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Fig 1: Eden: Hieronymous Bosch The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Conceiving Genesis

Chris King

While the sabbatical cosmology of Genesis 1 has become a quaint tale in the modern age of science, the apocalypse of Fall from Eden stands in stark commentary as our founding archetypal myth of cultural origin, describing our fall from nature, in a schism between the genders, in the assumption of male dominion and analytic knowledge. Its sources lie much deeper in our socio-biological roots than the Bible, extending back through Sumeria to the first transition from gatherer-hunter society to 'civilization'. The Fall from Eden is more relevant today than at any previous time, because it defines the existential dilemma precipitating bio-apocalypse.

Genesis of Eden is the revelation of 'apocalypsia', or bridal unveiling, the climacteric of the evolutionary epoch, the stream of consciousness, of gender and of nature. This is a transition in cosmological time which will never be repeated in the entire history of Earth, because we only make the transition to human culture and knowledge of the physical world once. Alongside this cosmological bio-apocalypse, religious traditions stand as mere dew on the lawn of time, ephemeral and almost insignificant. Nevertheless all religious traditions point to bio-apocalypse as the primordial revelation or the day of judgement because of a deep awareness in the stream of consciousness of the enormity of our physical and psychic explosion on the arena.

Genesis of Eden is the genesis of biocosmology and our role in free-will in unfolding the history of the living universe. It is the document of requital - our coming of age in the universe. It is the cosmological logos - the physical-existential description of reality, which scientifically brings the prophetic tradition to its visionary end-point - the feminine apocalypse in healing the Fall, the epoch of patriarchal dominion. It is alpha and omega - Genesis and Resolution - the culmination and consummation in quantum non-locality, sociobiology, mythopoetry and visionary illumination.

Cosmological Biogenesis

Traditionally science places a divorce between the quantum world of cosmology and physics and the biological world of evolution. A further divorce occurs between the biological brain and consciousness, an ephemeral subjective condition beyond objective inquiry. The picture that emerges is a nightmare universe, exploding from a big-bang to heat death, full of awesome, terrifying forces, in which life appears to be an irrelevant and impotent phenomenon, of possibly mechanical origin, occasionally assisted by chance mutations of fate which are almost invariably malign. This double divorce is the last stage of the disintegration of the Newtonian fantasy of mechanism in the quantum universe.

The purpose of this logos of biocosmology is to finally shatter this myth and put the ghost back in the cosmic machine by the correct application of quantum physics to biology. In this process, we shall all come alive again, possessing freedom of will in a living universe in which we ourselves are a pivotal part of the cosmological process.

Fig 3: Diagram of cosmogenesis from the big bang through the inflationary phase to galaxy formation. The biodiversity chart bottom right emphasizes the fact that life has existed on Earth for cosmological time-scales.

Modern descriptions of cosmogenesis by inflation conceive of a universe which emerges as a quantum fluctuation. There are four natural forces, gravity, electromagnetism, and the binding and radioactive nuclear forces. Because the forces of nature in our universe have an asymmetric form in their lowest energy state, an empty symmetric universe is supercharged with negative energy and flies apart with an exponential antigravity. When this unstable symmetry collapses, gravity revereses to become attactive and the released latent heat comes out as the hot shower of the big bang. The kinetic and potential energy now add to a massive total instead of cancelling. In some models the inflation is fractal. The process is called symmetry-breaking.

These wave-particle events at the cosmogenic source also give rise to the cosmic evolution of the universe to form galaxies, stars, supernovae and livable planets in an interactive sequence in which the chemical elements are first synthesized in a supernova and then disseminated to a smaller slow-burning sun-like star, where life becomes possible. Although the energy of photosynthesis is much less than a quasar at the core of a galaxy, there is nevertheless a natural fractal cosmic evolution into all these structures because of the non-linear nature of gravitation. Planets are cosmological structures.

Central to quantum reality is the overthrow of mechanical determinism. Quantum entities can be either wave, or particle, but not both at the same time. The wave flows and then the particle appears from somewhere in the wave. Because of this, no quantum prediction gives a certain answer, but only probabilities. Measurements are always intrinsically uncertain for the same reason. In quantum theory, mechanism is interrupted by this seemingly random 'collapse'. To see alternatives as shadow probabilities, even after something has happened, is counter to our subjective experience. Here Schrödinger's quantum cat is either alive or dead, not both. Einstein said in frustration "I can't believe the God is playing dice with the universe". 'Many worlds' physicists try to get around this problem of the collapse by suggesting all possibilities and all probability universes do actually exist. This again is counter-intuitive as it stands, but it does suggest how the solution might actually come about.

This profound concept is the transactional choice principle. The same non-linearity that makes mass become infinite at the speed of light in special relativity causes particles to have two solutions, one travelling in each direction in space-time - forwards and backwards with opposite energies. All the forces are mediated by virtual particles which appear transiently out of the 'fabric' of quantum uncertainty and thus must have both an emitter (creator) and an absorber (annihilator). The transactional principle asserts that all particles, including the real ones which make up radiation and matter, are similarly linked and that a space-time handshaking occurs between emitter and absorber. The essential difference between real and virtual particles is that every possible virtual particle coexists, but only certain real outcomes occur in our experience. In this case, the boundary conditions say only one real interaction out of all the many possibilities can occur. The Feynman diagram and transaction are illustrated in fig 6 centre.

The transactional principle asserts that this choice is made through space-time handshaking and that the apparent 'randomness' of quantum uncertainty may mask a very complex web of such hand-shaking interactions across space-time, in which quantum 'information' is exchanged, both from future to past and from past to future. This principle neatly explains all the known mysteries of quantum non-locality. It may also unearth free-will.

