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The Inescapable Game of Life

  1. Success comes from sticking with your monkey lover Feb 13
  2. Sex endows evolutionary advantage in tough conditions Jul 12
  3. Firefly sex success: the secret is in the gift-giving Jul 12
  4. The fish with its genitals on its head Jul 12
  5. Snake gives 'virgin birth' to extraordinary babies Dec 10 Wild snake mothers don't need a daddy Virgin births discovered in wild snakes
  6. Hens evolve secret sex strategy Sep 11
  7. Scientists might have explained promiscuous behaviour Sep 11
  8. Light shed on bisexual and promiscuous deep-sea squid Sep 11
  9. Sex at sea lets female elephant seals stay in control Aug 11
  10. The amphibious fish that mates with itself Aug 11
  11. The trouble with good-looking people Aug 11
  12. Small squid produce bigger sperm Aug 11 Super squid sex organ discovered
  13. Sexually showy birds age faster Jul 11
  14. Snake gives 'virgin birth' to extraordinary babies Nov 10
  15. Trees can't live forever without sex, study shows Aug 10
  16. Sticks insects survive one million years without sex Jul 11
  17. Worms' sex life yields advantage over parasites Jul 11
  18. Testosterone and high finance do not mix: so bring on the women Jun 11
  19. Men with Sport's Cars Attract Flings, But Not Marriage Jun 11
  20. Why female zebra finches cheat on their partners Jun 11
  21. Butterflies close wings to avoid sex May 11
  22. Researchers uncover the nature of human kindness May 11
  23. Married couples 'take it in turns' to win arguments Apr 11
  24. Colourful-billed mallard ducks have fewer STDs Apr 11
  25. The Evolution of Prejudice Mar 11
  26. Bitter tastes make you more judgemental Feb 11
  27. The male beauty contest judged by women Jan 11
  28. Thoughts of religion prompt acts of punishment Nov 10
  29. Why men are attracted to women with small feet Jul 10
  30. Toddlers who lie 'will do better' May 10
  31. A disease-free society helps effeminate men attract women Mar 10
  32. Post-coital warfare: insect semen kills rival sperm Mar 10
  33. Warren Beatty 'slept with 12,775 women' Jan 5, 2010 The Hollywood star - who married actress Annette Bening in March 1992 – reportedly averaged a different partner every day for the three-and-a-half decades he was single.
  34. How male bedbugs avoid getting shafted 11 Dec 2009 Female bedbugs have a structure beneath their carapace to guide the penis into a mass of infection-fighting immune cells, but males have no such protection. They respond instead by emitting a pheromone normally used to warn off predators
  35. Gender gap widens among NZ university graduates Nov 05, 2009
    Men 'out-performed by women at university' 6 June 2009
  36. 2007 Gender Gap Index World Economic Forum Wed Oct 28, 2009
  37. Trust Is Only Skin Deep Strangers rate attractive people as more trustworthy and honest, and lookers earn more money, too. This deferential treatment may lead the beautiful to be more trusting when they know others can see them. 16 October 2009
  38. Chemical keeps male sex drive in check A single pheromone ensures a male fruitfly's urge to mate targets the right sex. 14 October 2009
  39. Lowly female Zebra Finches pick mediocre mates As adults, the low-quality females showed a preference for the songs of males of the same quality, and for the male birds themselves. 8 October 2009
  40. Love, pleasure, duty: Why women have sex September 30, 2009
  41. How a flying fox keeps his harem Males with relatively high levels of testosterone in their blood are better able to maintain their "harem" of choosy females, says a study.
    19 August 2009
  42. Over-confidence leads us into temptation People who were least confident at their ability to resist fared best – because they kept temptation well out of their way. 10 August 2009
  43. Honey, I ate the kids: When caring fish turn cannibal 23 June 2009
  44. Ducks fight the battle of the sexes in their genitals 23 Dec 2009
  45. Female ducks fight back against 'raping' males Females have very elaborate vaginas (left) to counter males' phalluses (right) 01 May 2007
  46. Male pond skaters forced to 'sing' for sex 12 June 2009
  47. Men 'out-performed by women at university' 6 June 2009
  48. Penis length isn't everything … for barnacle males they have the longest penis length relative to body size in the animal kingdom – but new research suggests that stouter members are sometimes more effective for mating. 17 April 2009
  49. Ultimate Gentlemens Agreement Helps Birds Mate 15 February 2009
  50. Study debunks illegitimacy 'myth' The real number is more likely to be less than one in 25, researchers say. 11 February 2009
  51. Butterflies use penis to gauge sex competition 13 January 2009
  52. Ants 'get aggressive with cheats' 10 January 2009
  53. Are political leanings all in the genes? Dec 26, 2008 Genes fuel financial risk-taking 11 February 2009 High testosterone linked to miserly behaviour 26 October 2009
  54. Whales' teeth are aid to mating 15 December 2008
  55. Many lie over books 'to impress' 11 December 2008
  56. The dizzying diversity of human sexual strategies 26 November 2008
  57. An iron will runs in the family The analysis found that 52 per cent in the variation of mental toughness was down to genetics (Personality and Individual Differences, DOI: 10.1016/j.paid.2008.09.009) 29 October 2008
  58. Unfaithful women beware - men are onto you New research shows men are better at detecting a cheating partner than females, and they're more likely to suspect infidelities that don't exist. Oct 30, 2008 Men have a sharper eye for a love cheat (Human Nature, vol 19, p 347)
  59. Female birds sacrifice health to create more colourful eggs - to get the males to stick around 2 October 2008
  60. Mothers' pride 'aids daughters' Ambitious mothers produce super-confident daughters, a University of London study has suggested 2 October 2008
  61. In the language of love, money talks 29 September 2008
  62. Men with sexist views 'earn more' 22 September 2008
  63. Fair-mindedness and altruistic punishment in child development 22 September 2008
  64. Promiscuous toads are just hedging their bets - combining best genes with best parenting chances 13 September 2008
  65. Why you should go with your gut feeling New research shows that our brains pick up on subliminal signals when making risky decisions 27 August 2008
  66. Polygamy is the key to a long life New research suggests that men from polygamous cultures outlive those from monogamous ones. 19 August 2008
  67. Male dominance is no guarantee of genetic success 05 August 2008
  68. Folklore gets it wrong on love matches When it comes to relationships, we are often told that opposites attract. Now, a study suggests couples stay together longer if they share some common ground. 05 August 2008
  69. Violent sex means chameleons die young 30 June 2008
  70. Sexes split over one night stands 26 June 2008
  71. Bad guys really do get the most girls Being just slightly evil could have an upside: a prolific sex life 18 June 2008
  72. Altruism needs selfish genes to evolve after all 30 May 2008
  73. Polygamy roll shows 21 wives for one member May 6, 2008
  74. Female lizards desire males of many colours The females are polyandrous, and mate with as many males as possible. 24 April 2008
  75. High calorie diet linked to boys 22 April 2008
  76. Hormones 'may fuel market crises' A Cambridge University team found testosterone levels were directly linked to the profit they made. 14 April 2008
  77. Sex, murder, tentacles -- octopuses have it all Marine biologists studying wild octopuses have found a kinky and violent society of jealous murders, gender subterfuge and once-in-a-lifetime sex. Apr 3, 2008
  78. Have peacock tails lost their sexual allure? 27 March 2008
  79. Kissing cousins 'have more kids' Marrying a distant relative could mean a larger family, according to Icelandic researchers who studied their nation's genetic record. 8 February 2008
  80. Why are girls growing up so fast? 14 February 2007 A girl's sexual development is affected by her family environment - and fathers play a crucial role.
  81. Genes show female mammals much more likely to be creatures of habit October 21 2007 Through genetic manipulation and breeding, the researchers came up with two mice variants in addition to normal males and females: one mouse with male gonads but female sex chromosomes, and another with female gonads and male sex chromosomes. This made it possible to measure the impact of hormones and genes separately.
  82. Duetting birds found to be unfaithful Dec 22, 2007 Birds that sing in harmonious duets with one another have always been considered monogamous partners, with the singing thought to help in building faithful relationships. Now, research has shown at least that one such species sleeps around. (Benedict, L. Behav. Ecol. Sociobiol. doi: 10.1007/s00265-007-0524-x).
  83. Keep-'em-keen gene stops insects starting a family Dec 14, 2007
  84. Generosity 'may be in the genes' Dec 11, 2007 Gene tests revealed those who had certain variants of a gene called AVPR1a were on average nearly 50% more likely to give money away.
  85. Voyeurs put male fish off their ideal mate Dec 8, 2007 Mating fish don't like an audience, it seems. When another male spies on them they change their mind about which female they prefer. Animal Behaviour (DOI: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2007.05.013).
  86. The gene that makes us once bitten, twice shy Dec 8, 2007 Research reveals a genetic mutation that helps to determine the extent to which certain people are doomed to repeat history. Dopamine D2 receptors Klein, T. A. et al. Science 318, 14621465 (2007).
  87. Male topi antelope's sex burden Nov 29, 2007 Choosy males and aggressive females - a role reversal has been found in the sexual behaviour of the topi antelope.
  88. Toads are 'open-minded' about sex Nov 10, 2007 Amphibians, under some conditions, will mate with other species to help boost the survival rates of their offspring. S. bombifrons, will often mate with another closely related species, D. multiplicata for rapid tadpole development in drying ponds.
  89. Female hyenas prefer wandering males Aug 22, 2007 Foreign males are most attractive - for female spotted hyenas at least. And this female preference for the unusual is what drives young males to leave their clan and seek out another pack.
  90. What's keeping women out of the labs? Aug 10, 2007 Despite changing attitudes, there are still very few women at the highest levels in certain fields.
  91. In promiscuous primates, sperm feel need for speed Jul 26, 2007 Promiscuous primate species have faster sperm than their more monogamous counterparts.
  92. Primates on the pill Jul 19, 2007 Phyto-progestogens have a hormonal contraceptive effect similar to progesterone. Levels of these progestogens surged in females during the rainy disease-prone plum season. (Hormones and Behaviour, DOI:10.1016/j.yhbeh.2007.06.003).
  93. Wife's menopause trigger for men's mid life crisis, researchers say Jul 19, 2007.
  94. Over 50s Indulge in Final Flings 8 Feb 07 Nearly a third claim to be having affairs.
  95. A third of men 'bored with marriage' Jan 9, 2007 Nearly a fifth of couples in Britain are on the brink of splitting up and one in 10 say they no longer have sex, a survey says.
  96. Paying taxes feels good, say researchers Jul 3, 2007 The surprising discovery, based on brain scans, can also predict which people are most likely to donate cash to charity.
  97. Daddy's girls pick boys who look just like their fathers Jun 13, 2007 A woman who enjoyed a good childhood relationship with her father is more likely than other women to select a male partner who resembles her dad.
  98. Female beetles have a thirst for sex Jun 7, 2007 The bean weevil Callosobruchus maculatus feeds on dry pulses. With a diet like this, the male's ejaculate is a valuable water source for females.
  99. Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness Jun 5, 2007 Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man's decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests.
  100. Cheating cheetahs caught by DNA May 29, 2007 DNA analysis of the spotted cats found that they were serial cheaters, with nearly half of their litters made up of cubs from different fathers.
  101. Rivalry leaves its mark on primate brains 10 May 2007 A comparison of brains from 21 primate species, including gorillas and chimps, suggests that those with greater male-on-male competition have more brain matter devoted to aggression and coordination. Whereas those species in which there is more social mixing between males and females have evolved bigger brains with higher-level thinking.
  102. Female ducks fight back against raping males 1 May 2007 Some vaginas had spiral channels that would impede sex by twisting in the opposite direction to that of the male phallus. Others had as many as eight cul-de-sac pouches en route, that could prevent fertilisation by capturing unwelcome sperm. Moreover, these features were only found in species renowned for forced sex.
  103. Birds prove wisdom of 'opposites attract' 15 August 2006 Most aggressive cockatiels tend to court only those that are more docile, and vice versa. They have long, cooperative partnerships.

