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Etymologies of Key Words

  1. Sex L. sexus prob. orig. ‘division’.
  2. Contradiction L. contra- against dicere speak
  3. Paradox Gk. paradoxos - para- ‘beyond’ (contrary to) doxa ‘opinion’.
  4. Coitus L. coitio co- together, -ire go.
  5. Couple, Copulate L. copula a link, bond.
  6. Concupiscence com- thoroughly -cupere desire.
  7. Primordial, Primeval L. primus- ‘first’ -ordiri ‘begin a web’ -aevum ‘age’.
  8. Chaos Gk. kaos abyss - to‘yawn’ or ‘gape’. Cosmos Gk. kosmos order.
  9. Universe L. universus - ‘turned into one’ - uni- ‘one’ -versere ‘turned’.
  10. Religion L. re- ‘again’ -ligio to ‘bind’ or ‘link’ - to bind again
  11. Heresy Gk. hariesthai ‘choose’.
  12. Dominion L. dominium - dominus lord
  13. Apocalypse Gk. apo- from -kalyptein cover - unveiling
  14. Patriarchy Gk. patriarches head of a family patria- family, clan -archein to rule.
  15. Matriarchy derived from patriarch by substitution.
  16. Marriage L. maritus a husband
  17. Wed OE. weddian pledge.
  18. Sacred L. sacer ‘holy’ Holy OE halig ‘whole’.
  19. Matrimony L. matrimonium marriage - from mater, matris mother.
  20. Patrimony L. patrimonium an endowment or inheritance - from pater, patris father.
  21. Tragedy Gk. tragõida - tragos- ‘goat’ -õide a song (Dionysus’ severed goat’s head. Death).
  22. Comedy Gk.. kõmos- ‘revel’ -aeidein ‘sing’) - to rejoice. Chaos, Life.