their mouths?

Oh Islam, why crucify al Hallaj
just for declaring the truth - "ana al Haqq"?
Why can't you see there is no final prophet
in a living regenerating world?

Why did you make all your women wear burqah
just to conceal the prophets many lovers?
Why is a woman only half of the value
of man, possession or beast?

Why can't you trust men to set eyes on women?
Why can't you allow all mothers and daughters
to make their own minds up quite freely
in the unveiling the Quran prophesied?

Why was it stated by al Bukhari
that the prophet Muhammad at one time lamented
that the world would never become complete
till the women of Daws wiggled free?

Why did you curse al-Llah's triple daughters,
al-Uzza, Manat and and al-Lat first and foremost
from times long ago in the deserts of Sinai
the divine and wisdom, together forever?

Why did you have to leave for Medina,
Why did Khadja expire from her hunger?
Why did you think that the angel Gabriel
would speak to you with Satan's forked tongue?

Why did you put a death curse on freedom
why can't each person choose what they believe in?
Why threaten every believer with death
if they also love Mary, or Elizabeth?

Why do you not drink the waters of Hagar
out of whose spring sprung the palm trees together,
why do you not feel the pain of Aisha?
and the love of Fatimah?

When is the time come to light up the candles
of peace in Sakina of plenty together
so that all the world's paths can finally gather
whole in the gentleness of peace?

The time has now come for the flight of the dove
to bring back the olive, to unchain the grove,
to throw all the gates of mercy wide open
so that the world can be one.

The time has now come for us all to replenish
and cherish the Earth's generations forever
in the warmth of the heart that can never be broken
in the light of the love that is life.

5.5.8 (c8-9-8 7 7-8) 4.4.8 (-c10-9-8 7 7-8)
3.3.8 (c5-7 8 7 5) 4.4.7 (c5 4 4)
9.9.11 (c11-12-11 10 10-11) 8.8.11 (-c13-12-11 10 10-11)
6.6.11 (c9-10 c11 c10 c9) 8.8.10 (c9 c8 c8)

3.3.5 (c6-5 6 4 4-5 5) 1.1.3 (c5-4-3 3 3-4 3)
6.6.9 (c11-10-9 c9-10 c9) 4.5.8 (c10-9 8 8-9 8)
3.3.5 (c8-6-5 5 5-6 5) 1.1.3 (c5-4-3 3 3-4 3)
6.6.9 (c11-10-9 c9-10 c9) 4.5.8 (c10-9 8 8-9 8)

Malaysian Divorce (mp3 download)
Chris May 2006
Dulcimer, keyboards, flute, percussion, lyrics, vocals, ugumbo

Parallel melodies based on chords:
1.2.0 2.3.0 3.4.0 4.5.0 5.6.0 7.8.0 8.9.0 9.10.0 10.11.0

A Malaysian Divorce

I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you
'talaq' 'talaq' 'talaq'
I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you
three times is proper and right

"marry such women as seem good to explore,
not just one or two, but maybe three, or four;
but if you fear that you won't see justice
take a wife, and one slave girl, or more.

lawful for you are all unmarried women
and those whom your right hands possess
provided you take (them) properly in marriage,
never committing fornication.

and those you legitimately take for your pleasure
if only for a moment or two,
make sure that you give them whatever their due;
and there will be no hint of blame upon you

Your wives are arable land for good pasture
worked to the best by sewing and ploughing
so go into your tilth whenever you like,
to reap the best harvest is right.

admonish those whose perverseness you fear,
or take them into your bed rooms and beat them,
but if they submit themselves freely to you
then do not seek more violence against them;

You may cast off whoever you please any time
and take to you whomsoever you choose,
and any whom you desire of those
from whom you have separated once or twice;

so that their eyes may be lowered and cool
and even so they may not be lamenting,
and so that they should all be well pleased,
with anything you may offer to give them.

you must not take from them what you have given,
but if you fear you will stray from God's limits
then there is to be no blame
for whatever she may give up just to be free.

Because of the deficiency of a woman's mind
all men stand superior to women
in that God hath preferred one over the other,
so the boy shall inherit the wealth of two girls.

Whenever you decide to cast off a woman,
You should call in to witness two men of justice
but if there are no two men who can do this,
two women can stand in just for one man.

say to your wives and your daughters
and the women of the believers
that they let down upon them their over-garments;
this will be more proper

'When ye ask them for any article,
ask them from behind a curtain;
that is purer for your hearts
and also for theirs''

Aisha complained "You've made girls into dogs"
When they insisted a prayer is annulled
by a dog, by a donkey, or even a woman
passing in front of the throng.