Far from being an accidental irrelevancy in the universe at large, biomolecules are the final interaction in the cosmogenic wave-particle hierarchy, beginning with cosmic symmetry-breaking. The most energetic of these forces interact first to form composites like the proton and then in stars to form the atomic nuclei. These then combine chemically at lower energies (because the electromagnetic force is weaker) to form the next fractal hierarchy of interaction, atoms and molecules and finally at lower energies still to form the global weak bonding associations of large biomelecular assemblies.

Fig 4: Non-linearity of chemical bonding results in complex fractal molecular structures underlying the origin of life and living systems. Snowflakes illustrate the unique 'formative' properties of water as quantum substate. Nucleic acids and proteins have complex three-dimensional structures with global feedback (active site purple). Lipid bailer membranes similar in size to cells generated by co-polymerizing formaldehyde and cyanide.

This is a consequence of cosmic symmetry-breaking. The non-linear nature of chemical bonding causes the resulting structures to form super-fractals, ever larger structures with global energy feedbacks through many weak bonds. To form such molecular assemblages requires the lower energies we find under the negentropic photosynthetic activation of a planetary surface, but this is again part of the cosmic genesis sequence.

Although it is possible that the exact molecular basis of life may vary from planet to planet, life based on an H-CNO interaction stands as a central symmetry-breaking quantum-orbital interaction between the chemical elements. The idea that life arose from RNA, pre-biotic syntheses of RNAs bases and sugars and the polymerization of RNAs on clays gives RNA-based H-CNO life a potentially optimal status. These symmetry-breaking features may extend through dynamical bifurcation to the principal divisions in the genetic code, membrane electrochemistry and the major biochemical pathways.

Evolution has become a traditional place of separation from cosmology because it is deemed to be a matter of random mutation, sexual recombination and selective advantage, which have no bearing on the formative events of the universe at large and no relation to quantum physics. This perspective is fallacious.

Fig 5: The Mandala of Evolution (detail)

The first way this mechanistic view breaks down is in the manner in which evolution responds to major bifurcations and symmetry-breaking in the physical world. While the individual details of genetic sequence have almost unlimited variation, the division of biota into the five kingdoms is as much a reflection of 'catastrophic' bifurcations of the living environment into photosynthetic and various predatory and parasitic forms of energy budget. Similarly, the development of the senses is a direct reaction to the quantum modes of interaction between the single cell and its environment (photons - vision, phonons - hearing, orbital interactions - smell etc.). Despite the apparent complexity of the modern camera eye , animals with camera eyes are inevitable over evolutionary time scales because the eye gives sturctured imformation through a principal quantum mode. Indeed evolutionary 'pit-eye' intermediates abound. It is thus almost inevitable that evolution will lead to animals with the 'five' quantum senses. The true verdancy of cosmology is found in evolution itself - cosmology become genetic.

Hidden within evolutionary history are also emergent universal algorithms which, although they may have evolved using specific genetic sequences, utilize general principles which may be universal to morphogenesis. A key example is provided by the homeotic genes which govern segmental embryogenesis in species as diverse as coelenterates, vertebrates, insects, fungi and maize.

A second universal algorithm in mammals has been the development of the cerebral cortex and limbic system, permitting emotional interactions and generalized cognitive process which have transformed the mamalian sociobiological paradigm and extended the boundaries of kin and reciprocal altruism.

Further universalization of these algorithms in embryogenesis of the brain appear to be at work in the evolution of humanity as a meta-species with maximal adaptability and sensory plasticity, enabling us to adopt an entire culture of evolutionary niches. While it is true that evolution has no deterministic agenda of progress, the Darwinian mechanism is perfectly able to respond to symmetry-breaking, and universality and to induce increasing diversity and complexity over time through edge-of-chaos interactions.

The other way in which evolution is implicitly quantum in nature is in its accidental or adventitious aspects. The correspondence principle states that quantum phenomena converge to the classical description as the repetition of single quantum events becomes large enough so that the statistics of many events takes over. from individual quantum idiosyncrasy. While this is true for many aspects of evolution, it is untrue for other adventitious or accidental occurrences in which one chance mutational change becomes woven into the historical process. Examples abound of very unusual molecules in only one or a few species, such as the chemotherapy agent vincristine found only in Cantharanthus rosea. In these cases there is no chance for classical correspondence because repetitions are made impossible by the watershed of natural selection upon the genetic fabric.

Indeed many historical twists of fate in the macroscopic world associated with chance or chaos are a literal Waterloo for the correspondence principle, because they source ultimately from quantum uncertainty. While it is clear that such events result in the surprise fulfillment of only one course of history (Napoleon's demise) from the many probability universes, twentieth century science has been obtuse in failing to recognize this as a case of non-correspondence.

The hallmark of all chaotic systems is their sensitive dependence arbitrarily small fluctuations, the so-called butterfly catastrophe - that the 'breath' of a butterfly's wings in Hawaii can later, through chaos, become inflated into a tropical cyclone in Polynesia. Such sensitive dependence in the quantum world ultimately sources from the smallest of such fluctuations, quantum uncertainty. This is also just the point where quantum suppression of chaos relaxes into the kinetic world of interacting molecules.

Quantum non-locality may thus manifest in the macroscopic world in a variety of ways from the circumstantial synchronicity of Carl Jung through evolutionary historicity to the very basis of our subjective consciousness. The nature of the subjective condition remains an enigma at the end of the twentieth century, referred to as the 'hard problem' in consciousness research, because, no matter how sophisticated our knowledge of brain physiology during active mental states becomes, there is still no qualitative correspondence between objective features of brain processing and subjective experience. No brain state is red.

Fig 6: Chaos, fractal dynamics and quantum uncertainty and its relationship to the conscious brain. Left: Turbulence of a fluid moving past a stick, a portion of the Mandelbrot fractal illustrates 'frozen' chaos. Centre: Feynman diagram of electron scattering and quantum transaction illustrate how hand-shaking can occur across space-time, quantum sensitivity of frog retinas to single photons, the fractal nature of the neuron linking global brain dynamics to the molecular level and the emergence of quantum chaos in molecular kinetics. Right: Modular activation of the brain in sensory processing is associated with the development of chaotic strange attractors.

