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Two Native Forset Action tree-dwellers eat lunch on their platform 35m up a 600 year-old Rimu tree in the Charleston Forest south of Westport. More than 20 protesters began their fourth week of silent occupation of the West Coast forest yesterday . Their presemce so far has brough logging in the area to a standstill. "The blockade has been a success so far" said a spokeswoman Sian Robinson. "Hardly anyone knew native rainforest was being logged by a government-owned company [Timberlands] before we came here".

Only 11-14% of New Zealand's area is now in native forest. The actions of NFA have assisted in drawing attention of the general public to the plight of several New Zealand Forests. Whirinaki is an example of a North Island forest which harbours rare bird life which has been saved from destructive logging.

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