Humanity's Evolutionary Heritage

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Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Phone data shows romance 'driven by women' Apr 12
  2. Neanderthal sex boosted immunity in modern humans Aug 11
  3. Read all about it: Why we have an appetite for gossip Jul 11
  4. Breeding with Neanderthals helped humans go global Jun 11
  5. Chimps give birth like humans Jun 11
  6. Ancient cave women 'left childhood homes' Jun 11
  7. Humans 'left Africa much earlier' Jan 11
  8. Neanderthals cooked and ate vegetables Jan 11
  9. Exchange meat for sex? No thank you May 10
  10. Bonobo chimps filmed shaking their head to 'say no' May 10
  11. Neanderthal genes 'survive in us' May 10 Neanderthals may have interbred with humans May 10
  12. South African fossils could be new hominid species Apr 10
  13. Egg shells illustrate human story Mar 10
  14. Sharing apes: what bonobos have in common with us Feb 10
  15. Peter Pan ways make bonobos the most amiable of apes 28 Jan 2010
  16. Scientists stunned by fire-dancing chimps Jan 16, 201
  17. Neanderthal 'make-up' discovered 9 Jan 2010
  18. Fair play: Monkeys share our sense of injustice 11 Nov 2009 Frans de Waal
  19. Chimps use cleavers and anvils as tools to chop food 24 Dec 2009
  20. Monkey calls give clues to language origins 11 December 2009 Two studies suggest that the ability to combine sounds and words to alter meaning may be rooted in Campbell's monkey.
  21. Babies 'cry in mother's tongue' 6 November 2009
  22. Chinese challenge to 'out of Africa' theory 3 Nov 2009 A a 110,000 year old putative Homo sapiens mandible from a cave in southern China's Guangxi province.
  23. Paternal Grandmas: Good for girls, bad for boys The presence of a grandmother in a female child's life may explain why human women live well beyond their reproductive age Wednesday Oct 28, 2009
  24. 'Younger wife' for marital bliss The secret to a happy marriage is choosing a wife who is smarter and at least five years younger 26 October 2009
  25. Earliest evidence of humans thriving on the savannah as early as 2 million years ago 21 October 2009
  26. Meet future woman: shorter, plumper, more fertile 19 October 2009
  27. Monkey mothers 'coo' over babies 8 October 200
  28. Fossil finds extend human story A 4.4-million-year-old human-like creature that may be a direct ancestor 1 October 2009
  29. Most ancient coloured twine found The microscopic fibres, discovered accidentally while scientists were searching for pollen samples, are around 30,000 years old. 10 September 2009
  30. Skulls suggest Africa not sole cradle of humankind The Dmanisi people in the foothills of the Caucuses had brains that were about 40 per cent smaller than those of Homo erectus dated to about 1.8 million years ago Sep 10, 2009
  31. Chimps imitate yawning animations 8 September 2009
  32. Three human genes evolved from junk At least three human genes evolved "from scratch" via mutations in non-coding stretches of DNA, a process thought to be virtually impossible until recently. The genes evolved since human and chimp lineages split and so are unique to us. 03 September 2009
  33. Gorilla sexual intrigue could explain human monogamy Female gorillas use sex as a tactic to thwart their rivals, new research suggests. Pregnant apes court their silverback male to stop other females conceiving. 02 September 2009
  34. We're all mutants, say scientists Each of us has at least 100 new mutations in our DNA 2 September 2009
  35. New Research Confirms 'Out Of Africa' Theory Of Human Evolution May 10, 2007
  36. Jealous female gorillas solicit unproductive sex Female gorillas get friskier when their silverback has sex with another female, even when they themselves cannot conceive. 14 May 2009
  37. German 35,000 yr old 'Venus' may be oldest yet 13 May 2009 'Oldest musical instrument' found 24 June 2009
  38. Monkey mums bow to babies' pester power 11 March 2009 Monkeys 'teach infants to floss'
  39. Chimps craft ultimate fishing rod 4 March 2009 Zoo chimp 'planned' stone attacks 9 March 2009 Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex 7 April 2009
  40. Male bonding is rife in chimp society too 26 January 2009
  41. Orangutans learn to trade favours 24 December 2008
  42. First complete Neanderthal genome sequenced 7 Aug 08 Neanderthals 'distinct from us' 12 February 2009 Neanderthal 'face' found in Loire 2 December, 2003 Neanderthals wore make-up and liked to chat 27 March 2008 History serves up insight into Neanderthals' fate Human cannibalism rather than climate change May 18, 2009 Why Neanderthals were always an endangered species For much of their 400,000 year history, Neanderthals were few and far between, a new analysis of genetic material from several of the extinct, ancient humans now suggests. 17 July 2009 'Complexity' of Neanderthal tools 26 August 2008
  43. Ivory bird displays ancient skill 30,000 yrs ago 17 December, 2003 Nature
  44. A Stone Age massacre provides evidence of earliest known nuclear family. 17 November 2008
  45. How warfare shaped human evolution Warfare accounts for 10 per cent or more of all male deaths in present-day hunter-gatherers. 12 November 2008
  46. Rare fossil find sheds light on evolution of women The roughly 1.2 million-year-old female pelvic bone points to a shorter, stockier species than thought. Its capacious birth canal shows signs of evolutionary accommodation for a bulging brain. 13 November 2008
  47. Technological innovation (not environmental change) may have driven first human migration 71,000 years ago 30 October 2008
  48. Proto-humans mastered fire 790,000 years ago 27 October 2008
  49. Loving bonobos have a carnivorous dark side - they mercilessly hunt and eat monkeys alive 13 October 2008
  50. Polygamy left its mark on the human genome Tens of thousands of years of polygamy has left a mark on our genomes that is a signature that small numbers of males must have mated with lots of females 26 September 2008
  51. Chimps can match up the faces of group members with photos of their behinds 22 September 2008
  52. Did 'burrowing' placenta give us big brains? 08 July 2008
  53. First Europeans shunned Neanderthal sex 16 July 2008
  54. Ancestors had leg-up to trees The ancestors of humans, apes and monkeys may have taken to the trees because of their small body size. 16 May 2008
  55. Face values applied to love game Men generally preferred women they perceive are open to short-term sexual relationships, with women after longer-term matches. The composite face on the right is said to be keener on short-term sex 9 April 2008
  56. 'Long-life' genes found in 100-year-old humans 03 March 2008
  57. Nattering chimps think like humans A key part of the brain used by humans when communicating is also used by chimps, say scientists at one of the world's largest primate research centres. 28 February 2008
  58. Gorilla love gets researchers hot under the collar Leah, the first gorilla ever seen using tools, has secured herself another small place in history by becoming the first gorilla captured on film mating face-to-face. February 14, 2008
  59. Helpful baboon dads boost offsprings' success 04 February 2008
  60. Languages evolve in sudden leaps, not creeps Language evolves in sudden leaps, according to a statistical study of three major language groups. The finding challenges the slow-and-steady model held by many linguists and matches evidence that genetic evolution follows a similar path. 01 February 2008
  61. Cave clue to 'first beachcombers Oct 17, 2007 The waste from shellfish dinners discarded in a South African cave is said to be the earliest evidence of humans living and thriving by the sea, at Pinnacle Point on the Cape. The remains were buried in sediments that are 164,000 years old. The researchers also found pieces of ochre, a soft stone that can be scraped to produce powders with rich pigments.
  62. Offerings to a Stone Snake Provide the Earliest Evidence of Religion December 01, 2006.
  63. 'Laughs' not exclusive to humans 2 January 2008 Scientists found that orang-utans had a sense of empathy and mimicry which forms an essential part of laughter.
  64. World's oldest adornments found, Morocco says Jun 6, 2007 The small oval Nassarius mollusc shells, some dyed with red ochre, were probably pierced to be strung into necklaces or bracelets 82,000 years ago.
  65. Apes may lead to origin of language May 1, 2007 Scientists seeking clues to the origins of human language analyzed the way two types of apes genetically closely related to people -- chimpanzees and bonobos -- use such hand and limb gestures to communicate.
  66. Neanderthals possessed crucial gene linked to speech October 18, 2007 The evidence stems from analysis of a gene called FOXP2 which is associated with language.
  67. Mega-mouthy: Which is the talkative sex? 31 December 2007
  68. Men – the other talkative sex Jul 7, 2007 Contrary to the common belief that women are much more talkative than men, a new study has found that in fact they use only 3% more words each day.
  69. Ancient human unearthed in China 2 April 2007 The Tianyuan remains display diagnostic features of modern H. sapiens. But co-author Erik Trinkaus and his colleagues argue, controversially, that the bones also display features characteristic of earlier human species, such as relatively large front teeth. The most likely explanation, they argue, is interbreeding between early modern humans emerging from Africa and the archaic populations they encountered in Europe and Asia.
  70. Bonobos join forces to outdo chimps 09 April 2007 When the food was in a single bowl - making it easy to monopolise - chimps were less willing to work together (Current Biology, vol 17, p 619).
  71. Changes create colourful continent October 24, 2007 A few dozen genetic changes can help explain why people of European descent have so many different shades of hair, eye and skin colour - but it is still impossible to tell the colour of someone's eyes or hair based on DNA alone, researchers in Iceland say.
  72. Sexy walks 'keep men off scent' Nov 8, 2007 A sexy swing of the hips may attract admiring glances, but it is not a covert sign a woman is ready to breed, according to researchers. They found those with alluring walks were the furthest away from ovulation.
  73. Feminine males 'more attractive' Nov 8, 2007 Most women like a feminised face, but those who rated themselves attractive went for the classic masculine face. Feminine faces tend to be linked with stability and caring. Women who considered themselves highly attractive were more willing to take a risk with a highly testosterone-charged male, and were less likely to fear such a man straying.
  74. Deep-voiced men 'have more kids' Sep 26, 2007 Men with deep voices tend to have more children than those who speak at a higher pitch, scientists say. Their finding is based on a group of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania known as the Hadza, who can be studied without bias because they use no birth control. Males who hit lower notes as they talked had about two more children on average than squeaky speakers.
  75. Neanderthal climate link debated Sep 26, 2007
  76. Women 'choosier' over partners Sep 10, 2007 An Indiana University team looked at the behaviour of 46 people taking part in a speed-dating session. They found that the men were more likely to go for the more attractive women, while women opted for those who could give the best financial security. Men were also likely to want to date more women, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported.
  77. Women may be hardwired to prefer pink Aug 26, 2007 Women may have an innate preference related to fruit gathering.
  78. Chimps keep busy to control their urges Aug 22, 2007 Primates distracted themselves by playing with toys in order to avoid giving in to the temptation of eating instantly available candy so they could obtain even more treats at a later time.
  79. Finds test human origins theory Aug 10, 2007 Previously, the hominid Homo habilis was thought to have evolved into the more advanced Homo erectus, which evolved into us. Now, habilis and erectus are thought to be sister species that overlapped in time.
  80. Orangutans use 'charades' to talk Aug 2, 2007.
  81. Energy use 'drove human walking' Jul 17, 2007 The human bipedal gait is about four times more efficient than chimps getting around on either two or four legs, the researchers found.
  82. Upright walking 'began in trees' May 31, 2007 The ancestors of humans began walking upright while they were still living in trees - not out on open land, according to a new theory.
  83. The face, not the body, attracts a mate 13 May 2007.
  84. Women would endure most pain for a best friend 3 May 2007 For women, best friends rank higher than cousins, while men put all family members ahead of friends.
  85. Chimp cooperation goes beyond family 23 April 2007 Chimps who shared a mother were far more likely to cooperate with each other. In contrast, there was no evidence that the same applied to chimps with a shared father. This is probably because fathers do not stay with their offspring, so a chimp has no easy way to recognise his paternal brothers. However, since maternal brothers were rare in this population, most of the cooperating pairs were unrelated or only distantly related. Extensive cooperation among non-relatives suggests that chimps do it for selfish reasons, with the expectation that favours will be reciprocated.
  86. Chimps 'more evolved' than humans 16 April 2007 233 chimp genes, compared with only 154 human ones, have been changed by selection since chimps and humans split from their common ancestor about 6 million years ago.
  87. Bed sharing 'drains men's brains' 20 July 2006 When men spend the night with a bed mate their sleep is disturbed, whether they make love or not, and this impairs their mental ability the next day.
  88. Curves were best for Stone Age women 12 March 2007 Female figurines dating back 15,000 years reveal that the preferred body shape for women was curvy with prominent buttocks.
  89. The hourglass figure is truly timeless 10 January 2007 Written texts of all ages have the same drift when it comes to the midriff - they consistently describe women’s thin waists as attractive.

Culture Out of Africa

Since 2013 important updates have all been included in the chapter
For other updates to the present see the
Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Lawyer fights 'widow sex' tradition in Malawi Jun 13
  2. South Africa: 'Over 25% of schoolgirls HIV positive' Mar 13
  3. Kenyan bid to ban bride-price payments Oct 12
  4. South African arrested with 'nephew's genitals in his wallet' Oct 12
  5. Ghana witch camps: Widows' lives in exile Sep 12
  6. Menstrual huts protect Dogon men from cuckoldry Jun 12
  7. Women's 'sex strike' a global phenomenon Sep 11
  8. Botswana Bushmen win back rights to Kalahari water Jan 11
  9. Sierra Leone woman barred from becoming chief 15 Dec 2009 Members of a Sierra Leone traditional group have besieged a woman's house and stopped her from going home after she launched a legal bid to become a chief.
  10. Asia populated in one migratory swoop 10 Dec 2009 Negrito populations in Malaysia are more closely related to other Asians than previously thought. Researchers mapping a massive array of genomes across Asia say they have found evidence that humans covered the continent in a single migratory wave, and share a common ancestry.
  11. Suite of chatterbox genes discovered 11 November 2009 All of them appear to be controlled by a master-switch gene called Foxp2.
  12. Rape used as weapon in DR Congo war Oct 22, 2009
  13. SA man to wed four women at once Zulu businessman Milton Mbele, 44, is to marry the women aged between 22 and 35 in Ntlane village in Kwa-Zulu Natal and says he loves them all. 24 September 2009
  14. Outcry over disowned US-Liberian rape girl Offers of help are pouring in for an eight-year-old Liberian girl disowned by her own family in Phoenix, Arizona, after being raped by four boys. 25 July 2009 Arizona girl's attack sheds light on rape in Liberia
  15. Horror of Kenya's 'witch' lynchings 26 June 2009
  16. South African rape survey shock One in four South African men questioned in a survey said they had raped someone and nearly half admitted having attacked more than one victim. 18 June 2009 South African rapist: 'Forgive me', South Africa fights rape crisis, Tackling rape epidemic
  17. Zimbabwe girls trade sex for food 12 June 2009
  18. Kenyan women hit men with sex ban Women's activist groups in Kenya have slapped their partners with a week-long sex ban in protest over the infighting plaguing the national unity government. 29 April 2009 Kenyan sues over sex ban 'stress' 8 May 2009
  19. Jacob Zuma's three first ladies 8 May 2009
  20. How novels help drive social evolution Why does storytelling endure across time and cultures? 14 January 2009
  21. Human line 'nearly split in two' The genetic split in Africa resulted in distinct populations that lived in isolation for as much as 100,000 years, the scientists say. 24 April 2008 Second article.
  22. Long-lived grannies may have fewer grandchildren 14 March 2008
  23. 'Intelligence genes' reveal their complexity Dec 30, 2007 The research identified six genes that were strongly associated with high or low intelligence. The six together accounted for about 1 per cent of the variation in intelligence.
  24. A long way from the Kalahari Dec 15, 2007 The Gana, Gwi and Tsila Bushmen have lived in the Botswana's Kalahari game reserve for thousands of years. However, after diamonds were discovered on the land in the early 1980s the inhabitants were packed off to resettlement camps where they were banned from hunting and introduced to lives of boredom and alcoholism.
  25. Not So Tall Tale: Why Pygmies Evolved to Be Shorter Dec 14, 2007 The Aeta and other pygmies have the highest mortality rates among all human populations; their small body size evolved as a life history consequence of early death.
  26. Culture Speeds Up Human Evolution Dec 14, 2007 Human evolution has sped up thanks to the population explosion caused by agriculture.
  27. Human evolution is 'speeding up' Dec 11, 2007 In the past 5,000 years, genetic change has occurred at a rate roughly 100 times higher than any other period, say scientists in the US.
  28. Self-centered cultures narrow your viewpoint Jul 13, 2007 When it comes to putting yourself in the shoes of others, cultures that emphasise interdependence over individualism may have the upper hand. In a new psychological experiment, Chinese students outperformed their US counterparts when ask to infer another person's perspective.
  29. Genes may help people learn Chinese May 29, 2007 Using statistical analysis, the researchers showed that people in regions where non-tonal languages are spoken are more likely to carry different, more recently evolved forms of two brain development genes, ASPM and Microcephalin, than people in tonal regions.
  30. Gene variant may be responsible for human learning May 25, 2007 Humans have a unique variant of a gene linked with learning and memory. This may help explain how we rapidly cut loose in intellect and language from our closest relatives. The gene, KLK8, makes the protein neuropsin II, which in mice is vital for memory and learning. Neuropsin II is made by humans but not by lesser apes and old-world monkeys. Now they have shown that orang-utans and chimpanzees don't make it either (Human Mutation, DOI: 10.1002/humu.20547).
  31. Babies can spot languages on facial clues alone May 25, 2007 Young babies can discriminate between different languages just by looking at an adult's face, even if they do not hear a single spoken word. And babies who grow up bilingual can do this for longer than monolingual infants.
  32. Can culture dictate the way we see? 4 May 2007 Researchers found that the brains of older East Asian people respond less strongly to changes in the foreground of images than those of their Western counterparts.
  33. Botswana bushmen win land ruling 13 December 2006 Bushmen from the Kalahari desert have won a court case in which they accused Botswana's government of illegally moving them from their land.