The idea of the brain as a computer fails for a host of reasons. A computer is a deterministic system which has no recourse to subjectivity, relying exclusively on objective algorithms. Computational problems in the open environment are notoriously intractable. Despite having over a million billion synapses the human brain is usually numerically less efficient than a pocket calculator. Neither brain dynamics nor that of single neurons appears to be digital but rather is dynamical in nature in a way which utilizes the transition from chaos to order to produce the 'eureka' of insight.

The meaningful solution to this dilemma is that the conscious brain evolved from the excitable cell by utilizing a form of quantum anticipation emerging from the chaotically-excitable membrane as a universal quantum sense organ. Subjective consciousness thus gains a pragmatic selective advantage in evolution, because consciousness, as an expression of quantum non-locality, complements computational power with a different form of anticipation from logical prediction. The implications for conscious experience and the status of the subjective world are profound. Rather than being a deterministic chemical machine, the brain may utilize quantum non-locality in space-time to evoke the loop-hole we experience as free-will to alter the course of history of the universe.

This brings us back to the cosmological arena. Without investing any deterministic utopian vision into the evolution of humanity, the human brain represents the cosmological pinnacle of the interactive process resulting from the symmetry-breaking at our cosmic inflationary origin. Far from being an irrelevant piece of biological jelly, the conscious brain may be a universal cosmological solution to how the universe interactively becomes aware of its own 'implicate order' subjectively manifest and how its evolutionary history comes to full living fruition. The brain is not just the most delicate and complex organ in the known universe but is sensitive to the quantum limit in its sense modes. This universal nature of human consciousness makes it possible for the first time in Earth's history for the self to come to a full awakening of its primordial nature.

Fig 7: Burning forests: Left and centre Amazon, right Sulawesi from the Shuttle. When the forests are burning it clouds the entire image of the earth from space. Peat fires lit in Indonesia during the 1997 El Nino equal Western Europe's entire CO2 output.


Associated with the emergence of an archetypal meta-species is a crisis of the evolutionary epoch caused by the emergence of culture. This results in a chain-reaction process in which the meta-species discovers semantic language, analytic knowledge and the physical universe description and takes dominion over the genetic web on the planet, forever changing the nature of evolution and of life on Earth. Accompanying this, even in ideal circumstances, is increasing impact on other species as dominance grows and a sense of culture shock and alienation in the face of increasingly rapid social change. There is a very significant risk that the meta-species will, during the process, out-populate other species and through its own impact cause a mass extinction of life, possibly annihilating itself, or suffering severe attrition. The balance of analytic knowledge and sustainable wisdom is critical to survival and sustainability in evolutionary time.

This transition is a unique one in the cosmology of any living planet and one which is most unlikely to be repeated, unless the meta-species extinguishes itself in the process. The reasons are that we can only find the physical description of reality and biology out once. We are already 90% of the way there and we are now going to have to learn how to live on a sustainable planet for millions of years to come. Technology cannot solve this existential dilemma. We have also assumed ultimate powers of destruction through nuclear and genetic technologies. If we continue damage the planet as much as we are doing at present, these could be millions of years of poverty rather than paradise.

Fig 8: Predicted state of oil reserves worldwide are already half gone. Cities such as Los Angeles are likely to suffer because of their design dependence on transport.

We are in almost one generation, burning all the fossil oil reserves, fishing the oceans to extinction, burning the great rain forests home to the richest 9/10 ths of the world's diversity, causing significant chemical and radioactive pollution and of course out-populating virtually every other species in existence in a boom-bust cycle of untold proportions. We are in the process of hurtling into a genetic epoch in which rampant genetic engineering and patenting is likely to further collapse the already fragile status of the species upon which we depend. We are also disrupting the climate in ways which drive vulnerable species out of their natural habitats too fast to reproduce.

The recklessness and selfishness of such an approach can only really be understood in terms of a culture shock in which no one is fully aware of the dimensions of the transformation taking place and rapid exploitation has such potential short-term gains during the apocalyptic transition as to over-ride any sustainable common-sense.

Fig 9: Past and predicted chart of biological diversity. Left: Evolutionary times, right the next century. The predictions are for triage as in Revelation. We need to save 66%.

By far the worst consequence of bio-apocalypse is genetic holocaust. If humanity makes a bonfire of genetic diversity, our descendents will suffer not just for a century or a millennium, but for perhaps 10 million years to come. Many people worry more about air pollution and climatic change, but of all the environmental crises, genetic holocaust is the most devastating.

Genetic algorithms are the most efficient way known to generate new varieties. Techniques of genetic engineering almost universally use existing genes from the wild to splice into new situations. It is phenomenally difficult to design genes de-novo because of the complexity of the protein-folding problem. Only about 10% of the species in the biosphere have been characterized, so we are potentially losing resources whose value we cannot even estimate.

At greatest risk are the very plants and other species upon which we depend for our food, medicines and commercial production, because it is these species which are most subject to genetic modification often to monoclonal form while the natural resources of biodiversity of such species are withered or eliminated by clearing for farming and agricultural production. The diversity resources of species essential for our survival are being gradually squeezed down into a few germ plasm banks where a single failure could wipe out our entire genetic heritage. The terminator gene is about to result in the death of immortality.

The likely consequences of the rampant commercial exploitation of genetic engineering without democratic ethical foresight is that human society will enter a genetic end-game, reducing the natural robustness of the species upon which we depend until any small interruption, to the climate, through volcanism or through quite a small astronomical impact will result in the collapse of society and possibly human extinction. Cloning compounds this risk.

