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Biogenesis and Evolution

  1. Quantum Reality and Cosmology overviews quantum entanglement and the cosmological processes shaping both the fundamental wave-particle forces of nature and the universe at large.
  2. Biocosmology overviews discovering how life emerges as an interactive consequence of cosmological symmetry-breaking of the fundamental forces, with combined astronomical, chemical, and biological evidence for a fractal informational phase transition to replicative life.
  3. Tree of Life: Tangled Roots and Sexy Shoots traces the genetic and evolutionary pathways from the last universal common ancestor of life on Earth to Homo sapiens, emphasizing the role of evolution in the diversification of life and conscious intelligence.
  4. Humanity's Evolutionary Heritage The Contradictory Diversity of Anthropoid Societies, Pan troglodyte: Chimpanzee, Pan paniscus: Bonobo, Australopithecus: Evolutionary Divergence of the Hominid Line, Erectus: The Emergence of Homo, Sapientia: Adolescent Adam and the Unbearable Beauty
  5. Culture Out of Africa Sexual Paradox in Human Origins, Genetic Emergence of Modern Humans, !Kung San: Egalitarian Gatherer-Hunters, Sandawe: Even More Ancient Roots, Hadzabe: Emerging Sexual Tensions, Mbuti: Father, Mother, Lover, Friend, Biaka: The Forest's Family Care-givers, Ashanti: Sexually-balanced Separation, Dogon: Male Dominion by Primal Violence, Female Power and Male Dominance, Sexual Paradox and Cultural Sustainability
  6. The Entanglements of Biological Sex Sex, Death, and Ecosystemic Immortality, Symmetry-breaking, Gene Wars and the Ovum, Sex Determination, Chromosomal Paradox and the Genius Nemesis, Hormonal and Pheromonal Paradoxes, Sex Cells: Mystery, migration, tragedy and fulfillment, Sex Organs: Homology in Complementarity, Orgasmic Physiology, Are the Biological Sexes just Cultural Genders?
  7. Reproductive Technology: Utopia or Nemesis? Human Evolution: Accelerated, Inverted or Extinguished?, Editing the Human Germ-line, Surviving by Caesarian and IVF, Benefits and Risks of IVF, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis, Sex Determination and Sexual Imbalance, IVF and Heritable Defects, Feminization of Nature and Ephemeral Males, The Three Parent Child and The Sexual Chimaera, Demise of the Egg and Sperm, Transplanted Generation, Germ-line Engineering a Brave New Universe
  8. Holy War Against Science: Evolution versus Intelligent Design. Explains why the evolutionary tree of life is correct while creationism and ID is a religious deception, and shows how nature can give us a superior spiritual view of the universe and life within it.