The Jealous God

  1. Vatican: Pope did not back condom contraception use Dec 10
  2. Vatican makes attempted ordination of women a grave crime Aug 10
  3. Rabbi Yosef condemns Women of the Wall 2009
  4. Anxious or sexually competitive? Try God 14 Jan 2010 Men and women shown dating profiles of attractive members of the same sex will describe themselves as more religious than people who don't feel as if they have to compete in the attractiveness stakes. Meanwhile, another study finds that thoughts of randomness push people toward God – but only if they can't attribute feelings of stress to some easily defined external factor.
  5. Bans 'do not cut abortion rate' Abortion occurs at roughly equal rates in regions where it is legal and regions where it is highly restricted.13 October 2009
  6. Pope's condom stance sparks row Several EU states have criticised Pope Benedict for saying that the use of condoms could endanger public health and increase the problem of HIV/Aids. 18 March 2009 Pope 'distorting condom science'
  7. Rape row sparks excommunications A Brazilian archbishop says all those who helped a child rape victim secure an abortion are to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. 5 March 2009
  8. Brazil priest suspended for views on contraception 27 February 2009
  9. Two sexes 'sin in different ways' Women are prouder than men, but men are more lustful, according to a Vatican report. 18 February 2009
  10. Pope puts stress on 'gay threat' 23 December 2008
  11. RC Priests to face 'sex drive tests' 30 October 2008
  12. Quit threats over women bishops 1 July 2008 Church vote backs women bishops 8 July 2008
  13. Homosexuality splits Anglican communion 29 June 2008
  14. Church provides hope of faithful spouses Why do people go to church? According to Jason Weeden at Arizona State University, Tempe, it is to go forth and multiply. 20 June 2008
  15. Vatican sends threat over women priests The Vatican announced Thursday in a general decree that it will excommunicate anyone who would attempt to ordain a woman as a priest and the woman herself. Sat May 31, 2008
  16. New Catholic Deadly Sins: Environmental pollution, Genetic manipulation, Accumulating excessive wealth, Inflicting poverty, Drug trafficking and consumption, Morally debatable experiments, Violation of fundamental rights of human nature 10 March 2008
  17. Celibacy 'obligatory' for priests 13 March 2007 Pope Benedict XVI has confirmed that celibacy "remains obligatory" for Roman Catholic priests. He also restated the ban on Communion for divorced Catholics who remarry, and on abortion, euthanasia and gay unions which he said were "not negotiable".