There is no quick technical fix for the rape of the biosphere and the loss of our major non-renewable resources. At best the technical utopia can alleviate some diseases such as cancer. Used wisely space technology could protect us into the far distant future. Now water has been discovered on the moon it is possible to have a small biosphere project on the moon which would protect a seed core of humanity and key species from a major astronomical impact on Earth. Likewise an underground 'space-station' on Earth would protect from the radiation disaster of a nearby supernova. Eventually we may also reach gingerly for the stars, but only when we have learned to care for the Earth well, otherwise we are at best a carcinoma in the face of the universe - the evil empire incarnate. If we seriously damage our heritage in the next century, it is unlikely we will ever mount such utopian visions.

Humanity on Earth is clearly going through the acute phase of bio-apocalypse as I speak. While the planet is still green and pleasant in many places, very disturbing changes are happening, including massive deforestation, desertification and wholesale disruption and fragmentation of natural ecosystems and while debate continues about the severity of atmospheric change there is little dispute about the dire fate in store for biodiversity.

Gendering Bio-apocalypse

A key problem with our own bio-apocalypse on planet Earth has been the misunderstanding of sexual sociobiology and how imbalances of power between the genders, induced by culture, can cause human society to become acutely damaging to the planet and its living systems. Throughout the evolution of sexual higher animals, despite some genetic warfare, evolution has selected simultaneously for 'dissemination' of each gender's genes.

Contrary to the fantasies of some male anthropologists, the evidence of human socio-biological evolution attests to a prominent role for female choice, rather than the notion of dominant men using women as property. This is a pattern common to most animal species spanning guppies to colonial birds. There is a fundamental reason. The larger female investment and the greater male competition act together to make female choice pivotal. The female needs to be choosy because, unlike the male, she will be stuck with the result and cannot compensate by fertilizing other individuals like the male.

Fig 10: The two human genders are even more different in the haploid phase than in the flesh. The difference between ovum and sperm is a classical case of symmetry-breaking. Put romantically the sperm began to cheat by contributing less cytoplasm and then found itself stripped of all but its DNA by cytoplasmic incompatibility. Ever since there have been massive numbers of smaller 'particulate' sperm and a larger enveloping ovum. Ever since, the male investment in reproduction has been less than that of the female, who by contrast with the competitive, venture risk strategy of the male has to make an honest long-term investment, thus requiring sustainability as opposed to boom and bust. This difference is abundantly manifest in human pregnancy and child-rearing.

The evolutionary record speaks volumes for human female reproductive choice. The female is the most sexually evolved and the most neotonous or 'child-like' - indicative of greater evolutionary adaption. Gatherer-hunter societies depended on women for 80% of their diet. The estrus is concealed and the woman is permanently attractive, giving her great power to entice a mate into a resourceful long-term association. The evolution of the human brain pivots on gender paradox, leading to the need for elaborate social communication to resolve social transactions of trust and deceit and for adroit skill to maintain sexual mana. The male sexual anatomy displays elaborate defences to male reproductive competition including aggressive and defensive sperm, indicative of such competition.

Female reproductive choice includes covert sexual association as part of the evolutionary strategy in overtly monogamous colonial species, facilitated in humans by the female orgasm. This represents a hedge of the massive female investment against a genetically defective principal partner. Men solve this by spreading wild oats. Genetic testing suggests 20% of human offspring are so-conceived. This is however a cause of great anxiety to males, who have never until this decade been able to be fully certain that any offspring is their own.

During the transition from gatherer-hunter society to urban cultures such as Sumeria, a transition occurred in which women became sequestered in houses, in nunneries, in harems, in brothels and in the fields. Part of this process was facilitated by militarization which made one male powerful over others, but more broadly became a religious, cultural, genealogical and legal paradigm in which males had predominant reproductive rights and powers over women as property, to ensure to their satisfaction that they had not been impregnated by any male competitor. These patriarchal characteristics were shared by almost all ancient societies by 2000 BC, despite immemorial support for the Goddess and her 'whoring' fertility rites.

Fig 11: Afghani Women suffer complete seclusion in society inability to work,
fulfill their education or even move about independently.

Patriarchal monotheism set in motion a long-term suppression of the feminine reproductive strategy, stoning women for adultery, circumcising and infibulating them to keep them faithful, regarding them as evil except for the virgin, sequestering them in a variety of often violent ways and killing the girl child.

Patriarchal religion, combined with male elites in political and commercial power disrupted the balance of evolutionary gender paradox and resulted in a frank epoch of the male spermatogenic imperative to the detriment of the feminine long-term sustainable investment strategy. This had a series of consequences: Civilizations with boom and bust cycles, populations growing rapidly and entering into combat, an attitude of dominion over nature, that nature herself was somehow flawed and evil, as opposed to the life-giving, verdant source of all abundance. Taken to an extreme in terms of patriarchal religion it preaches an end of days in which the physical world will be scrapped for a new celestial order. It has resulted in a frank atmosphere of Armageddon which has almost led to nuclear annihilation.

It is only with the industrial revolution that the full impact of the patriarchal imperative has become expressed. The scientific revolution happened in a context where the Christian view of dominion of man over nature combined with the callous ethical nihilism of mechanistic science to unleash the commercial-industrial machine without effective constraint on the natural environment - and indeed no ethical contract with society, being responsible only to investors.

We have thus witnessed an explosive growth of mechanized culture extrapolating on an exponential curve of population, resource exploitation, endless economic growth punctuated by boom-bust crises, and consequent destruction of the living habitats of Earth. All of these have one characteristic in common, the competitive, winner-take-all, venture-risk, short-term investment, of the spermatogenic imperative.

It is doubtful whether any of these instabilities would have happened had the predominant human culture displayed a greater honesty and frankness about its sexual socio-biology and the importance of respecting the evolutionary investment and strategies of both genders. Even today, society is still struggling over the complementation between 'nature' and 'nurture'.