"The world is just such a wonderful place,
but most delightful of all is a virtuous woman.
and seventy two black-eyed virgins
who wait upon every whim

"I leave behind no temptation more harmful
than the enticement which women display for all men."
"If a man and a women are alone in one place,
the third person present is the devil."

"When I was standing at the gates of Paradise,
the majority of those ones who entered were poor,
I then went down to the gates of Gehenna,
and most going in there were women".

Living a world of electronic power
Where astronauts are orbiting every hour
The faithful ones now have to pray at sunrise
Twenty four hours a day

No it's not a Mexican divorce my dear
In Malaysia, there are cell phones near
And I can 'pronounce' it insanely easily
With just one text simple and clear

Azida come out of your parents' house,
or the message is 'talaq' 'talaq' 'talaq'
I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you
three times is a matter of fact.

Voice on the Wind Chris: lyrics, vocals, duclimer, keyboard and bass, percussion (mp3 download)

Voice on the Wind

I hear your voice on the wind
whispering, ever so softly,
echoing through the deepest canyons
of my vagrant heart

I didn't know, how could I realize
that they would cast a curse upon you,
incarcerating you in the darkness,
tearing us all apart?

If you're locked in the shadows then how can we see you?
If you only can whisper then how can we hear you?
If you never can touch us how can we be near you?
How can we come together as one?

I sat in the springtime watching the showers.
I stood in the summer surrounded by flowers.
I lay in the moonlight counting the hours,
but now bitter winter has come.

Now I can see it'll take a commotion,
a revolution to set love in motion.
We're really going to have to throw off the covers
and tear down the walls that divide.

You know you have always been my beloved,
my comrade, my partner, my nemesis other,
my enigmatic, mysterious lover,
my song, my communion, the raison d'etre
of my very essence, your living presence
fills me and thrills me to the bone.

I hear your voice on the wind
endlessly, speaking so softly,
echoing through the hills and valleys,
down to my restless heart.

I still can't believe it,
that they would seek to subjugate you,
holding you hostage, in bondage to their honour,
trying to keep us apart!

I hear your voice in the wind,
rippling sounds of distant laughter,
longing, happiness, keeping our innocence,
singing in my aching heart.

I keep hearing your voice on the wind
calling, pleading, murmuring gently,
sharing the sweetest moments of love,
stealing my feckless heart.


x 2 < V > x 5





Murder Blues Chris: lyrics, vocals, duclimer, keyboard and bass, percussion (mp3 download)

Winter - Blue Murder

I saw you in the street today,
but you were standing so far away
and then you turned your back on me
and wouldn't look me in the eye.

You said "Do you know you that have betrayed me?"
I replied "You might consider that you've done the same!"
You insisted we can't stand in the same room together,
so who is it now to blame?

It's so true. Feeling blue.
In a stew. Out of skew.

What a screw! Shame on you!
Blame on you, murder blues!

In the winter, frozen all over,
skating on thin ice, sliding helter-skelter.

Is this a falling out, a casualty in motion,
or a static fixation, close to oblivion?

I've had it all, yes I've had enough,
of murder blues shame on you.

I hear you been whispering dark insinuations,
in intimate moments, venting your outrage,
all puffed up with your indignation,
clinging to the moral high ground.

Is this a cause you really can stand up for,
or has just it become a personal affliction?
In holding a grudge that you take to the graveyard,
nothing can ever be gained.

They say the whole country is frozen right over.
There's snow from the mountains down to the plains,
but where is the thaw in this frigid existence,
where the losses outweigh the gains?

If you can't bring yourself to accept your involvement,
in setting the scene, in casting the die,
how can you ever assume responsibility,
or heal the emotional lie?

You know we have always been fellow travelers,
comrades in adversity for so many years,
so why cant you see you are burning the bridges,
of our sensibility over your fears.

There is no one who cares about all of these problems,
they are angels dancing on the head of a pin.
There is nothing we need to unravel the tangle,
no reason for the state we are in.

So why can't you see that its time to move on now
time for forgiveness, time for rapprochement,
time to be living the good life together,
so that it all comes around.

As the nights grow long, I shall call upon
this elegy to you, Murder Blue.

As our life is sweet. As our time is fleet.
As our pain is real. Murder blue.

Is this where we all belong caught here in this endless song,
an anthem to you Murder Blue?

