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Genocide Gallery

In the aftermath of the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD up to 1,100,000 lives are believed to have been lost. The Sea of Galilee ran red with blood along the shores. Given the world population at the time this may represent about one person in fifty world-wide.

Richard the Lionheart, beloved of Robin Hood, beheading
2700 muslim men, women and children at Acre (Hallam).
A similar but more massive genocide has been perpetrated
on Islamic people in Bosnia this century.

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Six million killed in Hitler's holocaust of the Jews.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hundreds of thousands killed. The remoteness of mechanised
war makes it easy for civilized nations to commit genocide from a distance.

Death and the Afterlife: Jonestown Heavens Gate and Christian suicide-murders.

Pol Pot in Death. Between 1.7 and 4 million people died at the hands of one man.

Left: Angkor Thom the faces at once smiling and menacing. The temples were built by rulers who
killed the artists once they had completed the sculpture so they were not seen by any living being. Right: The killing fields from "The Killing Fields". Pol Pot reapplied the same cultural stream-of-conscious vision in committing genocide on four million Cambodian (Kampuchean) people.

Children play with the bones in a war museum in the southern town of Kampot.
Nov 98 proposals for a tribunal to try war crimes in Cambodia are finally gathering momentum.
Khymer rouge leadership 1976 Pol Pot, Nuon Chea, Ieng Sary, Son Sen. Mercedes while the heads and glasses of the literate were smashed.


Bosnian Muslim women read the names of the dead men from Srebrenica. In 1995 Serbs herded over 1100 men from Srebrenica and took them to locations where they were summarily executed and buried in mass graves. About 250,000 were killed in the war and its ethnic cleansing.

Remains from Paklenic pit near Sokolac 50 km east of Sarajevo, containing the remains of 51 people
believed to be disabled Muslims.


Hutu and Tutsi: Social inequitabilities of colonialism led to genocide.

Up to one million Tutsis in Rwanda were shot, cut to pieces with machetes,
skewered on stakes and blown to pieces with grenades.

Priests face death over executions

KIGALI - A Rwandan court sentenced two Roman Catholic priests to death for organising the execution of 2000 people during the country's 1994 genocide, state-run Radio Rwanda has reported. The Tutsis had sought shelter in a Roman Catholic church, only to be crushed to death by bulldozers. Jean Francois Kayiranga and Edouard Nkurildye are the first church officials convicted over the state-sponsored massacres, which -killed 500,000 minority Tutsis. Apart from the killings at Nyange, the two priests were also charged with involvement in a church masscre in Nyundo, 20km east of the border town of Gisenyi. It was not clear what role they played in the massacres. Some priests and church officials in Rwanda are known to have collaborated with the Hutu militants, often luring people to seek shelter in churches and then leaving them to the killers. A court in Kibuye, 70km west of the capital, Kigali ruled that the priests were guilty in the killings radio Rwanda said. Frederic Mutagwera, head of the Rwanda Bar Association said the convictions were evidence of the church's moral responsibility for the genocide. AP

Chile and Argentina

Left: The mothers of Los desaparecidos protesting in UK
Right: Pinochet's supporters (entirely women from the picture) hold his image "inmortal".

Nov 98 Pinochet by a 3-2 decision is held liable to prosecution for human rights violations by the Law Lords. A mjority of the Law Lords said torture, hostage-taking, murder and genocide were international crimes which could never be normal acts undertaken in the functions of a head of state in what commentators called a precedent for world justice. Isabel Allende the Daughter of the late President Allende killed in Pinochet's coup-de-tat said the ruling was a marvellous victory which meant the world's dictators were not above the law. A warrant from Spain accuses him of the deaths of more than 3000 people. Lord Stein, one of the Law Lords said "sovereign immunity" would be equivalent to granting Hitler immunity for the extermination of the Jews.

The word that General Pinochet added to the dictionary of horror - Los desaparecidos - the disappeared - still haunts the surviving victims. Twenty-five years on Luis Munos says "There are times I can't walk, my stomach is falling apart, there is a terrible pain in my testicles . I can't sleep. It's with you every day. It's for life. I'm carrying the dead bodies loved ones on my back. Too many." Mr Munos was tortured. His wife vanished. His story was one of many: there were about 3000 murders after that day in 1973 when General Pinochet with brutal force brought to an end the democratically elected Salvador Allende's chaotic 3-year dash to socialism. Two thousand victims have never been found. The world watched it start on television. British-made Hawker Hunters bombed the presidential palace. Inside President Allende died. It was said he took his own life; others believe he was murdered. Pinochet is recorded discussing 'dispatching Allende'. Thousands were herded at gunpoint into the National Stadium in Santiago and detained for weeks. Hooded informers identified "Subversives." In cubicles people were tortured and murdered. Firing squads executed hundreds. The musician Victor Jara was one victim, shot to death, his hands broken. His fingers cut off in front of the crowd in the stadium, he turned and shouted "We may not be able to play but at least we can sing!" - the socialist anthem rang out until the rattle of machine guns silenced the song of comraderie in blood.

Others were buried in Mine shafts, in unmarked graves, in places still to be found. Mr Munos has every reason to hate the Latin American despot who became the darling of the econormc Right The military came for his wife, 24-year-old journalist Diana Aron in November 1974, acting on orders from the top. She ran and they shot her in the back He was arrested a month later and taken to the Villa Grimaldi, one of the grimmest places in General Pinochet's gulag. "They gave me three months in that place where I saw horrible things and they did horrible things to me. "They took people's nails out, burned people with cigarettes, asphyxiated people with plastic bags, tortured people with electric shocks in front of their children. "One day an officer said that my wife was in intensive care, and that if I didn't talk, they would take her off. I said to them that first I wanted to see her. Then one day I asked, 'How is she?' and the officer said, 'She's dead.'" He adds: 'I haven't been able to sleep since Pinochet arrived in this country. The thought of him being here, getting away with everything. It was torture. And now this, after 25 years, they've arrested him. At last he is not able to move freely where he wants to."

Pinochet's influence did not stop at the Chilean border. Exiles were tracked down to foreign capitals and assasinated. His feared secret police, the Dina, struck in Washington on September 1976 when Orlando Letelier, former Chilean Chancellor under President Allende, and Ronni Karpen Moffitt, a United States citizen, were killed by a bomb planted in their car. FBI agents tracked the murders to the Dina.

A spokesman for Amnesty International said: "We are very pleased that the authorities in the UK have made this step. ... The evidence that Pinochet was aware of the disappearances tortures and killings is very strong."

Argentina has likewise suffered a dirty war, including dropping an unspecified number of people from aircraft over the sea. Similar moves to whitewash the process by later governments have led to howls of protest from the families of the missing.

Jorge Videla and Emilio Massara as well as admiral Jose Antonio Suppicich are being investigated for running a maternity ward for the dissappeared in which pregnant prisoners were given forced inductions or Caesarian sections before being killed and their babies handed over to childless military couples. In 1985 Massera, Videlo and other top military junta officers were sentenced to life in jail for human rights crimes but were pardoned by President Carlos Menem after he came to office in 1989.

El Salvador and Guatemala have likewise suffered atrocities in the midst of dirty wars in which large numbers of people have been murdered in cold blood, 200,000 in Guatemala.


Sadam Hussein methodicaly gassed 5000 Kurds as an 'experiment' in chemical readiness.
However 500,000 additional infant mortalities have occurred through UN sanctions to which Madeleine Albright replied "the price is worth it".

Forest burning in the Amazon.
This is not just genocide of one population, culture, race, or even species
but the genocide of the diversity of life in action.


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