The adamant position taken by certain patriarchal religions today about contraception, female fertility and reproduction emphasizes how intimately such religions are steeped in the spermatogenic imperative. This has obviously been very detrimental in historical terms to the exploding population.

One immediate conclusion that has to be drawn in the age of genetic testing is that women must have the right to retain reproductive choice even within an existing relationship, because this reflects the biological realities of a sustainable world. Genetic testing raises a sword of Damacles here. In the words of Chaucer's Tale of the Wyf of Bath - the male has to accept saying to the female in respect of her fertility and her sovereignty - "You decide".

Fig 12: In Chaucer's Wyf of Bath, a young knight who has raped a lass is given a year under pain of death to find out what women really want. On the last fruitless day a hag offers the answer for a wish. She explains "sovereignty". He lives, only to find she claims him as bride. She says she is a witch and he can either have youthful beauty or fidelity - he must choose. He says "You decide" and she grants both.

To correct this imbalance requires a renewal of forgiveness, honesty and trust between the genders, not a new unbalanced epoch of female dominion, but certainly the freeing of all women from bondage worldwide and the renewal of the feminine vision of sustainable immortality. This can come about only through an acknowledgment by men of the deleterious role played by male religious and secular power through the epoch and the threat that this has made to the world future. It requires a preparedness to facilitate new democratic social and economic structures to heal the venture-risk exploitation of free-market capitalism with a fully ecosystemic sustainable economy and a fully liberated economic democracy which is empowered to address all ethical issues.

Fig 13: Two forms of cosmic portal, the mandala (Kashan carpet) and the Huichol nierika opened by peyote.

Quantum Non-locality and the Stream of Consciousness

To act at all, each and every one of us has to invest commitment to the our personal capacity to decide our fate through our free-will or intent. It is virtually impossible to lift one's little finger without such an investment. Likewise, although we firmly believe in the existence of the physical universe, all our access to this is through our personal subjective experience. From birth to death, the only contact we have with the world is subjective in its entirety. Alongside this immediate reality of the subjective, the physical world is a secondary stability property coherently expressed in conscious experience, a myth we subjective beings tell one another to explain our common experiences.

Consequently science cannot address consciousness because there is no handle for the objective to latch on to. Consciousness research thus remains the abyss of the scientific revolution yawning wide enough to swallow the entire universe. This is the situation that leads directly to the schizophrenia between (modern) science and (archaic) religion. Religion addresses the subjective in apparently un-scientific terms while science can neither detect nor postulate the subjective nor indeed any meaning or purpose in existence within the cosmic machine. The solution healing this gulf is quantum non-locality.

One critical lesson of the EPR pair-splitting experiments is that when two particles are in the same wave, each knows about the other instantaneously no matter the distance. Find the nature of one and the other is immediately complementary. Moreover quantum measurements which appear random for each individual particle immediately show a correlated pattern when the two results are brought together. This illustrates how quantum non-locality can provide hidden space-time connections which appear random at the surface. Taoist philosophy asserts that chance, nature and consciousness all emerge from a common cosmic principle, which is also the karma of Buddhism and Vedanta and the synchronicity of Carl Jung. This position asserts that, even though we can't expect to continually bias our luck, what actually occurs is part of a web of coincidence in which seemingly unrelated events may become correlated through consciousness.

Conscious experience also has other modes besides sensory experience of the real world, such as dreams, hallucinations, meditative and trance states. If a central role of consciousness is to interact with quantum non-locality, it would be expected that such introception is associated with psychic and shamanistic phenomena. It is also central to the prophetic tradition as manifest in dream, vision and oracle and its relation to future events.

Common to shamanism, Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism and Sufism is a state of illumination characterized by descent into archetypal cosmic consciousness variously described as moksha, enlightenment, samadhi, gnosis, the void, or the self. Several traditions have been enriched by the use of natural evolutionary sacraments which induce visions. Others use dancing, drumming, chanting, meditation, deprivation or deep trance. Severe discipline and/or reckless abandon is required - left-hand Tantras meditate on graveyards. Such a state has common elements of ego loss or ego death, disembodiment and union with the divine source. These have one single core basis - the cosmological nature of the subjective conscious archetype - subjective cosmology.

The continuing strong thread of often intense belief in the divine permeating virtually every culture outside communism and modern technological utopia attests further to the subjective as cosmological.

The Yin and Yang of the Tao emphasizes the complementation, rather than duality of the creative and receptive and also that male and female each contain the essence of the 'other' (the small spots).

The conclusion is a living universe struggling to give expression to itself in space-time through consciousness elaborated in the material realm. As in the Tantric creation myth, this is a dance between feminine and masculine principles of order and chaos, subject and object, mind and body, wave and particle, in which preserving the gender relationship is central to the 'balance' of nature.

The final, utterly awesome, aspect of this is that, despite the vagaries of fate, our lives ar not simply random or accidental - we are all part of a synchronous web of conscious becoming and have within our power the capacity to unfold a living future of untold richness for our offspring in evolutionary space-time. We are not mere selfish individuals of some three score and ten years duration but, beings over 3,000 million years old - 1/3 the age of the universe - in an unbroken genetic fabric of generations. Moreover, in our inner archetypal no-self, we are fully as ancient as the universe, fashioned in the archetype of the creatrix of the universal condition.

Emerging from the stream of consciousness and the self in the synchronous universe is the notion of archetype. As a person or a whole society enters into the abyss of the self, archetypal themes may begin to give root expression to the existential condition. These archetypes evolve with social experience, so that they present new paradoxes and paradigm shifts, despite having recurring features. When whole societies enter apocalyptic crisis or psychic expectation, the situation may predispose to manifesting archetypal synchronicity. Mythology is richly interlaced with such karmic manifestation, typified by the sequestering of Buddha from the experience of death, precipitating his enlightenment.