Shame on you, Same upon you!
A case of blue murder, screams the news!

Shame on you, Murder Blue! Same on you, Murder Blue!
We can cast our share of blame on Murder Blues.

7.5.5 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.5.5
7.5.5 3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0
3.1.1 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.5.5
7.5.5 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.5.5
7.5.5 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.5.5 ...
10.8.8 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
10.8.8 6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3
6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
10.8.8 9.6.6 5.3.3 10.8.8
13.11.11 12.11.10 11.9.9 10.9.8
9.6.6 8.6.5 6.4.3 8.5.4
13.11.11 10.8.8 11.9.9 9.6.6
10.8.8 6.4.4 9.6.6 5.3.3
8.5.5 4.2.2 6.4.4 3.1.1
5.3.3 2.0.0 3.1.1 7.5.5
[10.8.8 9.8.7 8.5.5 7.5.4
5.3.3 2.0.0 5.3.3 7.5.5 ] x2
7.5.5 5.3.3 2.0.0 7.5.5 ...

Tibet Tibet Chris: lyrics, vocals, duclimer, keyboard and bass, percussion YouTube Video

Tibet - Tibet

Chomolungma, Goddess Mother of the World
Have we "knocked the bastard off", or is another story to be told?#
Why is the Dalai Lama speaking "Cultural genocide"?
Can we climb the highest mountain when your children are denied?

Tibet, Tibet did you come under the yoke
of the Chinese empire in a communist cloak?
Your cities are swelling with business men's pride,
while your country folk are peasants cast on the outside.

There's an ancient stone pillar in the Jokhang square
In the centre of Lhasa if you've ever been there.
It's written in Tibetan and Mandarin too
and it spells out a message to me and to you.

It says each will respect the land of the other
and never encroach on the other nations border.
This treaty was struck in 821 AD!
Tibet, Tibet when will you be free?

Tibet, Tibet we will always be with you
in your time of hardship, in your darkest shadow,
flying prayer flags of freedom, even in the dead of night.
In this Oympian stuggle there's a Tao to the light.

Tibet, Tibet, we stand with you today!
The high ground of enlightenment, pillar of the middle way,
the jewel in the lotus, "Om Mani Padme Hum".
"Don't let them do that to you". - So goes the song*.

2.1.0 5.4.3 7.4.4 8.5.5
10.8.8 7.4.4 5.3.3 2.1.0
8.5.5 12.10.10 13.11.11 10.8.8
3.1.1 5.3.3 7.4.4 8.5.5

# Chomolungma is Everest. Hillary said "We knocked the bastard off! when he first climbed it.
*Bjork shouted Tibet Tibet after singing "Declare Independence" in Shanghai.

The Mahdi Refrain (mp3 download) - YouTube Video
A dire warning on the apocalyptic nuclear confrontation between Iran and Israel.

Chris King
(composition, lyrics, vocals, dulcimer, percussion, keyboard, crotales, chimes). Iranian voices, including Iran's last president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Ayatollah Rafsanjani, an ex-president, and Amir Taheri, a former executive editor of Kayhan, Iran's largest daily newspaper. Israel's response is from Israel's current formal president, Shimon Peres, who won the Nobel Peace Prize with Yitzhak Rabin. The final response is from Christo Rey.

The Mahdi Refrain

This said the Ayatollah Rafsanjani
'the use of even one nuclear bomb
inside Israel will destroy everything.'
On the other hand, if Israel responded
with its own nuclear weapons,
it 'will only harm the Islamic world.
It is thus not at all irrational
to contemplate such an eventuality.'
This said president Ahmadinejad
"Oh mighty lord, I pray to you
to hasten the emergence of your last repository,
that perfect and pure human being,
the promised one that will fill this world with justice
the promised one that will fill the world with peace,"

My main mission is to "pave the path
for the glorious reappearance of Imam Mahdi,
may Allah hasten his reappearance."
On the last day I was speaking, one of our group told me
"When you said 'in the name of Allah,'
I saw a light coming and surrounding you
and protecting you to the end."
"he saw a green light come from around me,
and I was placed inside this aura,"
"I felt myself the atmosphere changing,
The UN were looking as if a hand was holding them,
and they had just opened their eyes
Halleleuyah Alhamdulillah!"
All praise belongs to al-Llah,

"The establishment of the Zionist regime
was a move by the world oppressor
against the Islamic world,"
"There is no doubt that the new wave [of attacks]
will wipe off this stigma from the face of the world."
As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map."
"Anybody who recognizes Israel
will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury,"
"They've created a myth in the name of the Holocaust
and consider it to be above God,
above religion and the prophets."
"The near future will be in the hands of Islam",
"The Zionist regime is a dying tree,
and soon its branches will be broken down."