Islam, Jihad and Sakina

Since 2013 important updates have all been included in the chapter
For other updates to the present see the
Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Femen member Amina Tyler on trial in Tunisia May 13 Femen activists on trial in Tunisia for topless protest
  2. More Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes' says HRW May 13
  3. Saudi woman makes history by reaching Everest summit May 13
  4. Afghanistan MPs to debate law on women's rights May 13
  5. Iran election: Cleric rules out women candidates May 13
  6. Syrian refugees 'sold for marriage' in Jordan Apr 13
  7. Tunisian feminist who staged topless protest 'fears for her life' Apr 13
  8. Are Sharia councils failing vulnerable women? Apr 13
  9. Muslim Brotherhood backlash against UN declaration on women rights Mar 13
  10. Gaza marathon: UN cancels race over Hamas ban on women Mar 13
  11. Maldives girl gets 100 lashes for pre-marital sex Feb 13
  12. Misery of Pakistan's abandoned wives Jan 13
  13. Anger online as Saudi in his 90s marries 15-year-old Jan 13
  14. Indonesia city to ban women 'straddling motorbikes' Dec 12
  15. Outrage after Indonesian official divorces teenage bride Nov 12
  16. Unveiled Syrian Facebook post stirs women's rights debate Nov 12
  17. Pakistan acid attack parents 'feared dishonour' Oct 12
  18. Saudi Arabia plans female religious police Oct 12
  19. The campaign to end child marriage Oct 12
  20. Fear grows as Mali extremists compile list of unwed mothers Oct 12
  21. Tajik women face divorce epidemic Oct 12
  22. Malala Yousafzai: Portrait of the girl blogger Oct 12
  23. Tunisia 'police rape' condemned Sep 12
  24. Iranian university bans on women causes consternation Sep 12
  25. Egypt's sexual harassment of women 'epidemic' Sep 12
  26. Pakistan probes 'honour killings' of four women Jun 12
  27. Brave recovery of mutilated Bangladesh woman May 12
  28. Bangladesh teacher 'burns' legs of girl pupils May 12
  29. Child marriages blight Bangladesh Apr 12
  30. Pakistani women's lives destroyed by acid attacks Apr 12
  31. Hundreds of Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes' Mar 12
  32. Forced to marry her rapist, Moroccan teen kills herself Mar 12
  33. Afghan woman is killed 'for giving birth to a girl' Jan 12
  34. Polygamist found guilty of 'honour' killings Jan 12
  35. Egypt court stops virginity tests in military prisons Dec 11
  36. Afghan child bride's 'horrifying abuse' exposed by video Dec 11
  37. Women only to work in Saudi Arabia lingerie shops Dec 11
  38. Saudi woman executed for 'witchcraft and sorcery' Dec 11
  39. 'End of virginity' if women drive, Saudi cleric warns Dec 11
  40. Jailed Afghan rape victim freed but 'to marry attacker' Nov 11 Jailed Afghan rape victim freed with no pre-conditions Dec 11 Freed Afghan rape victim Gulnaz 'may marry' attacker
  41. Egypt's leaders label female protesters 'prostitutes' Nov 11
  42. Bangladesh bride disowns her 'dowry demanding' husband Nov 11
  43. Afghanistan mother and daughter stoned and shot dead Nov 11
  44. Malaysia 'bans Obedient Wives' Islamic sex guide' Nov 11
  45. Australia concern for Iranian actress 'facing lashing' Oct 11 Jailed Iranian actress Vafamehr released
  46. Yemen women burn veils in Sanaa in anti-Saleh protest Oct 11
  47. 'Bridenapping' - a growing hidden crime Oct 11
  48. Saudi woman to be lashed for defying driving ban Sep 11 Saudi woman driver's lashing 'overturned by king'
  49. Women in Saudi Arabia to vote and run in elections Sep 11
  50. The decline of Swat's celebrated dancing girls Sep 11
  51. Afghans launch self-immolation campaign Sep 11
  52. Indonesian Sharia police separate Aceh lesbian couple Aug 11
  53. After the Taliban: Swat women on changing life Aug 11
  54. Italian committee approves face veil ban bill Jul 11 Barcelona to ban Islamic veils in some public spaces Jun 10
  55. Iranian sentenced to blinding for acid attack pardoned Jul 11
  56. Burqa an affront to human dignity say Muslim women Jul 11 Group criticises narrow view of Islamic law Jul 11
  57. Saudi Arabian woman challenges male guardianship laws Jun 11
  58. Horror story of Pakistani woman forced to parade naked Jun 11
  59. Saudi Arabia women drive cars in protest at ban Jun 11 Freed Saudi woman driver vows to continue campaign Jul 11
  60. Poll says Afghanistan 'most dangerous' for women Jun 11
  61. Pakistani woman villager is forced to 'parade naked' Jun 11
  62. Malaysia minister attacks 'Obedient Wives Club' Jun 11 Malaysian Polygamy Club Draws Criticism
  63. Malaysian police slammed for cattle-branding women Jun 11
  64. Egyptian general admits 'virginity checks' conducted on protesters May 11
  65. Saudi Women Revolution
  66. Pakistan: Acquittals in Mukhtaran Mai gang rape case Apr 11
  67. Indonesia anti-porn MP quits for watching porn Apr 11
  68. Islamic headscarf: French curbs come into force Apr 11
  69. Egypt women protesters forced to take 'virginity tests' Mar 11
  70. Chechnya women's Islamic dress code: Russia blamed Mar 11
  71. Afghan women's 'lives at risk' Feb 11
  72. Malaysia Valentine's Day raids lead to mass arrests Feb 11
  73. Malaysia warns Muslims of Valentine's Day 'trap' Feb 11
  74. Dancing girls of Lahore call time Feb 11
  75. Bangladesh girl bled to death after lashing say doctors Feb 11
  76. Bangladeshi girl, 14, dies after receiving 100 lashes Feb 11
  77. Afghan police pledge justice for Taliban stoning Jan 11
  78. Fury over doctor's book on sex education for Muslims Jan 11
  79. Malaysia court rules child marriage 'illegal' Dec 10
  80. Bangladeshi 'stepson affair' woman dies after caning Dec 10
  81. Marry or be Beheaded: Fleeing Somali women recount tales of terror Oct 10
  82. Rape with impunity - plight of Somalia's women refugees Dec 10
  83. Sudan YouTube flogging video: Women arrested at march Dec 10
  84. Iran state TV broadcasts new stoning woman 'confession' Dec 10
  85. Afghan women still suffer horrendous abuse, says United Nations report Dec 10
  86. Malaysia canes three women over extramarital sex Feb 11
  87. Indonesia's Islamic laws are 'abusive', report says Dec 10
  88. Pakistani Christian woman appeals over death sentence Nov 10
  89. Bangladesh 'Eve teasing' protest draws students Nov 10
  90. Gay woman forced to marry to protect 'honour' Oct 10
  91. Nigeria court rejects 'forced marriage' case Oct 10
  92. Pakistan media gripped by man marrying twice in one day Oct 10
  93. Hundreds of Kenyan teachers sacked over sex abuse Oct 10
  94. Iran stoning woman 'to be lashed over photograph' Sep 10 'No decision' on fate of Iranian stoning woman Sep 10
  95. Islamic veil ban in Dutch coalition deal Sep 10
  96. Thousands of Nigerian women 'found in Mali slave camps' Sep 10
  97. French senate passes face-veil ban Sep 10 French veil ban clears last legal hurdle Oct 10
  98. Jordan marriage law challenged Aug 10
  99. 'Legendary' Gaza man and his ever-growing family Jul 10
  100. Iran stoning sentence 'on hold' Jul 10
  101. The Afghan women jailed for 'bad character' Jun 10
  102. Iran: Execution of a teenage girl Jun 10
  103. French parliament condemns full Islamic face veil May 10 French cabinet backs ban on full face coverings May 10
  104. Woman jailed for kissing in Dubai calls for law reform May 10
  105. Muslim woman fined £430 for wearing burka in Italy May 10
  106. German Euro MP Koch-Mehrin urges EU burka ban May 10
  107. Belgian lawmakers pass burka ban May 10
  108. Polygamy and fraud claims fan burqa row Apr 10
  109. 'Mass illness' hits Afghan schoolgirls in Kunduz Apr 10
  110. The virginity industry Apr 10
  111. Girl, 12, divorces husband, 80 Apr 10
  112. Islamic cleric causes Boobquake Apr 10 Iranian cleric blames quakes on promiscuous women Apr 10
  113. Pakistan acid attack victims search for justice Apr 10
  114. Yemeni child bride dies of internal bleeding Apr 10
  115. Malaysia beer drink woman's caning sentence commuted Apr 10
  116. Turkey bans trips abroad for artificial insemination Mar 10 paternity cannot be uncertain
  117. Malaysia canes three women over extramarital sex Feb 10
  118. Saudi lingerie shop boycott call Feb 10 male only lingerie shops spurned
  119. Turkish girl 'buried alive' in family garden Feb 10
  120. France refuses a citizenship over full Islamic veil Feb 10
  121. Malaysia court fines adulterers four buffaloes 31 Jan 2010 A Malaysian court has fined a man and a woman four buffaloes and a pig after they were found guilty of an extra-marital affair, a local report says.
  122. France MPs' report backs Muslim face veil ban 26 Jan 2010
  123. Unmarried couples caught in Malaysia hotel raids 4 Jan 2010 Fifty-two unmarried couples could face charges of sexual misconduct and jail terms after being caught in hotel rooms by Malaysia's Islamic morality police.
  124. Pakistani eunuchs to have distinct gender 23 Dec 2009
  125. Club promotes polygamy in Indonesia 17 Dec 2009
  126. 'Honour killing' father given life for Tulay murder 17 Dec 2009 Tulay Goren disappeared in 1999 after having a relationship with a man her family disapproved of.
  127. Queen Rania of Jordan takes on hardliners over honour killings 6 Dec 2009
  128. Abused Afghan women opt for suicide In the northwestern province of Herat, doctors this year have treated at least seventy women who attempted to take their own lives by setting themselves on fire.
  129. Somali woman stoned for adultery 18 November 2009 A 20-year-old woman divorcee accused of committing adultery in Somalia has been stoned to death by Islamists in front of a crowd of about 200 people.
  130. Polygamy group goes wife hunting Oct 27, 2009 Polygamy club woos Malaysia
  131. Lashes for Saudi woman journalist 24 October 2009 Saudi sex TV producer spared lash The Saudi king has waived a sentence of flogging 26 October 2009
  132. Kuwait to Allow Women to Travel Without Husband's Consent 21 October 2009
  133. Kuwaiti women MPs refuse to wear hijab in parliament 12 Oct 2009
  134. Egypt cleric 'to ban full veils' Egypt's highest Muslim authority has said he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full women's veils, known as the niqab. 5 October 2009
  135. Egypt anger over virginity faking A leading Egyptian scholar has demanded that people caught importing a female virginity-faking device into the country should face the death penalty. 28 September 2009
  136. Afghan women hiding for their lives U.N.: Nearly 90 percent of Afghan women suffer from domestic abuse Sep 24, 2009
  137. Yemeni Girl, 12, Bleeds To Death During Childbirth, Baby Also Dies September 14, 2009
  138. Somali man, '112', weds girl, 17 29 October 2009
  139. Centenarian desires 23rd husband She told reporters she felt "lonely" without her husband, ahead of the Muslim feast at the end of Ramadan. 14 September 2009
  140. Aceh passes adultery stoning law 14 September 2009 Aceh outrage over Miss Indonesia The clerics say that by failing to wear a veil during the competition she has brought shame to the province.
  141. SA battle over Muslim women's rights 10 September 2009
  142. Child, 10, gets a divorce - Child bride's nightmare after divorce Video
  143. Mali protest against women's law Tens of thousands of people in Mali's capital, Bamako, have been protesting against a new law which gives women equal rights in marriage.
    23 August 2009 Mali family law to be reviewed
  144. Malaysian model, mother to be caned for drinking beer in public August 20, 2009 Malaysia PM urges caning appeal, Model's caning deferred indefinitely
  145. Row over Afghan wife-starving law An Afghan bill allowing a husband to starve his wife if she refuses to have sex has been published in the official gazette and become law.
    16 August 2009
  146. French minister urges burka ban Urban Regeneration Minister Fadela Amara told the Financial Times that a veil covering everything but the eyes represented "the oppression of women". 15 August 2009
  147. French pool bans 'burkini' swim 12 August 2009
  148. Rights groups decry Gaza 'honor killing' A 27-year-old mother of five was bludgeoned to death with an iron chain by her father last week in Gaza in what human rights groups report was an honor killing. July 30, 2009
  149. Sudanese woman 'faces 40 lashes' for wearing trousers 29 July 2009 Sudanese 'trousers' woman fined 7 September 2009 Sudanese 'trousers woman' jailed, 'trousers woman' released
  150. Saudi man arrested after boasting about sex on TV Jul 25, 2009 Saudi court jails 'sex boast' man Jailed for five years, his lawyer says. Mazen Abdul Jawad was also sentenced to 1,000 lashes
  151. Saudi Princess fearing death penalty gets UK asylum A Saudi Arabian princess who had an illegitimate child with a British man has secretly been granted asylum Jul 21, 2009
  152. Saudi woman activist demands right to travel Wajeha al-Huwaider says Saudi guardianship system is too restrictive for women July 10, 2009
  153. Kuwait votes for first female MPs 17 May 2009
  154. Afghanistan: Young girls targeted in 'Taleban gas attack' May 13, 2009
  155. Saudi judge: It's OK to slap spendthrift wives May 10, 2009
  156. Iran girl's execution provokes outrage 2 May 2009
  157. Taleban 'kill love affair couple' 14 April 2009
  158. Afghanistan to review criticized marital rape sharia law Apr 6, 2009 CNN
  159. Pakistan to probe girl's flogging 3 April 2009 Flogging probe begins
  160. Saudi girl in marriage case wins appeal An appeals court in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has rejected and refused to certify a court ruling allowing a 47-year-old man's marriage to an 8-year-old girl Mar 25, 2009 Saudis 'to regulate' child brides Saudi Arabia says it plans to start regulating the marriage of young girls, amid controversy over a union between a 60-year-old man and a girl of eight. 15 April 2009 Young Saudi girl's marriage ended 30 April 2009
  161. Saudis order 40 lashes for 75 year old woman for 'mingling' Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi said she breast-fed one of men when he was infant March 9, 2009
  162. The shame of Iraq's pariah widows 8 March 2009
  163. More young girls face rape in Afghanistan Rapes targeting girls as young as seven are on the increase in Afghanistan where conditions for women are little better than under the Taliban March 6, 2009
  164. Afghanistan: Self immolation 81 such cases have been recorded in this province’s burn hospital this solar year Mar 11, 2009 BBC
  165. Female judges help women get justice in Islamic courts Across the Arab world, only Palestine and Sudan have had women judges in Islamic courts, while Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, all relatively progressive states in the region on women's rights, do not. Mar 06, 2009
  166. Saudi lingerie trade in a twist It would be bizarre in any country to find that its lingerie shops are staffed entirely by men. 25 February 2009 Saudi women launch lingerie shop boycott
  167. Pakistani Woman Denounces Swat Sharia February 17, 2009 Girl poet takes on the Taliban with her pen
  168. US: Founder of Islamic TV station accused of beheading wife Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan is accused of beheading his wife last week, days after she filed for divorce. Feb 17, 2009 NOW calls TV beheading terroristic 'honor killing'
  169. Australia: Muslim Cleric 'must deny' views on rape 22 January 2009
  170. Most girls schools destroyed in NW Pakistan 19 January 2009
  171. Saudi Cleric backs marriage to 10-year-olds Jan 16, 2009 CNN
  172. 70% of Israeli Arab Women View Slapping Women as Ok November 30, 2008
  173. Adult Breast Feeding in Islam
  174. Saudi women's group assails judge over 8-year-old's marriage December 24, 2008
  175. Doctor held captive for arranged marriage in Bangla Desh freed 14 Dec 2008
  176. In Egypt, Some Women Say That Veils Increase Harassment August 17, 2008
  177. Acid attack on Afghan schoolgirls for attending school 12 November 2008 Two schoolgirls blinded Arrests after Afghan acid attack 25 November 2008
  178. Raped girl, 13, stoned for adultery in Somalia Nov 2, 2008 Stoning victim 'begged for mercy'
  179. France bans immigrants wearing burqas in state language classes Oct 18, 2008
  180. Iran unveils plan for women's car 7 October 2008
  181. Women in hijabs 'need sunlight or risk illness' 18 July 2007
  182. Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil 3 October 2008
  183. Prophet's child bride sparks modern storm Sherry Jones defends her fictional book about the child bride of Muhammad Oct 01, 2008
  184. Moroccan mullah arrested for advocating marriage for 9-year old girl 26 September 2008
  185. Helping child brides break free September 26, 2008
  186. Saudi 8-year-old child 'files for divorce' 24 August 2008
  187. The Nigerian man who has 86 wives 7 August 2008 Nigerian man ordered to divorce 82 wives 31 August 2008
  188. Saudi accused of having six wives A member of the Saudi religious police has been accused of having six wives at the same time - two more than allowed under religious laws, reports say. 31 July 2008
  189. Iranians suspend death by stoning 5 August 2008
  190. Nine face stoning death in Iran At least eight women and one man are reported to have been sentenced to death by stoning in Iran 20 July 2008 Execution of a teenage girl, twin tales of a stoning
  191. France rejects veiled Muslim wife 12 July 2008
  192. Girl divorced at ten Jul 11, 2008 BBC Report
  193. Lipstick and heels banned in Kota Baru June 25, 2008
  194. Rape is a way of life for Darfur's women June 19, 2008
  195. Court suspends French virgin case A French court has overturned an order annulling the marriage of a French Muslim woman who is accused by her husband of lying about being a virgin. 19 June 2008 French 'virgin' ruling reversed 17 November 2008
  196. Egyptian authorities have banned a 92-year-old man from marrying a 17-year-old girl, the Egyptian al-Akhbar newspaper has reported. Jun 14, 2008
  197. Jordan 'tough' on honour killer 13 May 2008
  198. Malaysia plans women travel curbs 4 May 2008
  199. Egypt cracks down on the 'live in sin licence' 28/04/2008
  200. Saudi women 'kept in childhood' 21 April 2008
  201. Girl, 8, granted divorce in Yemen April 17, 2008
  202. Saudi women make video protest 11 March 2008
  203. Woman to conduct Egypt marriages 28 February 2008
  204. Iran 'targeting' women activists 28 February 2008
  205. Row over Nigeria nudity picture A female Nigerian politician badly beaten by a local MP is standing by the publication of a revealing photograph showing her injuries in a hospital bed. 27 February 2008
  206. Forced marriages on increase in Afghanistan February 26, 2008
  207. Pleas for condemned Saudi 'witch' 14 February 2008
  208. Iran halts mistress death verdict 13 February 2008
  209. Saudis clamp down on valentines, roses and red 11 February 2008
  210. 'Tragic protest' of Iraqi Kurdish women 9 February 2008
  211. Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women Feb 8, 2008
  212. Malaysian row over word for 'God' Dec 28, 2007 A church and Christian newspaper in Malaysia are suing the government after it decreed that the word "Allah" can only be used by Muslims.
  213. Women under siege in Afghanistan Dec 18, 2007
  214. Saudi king 'pardons rape victim' Dec 16, 2007 The Saudi king has pardoned a female gang rape victim sentenced to jail and 200 lashes for being alone with a man raped in the same attack, reports say.
  215. Afghan women make call for peace Dec 12, 2007 Women across Afghanistan have been holding meetings to call for peace in their country.
  216. Father killed daughter for not wearing hijab, her friends say Dec 12, 2007
  217. Red faces in Sudan over teddy row Dec 3, 2007
  218. Sudan demo calls for jailed UK teacher to be killed Nov 30, 2007
  219. Islam, Insult, Gender and Nature Nov 29, 2007
  220. Writer leaves Calcutta after riot Nov 22, 2007 Controversial Bangladeshi feminist writer Taslima Nasreen has been flown out of the Indian city of Calcutta after violent protests by Muslims.
  221. Saudi gang-rape woman victim get jail and lashes Nov 15, 2007
  222. 11 yr old Hamas Girl says that she is ready for Martyrdom Nov 15, 2007
  223. Basra militants targeting women Nov 14, 2007
  224. Iran launches anti-vice crackdown Nov 14, 2007 Iranian newspapers have printed a list of moral vices that the police are targeting, including wearing make-up and hats instead of headscarves.
  225. Iran 'must free' woman activist Nov 10, 2007 She has been ordered to begin her sentence of two-and-a-half years in prison and a flogging on Saturday. Ms Ali, 24, joined a protest last year calling for greater legal rights for Iranian women.
  226. Women condemn Turkey constitution Oct 2, 2007 Women's groups in Turkey have condemned a new draft constitution, saying it sets the country back years in terms of gender equality.
  227. Saudi women challenge driving ban Sep 26, 2007
  228. Algerian women protest against attacks Sep 26, 2007 Thousands of people have taken part in peace rallies in Algeria after suicide bomb attacks in the past few days killed at least 50 people. The crowd, which was made up mainly of women, chanted slogans such as "Terrorists are not Muslims".
  229. Pakistan MP in blood feud case Aug 16, 2007 Pakistan's top constitutional court has ordered the arrest of an MP for alleged involvement in forced marriages of five girls aged between one and five years.
  230. Islamabad to impose burqa on women going on Hajj Jul 24, 2007.
  231. Mosque survivor 'willing to die' Jul 19, 2007 A female survivor of this month's violent storming by Pakistani forces of Islamabad's Red Mosque has spoken of how she wanted to be a suicide bomber.
  232. Saudis Prepare to Behead Teen Maid Jul 19, 2007 Nafeek claims the child had begun to choke before losing consciousness in spite of her desperate efforts to clear his airway.
  233. Child wedding 'stopped by pupils' Jul 13, 2007 Classmates of a 13-year-old Bangladeshi school girl due to enter a forced marriage have united to stop the ceremony going ahead, police say.
  234. A girl for nine sheep Jul 12, 2007 Afghanistan, Unable to scrounge together the $165 he needed to repay a loan to buy sheep, Nazir Ahmad made good on his debt by selling his 16-year-old daughter to marry the lender's son.
  235. Mosque leader in burqa escape bid 4 July 2007 The leader of a radical mosque besieged by Pakistani security forces in Islamabad has been caught trying to escape wearing a woman's burqa.
  236. Sudan rape laws 'need overhaul Jun 29, 2007 Rape victims have almost no access to justice and even risk being prosecuted for having had sex outside marriage.
  237. Pakistan students storm 'brothel' Jun 23, 2007 Students from a radical mosque in Pakistan's capital Islamabad have abducted a group of people, including women, accusing them of prostitution.
  238. Wear a veil or we'll behead you Jun 4, 2007 Women working in Palestinian television in Gaza have been told to avoid walking alone in the street after radical Islamists threatened to behead them ff they did not dress in religious garb while on air.
  239. Pakistanis executed for adultery Jun 5, 2007 Pakistani village after tribal elders found them guilty of adultery, officials said.
  240. Iran talks up temporary marriages Jun 2, 2007 Iran's Interior Minister, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, has started promoting temporary marriage as a solution to the country's social problems.
  241. Islamic scholar suspended after allowing breastfeeding of adults May 28, 2007 The idea of women breastfeeding their co-workers has been rejected at the world's leading Sunni University.
  242. US approves birth control pill that blocks menstruation May 24, 2007 Lybrel, made by pharmaceutical giant Wyeth, is meant to be taken every day to indefinitely stop monthly menstrual bleeding and prevent pregnancy.
  243. Pakistan fatwa minister to stay May 23, 2007 A fatwa was issued against her by the hard-line Red Mosque after she was pictured hugging a man following a paragliding flight.
  244. Leading Afghan woman MP suspended May 21, 2007 An outspoken woman in the lower house of the Afghan parliament, Malalai Joya, has been suspended after comparing other MPs to animals. "A stable is better, for there you have a donkey that carries a load and a cow that provides milk," she said. Ms Joya is sometimes described as the most famous woman in Afghanistan.
  245. Turkey presidential vote hanging on a headscarf May 3, 2007 The prospect of the country's next President being married to someone who chooses to wear the veil has plunged the country into the most serious political and economic crisis for years.
  246. Guinea's dirty dancing backlash May 2, 2007 Men in Guinea's capital have begun attacking women who they accuse of doing the popular buttock-swinging Wolosso dance from Ivory Coast. The provocative dance is considered by many in the mainly Muslim West African country to be pornographic.
  247. Nigeria 'lesbian wedding' denied Apr 29, 2007
  248. Crackdown in Iran over dress codes Apr 28, 2007 Thousands of Iranian women have been cautioned over their poor Islamic dress this week and several hundred arrested in the capital Tehran in the most fierce crackdown on what's known as "bad hijab" for more than a decade.
  249. Prosecutor suggest Exile for Tehran Women Apr 30, 2007.
  250. Students raid Islamabad brothel 28 March 2007.
  251. When Women Are Property Mar 9, 2007 Pakistani Husband Sells Wife's Kidney to Buy
  252. Tractor Tradition deals girls a losing hand in life 8 March 2007 Daughter lost in card game in society where 'women treated like slaves'
  253. Iran police stop women's protest 8 March 2007 Women activists say they have been subject to increasing intimidation since they launched a petition to change discriminatory laws on polygamy and child custody.
  254. Iran women in jail hunger strike 6 March 2007 The women were arrested on Sunday after staging a demonstration outside a courthouse in the capital, Tehran.
  255. Iran women arrested over protest 4 March 2007 Iran's authorities have arrested more than 32 women activists protesting outside a courthouse in Tehran. The protesters were showing solidarity with five women on trial for organising a protest last June against laws they say discriminate against women. The five have been charged with endangering national security, propaganda against the state and taking part in an illegal gathering.
  256. Mother rots in Saudi jail as in-laws try to force divorce February 19, 2007
  257. Women's bill in Pakistan assembly 13 February 2007
  258. Indonesia head mulls polygamy ban 7 December 2006 Proposals by Indonesia's president to restrict the right of the country's public servants to practice polygamy have sparked an angry reaction.
  259. Afghan women seek death by fire Nov 29, 2006 Increasing numbers of Afghan women are committing suicide by setting fire to themselves to escape difficult lives, according to NGOs based in the country. They say women forced into marriage or suffering chronic abuse are killing themselves out of desperation.
  260. Pakistan votes to amend rape laws 15 November 2006 akistan's national assembly has voted to amend the country's strict Sharia laws on rape and adultery. Until now rape cases were dealt with in Sharia courts. Victims had to have four male witnesses to the crime - if not they faced prosecution for adultery.
  261. 65 per cent of the 50,000 widows in Kabul see suicide the only option Aug. 14, 2006
  262. Iranian woman awaits death by stoning decision August 3, 2006
  263. Pakistani Honour killing in UK June 17, 2006 Azhar Nazir, 30, and his cousin, 17, used four knives to cut Samaira Nazir’s throat and repeatedly stab her after she fell in love with an asylum-seeker from what they saw as an unsuitable caste.
  264. Pakistani Honour killing in UK June 17, 2006 Azhar Nazir, 30, and his cousin, 17, used four knives to cut Samaira Nazir’s throat and repeatedly stab her after she fell in love with an asylum-seeker from what they saw as an unsuitable caste.