Such ideas of synchronicity are almost impossible to confirm or deny objectively because they are part of an historical process which by its own watersheds is never repeated. They do however, even for the 'scientific' sceptic form the osmotic grains of salt for an astounding perspective on reality. We do not need synchronicity as an excuse or raison d'etré for saving the living world. You already have enough ecological justification to save biodiversity and the genetic heritage without any spiritual justification. Neither do the following sections require belief, but simply the intent to choose a living world.

Religious Apocalypse and the Millennium

By comparison with the founding nature of bio-apocalypse in evolutionary time, religious apocalypses are but transient visionary outbursts - archetypal reactions to cultural crisis of an apocalyptic nature. Many of these are linked to natural disaster, or to the consequences of male dominion - political and military conflict and environmental crisis, as became a feature of Near Eastern civilizations early in the piece. The events of Jesus' time were truly a crisis of world genocide. Over 1,100,000 people are supposed to have died in the fall of Jerusalem and the defeat of the Zealots by Rome. The Sea of Galilee ran red with blood. This was just the last phase in a stream of consciousness paradigm which had been gathering intensity for several centuries. It has in turn led to a two-millennium epoch of religious expectation of the Day of Judgement accounting for humanity in the cosmic scheme, otherwise called the Requital. This end of days scenario, along with its messianic advent, is woven into the final destinies of all the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and permeates the ancient prophetic traditions of Essenes and Samaritans as well.

Fig 14: Religious apocalypse is also bio-apocalypse, as highlighted by the division of the physical realm into immortal paradise (left) and the polluted wastes of hell (right).

All these traditions derive ultimately from Eden and the Fall and all constitute a terrible reckoning followed by restoration of the natural order in a divine paradise in which the Tree of Life (fig 22) figures prominently, along with its life and vision giving fruit and the garment of immortal splendor.

These themes are all consistent visions of the mother of all apocalypses - bio-apocalypsia seen 'through a glass darkly' in the somewhat twisted paranoid dark and light manner the patriarchs traditionally assume. They have continued with gathering intensity throughout the Christian epoch of hope for the return of Christ, culminating this century in events which lead to the end of times in both Judaic and Christian traditions, the holocaust, the founding of Israel and the birth of nuclear Armageddon in the Trinity test. The advent of nuclear holocaust finally brings Armageddon into full force in the human psyche. Many of us have had to bring up children in complete uncertainty as to whether there will be survivors to continue the genetic fabric. This crisis has only temporarily eased and is now proliferating alarmingly again and includes new and more vicious potentials in genetically-engineered germ warfare. Many of the people who have their fingers on the nuclear button have an implicit belief in the end of days confrontation and/or religious martyrdom.

We are now moving into two direct phases of biological apocalypse, burning and clearing the dwindling biodiversity gems of the great tropical forests and witlessly embarking on an epoch of rampant commercially-exploited genetic engineering without any democratic ethical vision of the brittle mechanistic end-game this scenario harbingers.

One can thus appreciate the uncanny synchronicity between the Christian millennium and the bio-apocalyptic transition, which you could choose to accept as the golden 'heaven-sent' opportunity for us all to wake up, illuminate, and realize our cosmological fortune and responsibility - to care for the earth, to replenish her and unfold her in evolutionary splendor as a genuine living paradise - this is the love song and the warning of bio-apocalypse - revealing the concealed visionary relationship between religious apocalypse and our cosmological coming of age in bio-apocalypse. These are the 'things hidden since the foundation of the world' the association between primordial Wisdom 'or ever the Earth was', the repressed feminine, and the Tree of Life, sequestered until the end of days of the patriarchal epoch.

The Gnostic Kiss from the Abyss

Fig 15: The term apocalypsia means bridal unveiling. Algerian bride in commemoration of the slaughter and disemboweling of pregnant women in Algeria in the name of Islam.

We now enter into abyss of the mythological zone as visionaries of the millennial apocalypse. In doing so, we can all gain the very essence of true meaning in existence if we so choose, while saving the living world and conceiving and guarding the genetic heritage for the unfolding future. Such are the awesome opportunities and devastating responsibilities for those whose fortune it is to be born in this unique generation of bio-apocalypse, for if we fail our offspring could suffer for thousands of generations.

Genesis contains for each of us a deeper mystery - a key to conscious realization - our gnostic adventure of becoming - a realization which you can discover by wandering its labyrinthine pathways, running from the African Rift Valley 100,000 years ago to the Amazon today - from ancient prophecy to living reality, from cosmogenesis to quantum non-locality. Indeed you may never return to the place from which you came, for the end of this labyrinth is the unfolding of the universe itself.

Central to this journey of becoming is the concept of the gnostic re-entry in the apocalypse, the idea that history can give birth to a synchronicity which reveals, in the climacteric, the truth that the universe is utterly, awesomely alive and aware of its own destiny in space-time, in ways which can absorb and take account of our own folly in a denouement of poetic irony right in the flux of the millennial moment which liberates our free-will for all time.

Fig 16: (a) The Dream of Mary: Christoforo Simone dei Crocefissi c AD 1350. Christ's sacrificial blood streams from her tree of Calvary - the Skull. (b) Quetzalcoatl and Xochipilli beside the Aztec Tree of the Middle Place emerging from the Blood Mother of the Corn from Place of Skulls. A symbolic bird crowns each. The close correspondence between the Christian and Aztec traditions of blood sacrifice and renewal indicates uncanny confluences of archetype spanning diverse world traditions.

The hidden key to the Genesis is Parousia - the return of the gnostic archetypes in the millennial transition as a confirmation of cosmic consciousness in synchronicity. Christianity has always been a heresy of Christ for, in its very origin, there was a schism between the gnostics, who claimed to have the inner mystical tradition of full illumination and the orthodox who enforced the power of the Church against the individual vision of the 'elect'. Orthodox Christianity has fashioned Christ into an eschatological figure, half-man and half-God, in a way which is intended to make it impossible for the natural tradition, which Jesus manifested, as a natural flesh and blood messiah to refertilize the epoch.