"We believe that Iran is trying to buy time
so it can develop a nuclear bomb,"
"Iran is a clear and present danger."
A nightmare for the international community
This is "tantamount to a crime against humanity".
"Iran presents a danger to everyone"
and it can also be wiped off the map."
"The combination of fanatical ideology,
a warped sense of reality and nuclear weapons
is a combination that no one can accept,"
"Ahmadinejad represents Satan, not God,"
"History knew how to denounce madmen
those who wave their sword and acted this way
ended their careers accordingly,"

If they have a little bit of a brain,
they would not commit such a mistake,"
Iran is a powerful country."
"If you committed this big crime,
then give a part of your own land in Europe,
the United States, Canada or Alaska,
so that the Jews can establish their country,"
"If your civilization consists of aggression,
making oppressed people homeless,
suffocating the voices of justice
we say that we hate your hollow civilization,"
"History has shown that when Muslims become powerful,
they do not use their power to the detriment of others,
but use it in the service of peace and tranquility"

Islam has four times as many young men of fighting age
as the aging populations of the decadent crumbling West
the Imam's return will coincide with an apocalyptic battle
between the forces of evil and righteousness.
If the infidel loses its nuclear advantage,
it could be worn down in a war of attrition
at the end of which surrender to Islam
would appear to be the least bad of options.
"If Jesus were present in the world today,
who would be facing him and who would be following him?"
God willing, Jesus would return to the world
along with Islam's holy prophet, Imam Mahdi,
and wipe away every tinge of oppression,
pain and agony from the face of the world,"

They say the Mahdi will teach Jesus to pray in Mecca
They claim the Mahdi will take Jesus to the Ka'aba.
"I emphatically declare today's world, more than ever,
longs for just and righteous folk with love for all humanity;
and above all longs for the perfect human being
the real true savior who has been promised to all peoples
who will establish justice, peace and brotherhood
across the planet, far and wide"
"Oh, Almighty God, all men and women are your creatures
and you have ordained their guidance and salvation.
Bestow upon a humanity that thirsts for justice,
the perfect human being promised to all by you,
and make us among his followers
and among those who strive for his return and his cause."

"The arrogant superpowers and the Zionist regime
invested all their efforts but their pride has been trampled
"With God's help now, the countdown button
for the destruction of the Zionist regime
has been pushed by the hands of the children
of Lebanon and Palestine, ...
By God's will, we will witness
the destruction of this regime in near future".
"This is a fake regime ... it won't be able to survive.
those who created it can take it away themselves.
They should not let things reach the point of explosion
If an explosion occurs across international boundaries
It will also burn all those who created [Israel]
over the past sixty years".

A statement repeated three times is never an accident
"They want to wipe out Israel ... Now when it comes to destruction,
Iran too can be destroyed
[but] I don't suggest to say an eye for an eye,"
"Israel would defend itself under any condition
but Iran is a danger to the world, not just to us."
"Under the UN Charter, all members have undertaken
to refrain from the threat or use of force
against the territorial integrity
or political independence of any state."
"We can prevent all of this threat,
without resorting to weapons of mass destruction
if there will be unity," But If the crucial moment comes
and they are incapable ...then they endanger their existence

Instrumental break

If you want me to come and pray with you at the Ka'aba
Then first renounce the archaic tribal law of Sharia
Invite every one of us to come in the name of our own religion
And terminate the scorched Earth theology of submission.
There will never be harmony until we can live in freedom
From domination and violence, in the name of utopian vision.
Cease the atrocities of martyrdom and the slaughter of the innocents
And live your days in merciful and compassionate coexistence
The apocalypse is the unveiling of matrimonial reunion
in which men forsake their violence and learn to live with women.
Stop the the death fatwas, and stoning women for adultery
and trust them in their sovereignty and love them in their liberty
For this is the way the generations of Earth will survive in splendour
And bring to men the ecstasy that paradise hungers after.