Ending Female Genital Mutilation

Since 2013 important updates have all been included in the chapter
For other updates to the present see the
Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Mutilated women rediscover sexual pleasure Jun 12
  2. Clitoris and the security of the Egyptian state Dec 11
  3. Female genital mutilation becomes less common in Egypt Aug 11
  4. Mauritania fatwa bans female genital mutilation Nov 10
  5. Unicef: Support needed to end female genital mutilation Nov 10
  6. Health workers fear return of brutal ritual Jan 19, 2010 An edict by the king of the Zulus to bring back circumcision for millions of teenage boys is causing alarm in South Africa, amid record numbers of deaths from the traditional manhood ritual.
  7. Call for higher male circumcision rate Circumcision should be routinely considered as a way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, argue US experts. 26 March 2009 Circumcision fails to protect gay men 08 October 2008 Bill Gates helps fund mass circumcision programme
  8. Rights group calls to ban Czech castration law February 5, 2009
  9. Sudanese Dane guilty of genital mutilation 24 January 2009
  10. Ugandans ban female circumcision 15 October 2008 Uganda seeks to ban female circumcision July 8, 2009
  11. Female circumcision common in Egypt despite ban 85% of the girls had been subjected to FGM since it was outlawed, almost two-thirds of them by non-medical personnel 21 September 2008 Activists fight female circumcision
  12. Kenyan Luo reject HIV male circumcision plan 18 July 2008
  13. Danish couple held for mutilation 13 June 2008
  14. Male circumcision is a weapon in the sperm wars 05 June 2008
  15. 'Butcher' mutilated women patients Allegations of horrific mutilation of female patients by a doctor with a history of mental illness have emerged from the town of Bega on the New South Wales south coast. February 27, 2008
  16. Agencies target female mutilation A range of United Nations agencies are calling for the practice of female genital mutilation to be ended within the space of a generation. 27 February 2008
  17. Clitoris and the security of the Egyptian state. Al-Arabiya TV yesterday hosted a book burner (Al-Azhar cleric) to speak about FGM. He said that the clitoris (if not "taken care of") can pose a threat to "the human being, society, and the state." August 12, 2007
  18. Police plea on genital mutilation Jul 12, 2007 The Metropolitan Police is offering a £20,000 reward for information which would bring to justice anyone involved in female genital mutilation. Up to 7,000 girls in the UK are seen as at risk of this form of circumcision.
  19. Egypt forbids female circumcision Jun 28, 2007 Egypt has announced that it is imposing a complete ban on female circumcision, also known as genital mutilation.
  20. Mufti takes stand on circumcision Jun 25, 2007 Egypt's state-appointed Grand Mufti yesterday said that female genital cutting was forbidden by Islam after an 11-year-old girl died while undergoing the procedure at a private medical clinic in southern Egypt. The Grand Sheikh of Cairo's al-Azhar mosque had previously described the practice as un-Islamic, although some other clerics have supported it.
  21. Female genital mutilation banned in Eritrea 5 April 2007 Anyone who requests, incites or promotes female genital mutilation (FGM) will be punished with a fine and imprisonment. The move follows a campaign against the practice by the National Union of Eritrean Women, which says that 94% of Eritrean women have been circumcised.
  22. Mass male circumcision to fight Aids Jun 7, 2007 South African Aids experts have called for a mass male circumcision programme after studies showed it reduced the rate of HIV infection by up to 60%.
  23. New York City considers promoting male circumcision 15 April 2007 New York is considering whether promoting circumcision among the city's men might help limit the spread of HIV there.
  24. Ugandan men getting circumcised to avoid HIV 3 January 2007

Daughters, Wives and Widows

Since 2013 important updates have all been included in the chapter
For other updates to the present see the
Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Chinese city to fine single mothers Jun 13
  2. Why are Indian women being attacked on social media? Apr 13
  3. The Indian women pushed into hysterectomies Feb 13
  4. Delhi gang-rape victim dies in hospital in Singapore Dec 12 Urban Rape: The Final Desecration - A Shrine to Jyoti Singh Pandey
  5. India investigates Chhattisgarh 'womb removal insurance scam' Jul 12
  6. Love marriages 'banned in Indian village' Jul 12
  7. China 'forced abortion photo' sparks outrage Jun 12 Chinese officials apologise to woman in forced abortion
  8. Indian men arrested for trying to bury baby girl alive May 12 The baby who was 'buried alive'
  9. Indian underage brides 'at 44%' Apr 12 Indian teenager annuls her child 'marriage'
  10. Indian brides paying with their lives over dowry demands Feb 12
  11. India: Haryana widows battered to death Nov 11
  12. China's great gender crisis Nov 11
  13. Millions of aborted girls imbalance India Oct 11
  14. 'Unwanted' Indian girls get new start in name ceremony Oct 11
  15. Taiwanese birth rate plummets despite measures Aug 11
  16. Sex selection: The forgotten story Jul 11
  17. Indian woman gang raped and set alight in Uttar Pradesh Jun 11
  18. India's unwanted girls May 11
  19. Why India's 'devadasi' girls face a wretched life in the name of religion Jan 11
  20. UN warns on Vietnam birth ratio Oct 10
  21. Forced abortions for Chinese women Oct 10
  22. Indian community torn apart by 'honour killings' Jul 10
  23. Skewed sex ratios leading to increase in crime Mar 10
  24. China faces growing sex imbalance 11 Jan 2010 More than 24 million Chinese men of marrying age could find themselves without spouses by 2020. The gender imbalance among newborns is the most serious demographic problem for the country's population of 1.3 billion. The academy of social science cites sex-specific abortions as a major factor, due to China's traditional bias towards male children.
  25. In India's villages: No toilet, no bride October 29, 2009
  26. Farmers sell wives to pay debts in rural India Oct 24, 2009
  27. Village 'witches' beaten in India Oct 21, 2009
  28. Delhi female births rise hailed India's capital, Delhi, recorded more female than male births during 2008, for the first time in many decades. 13 August 2009
  29. China has 13m abortions each year 30 July 2009
  30. Inquiry into Indian brides 'virginity tests' Reports that "virginity tests" were conducted on would-be-brides for a mass wedding has prompted India's federal woman rights watchdog to launch an investigation. July 14, 2009
  31. Nepal widows dismiss marriage incentive Widows in Nepal are protesting against a decision by the Nepalese government to offer a cash incentive to men for marrying them. 16 July 2009
  32. Nepal's 'confined women' want change She goes out a little but cannot touch anybody else because until the 11th day after the birth, society considers her to be unclean. 4 March 2009
  33. Women hail menstruation ruling Women's rights activists in Nepal have hailed a Supreme Court order to end discrimination against women during their menstrual cycle. 15 September 2005
  34. Life on the Edge - No Country for Young Girls? The number of female foetuses being aborted in India is rising, as ultrasound is increasingly used to predict the sex of babies. Aug 20, 2008
  35. High calorie diet linked to boys 22 April 2008
  36. Feticide means 7,000 fewer girls a day in India December 12, 2006 Out of 71,000 children born every day in India, just 31,000 are girls -- giving a sex ratio of 882 girls to 1,000 boys.
  37. Aid plan for India's 33m widows Dec 23, 2007 India's Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury has outlined ambitious plans to help the country's young widows. Government figures show there are 33 million widows in India - many of them poor and some very young.
  38. Doctor sought over illegal scans Dec 6, 2007 A top Indian gynaecologist has had her licence to practise suspended after a BBC report into female foeticide.
  39. India probes baby body parts find Jul 24, 2007 It is thought the find could be linked to the killing of female foetuses - a practice fairly widespread in India.
  40. Medic held for 'female foeticide Jun 14, 2007 Police in India have arrested the owner of a clinic near Delhi on suspicion of illegally aborting female foetuses. Officials say the remains of several foetuses were found in a well nearby. According to one report, 10 million female foetuses may have been aborted in India over the past 20 years.
  41. India police probe baby bone find 18 February 2007 Ratlam's police chief said they were investigating the possibility of female infanticide or illegal abortions.
  42. Britain's unwanted girls Dec 3, 2007 Cultural pressure to have a boy is leading some British women of Asian origin to travel to India for abortions to avoid having a girl.
  43. India's 'pink' vigilante women Nov 26, 2007
  44. Policeman killed in dowry brawl Nov 7, 2007 Official estimates show that every year almost 7,000 women are killed in India by their spouses and in-laws because of inadequate dowry payments.
  45. China to act on gender imbalance Aug 26, 2007 The Chinese government says it is drafting new laws to tackle the growing gender imbalance caused by the widespread abortion of female foetuses. The practice is already banned, but new rules are expected to set out specific punishments for parents and doctors. China's Family Planning Association has revealed the extent of the imbalance - in one city there are eight young boys for every five girls. On Friday it was revealed that the eastern city of Lianyungang had the most skewed population. Among children under four years old, there are 163.5 boys for every 100 girls.
  46. India grandmother 'dumped on tip Jul 19, 2007.
  47. 'Indian register' for pregnancies Jul 13, 2007 An Indian minister has proposed that all pregnant women register with the government and seek its permission if they wish to undergo an abortion. Women and child development minister Renuka Chowdhury says the move is aimed at stopping the aborting of unwanted female foetuses.
  48. Indian woman strips in dowry row Jul 5, 2007 A woman in western India has stripped to her underwear in public to protest over alleged abuses from her husband's family for not providing a dowry.
  49. Early baby sex test over the web at 6 weeks 4 May 2007 The kit, sold by DNA Worldwide for £189, is controversial. Critics claim it may prompt parents to abort if they are unhappy with the test result.
  50. Chinese facing shortage of wives 12 January 2007