The key to Parousia is not the return of an avenging Christ of heaven, dripping blood, nor of Armageddon in the male combat myth, but the refertilization of the source tradition of the human prophet-hero of quantum shamanism and the long-awaited Tree of Life in the birth of the immortal genetic age of paradise. Parousia is the return of that which was stolen in the Fall. Return of sovereignty to the female, the reunion of peace and forgiveness, the sacred marriage of mind and body, the burgeoning-forth of the Tree, the sacraments of the twelve fruit and, last, but not least, gnostic transference of the full meaning of cosmic illumination - the Christ state. This is my gnostic kiss to you in truth and love from the abyss of incarnation as one ancient gypsy spirit of the universe to another.

Fig 17: The Annunciation of Mary: The advent of Christ is an archetypal revisitation of the Eden apocalypse, to undo the mortality of the Fall. Mary's virginity is the circumcision of Eve's 'original sin'. The tragic fallacy was that it was the repression of the feminine in Eve which was the source of mortality.

This is a promise to be fulfilled in visionary democracy. The gnostic and biological vision which shall make us all egalitarian messiahs in love, all Christs in the discovery of the living conscious world, in unveiling the promised immortal era of the Tree. This is our cosmic coming of age. The marriage of Kingdom and Garden, the sacred marriage of the Bridegroom to the Bride - for the apocalypse is the Reunion and the Consummation - the restoration of the feminine principle and of nature herself to her original place of glory in the physical completion of the divine. Thus wave and particle, chaos and order, female and male, meet in the verdant complexity and diversity of living fertility - at once in the frightening day of reckoning - omega of the patriarchal epoch.

Few people would have realized that Parousia could actually come true in a biological - in a quantum mechanical sense. What do you do when you find yourself literally in the centre of the cyclone, in the climacteric of reality of all time? When the boy child El Nino's hurricane roars across the ocean in echo of the very unveiling you are witnessing? What do you do when the future of life stands in the balance, when the great forests burn and the oceans are fished to near-extinction, when in the coming-of-age of humanity in the midst of a genocide of living diversity, you discover a streak of fire running all the way from the quantum to the millennium, from the 'revered and accursed one' to the very shoes in which you stand?

That the terms Bridegroom, Son of Man, and True Vine are not just terminology from the year zero, but part of a living web of synchronous gender reunion in which the feminine aspect of divinity, long repressed in her diversity - Mariam, Chochmah or Sophia (Wisdom), Shekhinah, Sakina the spirit of tranquillity, the Anathema of the scarlet woman, returns as the divine partner to consummate the apocalyptic bridal unveiling. What does it mean to find at once that it is to Leucothea, the White Goddess of the subconscious mind, a figment of a crazed poet's flight of inspiration, that one owes one's very physical incarnation on the Epiphany, in a twist of fate culminated by Trinity, that overturns the long, lone supremacy of the Father in a dramatic resurgence of feminine illumination, seeping through dream, accident and the very way the wind blows?

History is littered with pretenders to the messiahship, most of whom are harmlessly sequestered, incarcerated or lead doomsday cults to the fringes of the surreal. Among them are numbered demented despots great and small, from Jim Jones to Adolf Hitler. The great divide is perilously thin. Jesus was accused of being possessed by Ba'al Zebul, the Lord of Flies and lived as controversially as he died, on the border between divinity and possession.

Fig 18: Tragic mask of Dionysian Dhu Shara, Nabataea.

This phenomenon arose out of a tradition much older than Christ, common to Dhu Shara of Edom, Dionysus, Joseph, Noah and of course Adam, a tradition that spans cultures as diverse as the ancient Semites, the Hindus' Krishna and Shiva and the Toltecs' Quetzalcoatl, for the prophets stand in the tradition of quantum shamanism, the Shekhinah herself - the "indwelling" manifestation of immanent deity being at once eagle, the Toltec Nahualli, and the Holy Ghost. This is also the tradition of the Dionysian sacraments - the True Vine - the Eucharist - Soma - flesh of the Gods.

Fig 19: Left: Eleusis had an inner sacred repast called the epoptea at which it is believed Dionysus played a role. Here panel from Eleusis has Persephone passing a liberty bell to Demeter. Right: Gordon Wasson receives the eucharist from Maria Sabina, an event which she had prophesied in a vision. He described the event as 'Holy Communion' and spoke of the dawning of Pentecost. Maria's house was burned down and a son killed, apparently for revealing the secret concealed since the arrival of the conquistadores.

For all the fear of the scarlet whore, we find standing at Christ's left side Magdalen, a free Mariam of seven familiars, who stands at the Christian source, pronouncing the exaltation in the ancient tradition of Adonai and of Inanna's descent, who along with Salome and Martha was believed to have passed the gnostic tradition to Marcellina, and who now stands embodied in the feminine consciousness of sustainability and natural spirituality - the witch, the Wisdom woman, who unlike the 'Lord hastening it in his time', bides unto the climacteric: 'the female abides and cannot be hastened', coming in our genuine moment of reckoning, to take her ancient place of fecundity, the concelaed Shulamite river, sustaining immortal ongoing life, embodied in every woman and in all of us together, as the light and dark spots within the Yin-Yang attest.

Fig 20: Magdalen as the embodiment of the Free Spirit in woman in exaltation of the sacred marriage.

It is to the prophetic shamanistic mind that the most unusual quantum non-localities congregate, in vision, dream, reflection and circumstance. Rather than the universe being a mechanical, deterministic fulfillment of God's Newtonian design, or of random chance alone, it evolves as a synchronistic chaotic process revealing quantum non-locality, in which apocalypse may become living reality, not because it has to happen, but because this is the collective dream of humanity - our living conscious heritage, the 'unveiling' of our collective existential condition. Because the messiah was expected, Yeshua manifested. So now in the mother of all apocalypsias. "Ecce homo - Kia ora!".