hi, med,low
8(10-9-8).5.5 (8.8.5 8.5.5)
4(7-5-4).2.2 (4.4.2 4.2.2)
6(9-8-6).4.4 (6.6.4 6.4.4)
3(4-3-2).1.1 (3.3.1 3.1.1)
5.3.5 (5.5.3 5.3.3) x 2
10.8.8 (10.10.8 10.8.8) x 2
12(12-13-12).10.10 ((12.12.10 12.10.10)
9(9-10-9).6.6 (9.9.6 9.6.6)
11(13-12-11).9.9 (11.11.9 11.9.9)
8(10-9-8).5.5 (8.8.5 8.5.5)
10.8.8 (10.10.8 10.8.8) x 2
6(9-8-6).4.4 (6.6.4 6.4.4)
9(9-10-9).6.6 (9.9.6 9.6.6)
5.3.5 (5.5.3 5.3.3) x 2

The Well (mp3 download) - YouTube Video
Chris King (composition, dulcimer, percussion, bells, violin, ugumbo (gourd & bow)

The Well

don't you know the night is coming?
can't you hear the flowing wind?
haven't you read the signs in the sunset?
don't you know the time is in?

can't you tell that everything's changing?
can't you see beyond the world?
can't you get below the surface?
put your bucket in the well?
put your bucket in the well?

can't you find the eye of the hurricane?
don't you know we're in free fall?
haven't you ever heard of impermanence?
can't you be the void?

have you discovered we're in transformation
everythings free free beyond the wall?
can't you hear the echoing silence?
put your bucket in the well?
put your bucket in the well?

didn't they tell you the last waltz is over?
didn't they say it's the close of the ball?
haven't you heard it's the end of the journey?
the future lies waiting inside us all

have you completed your metamorphosis?
the dove with the olive healing this hell?
feel your way down to the stillness?
put your bucket in the well?

didn't they say the dark leads to dawning?
didn't they tell you the springtime would come?
paradise travail right at your doorstep
will you awaken, before the damage done?

5.5.8 4.4.8 4.4.7 5.5.7
2.2.4 1.1.4 1.1.3 2.2.3
4.4.6 3.3.6 3.3.5 4.4.5
1.1.3 0.0.3 0.0.2 1.1.2

The Pain of Love (mp3 download) - YouTube Video
Song for the travail of Zion and the healing between Israel and Palestine
Chris King, Dulcimer, keyboard, lyrics, vocals, percussion.

The Pain of Love

Oh the pains of love!
Oh what is it ...
we are fighting for?
For the joys of love!

When will the healing come?
When will the season of growth begin?

What cruel kind of music
to die on the street?
In the blood of the martyr
the good wine flows cheap.

Oh the pangs of love!
Who are we?
What are we here fighting for?
For the gains of love?

When the banners are flying
all's fair in love and war
but when the time of weeping comes
there's no time left in store.

Too insane to love?
To be an olive branch,
or just a cursed fig.
For the claims of love.

Heaven have mercy.
Compassion on our lives.
Do you call this passion love,
or is it genocide?

Oh the sighs of love!
El Nino ... is this oscillation
too extreme to bear?
Bleeding wounds of love!

You have to know it breaks my heart
to see you tear it right apart.
Is this total annihilation?
Scorched Earth or fertile ground?

Is to love such a tectonic upheaval?
Is this engagement suicide?
Is this close impact all too lethal?
Is there no tomorrow in the tsunami of our love?

Oh the strains of love!
Where is our sense of survival?
Or is this angst the shock of free fall?

On the wings of the dove.
In the name of compassion.

Let me have sweet surrender
rocking in the arms ...
the arms of love.

From the heavens above.
Please Please Please - no hard landings!
Sky diving for you
is the abyss for life!

1.0.1 0.0.2 1.1.4 0.1.3-0.0.2 0.0.0
3.3.6-3.3.5 1.1.4-1.1.3 0.1.3-0.0.2

8.8.10 (c11 10 8 10) 4.4.7 (c8-7) 1.2.4 0.1.3-0.0.2

3.3.5 5.5.8 8.8.10 7.8.9 5.5.8 3.3.5-8.8.10
1.1.4 3.3.6 6.6.9 5.5.8
3.3.5 3.4.6 3.3.5 0.1.3 0.1.3-0.0.2-0.0.0

The Web of Life (mp3 download)
Chris King (vocals, song, instruments) Jane King (lyric sources)

The Web
The plants and beasts like stars in number
connect us in this world of wonder
can you bear to wait
while they fade away?

All our lives have been spent waiting for
the crystalis to open.
Waiting for the flower
of love to bloom,
in the awakening
of all time.