The Entanglements of Biological Sex

Since 2013 important updates have all been included in the chapter
For other updates to the present see the
Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Biological clue to why women live longer than men May 13
  2. The sexiest kind of facial fuzz - study Apr 13
  3. Bigger not always better for penis size Apr 13
  4. Having sons can shorten a woman's life expectancy Mar 13
  5. Sperm dance to calcium's tune en route to egg Jan 13
  6. Eunuchs reveal clues to why women live longer than men Sep 12 Can castration really prolong a man's life?
  7. Older fathers pass on more mutations Aug 12
  8. Women dance most attractively when fertile Jul 12
  9. Children with older fathers and grandfathers 'live longer' Jun 12
  10. Extra female genes make men more masculine Mar 12
  11. 'Macho' gene makes men mad Mar 12
  12. Female orgasm movie shows how the brain fires up Nov 11
  13. Male Y chromosome extinction theory challenged Feb 12
  14. Do feminine features mean more babies? Oct 11
  15. Fatherhood 'lowers testosterone to keep men loyal' Sep 11
  16. Altered gene can make boys develop as girls Dec 10
  17. Closed 'back door' linked to sex disorder Aug 11
  18. Loss of penile spines in humans Aug 10
  19. Fingers reveal much about manhood... Jul 11
  20. Born to be happy: Discovering the 'happiness gene' May 11 Researchers uncover the nature of human kindness May 11
  21. Sex and the Single Cell: Biologists Take a Fresh Look at 'Asexual' Amoebas May 11
  22. Women who start periods early likelier to have girls May 11
  23. Sexual preference chemical found in mice Mar 11
  24. How man 'lost his penile spines' Mar 11
  25. The hairy beast with seven fuzzy sexes Mar 11
  26. My clitoris is so sensitive it makes sex painful Feb 11
  27. Why women get anxious at that 'time of the month' Feb 11
  28. Sex and violence linked in the brain Feb 11
  29. Male sex hormone testosterone 'interferes with empathy' Feb 11
  30. Breastfeeding protects against cancer Jan 11
  31. Women's tears contain chemical cues Jan 11
  32. Err on a G-spot Jan 11
  33. Experts claim to discover 'root cause' of male baldness Jan 11
  34. Baldness drug Propecia 'risking men's sexual health' Propecia destroys your brain libido
  35. Mercury poisoning makes male birds homosexual Nov 10
  36. New all-female lizard species discovered - on a restaurant menu Nov 10
  37. MicroRNAs mediate an early birth Nov 10
  38. Placenta 'has key role' in determining pregnancy length Nov 10
  39. Painkillers linked to defects in baby boys Nov 10
  40. Libido problems 'brain not mind' Oct 10
  41. Sex 'primes woman for sperm' Feb 02
  42. Oxytocin fails 'trust elixir' test Aug 10
  43. Finger length 'key to aggression' Jul 10
  44. Cancer guardian found playing a role in sex Jul 10
  45. Darwin dynasty's ill health blamed on inbreeding May 10
  46. 'Cuddle hormone' makes men more empathetic May 10 Bonding hormone helps men recognise emotions May 10
  47. When being turned on is a turnoff Apr 10 persistent gential arousal disorder
  48. Secrets of egg-and-sperm race revealed Apr 10
  49. Infertility clue to prostate cancer Mar 10
  50. Baldness 'could be good for your health' say scientists Mar 10
  51. Impotence 'strong predictor' of heart attacks Mar 10 Heart attack survivors 'fear sex' May 10
  52. Sunbathing ups men's testosterone Feb 10
  53. The secret of a sperm's wiggle Feb 10 supercharging near the egg
  54. Intense males have the best sperm 23 Jan 2010 Flashy males have superior sperm - at least in the bird world.
  55. The G-spot 'doesn't appear to exist', say researchers 4 Jan 2010
  56. Hormones 'govern ability to breastfeed' 7 Jan 2010
  57. Low hormone levels in pregnancy linked to hard birth 23 Dec 2009
  58. Pregnant women develop emotion-reading superpowers 14 Dec 2009 Faces expressing happiness and surprise tended to be correctly assigned at both stages of pregnancy, but for faces expressing fear, anger and disgust, the accuracy rates were higher in late pregnancy (Hormones and Behavior, DOI: 10.1016/j.yhbeh.2009.09.013).
  59. Battle of the sexes rages at cell level Dec 15, 2009 One of the great dogmas of biology is that gender is fixed from birth, determined by the inheritance of certain genes on the X and Y sex chromosomes. But this simplistic idea has been exploded by the latest study, which demonstrated that fully developed adult females can undergo a partial sex change following a genetic modification to a single gene. The findings suggest that being male or female is not a permanently fixed state but something that has to be continually maintained in the adult body by the constant interaction of genes to keep the status quo - and the gender war - from slipping in favour of the opposite sex.
  60. Testosterone makes people more friendly and reasonable 09 Dec 2009
  61. Women on testosterone only think they're macho 8 Dec 2009 Women who receive a boost of the potent sex hormone act more generously than women on a placebo, but those who suspected they had received bona fide testosterone acted more selfishly than those who believed they got the bogus treatment, no matter what they actually received.
  62. Men's genes 'may limit lifespan' 2 December 2009 Scientists working on mice have highlighted a specific gene which although carried by both sexes only appears to be active in males. They believe it allows males to grow bigger bodies - but at the expense of their longevity.
  63. Mutant genes 'key to long life' 15 November 2009 The centenarians and their offspring had higher levels of telomerase and significantly longer telomeres than the unrelated people in the control group and that the trait was strongly heritable.
  64. Curvy women may be a clever bet 12 November 2007 Women with curvy figures are likely to be brighter than waif-like counterparts and may well produce more intelligent offspring, a US study suggests.
  65. Sex chromosomes linked to evolution of new species Japan Sea stickleback males diverged from their Pacific Ocean-dwelling ancestors due to a new sex chromosome. 27 September 2009
  66. Genes blamed for early first sex The more genes the children shared, the more similar their ages of first intercourse regardless of whether they had an absent father or not.. 14 September 2009
  67. Human sex from the inside out the first video of a couple having sex in an MRI scanner 21 August 2009
  68. 'Cuddle chemical' may create green-eyed monster Volunteers who played a game involving monetary gains and losses felt more envy after an imaginary opponent's wins if they had received a dose of oxytocin, compared with a placebo. Similarly, oxytocin boosted feelings of schadenfreude – pleasure at another's misfortune – after volunteers won more money than their opponent. 06 August 2009
  69. Fathers aren't dispensable just yet Biochemical evidence in mice and people suggests that fathers may play a key role in the rearing of offspring. 22 July 2009
  70. Handsome males 'less fertile' than plainer rivals The theory is that attractive males have more opportunities to have sex and so must keep some sperm in reserve. 15/07/2009
  71. Amphibians mate under a full Moon 13 July 2009
  72. Has the mystery of sex been explained at last? 15 June 2009 Summary in Sexual Paradox
  73. Looking like daddy has material rewards Children who look and smell like their father receive more of their support, compared to kids who resemble dad less. 10 June 2009
  74. Men prefer averagely shaped women 12 June 2009 Size zero girls 'less attractive' 28 October 2009
  75. Six things science has revealed about the female orgasm 28 May 200
  76. Women 'as keen as men for group sex' May 26, 2009
  77. Fathers-to-be 'gain extra weight' 22 May 2009
  78. Women's menstruation genes found two genes on chromosomes six and nine that appear to strongly influence the age at which menstruation starts. 17 May 2009
  79. Women 'fight off disease better' 13 May 2009
  80. Brainy men may be healthier 08 May 2009 Intelligent [men] 'have better sperm' 5 December 2008 Why geeks get the girls 19 August 2009
  81. The Misunderstood Penis Gordon Gallup sets the record straight on the semen displacement theory April 30, 2009
  82. Ants inhabit 'world without sex' An Amazonian ant has dispensed of sex and developed into an all-female species, researchers have found. 15 April 2009
  83. Girl with Y chromosome sheds light on maleness 09 April 2009
  84. Women pick up body odour better Researchers found it was difficult to mask underarm odour when a woman was doing the smelling, but quite easy to do so when it was a man. They speculate that a woman's highly attuned smell radar might help her select a mate. 7 April 2009
  85. Genes may time loss of virginity 31 March 2009
  86. Hot climate produces baby girls 1 April 2009
  87. Shopping sprees linked to periods 30 March 2009
  88. Youthful infertility balanced by late-blooming ovaries Young women with fertility problems caused by polycystic ovary syndrome may have reason to take heart. 4 March 2009
  89. Complex clues in a kiss 14 February 2009 Pucker up: Scientists study kissing
  90. Ouch! Can You Really Break Your Penis?
  91. Hormones help women spot supercute babies 22 January 2009
  92. High hormone levels in women linked to unfaithfulness 14 January 2009
  93. Finger size link to earning power The length of a man's fingers may predict his success in the City, research findings suggest. 13 January 2009
  94. Ecstasy over G spot therapy 17 December 2008 Ultrasound nails location of the elusive G spot 20 February 2008
  95. Fertile women more open to corny chat-up lines 12 December 2008
  96. Man's genes 'key to baby's sex' 11 December 2008
  97. Deep-voiced men not guaranteed to impress 03 December 2008
  98. The secret signals in human sweat 03 December 2008
  99. Why fertile women hate a pretty face When rating other women, women still able to have children rated feminine faces as slightly less attractive than menopausal women. 12 November 2008
  100. Male-killing bacteria provide a surprise benefit New research shows that Drosophila flies infected with Wolbachia bacteria fare better than uninfected flies against several killer viruses. 30 October 2008
  101. Fetal genes record mum's starvation The IGF2 genes of WW2 famine babies contained about 5% fewer methyl labels than their siblings, on average potentially altering imprinting. 27 October 2008
  102. Grieving voles hint at why human relationships last Males that were separated from their female partner showed behaviour reminiscent of depression and anxiety in humans, say the researchers. The bonded voles also had double the level of the stress hormone corticosterone in their blood, suggesting that CRF, the brain peptide that regulates the stress response, has a role to play in the grieving process. 15 October 2008
  103. How genes pick our mates for us This study suggests that the American couples are selecting mates, in large part, based on MHC genes. Not so for Yoruba couples, who seemed to pick mates with MHC genes no more different than would be expected for any two people picked at random from the population 12 September 2008
  104. The pill may put women off Mr Right When they asked women to rate the attractiveness of odours from T-shirts previously worn by men, those who were on the pill were more likely to find the "wrong" partner attractive (Proceedings of the Royal Society B, DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2008.0825). Good men, girly men? Friday October 9, 2009 Taking the pill for past 40 years 'has put women off masculine men'
  105. DNA test proves it -- baby shark has no father October 10, 2008
  106. Monogamy gene found in people Variation in a section of the vasopressin receptor gene called RS3 334 was linked to how men bond with their partners. The higher the number of copies, the worse men scored on a measure of pair bonding 01 September 2008
  107. The benefits of virgin birth - asexual Pacific island geckos have health benefits March, 1996
  108. Aggression written in the shape of a man's face - a larger width-to-height ratio - linked to higher levels of testosterone, which in turn is linked to aggressive behaviour 20 August 2008
  109. Humpback escorts woo mothers with a love song 12 June 2008
  110. Wiggling bird genitals give good vibrations 11 June 2008
  111. Ovulation moment caught on camera Jun 12, 2008
  112. 'Cuddle chemical' could treat mental illness 14 May 2008 Trust drug may cure social phobia 21 May 2008
  113. 'Emotion genes' make mice squeal during sex When a male mouse is about to have sex with a female, he lets out ultrasonic squeals of delight. 03 April 2008
  114. Fossil sheds light on the history of sex A long, thin rope-like creature standing erect on the sea floor up to 570 million years ago has been identified as the first animal on Earth to have had sex. March 21, 2008
  115. Love stops partners from sleeping around 19 March 2008
  116. Female G spot 'can be detected' 20 February 2008
  117. 'Monogamous' vole in love-rat shock Social monogamy and oxytocin bonding doesn't imply sexual fidelity. 6 February 2008
  118. Female rats love the sweet smell of sexual success 13 February 2008
  119. First Cousin Birth defects warning sparks row A minister who warned about birth defects among children of first cousin marriages in Britain's Asian community has sparked anger among critics. 10 February 2008
  120. Humour 'comes from testosterone' Dec 20, 2007 Men are naturally more comedic than women because of the male hormone testosterone, an expert claims.
  121. Sperm clue to 'disease immunity' Dec 16, 2007 sperm cells are "invisible" to the female immune system and could provide a vital clue to how diseases like cancer and HIV spread through the body, a study suggests.
  122. Semen boosts HIV transmission Dec 14, 2007
  123. Why pregnant women don't fall over Dec 12, 2007
  124. Pheromone for mouse aggression found Dec 8, 2007 A whiff of a single type of protein from urine is enough to make a male mouse pick a fight, researchers have found.
  125. Womb hormones 'lead to anorexia Dec 4, 2007 Babies who go on to develop anorexia may be programmed in the womb by their mother's hormones, evidence suggests.
  126. Diet may influence your baby's gender Nov 28, 2007 Research shows that mice given drugs to lower their blood-sugar levels produced significantly more female than male pups.
  127. Placenta 'fools body's defences Nov 10, 2007 The placenta uses neurokinin B to act like a parasite to avoid attack by a mother's immune system, researchers have discovered.
  128. Masculine men 'are healthier' Nov 8, 2007 Testosterone suppresses the body's defence system, so the theory is that those men who have strong masculine characteristics must be in good health in order to withstand testosterone's effect on their immune system. Masculinity correlated modestly, but significantly, with actual health during adolescence.
  129. 'Hormonal' women most attractive Nov 8, 2007 Women with high levels of the sex hormone oestrogen have prettier faces, research suggests. 'Sexy' voice gives fertile women away 1 May 2008 BBC
  130. Parasitic trick helps fetus avoid attack Nov 7, 2007 The placenta produces hormones containing phosphocholine the same molecule that some parasitic worms use to avoid the immune system (Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, DOI: 10.1677/JME-07-0007).
  131. Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ' Nov 7, 2007 Children with one version of the FADS2 gene scored seven points higher in IQ tests if they were breastfed. But the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study found breastfeeding had no effect on the IQ of children with a different version.
  132. Nursing not behind saggy breasts Nov 7, 2007 Pregnancy may make breasts sag, but nursing does not make it worse.
  133. Lap dancers 'in heat' are the ones to watch Oct 16, 2007 Last month, biologist Randy Thornhill challenged the orthodoxy that women do not undergo regular bouts of hormone-induced oestrus, or "heat", when they are at their most fertile - something most female mammals experience (New Scientist, 15 September, p 18). Geoffrey Miller and his team at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, compared the earnings of lap dancers who were menstruating naturally with those of dancers taking the hormonal contraceptive pill. During the non-fertile periods of their menstrual cycle, both sets of dancers earned similar tips. But when naturally cycling lap dancers entered their fertile period they earned significantly more in tips than their co-workers on the pill (Evolution and Human Behavior, DOI:10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2007.06.002).
  134. Cholesterol link to early births Oct 2, 2007 The National Human Genome Research Institute study confirmed previous findings linking high cholesterol to a raised risk of premature birth. But the researchers were surprised to find low cholesterol levels also seemed to raise the risk.
  135. Old age 'no barrier' to sex life Aug 26, 2007.
  136. Testosterone Alone Does Not Cause Violence Jul 9, 2007 Testorserone mediates male dominance.
  137. Hormones affect men's sense of fair play Jul 7, 2007 Men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to turn down low offers, even if they stand to gain money by accepting them.
  138. Butterfly sex ratio shows evolution at work Jul 12, 2007 Six years ago, males accounted for just 1% of the Blue Moon population on two islands in the South Pacific. But by last year, the butterflies had developed a gene to keep the Wolbachia bacteria in check and male numbers were up to about 40% of the population.
  139. Twin brothers make women less fertile Jun 19, 2007 Researchers have found that women who have a twin brother lower their chance of getting married and are also less likely to have children than women with twin sisters.
  140. Male twins 'can reduce fertility' Women were 25% less likely to have children if their twin was male.
  141. Low testosterone 'death risk' Jun 5, 2007 A study of 800 men over 50 found that those with low levels had a 33% increased risk of death over an 18-year period than those with higher levels.
  142. Mother's puberty 'obesity clue' 23 April 2007 A study of 6,000 children found those born to mothers with an early puberty were more likely to grow rapidly as babies and be overweight as children.
  143. Genes versus heat – a reptile sex trigger 19 April 2007 High temperatures can make an Australian lizard that is genetically male develop into a female.
  144. 'Trust' hormone helps mind-reading too17 March 2007 The researchers sprayed oxytocin up the noses of 30 men and tested how well they could read the emotions conveyed by photographs of eyes taken in real-life situations. Twenty of them performed significantly better on the test after sniffing the hormone (Biological Psychiatry, vol 61, p 731).
  145. Hormonal Reversal During Puberty Keeps Teens Totally Anxious March 12, 2007 Allopregnanolone (THP), a chemical that normally helps soothe the activity of brain cells in adults and children by binding to receptors that inhibit accelerating electrical activity, becomes an antagonist during puberty.
  146. Fat toddlers 'risk early puberty' 5 March 2007
  147. Second-born twin faces doubled risk of death 2 March 2007 Second-born twins are more than twice as likely to die during or shortly after vaginal delivery compared to their first-born siblings, from complications such as breech birth and premature detachment of the umbilical cord. Doctors suggest that delivering more twins by planned caesarean section might help reduce the risk of perinatal death.
  148. Fathers of non-identical twins have better sperm 20 February 2007.
  149. Smell of manly sweat sets female hearts a flutter February 08, 2007 Women who sniffed androstadienone found in male sweat experienced elevated levels of an important hormone, along with higher sexual arousal, faster heart rate and other effects.
  150. Male-killer makes female butterflies promiscuous 5 February 2007 Female butterflies become sexually promiscuous in the presence of a bacterium that fatally targets the male offspring of their species, a new study shows. However, the few males that survive become fatigued by the increased sexual demands of the females, and so release fewer sperm in each mating.
  151. Natural oils gave young boys breasts 31 January 2007 Three young boys grew breast tissue after exposure to lotions and shampoos containing lavender or tea tree oil.
  152. Menstrual mood swings may have a use after all 29 January 2007 The monthly mood swings experienced by many women may serve an evolutionary purpose, researchers say, by helping to get them pregnant.
  153. Best dressed women have babies on their mind 13 January 2007 Volunteers chose the woman in her "high fertility" photo some 59.5 per cent of the time more often than would be expected by chance (Hormones and Behavior, vol 51, p 40).
  154. Barbie-shaped women more fertile 05 May 2004 Women with a relatively low waist-to-hip ratio and large breasts had about 30 per cent higher levels of the female reproductive hormone estradiol than women with other combinations of body shapes - higher levels of estradiol are related to higher fertility in women trying to get pregnant.
  155. Don't pair up with matching genes 5 January 2007 As MHC genetic similarities increased, women were less sexually responsive to their partners, more likely to have affairs, and more attracted to other males, particularly during fertile days of their menstrual cycles. In relationships where MHC genetic differences were significant, these potentially relationship-splitting behaviours were either absent or greatly reduced. If the man and woman had 50% of the MHC genes in common, the women had a 50% chance of cheating with another man, on average. Men did not seem to be affected by genetics at all. Psychological Science (vol 17, p 830).
  156. 'Virgin births' for giant lizards 20 December 2006 Scientists report of two cases where female Komodo dragons have produced offspring without male contact. As the offspring are always male, they could breed to establish a new colony.
  157. Triplets for woman with two wombs 21 December 2006 The condition, which is called uterus didelphys, affects one in 1,000 women in the UK.
  158. The secrets of animal attraction 31 July 2006 The receptors, known as trace amine-associated receptors (TAAR), detect several chemicals present in the urine of mice, including one linked to stress and another thought to be a mating signal. The gene that codes for the receptor is found not only in mice but in fish and humans, suggesting that the behaviour of a diverse group of animals is influenced by pheromones.

