Entheogens, Culture and the Conscious Brain

Chris King

A companion video to the research review Entheogens, the Conscious Brain and Existential Reality,
with source video footage of the cultural traditions as well as the scientific discoveries.

Comments on the Video

Synapse: Thanks!  a welcome addition to the textual document! This is now among the best information available on YouTube (or more generally, in video format), to my knowledge, of the current state-of-the-art. 

Arlene: Excellent Chris! Would love you to do a doc on the politics of consciousness ... To expand upon why they have  been suppressed ... Why they pose a threat to tptb ... Also about the purpose and function of ego dissolution as it relates to planetary healing and sustainability ... Why those who  condemn psychedelics are hell bent on the manifestation of Armageddon ...

George D: Excellent video Chris. Thank you for sharing and I will be circulating it through my mailing list. Aloha

John B: Watched it last night. Excellent. The argument was clear, not to say intriguing. It's good work you do. All the best!


Music and Visualization

  1. Prisoner's Dilemma - Chris King
  2. The Bells in the Wind, These Echoes of Us - Rohan King
  3. 3-D Fractal Simulation Like in a dream II

Science Figures and References

See Entheogens, the Conscious Brain and Existential Reality

Video Clips in Order of Presentation

  1. LHC collision event at CMS showing two photons -- 8 TeV (CMS Higgs search)
  2. Cosmological simulation of universe evolution
  3. The Human Genome Project Video - 3D Animation Introduction
  4. 3D MRI of human brain
  5. spontaneous brain activity (i)
  6. Song of the Biosphere
  7. Burning Lungs ( Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest )
  8. Dramatic Greenland Ice Melt
  9. Syria Assad Artillery Devastates Alaqrabas 7 29 12 Homs Under Siege
  10. Castle Bravo - Biggest Nuclear Bomb Made By The USA
  11. Acts 2:17
  12. Rotating brain from old TV footage
  13. Hydra viridis
  14. María Sabina: Mujer Espíritu 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  15. Peyote ritual, Mexico
  16. Hot Docs 2010 Trailers: Flowers in the Desert
  17. Huichol Shamanism, Virarica
  18. Good Peyote Chant
  19. San Pedro cactus healing ritual - Dr. Mario Polia
  20. Ayahuasca, UDV and yopo snuff footage from a TV documentary in the 1990s on LSD and psychedelic research.

Pablo Amaringo Paintings

Ayahuasca Visions L. Luna & P. Amaringo North Atlantic Books 1991 ISBN 1-55643-064-7