The web of life is strong yet fragile.
Paradise flowering free for the gentle.
Yet we are destroyers.
Inferno brings no blessing, but our shame.

Why worship death? Why promote destruction
when the Tree of Life stands in love's garden?
The time is now.
The answer is you and me.

All our lives have been spent waiting for
the ark to reach the shore line.
The olive branch,
the dove of peace returning,
in the cresting
of the tide.

How many times have you ever thought?
How many times did you realize
we are part of the web
and in it is our living future too?

How do we move to act?
When do we recognise
that the garden we have always sought
is right before our eyes?

All our lives have been spent waiting for
the golden door to open.
Waiting for the Tree
of Life to bloom,
in reunion,
in consummation?

We must be bold-- Our chance is waning!
How can we bear to watch life fading?
Has time stood still?
What is it we are waiting for?

The dawn is clear, the light is coming.
Spring is here, rain showers are falling.
The time is now.
The answer is you and me.

All our lives have been spent waiting for
the flower bud to open.
Waiting for the apple
and the rose to blossom,
in the unveiling
of the bride.

We are co-creators vast in number
We can create a world of wonder
or else we can make
it fade away.

The plants and beasts like stars in number
connect us in this world of wonder
can you bear to wait
while they fade away?

All our lives have been spent waiting for
the crystalis to open.
Waiting for the flower
of love to bloom,
in the awakening
of all time.

0.0.2 (c3-2 1 1-3)
0.1.2 (c4-2 0 0-2)
1.0.0 (a2-1 0 1-0)
2.2.2 (c2-4 2 2-5 4 2 1 0 1)
2.1.0 (a0-2 0 0-2 0-2)
3.1.1 (a4 4-3 3)
2.1.0 (a0 3 3 2-1-0 1 2)
3.3.5 (c6 5 4 5)
2.3.4 (c2-3 4 4 3-2 0)
1.1.3 (c5-3 5 5 4-3-2-1)
0.0.2 (c3-4)

Hall of Mirrors (mp3 download)
Chris King, Dulcimer, keyboard, lyrics, vocals, percussion.

Hall of Mirrors

In the hall of mirrors it's hard to see
what will you do if you can't find me?
will you be able to set yourself free?
will you let her become everything she could be?

Will you give her a world she can surely live long in,
or just leave her a burning bush or two?
I've been lying all night, seeing flames in the darkness
I'm really afraid, I don't know about you.

Do you think she's anywhere around this place?
It's a long time since we have seen her face.
It's an endless hunger to seek her grace.
Is there something missing in the human race?

Can you tell me if you have seen her crying?
Has no one heard her in a long long time?
Do you think if we call out long down the shoreline
we might hear an echo somewhere out on the brine?

A sunset at night is a shepherd's delight
but the fire in the morning's the ferryman's plight.
You reach for the sky, so just tell me why
you still can't discern the signs of the times?

There are ice bergs spilling into the ocean,
It's the warmest its been for a few thousand years.
The coral is turning white like a dead man
and wild fires are burning their way through our fears.

On the hard-nose highway you pay the fee
for trying to see through a glass darkly.
Is the smoke getting thicker? Is there fire in the Tree?
El Nino! There's a hurricane out on the sea!

They say that the lion has left the savannah,
the eagle's no longer flying the hills,
the factories are belching smoke in the twilight,
they're queueing the shop floor just to settle their bills.

In the hall of mirrors it's hard to see
what will you do if you can't find me?
It's a case of reflection - where there's no simple plea,
can you open the lock if you can't find the key?

There's a dust devil blowing out on the prairie
theres been no rain for a season or two,
everyone's lookin' for a change in the weather.
Oh God, I really don't know about you.

2.3.4 0.0.2 0.1.3 0.0.2 2.3.4
2.3.4 0.0.2 0.1.3 0.0.2 0.0.0
2.3.4 0.0.2 0.1.3 0.0.2 0.1.3-2.3.4
0.0.2 2.3.4 0.1.3 0.1.3 0.0.2 0.0.0

7.8.9 5.5.7 5.6.8 5.5.7 7.8.9
7.8.9 5.5.7 5.6.8 5.5.7 5.5.5
7.8.9 5.5.7 5.6.8 5.5.7 5.6.8-7.8.9
5.5.7 7.8.9 5.7.8 5.7.8 5.5.7 5.5.5

Terminator Genes (mp3 download)
Dedicated to Greenpeace and the birth of genetic ethics.
Chris King (dulcimer, vocals, percussion), Heath King (bass),
Denys Watkins (guitar), Julian Rosenberg (guitar).