Sexual Paradox in the Conscious Brain

Since 2013 important updates have all been included in the chapter
For other updates to the present see the
Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Scans see 'gay brain differences' Feb 13
  2. Oxytocin changes partnered men's behaviour Nov 12
  3. Oxytocin helps people with alcoholism beat cravings Oct 12
  4. Semen can make women happy - research Oct 12
  5. Gene that makes men mad makes women happy Oct 12
  6. Our Brains (Both sexes) See Men as Whole and Women as Parts Jul 12
  7. Sex on the brain is different for males and females Dec 11
  8. Female orgasm movie shows how the brain fires up Nov 11
  9. Homosexual zebra finches form long-term bond Aug 11 Penguins flirt with homosexuality Oct 10
  10. Teenage pregnancy is 'contagious' Aug 11
  11. Sex on the brain: What turns women on, mapped out Aug 11
  12. Beauty and the Beasts: The Sight of a Pretty Woman Can Make Men Crave War Jun 11
  13. Sex on the brain: Orgasms unlock altered consciousness May 11
  14. Women with the baby blues process emotion differently Sep 10
  15. Big hips 'impair' women's memory, a study finds Jul 10
  16. The Humor Gap: Men and Women See Laughter Differently in Romance Apr 10
  17. Pregnancy baby brain lapse 'a myth' Feb 10
  18. Sex or love: When your partner is unfaithful, what hurts the most? Sep 29, 2009 Women say they would be more upset if their partner was in love with someone else, but men say they would be more upset if their partner was having sex with someone else.
  19. Men and women 'respond differently to danger' 30 November 2009 Men showed activity in areas which dealt with what action they should take to avoid or confront danger.But the study found more activity in the emotional centres of women's brains.
  20. Too much testosterone disrupts family life High testosterone levels have been linked to increased sexual activity, infidelity and marital conflict. In polygamous societies, men with high levels of testosterone in their saliva are more likely to take several wives and give their children less attention. 27 August 2009 High testosterone linked to miserly behaviour 26 October 2009
  21. Girls are primed to fear spiders A study suggests that females are genetically predisposed to develop fears for potentially dangerous animals. 27 August 2009
  22. Facial expressions 'not global' In the study, East Asians were more likely than Westerners to read the expression for "fear" as "surprise", and "disgust" as "anger". East Asian participants in the study focused mostly on the eyes, but those from the West scanned the whole face. 14 August 2009 Facial expressions 'hereditary' This appears to confirm an idea posed by Charles Darwin in 1872. In his famous work, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, he suggested facial expressions were innate. 16 October 2006
  23. Men 'out-performed by women at university' 6 June 2009
  24. Emotional intelligence 'aids sex' 12 May 2009 BBC
  25. Doctors criticise 'gay treatment' Dr Nicolosi said he had been helping people to "increase their heterosexual potential" for 25 years, and put his success rate among men at about two out of three. 23 April 2009
  26. Scientists find 'pleasure nerves' nerve fibres in the skin specifically send pleasure messages.12 April 2009
  27. Totally addicted to love Researchers have found that love has a similar effect on the brain to drug addiction Feb 12, 2009
  28. HRT 'can shrink women's brains' 13 January 2009
  29. Scientists: True love can last a lifetime January 4, 2009
  30. Male Braininess boosts likelihood of sex 03 October 2008
  31. Women 'more prone to nightmares' 11 September 2008
  32. Auction bidding 'driven by fear' 26 September 2008
  33. An icy stare really does make you feel cold 19 September 2008
  34. Hurt feelings 'worse than pain' 29 August 2008
  35. Brain's counting skill 'built-in' 19 August 2008
  36. Bisexuality passed on by 'hyper-heterosexuals' Bisexual men might have their "hyper-heterosexual" female relatives to thank for their orientation 15 August 2008
  37. Female 'transsexuality gene' boosts male hormones A gene variant has been identified that appears to be associated with female-to-male transsexuality – the feeling some women have that they
    belong to the opposite sex. 29 July 2008
  38. Male transsexual gene link found - they were more likely to have a longer version of the androgen receptor gene. The genetic difference may cause weaker testosterone signals. 26 October 2008
  39. Scans see 'gay brain differences' 16 June 2008
  40. Why it hurts to sell your stuff Brain-imaging study proves that it's hard to part with the things we own. 11 June 2008
  41. Brain chemical helps us tolerate foul play Serotonin allows us to keep our cool when faced with life's unfairness. 5 June 2008
  42. Exploding the myth that boys are better at maths 30 May 2008
  43. Paint chemicals 'may harm sperm' Men, such as painters and decorators, who work with glycol solvents were two-and-a-half times more likely to produce fewer "normal" sperm. 23 May 2008
  44. How the brain detects the emotions of others People who are good at interpreting facial expressions have "mirror neuron" systems that are more active, say researchers. 12 May 2008
  45. Brain region lights up for power and profit 23 April 2008
  46. Male monkeys prefer boys' toys It's thought of as a sexual stereotype: boys tend to play with toy cars and diggers, while girls like dolls. But male monkeys, suggests research, are no different. 04 April 2008
  47. The Brain Is Broadly Wired for Reproduction November 10, 2005
  48. Girl Talk: Are Women Really Better at Language? New research elucidates a biological mechanism for why girls show better language abilities than boys. March 5, 2008
  49. Gene for left-handedness is found 31 July 2007
  50. Babies reveal natural gift for numbers 09 February 2008
  51. Laughter: it's catching 12 December 2006 Researchers have shown that the mere sound of giggles tickles the same area of the listener's brain that is activated when smiling.
  52. Quantum Cosmology and the Hard Problem of the Conscious Brain (pdf) in The Emerging Physics of Consciousness 2006 Springer 407-456.
  53. Sensory Transduction and Subjective Experience Original Preprint 14 Jan 2007, revised 21 June 2007 in Nature Precedings 1 Jan 2008

Reproductive Technology: Utopia or Nemesis?

Since 2013 important updates have all been included in the chapter
For other updates to the present see the
Sexual Paradox News List Archive