The same superconscious dream threads all the way back to our hunter-gatherer origins, in the Eden Genesis myth, and the patriarchal Fall of culture from nature as it struggles forward to nuclear Armageddon, biodiversity genocide and the ecocrisis eschatology of the present day. It is a dream of humanity that has been dreamed on evolutionary time scales and one which is the harbinger of a possible mass-extinction of biodiversity that will take up to ten million years to recover from and which echoes through the anticipatory prophetic conscious in the Day of Judgement. No one who finds the entire evolutionary history of the earth being decimated at their feet can afford to leave this planet to such a fate without first saving the living genetic garment of immortal diversity for its future evolutionary unfolding. In this sense we are all gnostic twins, all Christs, all witnesses to the unveiling - the time of your life and the time of all life!

"I have said ye are Gods and children of the most high."

Why is it that history is singular and that such unexpected twists of fate can become true? How can the millennium coincide with biodiversity genocide in a scientific, biological universe? Because the quantum-mechanical nature of the universe is singular in all its unexpected historical watersheds, in a way which anticipates unfolding events and lies at the very foundation of conscious existence - we are here to witness, through conscious experience, the living singular history of the universe in a passion drama of human encounter. The difference between the mechanical model and the living universe is this subjective aspect of reality and it is all we have. Our only contact with the physical world is through this interior shadow, our subjective experience, an inexplicable phenomenon, which gives the astounding experience of free-will, the capacity of subjective consciousness, despite its immateriality, to alter the course of physical history in decisive and often permanent ways. We are thus existentially strung along the crack between the worlds, just as Jesus has been stranded for two millennia between Earth and Heaven.

In our realization of 'common sense', all these contradictions will be resolved. In this homecoming to the 'indwelling' wings of Shekhinah, all things hidden since the foundation of the world become revealed. The Fall from nature can only be consummated in the return of the Tree of Life. It is to this Tree and the verdant restoration of living diversity in the feminine spirit of divine chaos this work is dedicated in reweaving the garment of immortality, the unfolding germ-line of the biosphere.

This change of heart requires the development of a new ethical conscience 'with-science' a democratic ethic complementing science, a soul of humanity which can help address the future of ourselves and living diversity together by considering the implications of genetic technology, and its impacts on biodiversity and the unforeseen dimensions of our evolutionary future. It requires a fundamental change of perspective, in which humanity recognizes the implications of free-will, the repression of the feminine and the divinity within us in learning to take care and responsibility for the Earth to enrich her verdant diversity, instead of raping her to oblivion.

The Mystery Play at the End of the Universe

Fig 21: The descent from the cross of violence, central to the concept of Sakina prophetically painted by Hannah Omer. Bringing Jesus down from the cross will both end the epoch and refertilize the tradition of the Song of Songs.

A central key living part of this adventure revolves around the phenomenon of Sakina Jerusalem Epiphany 2000 as climacteric and gnostic wild card of the millennium - the passion play of the Reunion - the Song of Songs, the Descent from the Cross of Violence, the return of the Tree and the fruit - the drawing down of the Shekhinah. Nothing is certain, everything is possible - the enigma the illumination and the reunion. You are expressly invited to the Sakina climacteric to be party to the birth of the immortal epoch and urged to give it and the Renewal your full support. Realizing Sakina depends on all of us coming to terms with the opportunity, not just of our lifetime but of the universe.

Associated with the millennial apocalypsia and leading to Sakina is the eco-feminine awakening of The Renewal and the common ground of the Gaea Wisdom Democracy as avenues of resurgence of the hidden repressed Shulamite river personified in the dark Goddess of the enclosed garden, " The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation."

Key aspects of the apocalypsia as a fulfillment of the messianic heritage of Isaiah 61 - the planting, the liberation, the marriage of bridegroom and bride, as the garden springeth forth - are discussed in the Requital Document. This is a statement of the ethics of the mission of the greening liberation.

The Genesis and its millennial transformation is a deep mystery in the ancient sense of the mystery cults, requiring curiosity, intrigue and the inspiration of the elect to fathom its many parts and make sense of the unusual world description it contains. In a sense you will, like me, have to descend to the disincarnate to realize your true destiny.

It is at once a psychic and conceptual adventure for each and every one of us, which radically extends conventional scientific and religious world-views. The sparkling world you shall find is not the fairy-tale fantasy world of a novel or computer game, but the fragile future of our own living planet and the adventure is saving the world for all time "from the beginning or ever the earth was" - a mystery not just of mythology but of evolutionary biology, sexual intrigue, and modern physics - transaction, symmetry-breaking and inflationary cosmology.

Not only this - it is the mystery of our entire conscious becoming unveiled. The poem of the epoch is Revelation. Many of the episodes of Revelation, including the name and mark of the beast, the travail woman with twelve stars standing on the moon, the eagle's wings on which she is borne, the sanctuary of the wilderness, the harpers, the sharp sword tongue, the grapes of the wine vat, the twelve monthly fruit and the Tree of Life are realized and woven into the reality as I speak.

By tracing the labyrinth of the Genesis you can find these as you perform your vision quest. Some of the facets of Revelation are yet to come to pass in the chaotic uncertainty of the apocalypse, others will never happen because the initial vision was 'through a glass darkly' as Paul confessed. Your adventure in reading the Genesis is to discover personal illumination and to engage in the climacteric through Renewal and Sakina. This is an adventure not only of scientific existence but of the entire prophetic heritage. Never before or after in the history of our planet will there be such a mystery play or such an unveiling of reality.

Fig 22: The Prophecy of the Tree of Life - The final chapter Revelation 22 .
And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.