Terminator Genes

Oh we've got terminator genes
Do you know just what this means?
Yes! This is the death of forever.
We're coming to the end of the line.

They once said that life was a river,
the living garment that never would fray.
When life was free, things were just rosy,
but then the crunch comes, and there's a price to pay.

For now, they own, own the genome.
They're gona clone, clone, clone our lives away,
because they went out and took a bloody patent
and they mean to charge us by the day.

Can you live like a parking meter
asking passers by to throw you a dime,
when your entire genetic pre-disposition
is owned by a company charging time?

Hey that's not the way of democracy!
I thought we all had a stake in this scene?
C'mon kid, what company is elected?
They're all here to take it while its green.

They say there once was a garden
and a tree of immortal life,
but somebody ate the fruit of knowledge
and all we got was finanacial strife.

They had the story wrong about Armageddon
it's not just about nuclear war,
but creeping genetic takeover
and action on the stockmarket floor

Life has been free for so long now,
its a crime to see it all have to end.
To find that living things become possessions
hired out to to you so long as you spend.

What happens when the storm strikes the edifice
and the temple of doom gets washed away?
Where are the living things we can turn to,
when they're engineered so they cant reach next day?

You'd better go tell all the people
to gather fast on the North-Eastern shore.
If we don't make some sort of stand now,
it'll be death in life forever more.

Oh we've got terminator genes
Do you know just what this means?
Yes! It's the death of forever.
We've come to the end of the line.

For now they own, own, own the genome
and they're gona clone, clone, clone our lives away.
Because they went and took out a bloody patent
and from now on they'll charge us by the day.

5.5.8 4.4.7 3.4.5 0.1.2
3.4.5 4.4.7 5.5.8 -0.1.2 (2 x 2)
5.5.8 8.8.10 7.8.9
5.6.8 4.4.7 (2 x 2)

Tsunami (mp3 download) - YouTube Video
Chris Feb 2005 (dulcimer, keyboards, percussion, lyrics, vocals)


The crest is high,
The wave is long.
The sea so wild,
all hope is gone.

The great flood tide is roaring in
washing everything away.
Is the pain we might feel tomorrow
going to see the light of day?

Can we catch the wild ride to the light?
Is this what our lives are for?
Or is our whole world just going to be
tossed beyond the shore?
Can we ever find our way back home
or is it never more?

The stakes are high
as life is long.
The pain lies heavy
where love has gone.

Is everything we have struggled for
just dancing before our eyes?
Bobbing on the ocean's breasts
or crushed between her thighs?

Hine can you tell me now
is there any land in sight?
Or just a palm tree on the water
and a wave of awesome height?
Can we ride our way to the summit now
or are we the dead of night?

We seek the sky.
The night is long.
The day is endless.
Where has life gone?

Where have all the others gone,
who were clinging to a piece of wood?
Have they all been sucked right under?
Have they all left here for good?

Is there some kind of compensation
for all these tangled lives?
Is this a time of testing
our faith in paradise?
Or just the great leveler
of all we fantasize?

2.0.0 3.1.0 2.0.0 4.3.2
2.0.0 3.1.0 2.0.0 0.0.0
2.0.0 3.1.0 2.0.0 2.0.0-4.3.2
2.0.0 3.1.0 2.0.0 2.0.0-0.0.0

2.0.0 3.1.0 2.0.0

6.4.4 5.4.3-5.3.3
3.1.1 3.3.1 7.4.4
6.4.3 5.3.3
3.1.1-3.1.0 4.3.2

10.8.8 9.8.6-9.6.6
6.4.3 8.6.5
8.5.4 6.4.3
3.1.0 2.0.0 0.0.0
10.8.8 9.6.6
5.3.3 2.0.0 0.0.0

By the Waters (mp3 download)
Chris King (lyrics, vocal, dulcimer), Christine Fielder (vocal), Rohan King (vocal, piano)

By the Waters of Love

By the waters the waters of Babylon
we lay down and wept, and wept, for thee Zion
We remember, we remember, we remember thee Zion

By the waters, the waters of the vale Kidron
We lay down and wept, and wept for Asherah
We remember, we shall treasure the love within thee Shekhinah

By the waters, the waters of Galilee
We lay down and wept, and wept for the blood flowed free
We remember thee with splendour, exaltation Magdalen

By, the waters, entwining through, the tree of love
We lay down, and wept, and wept, for the holy dove
We restore thee, we renew thee, we reflower, thee Gaia.