  1. Powder women's eggs for home storage Mar 13
  2. IVF sperm do better in a diamond dish Feb 13
  3. Mouse eggs created from stem cells for the first time Oct 12
  4. Cell death offers hope on fertility and cancer treatment Sep 12
  5. Mother-to-daughter womb transplant 'success' in Sweden Sep 12
  6. Vitamin D may increase IVF success – depending on race Sep 12
  7. Male version of the pill nearer reality Aug 12
  8. Sperm sequencing could help fight infertility Jul 12
  9. Uterus tweak shields fetus from mother's immune attack Jun 12
  10. About 10 per cent of couples using ICSI were found to have a baby with abnormalities Jun 12
  11. IVF linked to ovarian tumours Feb 12
  12. Unlimited human eggs 'potential' for fertility treatment Feb 12
  13. Longest frozen embryo baby born 2005
  14. Virgin birth' mammal rewrites rules of biology 2004
  15. Non-invasive Fetal gene screening comes to market Oct 11
  16. The Pill affects sexual partner choices - study Oct 11
  17. Scientists Grow Mouse Sperm Out of Embryonic Stem Cells Aug 11
  18. Australian sperm donor loses fight with lesbian couple Aug 11
  19. Israeli family can freeze eggs of daughter killed in road accident Aug 11
  20. Gonorrhoea strain found to be 'resistant to antibiotics' Jul 11
  21. Time-lapse helps predict best candidates for IVF Jul 11
  22. 'Floss for fertility', women advised Jul 11
  23. IVF procedure 'may increase risk of Down's syndrome' Jul 11
  24. Business booms for Danish sperm May 11
  25. Three-parent IVF needs more research, review says Apr 11
  26. Chromosome counting technique gives IVF a boost Feb 11
  27. New Down fetus test safer Jan 11
  28. The danger of unreliable paternity tests Dec 10
  29. New test to dramatically increase chance of IVF success Nov 10
  30. Jump in C-section births worries hospitals Oct 10
  31. US sorry over deliberate sex infections in Guatemala Oct 10
  32. Checks 'predict embryo success' Oct 10 Egg screening 'ups IVF success' Oct 09
  33. IVF 'increases the chance of having a baby boy' Sep 10
  34. IVF has best chance of success in spring Sep 10
  35. Test could predict which mothers will need Caesareans Aug 10
  36. Teenagers 'risk premature babies' Jul 10
  37. 'Old swingers' at high risk of sex infections Jun 10
  38. Premature birth risk is genetic, researchers suspect May 10
  39. Scientists to test ultrasound as a male contraceptive May 10
  40. IVF mistakes 'nearly double' in year Apr 10
  41. Three-person IVF 'may prevent inherited disease' Apr 10
  42. More frequent chlamydia test call Apr 10 Syphilis cases rise sharply in China May 10
  43. Pregnancy exercise 'slims babies' Apr 10
  44. Washington DC to distribute female condoms Mar 10
  45. Aids 'key cause of female death' Mar 10 HIV risk for men during pregnancy May 10
  46. Male breast op numbers 'growing fastest' Feb 10
  47. Test-tube boys may inherit fertility problems Feb 10
  48. Premature birth gene clue found Feb 10
  49. Man fathers 'miracle' child using sperm frozen 22 years ago Feb 10
  50. Stem cell breakthrough could help infertile women Feb 10
  51. Women lose 90 per cent of 'eggs' by 30 27 Jan 2010 While they may continue to produce eggs throughout their 30s and 40s, the reservoir of potential eggs from which they are taken has shrunk to almost nothing, it suggests. As the body chooses the best eggs from the reserve, the likelihood is that the quality of the eggs will suffer as you get older increasing the difficulty of conception and the risk of an unhealthy baby
  52. China leads world in caesarean births Jan 14, 2010 Nearly half of all births in China are delivered by caesarean section, the world's highest rate, according to a survey by the World Health Organisation (WHO) - a shift towards modernisation that isn't necessarily a good thing.
  53. Man fathers 'miracle' child using sperm frozen 22 years ago 14 Apr 2009
  54. Stem cell breakthrough could help infertile women 12 Apr 2009
  55. Do mice with two mothers spell the end for men? 2 December 2009
  56. Egg screening 'ups IVF success' 19 October 2009 A screening technique can double the chance of IVF success.
  57. 'Female Viagra' discovery claim 17 November 2009 In three separate trials, the drug flibanserin did wonders for women's flagging sex drive despite doing nothing to lift mood.
  58. Genes show when a woman's biological clock will stop 4 November 2009
  59. Plastic chemicals 'feminise boys' 16 November 2009 Males exposed to high doses in the womb went on to be less likely to play with boys' toys like cars or to join in rough and tumble games, they found. The team's latest work adds to concerns about the safety of phthalates, found in vinyl flooring and PVC shower curtains.
  60. Plastic-hardening chemical makes men soft November 13, 2009 Regular contact with high levels of bisphenol A (BPA), a compound commonly found in plastic food and drink containers, appears to cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual performance problems in men. BPA makes male mice less macho
  61. New warning on 'perfect vaginas' 11 November 2009 Women are undergoing surgery to create perfect genitalia amid a "shocking" lack of information on the potential risks of the procedure, a report says.
  62. Penis tissue replaced in the lab 10 November 2009
  63. Testicular tumours linked to offsprings' disease Benign testicular tumours, more common in older men, give rise to sperm containing disease-causing mutations. 25 October 2009
  64. Women's egg freezing gets boost EGG freezing looks increasingly promising as an insurance policy for women who need or want to delay having children 26 October 2009
  65. New way to 'stop' premature birth A drug Trichostatin A used to treat cancer can stop contractions and may prevent premature labour, researchers say. 22 October 2009
  66. No sex tonight honey, I haven't taken my statins High cholesterol isn't just bad for the heart – it could also make it harder for women to become sexually aroused. 08 September 2009
  67. Genetic advance raises IVF hopes Working on monkeys, they transferred genetic material needed to create a baby from a defective egg to a healthy one, resulting in healthy births. 26 August 2009
  68. Gel condom to empower women The gel is liquid as long as it is in contact with the acidity that is normal in a vagina, but will turn solid when it encounters semen, which is slightly alkaline. 11 August 2009
  69. Life without men Scientists claim to have grown human sperm in a lab, and columnists and bloggers are musing on the possibility of a world where men are no longer needed 9 July 2009
  70. Scientists claim sperm 'first' They began with stem cell lines derived from human embryos donated following IVF treatment. 7 July 2009 Are lab-grown human sperm the real thing?
  71. Daily sex 'best for good sperm' 30 June 2009
  72. Gender test spurs abortion fears A new test to reveal the gender of a fetus in early pregnancy has sparked a row over whether it will lead to sex-selection abortions. Jun 08, 2009
  73. IVF twins 'sicker in early life' 20 May 2009
  74. IVF experts criticise 66-year-old woman's decision to have a child May 19, 2009
  75. Octuplets: Eight times the ethical questions As more details of the mother who gave birth to octuplets come to light, ethicists are debating the moral quandaries involved. January 30, 2009
  76. Morning sickness may be sign of a bright baby 07 May 2009
  77. Artificial ovary matures human eggs 07 May 2009
  78. Male 'contraceptive jab' closer Monthly injections of testosterone lowered sperm count 5 May 2009
  79. 'Nursemaid' cumulus cells reveal the best IVF eggs 29 April 2009
  80. US woman gets dead fiance's sperm 19 April 2009
  81. Egg stem cells could revolutionise fertility treatment Stem cells have been discovered in the ovaries of adult mice that seem to give rise to new eggs and healthy offspring. 12 April 2009
  82. Home births 'as safe as hospital' Research from the Netherlands - which has a high rate of home births - found no difference in death rates of either mothers or babies in 530,000 births. 15 April 2009
  83. Gene defect clue to male pill The study of Iranian families found mutations in the CATSPER1 gene which controls a protein determining sperm movement. 3 April 2009
  84. New guidance on IVF defects risk Couples seeking IVF are to be warned children born as a result of the fertility treatment may face a higher risk of birth defects. 21 March 2009
  85. Older fathers link to child brain Children of older fathers perform less well in a range of brainpower tests 10 March 2009
  86. Breast cancer gene-free baby born using PGD 9 January 2009
  87. Designer baby row over US clinic A US clinic has sparked controversy by offering would-be parents the chance to select traits like the eye and hair colour of their offspring. 2 March 2009 Fears over 'designer' babies leave children suffering 21 March 2009
  88. Obese mothers 'risk spina bifida' 11 February 2009
  89. IVF drugs cancer risk 'ruled out' 6 February 2009
  90. Perfluorinated Chemicals 'may reduce fertility' 29 January 2009
  91. IVF pregnancy from screened egg 26 January 2009
  92. 'Needless' birth induction fears Concerns have been raised about pregnant women being induced "unnecessarily", after a Scottish audit of 17,000 births. 18 January 2009
  93. Birth defect risks same for cousins as mothers over 40 Dec 24, 2008
  94. DNA dating: Can genes help you pick a mate? 19 December 2008
  95. Test 'predicts preterm baby risk' 12 December 2008
  96. Stress hits even before pregnancy 5 December 2008
  97. Caesarean increases asthma risk 2 December 2008
  98. Hairspray link to genital birth defects 21 November 2008
  99. Women's fertility test available The “anti-mullerian hormone test" looks at a woman's egg reserve and may predict if fertility treatment will be successful, as well as help women make decisions about when to have a baby. 16 Nov 2008
  100. Parents queue to select baby gender 29 October 2008
  101. 'One-stop' embryo test unveiled A cell is taken from an embryo which is just a few days old for testing. £1500 gene mapping test could tell parents-to-be if embryos are affected by any of the 15,000 inherited diseases 24 October 2008
  102. Testicles could provide 'ethical' stem cells 09 October 2008
  103. Do intelligent men have better sperm? October 9, 2008
  104. Obesity 'raises miscarriage risk' by 73% 21 September 2008
  105. Early pregnancy trauma boosts schizophrenia risk 21 August 2008
  106. Older fathers linked with bipolar 1 September 2008
  107. Fertility treatments 'no benefit' - up to six cycles of unstimulated intrauterine insemination - where sperm is inserted directly into the woman's womb - and use of clomid (clomifene citrate), a drug which stimulates the ovaries. 7 August 2008
  108. IVF 'not reason for birth risks' Complications associated with IVF are due to underlying fertility problems in the parents and not the techniques used during treatment, research suggests. 31 July 2008
  109. Soy foods 'reduce sperm numbers' 23 July 2008
  110. Pulling a tooth could lead to tailor-made sperm 08 July 2008
  111. Scientists find smoking gun for diabetes sperm damage 09 July 2008
  112. Frozen embryos 'better for IVF' Only the best embryos appear to survive freezing 8 July 2008
  113. Being too fat 'can damage sperm' 9 July 2008
  114. Male biological clock 'ticks too' 6 July 2008
  115. Coffee 'worsens poor fertility' 7 July 2008
  116. 70-year-old mom has twins after IVF Jul 6, 2008 BBC Report
  117. Gender choice a step back: expert June 20, 2008
  118. Egg-freezing technique 'is safe' A method of storing human eggs which allows women to postpone motherhood is as safe as conventional IVF treatment, research suggests. 17 June 2008
  119. 'No stillbirth link' to Caesarean Having a Caesarean does not raise the risk of a stillbirth in a subsequent pregnancy, a study has found. 6 June 2008
  120. Reverse sterilization for Chinese earthquake victims 6 June 2008
  121. Immune clue to pregnancy danger The body's own immune system may cause pre-eclampsia, a common condition which is potentially dangerous for pregnant women and their babies. 27 July 2008
  122. Gene to blame for deadly pregnancies At least some cases of pre-eclampsia could be caused by mutations in a gene that helps produce the chemical 2-methoxyoestradiol (2-ME), which helps control blood vessel growth. 14 May 2008
  123. Stress in pregnancy hits offspring's emotional brain 12 July 2006
  124. Stress increases risk of stillbirth Severe stress, even in the short term, may almost double the risk of having a stillbirth - although stillbirths are rare. 30 May 2008
  125. Foetal screening 'misses defects' Tests used in pregnancy only pick up half of potential chromosomal abnormalities, Italian research warns Approximately one in 100 women who have the test will miscarry as a result. 1 June 2008
  126. Method to spot viable IVF embryos Scientists have used gene analysis techniques to help identify the genetic profile of IVF embryos that result in a successful pregnancy. 13 May 2008
  127. New technique could help safeguard cancer patients' fertility Scientists have found a way to store and grow a woman's immature eggs in the laboratory using a technique which could be used to protect the fertility of women undergoing chemotherapy. April 21 2008
  128. Breech birth parents 'carry gene' 28 March 2008
  129. Folate 'may keep sperm healthy' 20 March 2008
  130. Male fertility 'set in the womb' Common genital disorders, low sperm count and testicular cancer could all be linked to hormone levels early in pregnancy, studies in rats suggest. 17 March 2008
  131. Developing countries "to get $200 IVF" 12 March 2008
  132. Infertile sperm die protecting their brothers They are created in their thousands, for one purpose: to die for their brothers. They are the enigmatic "parasperm", infertile sperm that can dominate the ejaculate of some flies. 26 February 2008
  133. IVF technique 'cuts twin births' A study of hundreds of IVF patients at a London hospital found using a single, slightly more mature embryo in certain women dramatically cut multiple births. 21 February 2008
  134. Sperm damage 'passed to children' Tests on rats showed sperm damage caused by exposure to garden chemicals remained up to four generations later. 19 February 2008
  135. Child dads 'birth problems link' Babies fathered by teenagers are more likely to be unhealthy at birth, a study suggests. 7 February 2008
  136. Three-parent embryo formed in lab Within hours of their creation, the nucleus, containing DNA from the mother and father, was removed from the embryo, and implanted into a donor egg whose DNA had been largely removed. 5 February 2008 A step towards three-parent babies?
  137. Sperm 'tap' planned for reversible vasectomy A radio-controlled contraceptive implant that could control the flow of sperm from a man's testicles is being developed by scientists in Australia. 28 January 2008
  138. Caesareans 'may harm lung growth' Dec 12, 2007
  139. Healthy women warned over egg freezing Nov 7, 2007 1% of the infants conceived and born from frozen eggs suffered from birth defects – a level comparable with that found in the general population. But not every egg survives the freezing and thawing process. And even then, experts estimate that each successfully thawed egg has only a 2% to 4% chance of producing a live birth.
  140. First UK birth from lab-grown egg Oct 24, 2007 Twins conceived using in vitro maturation (IVM) The twins - a boy and a girl - were born one minute apart A mother has given birth to twins using a revolutionary new fertility treatment for the first time in the UK. With IVM the woman needs only one injection. The immature eggs are retrieved from a woman's unstimulated ovaries under ultrasound guidance and then matured in the laboratory for 1-2 days. Some women develop a potentially fatal reaction to the powerful drugs needed for normal cycles of IVF.
  141. 'More sex needed' to boost sperm Oct 16, 2007 Some men should have sex every day to maximise the chances of getting their partner pregnant, researchers say.
  142. Chlamydia damages male fertility Oct 16, 2007 Researchers treated 95 of the infertile men with antibiotics and found their DNA sperm damage improved an average of 36% after four months. During that period, 13% of the couples got pregnant and, after the treatment was finished, 86% got pregnant.
  143. Eating soya could slash men's sperm count Oct 16, 2007 Men who eat just half a serving of soya a day have drastically fewer sperm than those who do not consume such foods, according to a small, preliminary study. Many east Asian men consume much more soya than the participants in this trial and do not develop fertility problems. Many of the participants were overweight or obese. Men with high levels of body fat produce more oestrogen than their slim counterparts.
  144. Would-be mums told to avoid soya Oct 16, 2007 Genistein found in soya causes human sperm in a dish to “pop their caps” prematurely, rendering them useless.
  145. Womb-on-a-chip may boost IVF successes Jul 26, 2007 Fujii's team has created a "lab on a chip" that is 2 millimetres across and 0.5 millimetres high, in which up to 20 eggs can be fertilised and then grown until they are ready for implantation. Endometrial cells, which line real wombs, are also grown in the device, so that the chemicals they produce can reach the embryos and help them grow.
  146. Testicular protein vaccine may fight ovarian cancer Jul 24, 2007 The vaccine used in the trial relied upon fragments of a protein known as NY-ESO-1. Although both men and women carry the genes for this protein, it is normally only produced in the male testes. But, for unknown reasons, the gene gets switched on in 40% of ovarian tumours.
  147. Tummy fat 'can grow new breasts' Jul 9, 2007 Scientists say they can create a fat mixture with concentrated stem cells, which, when injected into the breast, apparently encourages tissue to grow.
  148. Complementary therapy hampers IVF 4 July 2007 Women who used complementary therapies while undergoing IVF were 30% less likely to fall pregnant than those who used IVF alone.
  149. Girl could give birth to sister Jul 3, 2007 A Canadian mother has frozen her eggs for use by her seven-year-old daughter, who cannot have children naturally. Should the girl opt to use the eggs and gain regulatory approval, she would effectively have a baby that was her half-brother or sister.
  150. Cloned sperm created in the lab Jul 3, 2007 By injecting a single healthy mouse sperm into a mouse egg from which the genetic material had been removed, they were able to make new sperm.
  151. First baby from lab-matured egg Jul 2, 2007 The first baby created from an egg matured in the lab, frozen, thawed and then fertilised, has been born.
  152. IVF turns one embryo into twins Jul 2, 2007 IVF ups the risk of a twin pregnancy even if only one embryo is transferred, claim scientists.
  153. Gene screening 'safe' for babies Jun 18, 2007 Carrying out checks on embryos for genetic disorders incurs no more risk than standard IVF, researchers suggest.
  154. Gene therapy 'hope' on impotence Jun 2, 2007 Rats treated with the gene therapy showed significant recovery and were able to regain normal penile function after four weeks.
  155. Childhood years impact female fertility May 19, 2007 The conditions in which females are brought up could affect their fertility later in life, research suggests.
  156. Aspirin 'cuts pre-eclampsia risk' 17 May 2007.
  157. Early baby sex test over the web at 6 weeks 4 May 2007 The kit, sold by DNA Worldwide for £189, is controversial. Critics claim it may prompt parents to abort if they are unhappy with the test result.
  158. Caesarean link to 50% increased placenta risk May 2, 2007 In mothers who had their first baby by caesarean, the risk of placental praevia - a condition where the placenta attaches over or near the internal opening of the cervix - was 47% higher in their second pregnancy than women who gave birth naturally. The risk of a second condition, placenta abruption - where the placenta separates from the womb prematurely - was 40% higher in women who had a previous caesarean. In the UK, the rate of placenta praevia is around 0.8% of all births.
  159. Bone stem cells turned into primitive sperm cells 13 April 2007
  160. Twin IVF births 'need to be cut' 3 April 2007
  161. Sperm made from human bone marrow 12 April 2007 If these can be grown into fully developed sperm, which the researchers hope to do within five years, they may be useful in fertility treatments.
  162. Beef hormones 'damage sons' sperm' 27 March 2007 men whose mothers ate a lot of beef during pregnancy had lower sperm counts. They were three times more likely to have a sperm count so low they could be classified as sub-fertile.
  163. Patch 'to boost female sex drive' 26 March 2007 Intrinsa will only be available on prescription for women who have had an early menopause because of surgery.
  164. No sex please, we're Japanese March 14, 2007 Nearly 40% of men and women aged between 16 and 49 had not had sex for more than a month, up by around 5 percentage points from when the poll was last conducted in 2002. The figures were only slightly better among married couples, at nearly 35%.
  165. Natural birth control is slippery but effective 3 March 2007 The "symptothermal" method uses two direct physical checks. The first is the condition of cervical secretions, which become slippery and clear during a woman's most fertile period. Then, when the secretions have ceased, the all-clear for contraception-free sex is signalled when her body temperature rises to 0.2 °C above normal on three consecutive days.
  166. Natural contraception 'effective' 21 February 2007.
  167. IVF babies draw short straw on birth defects 24 February 2007 The 1394 babies born via ART - IVF, ovulation induction and intra-uterine insemination - were about 60 per cent more likely to have birth defects than children conceived naturally.
  168. Teen hormone may aid infertile women 10 March 2007 Called kisspeptin, the hormone can boost flagging concentrations of luteinising hormone (LH), which triggers ovulation.
  169. Men who want children should skip the hot tub March 14, 2007 The investigators evaluated the men's semen quality before and after they stopped using hot tubs, etc., for 3 or more months. After 3 to 6 months, five of the men had an average increase in total motile sperm counts of 491 per cent.
  170. Cervical cancer virus is common in the US 27 February 2007
  171. Syphilis rates skyrocket in China 12 January 2007
  172. 'Stealth' gonorrhoea on the rise 9 March 2007
  173. Kill the sperm, spare the irritation 6 March 2007 Two new molecules kill sperm 25 times more effectively than the most commonly used spermicide, without irritating vaginal cells.
  174. Low-fat dairy infertility warning 28 February 2007 A diet rich on low-fat dairy food may make it harder for some women to conceive.
  175. Why fat is a fertility issue 3 February 2007.
  176. Hope for safe prenatal gene test 2 February 2007 The new technique works by examining samples of foetal DNA present in the mother's blood for tiny variations in the sequence of the genetic material.
  177. Vaginal birth boosts risk of baby brain haemorrhage 30 January 2007 Some of the newborns had suffered small haemorrhages. 26% of the babies born vaginally had bleeding in the brain, while none of those born through caesarean were affected.
  178. New IVF test may double success rates 30 January 2007 The new technique is known as "comparative genomic hybridization" (CGH). It involves taking a sample of DNA from the polar body – a chromosome-containing structure that is expelled from the egg before it fuses with a sperm. Around 75% of all miscarriages are thought to be caused by aneuploidies – an embryo having the wrong number of chromosomes – and the risk of these occurring increases as a woman gets older.
  179. Sex, blokes and vasectomies - leg-crossing kiwi research Jan 17, 2007 At 18 per cent of all men, 25 per cent of all married men, and a leg-crossing 55 per cent of 40-49 year-olds, New Zealand's vasectomy rate towers above places such as the United States, where just 7 per cent of men have gone under the knife.
  180. US doctors plan womb transplant 17 January 2007 The procedure would potentially allow women who have had their wombs damaged or removed to develop a pregnancy and give birth.
  181. Saying goodbye to periods 13 December 2006 Menstrual periods are an unnecessary nuisance that could be eliminated from women's lives with little harm. That's the message starting to spread from specialists in reproductive medicine.
  182. 'Lab-made sperm' fertility hope 10 July 2006 Scientists have proved for the first time that sperm grown from embryonic stem cells can be used to produce offspring.
  183. Mature sperm and eggs grown from same stem cells 23 June 2006 Stem cells from a mouse embryo have been coaxed into producing both eggs and sperm in the same dish.
  184. Boy babies boost miscarriage risk 19 June 2006
  185. Baby boy or girl? Take your pick in the US Jun 18, 2006 Well-off foreign couples are getting around laws banning sex selection in their home countries by coming to American soil —where it is legal—for medical procedures tbat can give them the boy, or girl, they want.

Rape of the Planet and Genetic Holocaust

For the latest research updates in this chapter see Biocrisis Articles

  1. Poor women 'bear climate burden' 18 November 2009
  2. Competition for sex hampers endangered species' recovery 24 September 2008
  • Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

    For latest research updates to the present see the Sexual Paradox News List Archive

    1. India 'human sacrifice' suspected in West Bengal temple Apr 10
    2. Nepal appoints new living goddess Oct 9, 2008
    3. Nepal's 'living goddess' retires 2 March 2008
    4. Nepalese 'goddess' is reinstated Jul 19, 2007 A 10-year-old girl who is worshipped as a living goddess in Nepal has had her title reinstated after defying tradition and visiting the US.

    Sex Paradox in Spiders

    1. Male spiders break off sex organ to boost paternity Feb 13
    2. Spider play sex isn't all fun and games Nov 11
    3. Spiders protect webs with decorations May 2011
    4. Lazy male redbacks avoid dinner date Trespassing redbacks reap the rewards of reproduction without the costs of courting. 21 October 2009
    5. Female redback spiders make a meal out of lazy lovers (Animal Behaviour DOI: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2008.09.012)
    6. Study sheds new light on spider sex A team found that male jumping spiders (Phintella vittata) are using ultraviolet B (UVB) rays to communicate with females. 2 May 2008