Invocation - Maria Sabina Velada July 21 1956*

Our doll, our virgin.
My Father. Christ.

Thunder on the Plain
(mp3 download)
Chris King (dulcimer, percussion, vocals) Julian Rosenberg (guitar)


I'm talking about thunder,
Thunder on the plain.
When I hear that thunder,
I don't know how to find
my way back home again!

I went up on the mountain
to find myself a view,
but when I reached the summit,
I spied a rainbow too.
A sunshower in the valley,
a whirlwind down the line,
thunder rolling on the hills,
the weather sure was fine.

I'm talking about thunder,
and lightning in the rain.
When I hear that thunder,
I don't know how to find
my way back home again!

I went out to the forest
in search of verdant shade
and when I reached the river,
I found a sunlit glade,
A rainbow trout was jumping,
a hawk was flying high.
The waterfall was tumbling down,
its mist reached to the sky.

I'm talking about thunder,
ecstasy and pain.
When I hear that thunder,
I don't know how to find
my way back home again!

I went out in the moonlight
upon a sacred hunch
and where I saw the ocean roll
I spied a magic bunch.
Their heads were tawny yellow
their stalks a midnight blue
right then things were scintillating
and rocking and rolling too.

I'm talking about thunder.
and lightning the brain.
When I hear that thunder,
I don't know if I can find
my way back home again!

5.5.8-0.1.2 5.5.8-0.1.2
1.2.4 3.3.5 5.5.8-0.1.2

5.5.8 3.4.5 1.2.4 0.1.2
2.2.4 5.5.8 5.7.9 2.2.4
4.4.7 3.3.5 0.1.2 2.2.4
5.5.8 3.4.5 1.2.4 0.1.2

Beware The Milk of Paradise (mp3 download)
A Dionysian song dedicated to the flesh of the gods and to wilderness.
Lyrics: Traditional ballad "Lovely Joan" plus the closing stanzas of "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Chris King: Dulcimer, keyboards, ova.
Heath King and Erle Williams: Sacramental drums.


A fine young man it was indeed.
He was mounted on his milk-white steed.
He rode and he rode himself all alone
until he came to lovely Joan.

And don't you think these stacks of hay
a pretty place for us to play?
I'd gladly give it for your maidenhead
her cheeks they blushed like the roses red.

Give me the ring that's in your hand
and I will neither stay nor stand.
I'll go with you to the stacks of hay
and there we will play till the sun goes away.

And all should cry beware beware
his flashing eyes, his floating hair
or weave a circle round him thrice
and close your eyes in mortal dread
for he on honey dew hath fed
and drunk the milk of paradise.

c1 3.4.5 c5-7 5.5.8
c2-4 2.3.4 c3 1.0.1 c0 1.0.1
c1-2 1.1.3 c3-4 1.1.3 c2 1.0.1 0.0.0
2.3.4 c4-3 1.0.1
c1 3.4.5 c5-7 5.5.8
5.7.9 c8 4.4.7 c5 2.2.4 c2 2.2.4
c2 1.1.3 c4 3.4.5 c7 5.5.8
c2-4 2.3.4 c3 1.0.1 c0 1.0.1

Pastoral Canticle (mp3 download)
Chris King: Reading from the Song of Songs
Handel: Messiah Pastoral Symphony - Collegium Musicum.

Return, return, O Shulamite; return,
return, that we may look upon thee.
Who is she that looketh forth as the morning,
fair as the moon, clear as the sun,
and terrible as an army with banners?

A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse;
a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. ...
A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters.

The flowers appear on the earth;
the time of singing of birds is come

I have come into my garden, my sister, my spouse:
I have gathered my myrrh and my spice;
I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey;
I have drunk my wine with my milk:
eat, O friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved.

Set me as a seal upon thine heart,
as a seal upon thine arm:
for love is strong as death;
jealously is cruel as the grave:
the coals thereof are coals of fire,
which hath a most vehement flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
neither can the floods drown it.

But a Piece of What Was To Be (mp3 download)
Rohan King: Composition, grand piano.
Chris King: Dulcimer accompaniment.

"It is completely melodramatic, though in a way that was the intention. It's sorrowful and yet somehow incomplete, but I suppose most importantly it's a song of passion and a song of love. Well ... that's what it is to me anyway ( not wanting to sound too pretentious and all)" - Rohan